Saturday, 29 November 2008

Psst. Commander Milburn is recruiting

Buried away in the usual Pravda shite today was this little gem:

Under the plans, which have been devised by former cabinet minister Alan Milburn....the creation of a civilian security force consisting of military trainers, civil servants, police officers, judges and other logistical staff.

Get ready people. The State has begun arming itself against it's own citizens. And as we have seen over the past few days, they mean business. The whereabouts of the 26 year old civil servant at the heart of the most audatious attack on our Parliament by New Labour and the Police are still unknown after he was taken away by Home Office Officials.

UPDATE: The missing civil servant is CHRIS GALLEY. I have posted a missing persons report with the Police.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Now i'm getting seriously worried.

The Scumbag said...

I'd be tempted to join - all the better to keep an eye on what the bastards are actually planning

Old Holborn said...

Have you attended a course with Common Purpose then?

Shirking From Home said...

A complete and utter bunch of cunts.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

What's the official reason for wanting this 'security force' then?

Billy Wallace said...

Policing the new world disorder

The Scumbag said...

Ahhh - the fragrant Common Purpose eh?

think I'll pass on that then..

Gareth said...

Either this is in league with or they have simply pinched Obama's election promise of a civilian 'force' equal to the US military in size and funding. I hope they have simply repeated his promise thinking it sounds good but haven't a clue or the talent to execute it.

If they did they would probably justify it as saying organisations like the Guides and Scouts were great at giving children a good foundation in life, so it's only right they legislate away those enterprises with asphyxiating regulations and replace them with a Government run Brown-shirt movement.

Trixy said...

Fingermen, anyone? Permission to rape coming next, I wonder?

And yet our papers will still be full of that 'I'm a stupid twat, shoot me in the head' shit on TV.

The only time the British people think about rebelling is on something like Strictly Come Dancing when they vote for a jolly chap they like who the judges don't. When it comes to actually ensuring their own safety in the face of an encroaching police state I think it'll be fingers in the ears as usual.

defender said...

It would be a pity if they had no team to play against.
Perhaps an oposing team should be created.
A league could be set up and there could be regular events arranged.
We could play hide and seek, pass the parcel, cowboys and indians and I spy.
We could start today and the first game would be "find the civil servant."
I think it would be good old fashioned fun.

Custard said...

Every day, something more and more sinister reveals itself. The phrase "No Surrender" has never seemed more apt.

Anonymous said...

Will this be open to all party's or just stasi/labour.Can see the headline now

"Judge passes sentence with uzi"
"Traffic warden kneecaps illegal parker"

Mitch said...

Think Im gonna find a teenager and buy me a couple of guns and a lot of ammo.

The Scumbag said...

If it is open to nulabour only then we are even more fucked than anyone thought. The idea of your average labour party muppet dispensing justice gets me reaching for the airport timetables

defender said...

AH haw, , keep it quiet, I have found the plans for their new game. I managed to get this from one who should know wots wot,if you get my drift. watch and then destroy,

Anonymous said...

LOL! Alan Milburn From Wikipedia:

"...reported to have been a supporter of the ideas of Leon Trotsky"

Anonymous said...

I dont know what your worried about. Our inner city sink estates will be stockpiling weapons to counter this development as we speak.

Dick the Prick said...

Custard - completely agree. These fuckers not only break the camel's back but then get the fucking bonecrusher out. They absolutely despise the fucking people.

With Heart And Hand said...

"The liberties of England and the Protestant religion I shall maintain." - William III

I can see people being dragged away soon enough for speaking up for liberty. No surrender.

And where is dear Shami now?

eu007 said...

I remember this being discussed. I'm pretty sure it was in relation to the floods. I think we might find that the reality is quite banal, and its just a form of disaster awareness training. Apparently it used to be done by local authorities during the cold war and then was stopped.

I suspect it sounds dodgy for the reason mentioned above - it's supposed to remind us of Obama's plan.

Shirking From Home said...

Has Kerry McCarthy been dragged off for retraining?

microdave said...

When I read about this, the Damien Green arrest, and Common Purpose, I can't help thinking of the 80's TV SciFi series "V". Are this bunch of scum really human, or are they actually lizards underneath? At least the evil Diana was better looking than "Jack Boots Jacqui" Anyone seen any Motherships floating around?

defender said...

Anyone seen any Motherships floating around?

Fuck, just last week a smack head was going on about seeing just such a thing. He wasnt believed and got a twatting for being a twat. he did see it.
I will have to get him a tin of stella and say sorry.

defender said...

Who wants to go halves on this

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A beautiful M114 , fully restored and complete with the M139 Gun , 20MM . It has a Title and is completely legal , garage kept and has never set out . It is definitely one of the finest and most complete I have seen .

Gun has;
TVS-2 "crew served" night vision scope with mounting brackets on the 20MM gun, M120 telescope with mount on gun, Flexible ammo feed chute with cover, Full set of new special size ammo boxes, all with proper markings, Power feed system for M139 gun, Extra feed chute for M139 gun.

Also included with vehicle;
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This M114A1E1 is titled and totally legal.

Price: $66,500.00
Location : Herley , NM 88043

Anonymous said...

Frightening OH, very frightening!I have just written to my MP about Damian Green. Wish I'd read your blog beforehand.

JPT said...

I thought the State was supposed to be the servant of the people.
I've obviously got that mixed up somewhere.

Adrian P said...

Yep, same thing going on in the US, fortunately for them they have the second ammendment and they aim to use it.
Gun sales have and are breaking all records.



If you feel these sites are of use in explaining what is going on, please pass the links around.

Better yet, use one of the links as you email signature.

After much scepticism I am afraid to say I do not believe this is a drill.

Good luck.

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...

"..I think we might find that the reality is quite banal..."

Maybe. Then again, neolab have never passed up an opportunity to insinuate their own kind (think "evil shit-smeared trolls") into new or existing positions of nebulous authority. There seems to be a particular attraction to positions that convey the power to arbitrate in times of "emergency" (crisis=opportunity and all that).

It does smack of aping Obama's program of national socialism and neolab are not beyond Cargo Cult politics (having so fully embraced Cargo Cult economics).

Great blog btw.

ranter said...

OH - good spot and how fucking sinister! Having had a bit of a row with Mrs Ranter today about the Damian Green business, I showed her this and the scales were lifted from her eyes.

Anonymous said...

Times article names Chris Galley as the civil servant working for Jaqboot Jaqui:

What was he about to leak???

James Schneider said...

What does that actually mean? What would it look like? This raises more questions than it could possibly answer.

Anonymous said...

I think someone should look at the link between Common Purpose and Connexions, who are heavily involved in schools and are actively gathering information on our children and influencing their choices.

Anonymous said...

Oops, better link to times article here:

So, if Chris Galley worked for Jacqui Smith, she would presumably have known over a week ago (when he was arrested) what he was leaking, and to whom.
Ergo, the leaked info they are so desperate to contain is from Jacquboots own private office!

Must be something quite earthshattering if a civil servant of the Home Secretary feels compelled to blow the whistle.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


A week ago?

He was pulled on the 11th - over 3 weeks ago. Could you withstand 3 weeks of 'active' interrogation?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

anon 00:30 thanks for that connexxions link; I have always wondered what their purpose is given their uselessness.
"CHANGEit will be an annual prize run by international leadership organisation Common Purpose which wants to recognize young people who have campaigned for change."
Grab the ideas of those they like and identify the ringleaders of those they don't more like.

OH, thanks for turning me into a thought crim by making me know Chris Galleys name and have "they" given out any supposed purpose for their civilian security force. Dictatorships of all hues just love having multiple security forces. Perhaps one day this civilian security force will be used in a Night Of The Long Knives to slaughter the uppitty PCSO crowd ?

As for the Green farago, found this on whichendbites and was surprised not to have seen it earlier in these bloggs

As Jim Hacker so eloquently put it:

“That’s another of those irregular verbs, isn’t it?”

“I give confidential briefings, you leak, he is being prosecuted under Section 2a of the Official Secrets Act.”

Anonymous said...

"they came first for the hunters, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a hunter;

And then they came for the smokers, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a smoker;

And then they came for the drinkers, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a drinker;

And then they came for the motorists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a motorist;

And then they came for the ( fill this space..... ), and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t one of them either ;

And then . . . they came for me . . . and by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

John Pickworth said...

I'm really not sure why they are bothering with a Civilian Security Force? Seems the current bunch in their day-glo motorway maintenance jackets are pretty much capable of tackling most things with an ample measure of excessive violence...

Brute force - three police officers beat up handcuffed Iraq war veteran

Lance Corporal Mark Aspinall – highly praised by his commanding officer for bravery against the Taliban in Afghanistan – was set upon by three uniformed officers on his home town High Street.

The sickening attack – caught in forensic detail on CCTV – led a crown court judge to label it one of the worst examples of police aggression he had ever seen.

If there was any justice, at least one of these cops should be headed to jail... but I won't hold my breath.

Barnsley Bill said...

When is "enough" reached ladies and gentlemen?
Since reading this post I have done a bit of surfing on common purpose OH.
FUCK ME! You are all in a lot of trouble. This Galley character was coerced into trying to entrap the MP by phone. Tapping MP phone calls is against a decades old convention, upheld by every PM since Wilson.
Protective custody! Locked in a room somewhere is more likely.

When common purpose are directing the prison service and police force you have to come to the conclusion that your elected government is not actually still the government.

John Pickworth said...

Barnsley Bill said...

Tapping MP phone calls is against a decades old convention, upheld by every PM since Wilson.

Not this little bugger of a PM though.

Remember they got caught bugging one of their own: Police bugged Muslim MP Sadiq Khan

And look at the reations of the politcians back then...

Jack Straw, the justice secretary, said that he had ordered an immediate inquiry and added that it would be “unacceptable” for such a bugging operation to take place.

Andrew Mackinlay, a Labour colleague, said: “The bugging of Sadiq Khan is very dangerous indeed. It is totally unacceptable that MPs’ conversations with constituents are bugged by the security services or the police. It is an affront to democracy and has all the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime."

David Davis, (the then Shadow Home Secretary) released a copy of a letter that he said was sent to the Prime Minister on December 11 saying that he had “reason to believe” that the convention had been breached in the case of an unnamed MP, and urging a review.

They either have short memories who just don't give a shit who they listen in on now!

Anonymous said...

"Stephenson should have told Sir David Normington, the Home Office permanent
secretary who called in police, that leaks of nonclassified information were not a matter for a police inquiry." ( Clearly the HOPS creep needs to be fingered and fired, he way overstepped the mark. Remove his pension rights. Lots of lolly for mlearned friends, when Green and Galley sue the pants off Met, Jackboots and HOPS. (Green's wife is a barrister!)

Gareth said...

Green's wife also had the wherewithal to stop the Terror Plod from taking things that related to her work. Good for her. As OH himself has shown a little knowledge can stop them in their tracks. I hope the Terror Plod started shitting themselves from thence on at what they have done.

Unfortunately the time between now and February when Green is meant to produce himself at a Police station will give ample time to try and sweep this under the carpet. Is this why the Plod delay things so much? To not just cause prolonged discomfort to the alleged but also hope things can be dropped without fanfare at a later date? They clearly haven't got anything better to do than harass MPs and descend on their home and work in large numbers, so looking through the evidence shouldn't take long. Even quicker than normal as some of it will be privileged communications twixt Green and constituents and not for the Pold to be reading.(Though they will)

They have a moral if not legal duty to return the privileged stuff to Green pronto.

The Penguin said...

Despite the little local difficulties in Bombay, most of the media (bar of course, the Guardian )are continuing to give a far bit of prominence to the Damian Green issue.

Plenty of shit to go round, with the Met left very red-faced and our wonderfully inept Home (Economics) Secretary and the Snot Gobbler looking either guilty or useless.

The Penguin

The Hitman said...

I've just watched her on the box.

She needs taking out.

Mitch said...

"a civilian security force"
can you imagine just how utterly useless they would be? the endless committees and focus groups and mission statements and votes and that's just about the uniform colour.
Add a dollop of the Human rights legislation and total paralysis.

be fun to watch though.

Gareth said...

A comment on Iain Dale's blog claims Galley is being held at Paddington Green police station.

In an article for the Daily Mail, David Davis provides a detail I hadn't seen before - Green was arrested in a car park. How and why were the Police monitoring Green to be able to find him? Tracking him by his mobile 'phone or using ANPR cameras would work but I guess they may have known where he was going to be in advance.


It would be par for the course for it to be useless. Sadly it would cost us all a shitload of liberty, time and money which we would not see again. No amount of laughs can make up for that.

Anonymous said...

The cunts need shooting.

Houdini said...

Wife beater Milburn eh? He doesn't have any balls at all. When his wife threatened to expose his penchant for punching her fucking lights out after a pint, he resigned his ministerial job to pay her more attention.

He's a fucking idiot so don't worry. Besides, some of us have access to equipment and these fuckers are welcome to try and become the new Brown shirts. Military trainers? I've shit them. Coppers? No respect for the jobs worth cunts any-more. Civil servants? I pay the cunts wages.

Fuck them all.

Yokel said...

Has anyone got any background on this organisation called "Progress"?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

John Pickworth

I live in Wigan. The behaviour of the magistrates is more disturbing than that of the police. The magistrates obviously don't see their task as administering justice.

Just serves as further confirmation of my long-held view that if you need real justice, then it's far better to be up in front of a real beak.

Anonymous said...

They`ll start Kellying them again soon.....

Billy Wallace said...

I see your selling pitchforks O.H.

Only 14 in stock?.

When is the next consignment due?

This innovative use could bump start the economy.

Mike Rouse said...

Are you fucking kidding me?! Why the fuck is that buried in the last paragraph of a long and boring report?

I mean, I heard of this kind of shit happening, but never thought I'd see it for myself.

This has gotten beyond a joke now.

haddock said...

As a country lad can I point out that it's a dung fork not a pitchfork* ..... it is used for throwing shit on and off a cart, we will need more than 14

* that has just two tines or prongs or 'grains' as we call them down here in the west

James Schneider said...

Progress is the uber Blairite wing of the labour party, known as the primrose hill set. Milburn is the guru, and figures like the Millibands, charles clarke, and Purnell are paid up members. This means its very supply side conscious on public service reforms, but sometime comes out with some civic republican stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

This lad Chris Galley, has anyone tried sending him an e-mail? Hazarding a guess his work address will be along the lines of

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Garath 10:18 @ "Green was arrested in a car park."

That old trick again. He was prob in his home having a cup of tea when the police came. If he refused to go with them, they would have arested him for 'breach of the peace' of something. Once outside in a public place he would have been arested and taken to a 'place of safety' for his own protection.

Nobody is safe from nuLieBore.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon 15.59 - nah, it just bounces back. Hmm.

Shaun said...

Its weird but I had thought that the Police were a civilian security force. Silly me!

That was a good example of a civilian security force who also went under the handy nickname of 'Brown Shirts'...

John Pickworth said...

Sir Henry Morgan said...

John Pickworth

I live in Wigan. The behaviour of the magistrates is more disturbing than that of the police. The magistrates obviously don't see their task as administering justice.

Just serves as further confirmation of my long-held view that if you need real justice, then it's far better to be up in front of a real beak.

Absolutely agree Sir Henry

I've witness countless abuses of justice where their Worships have blindly believed the Police's account, even when it flies in the face of evidence to the contary. Sadly, too many of the accused, although miffed, just give up and accept the judgement.

However, I do believe most magistrates are decent people and would exercise their judgement better if given the opportunity to do so - like most public servants, they like to take the path of least resistence.

My advice; when facing any action in a Magistrates Court is to be awkward... but not difficult or belidgerant for the sake of it. Attract the attention of the Clerk before the case is heard and make sure he is aware of the background to your case. You'd be surprised how useful these officials can be and will happily 'highlight' any special circumstances of your case to their Worships.

Oh and a shirt and tie helps... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just seen the wouldbe Home Economy teacher blinking like fury on the box as she lies through her teeth. Adds a twist to the old saying 'Those who can - do. Those who can't - teach. Those who really, really can't - become ZaNuLab Ministers'.

Surprised to see Harridan Harperson calling for an enquiry into the Damian Green affair. Are there some shreds of decency in her heart still - or has she just been in a bitchfight with the sad fat old slapper Jacky Seven Bellies?

Barnsley Bill said...

pffft, she is calling for an enquiry........ After the cops have finished. They will of course frame the terms of this enquiry, by then the sheeple will have been distracted by the great mandelsnake who will pull a hare out of his arse.

Roctopus said...

Re-watching V for Vendetta this weekend, I never noticed before how much Lewis Prothero actually looks like Gordon Brown.

Even to the saggy tits in the shower.

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