Monday, 10 November 2008

Pssst. Wanna talk to Hazel Blears?

She's on Talk Sport today. Listen live . Tell her Guido sent you.

UPDATE: You can call her on 08717 22 33 44 Txt to 81089


Chris Underpants said...

What time? I had a look at their site and gave up because it's shite.

bofl said...

what sport is she involved in?
Dwarf throwing?

Billy Wallace said...

Shit slinging,

you use a rope and put it around your apponents neck.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

The Beast knows that the ginger dwarf has a bit of a reputation for smoking the one eyed owl with all and sundry.
In true Salford tradition she also gives a great "Blood Queening" for the Co op Divi.
She has my vote.

Old Holborn said...

Does she Wolf Bag?

SaltedSlug said...

Dunno, but I hear she gives a good blumpkin.

Word Veri: takeitdryyougingercunt

The Penguin said...

The problem with talking to the fucking ginger chipmunk is that like the rest of the ruling elite she never listens. The lights are on, but no one is actually at home, the automaton runs on rails in thrall to its programming, spouting forth the Party line without any thought or comprehension. Frightening, really.

In fact, quite the best thing about a blow job from the dwarf would be the (relative) peace and quiet.

The Penguin
Penguinus Itsjustfishoilreally

poor bloody taxpayer said...

I don't get out much. What is 'blood queening'?
Is this it:
In the horror/comedy Blood Queens of Suburbia, pool boy Eric Kern must rescue his bipolar mother Betty from her Red Scarves social club when he learns the club's MILF membership is killing neighborhood girls and skinny dipping in their blood.

If so, Blears is following in the tradition of the original Countess Dracula, Elizabet Bathory. Would be about right for our bloodsucking polical classes.
Or maybe is is some extreme sexual deviancy. Either way, it fits.

Anonymous said...

'The world is Global'

This little titbit was brought to you by Ms Blears on said radio show. Where I was waiting for someone to rip into her. But I might have been listening to the BBC all the callers were way too NICE!

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