Saturday, 22 November 2008

New Authors Req'd

I'm shortly going to be upgrading this site, moving the server to somewhere no fucker can touch it and generally moving up to the next level.

If anyone out there would like to contribute to this blog or feels they have an issue that needs a wider audience, I would be pleased to review and publish here.
UPDATE: As an example, I've invited Kerry McCarthy (Lab), MP for Mogadishu East to post whatever she likes here.

I stated a while back that my aim for 2009 is to be a right royal pain in the fucking arse for the 646 shit heads that treat us 60 million with utter contempt. Help me do it.

I'm also looking for someone to help with site design, logo's, that sort of stuff. Because I am fucking shit at HMTL and Photoshop and can't be arsed to learn it.

Feel free to apply


geewiz said...

OH, I am fucking useless with HTML as well so can't help you there. What I will do is link to you at every possible chance and shout your name to anyone who will listen, and to those who won't I'll shout even louder. Best of luck.

Shirking From Home said...

Great blog OH. Onwards and upwards.

Anonymous said...

Great site keep on pushing.The wankers don't like it up em.

haddock said...

put up a paypal button then we can do more than just shout encouragement.
Forget the fancy HTML..... calling someone a cunt in rich text format can be just as effective, just a matter of finding them.... you seem to be doing that OK.
(and before you say it geoff, we know you are a cunt)

GF Logo said...

Maybe the proceeds from selling Guy Fawkes badges, stickers and attire of discontent could fund a webmaster. Are there any Forums where such aspiring students of web design congregate?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hit the fuckers where it hurts.

Mark Wadsworth said...

OH, there is loads of useful stuff you can use on Tips for new bloggers.

But as Haddock says, it's the cuntent that matters.

Tuscan Tony said...

Is the pic of a blood relative of yours, OH?

barack o'bummer said...

TT - I'm not related to that cunt.

kerry mccarthy said...

Vile, vile,vile. I've asked lots of people and they agree. It is also very racist. And vile.

it's banned or compulsory said...

I know enough about HTML to allow me to do basic stuff but then got bored with it. I could do Photoshop if I wanted to but hate it being phoney ( sorry a bit pissed this Saturday pm.)
I don't trust Paypal but would be willing to contribute should you start selling yourself on Amazon, you old whore.
Just make sure you don't leave blogspot without leaving a forwarding address.

Why have MSM not kicked up a shitstorm about Balls refusal to publish the first enquiry re Baby "P" ?

John Pickworth said...

I will email you towards the later part of the weekend OH.

Geoff Hoon said...

Has anyone mentioned that I'm a cunt?

*Looks up*

Oh, as you were.

Fat Squaddie said...

Right then,

I can do a bit of Photoshopping. I can also call anyone you want a cunt. I can also rant either eloquently or incoherently depending on how much alcohol I've had!!!

So, you cunt, what do you want?


David said...

I might be able to help with some HTML design and stuff. I'm not much of an artist but give me some pretty pictures and I can sort of stitch them together.

I can also string words together, although I need to brush up on my swearing if I'm going to come close to to your level of skill on that front.

And I agree about the paypal button.I'd chip in to anything that rankles the westminster wankers.

Anonymous said...

Morning Holby,

Like you, I'm shit at this IT malarky but thought I'd make a donation. I got all the shrapnel from my penny jar and put it in the slot where the Cds and stuff go on the pc. Now it's knackered.

I dunno, try and help and get fucked.

On a serious note, get a PO Box, then numpties like me might bung a small cheque in the post.

Good luck.


Old Holborn said...

I'd rather not take donations. It really doesn't cost much to host a domain, but what I do need is articles to publish. I can't be the only one who is angry otherwise no one would read this blog. Even if you think I've got it completely wrong, I'd still like to hear from you.

I've had some great responses and will be setting out a project plan later this week to get this blog truly screaming abuse at the 646 shit heads who control every aspect of our lives. Those who have offered assistance will be receiving an Email.

JD said...

Good luck with the project - logos doesn't have an apostrophe, by the pedantic way! Plurals never do, unless they belong to someone/something.

The Penguin said...

Fuck me but there's too many ludicrous stories around today, my blood pressure is off the scale.

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

Where has common sense fucking well gone?

The Penguin

haddock said...

"logos doesn't have an apostrophe"
um well it does if you consider logo to be a contraction of logotype or logogram.... the apostrophe is not used as it used to be ( as in 'bus ) but could be considered as correct.

OH, a button on the side bar, obtainable from
would help people in their quest to heap it on their MP.

microdave said...


In the story the Hospital blames Food Safety Regulations, yet the the FSA denies their regulations would stop the ladies from baking cakes. So why are the f***wits at the hospital trying to blame someone else?

What it needs is a generous benefactor to pay for a legal challenge to cases like this, and expose the tossers who like to try and justify their pathetic existence.

John Pickworth said...

This is Islington remember... so we shouldn't be too surprised.

Electrician refuses to work in smoker's council home

A HOUSE-proud council tenant was left fuming when an electrician refused to carry out repairs in her home - because she was smoking.

The electrician, hired by Islington Council's housing management firm Homes for Islington, left when Ms Rosamond answered the door with a half-smoked cigarette in her hand.

Ms Rosamond said: "He only came to mend a broken light switch. He said 'you can't smoke in here. Your house smells, I'm refusing to do the work'.

What next? Firemen refusing to enter smoke filled buildings?

Geoff Hoon said...

I am still a cunt

BollockyBill said...

What's the idea of the fag-smoking Mack Daddy?
Are you in love?

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