Friday, 28 November 2008


Dear non Zanulabour MP's.

One of your kind has been arrested, his home and office searched, Parliament office searched, his Email shut down and his computers seized, his DNA extracted.

What are you going to do about it? They came for him and eventually, they will come for you too

I have a suggestion. Wednesday is the official State Opening of Parliament.


All of you who have an MP who does not cower before Gordon, send them a link to this post
Find your MP here


Henry Crun said...

OH, look who came by my blog this afternoon:

Gareth said...

The plainly partisan Mr. Speaker defended the indefensible over MP expenses claims. Mr. Speaker failed to defend the defendable over Damian Green. Mr. Speaker continues to bring shame upon his Office and the House.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Well said OH - this applies to ALL MPs, not just Green. I can't believe it's gone this far - I can see the will of the people scuttering away into the far distance on a fluffy white cloud.

A few weeks ago I wrote, in response to posts looking forward to an autumnal walk next year, that I hoped it would not be too late. I still live in hope.

Old Holborn said...

Regular visitors to my server as well. Along with GCHQ.

Very dangerous times indeed, Henry.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Bloody Hell OH !
It really does sound like free speech is being slowly fucked. (and not in a nice Sunday morning way).
Makes my small rant about British Justice look fairly insignificant by comparison.

Roger Thornhill said...

Someone will be at the door to the HoL saying:

"Leave your luggage in the Lobby. Clearly label it. It will be sent to you later..."

Anonymous said...



what should happen, is that EVERY MP should submit written questions, emergency debates, they should protest their PARLIAMENTARY
privilege in the FULLEST of terms.

abstetion is not an option!

Old Holborn said...


Maybe you could start a blog for your ideas.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Anon @ 1746. I'm sure OH meant just the state opening, you fuckwit.

BrianSJ said...

According to the Speccie, Mr Speaker Mr Speaker has hit the roof, and it was just the sergeant at arms. Didn't you apply for the job? Is this someone working their notice?

The Penguin said...

Yeah, spoli the one eyed cunts moment in the sunshine of Her Majesty's presence by having empty benches opposite. Madge might even comment, or ask the Snot Gobbler or the tongue tied Speaker to explain why Her State Opening of Parliament was so poorly attended.

Just imagine the ugly mouth (either of them) opening and closing and no sound coming out, just a little dribble of spittle as his face turned first red and then a nasty grey colour.

Madge then tells him to let Her know when he will have the place ready for Her Speech and leaves.

One can dream.

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

Just posted on CiF (Jeremy Corby )

This is a sad day for the mother of parliaments, that it is so reduced as to allow this.

As someone else said elsewhere*,
If Brown knew - it's a totalitarian state
If Brown didn't know - it's a Police State

Not pretty


Wonder how long it'll stay?

The Penguin

Reversepsychology said...

9/11 - Zanu New Labour press secretary Jo Moore:

"This is a good day to bury bad news"

Mumbai - Now!

Official Opposition front bench M.P. arrested and detained, for attempting to show New Labour in their true light.

See: Jo Moores advice WAS taken on board......

Andy said...

Henry Crun
Tried to access your web page but got "access denied". Have the stasi got to you?

Anonymous said...

Call me Dave will do his usual clueless nothing.

You forget, these are gravy trainer, each and every one.

Warsteiner said...

Old Holborn whilst I agree with your sentiments it's too late. I went to the pub this afternoon and opened a discussion on the events of the last 24 hrs - of 7 people in my company only one knew what I was talking about (Damien who?)

We're well and truly fucked = The BBC/New Labour have won - shame -used to be a nice place to live - time to leave.

Old Holborn said...

Switzerland is good. Oz, Canada, Sweden, Holland, Denmark.

Like German Jews in 1936, it's time to go. Or stay and pay the price.

Anonymous said...

OH: Will you be gracing us with your presence at the LPUK AGM tomorrow?

Old Holborn said...

No, I won't be there.

I've thought long and hard about it, and have met most of the founder members.

It is my party of choice. It represents my views.


I'm going to be a right, royal, imperial pain in the fucking arse to the crazy 646 next year. Not a day will pass without me tapping on the shoulder of one or more of them. Not a day will pass without me sending them a warning that they are OUR servants.

I need to work on my own. I don't want a consensus, I don't want a vote on what I do, I don't want to report to a committee. I'll do what I do. And trust me, the LPUK may be grateful of the distance between me and them when push comes to shove.

Bemused Wolf said...

That's a shame OH, I was really looking forward to meeting you, but I understand what you mean, from a party point of view, and respect you all the more for it.

In 2009, if you happen to be strolling through London, somewhere, on, perhaps, the 5th of November, we may well bump into each other.
I have the perfect outfit for such a stroll.

Keep up the good work Sir! I, and many others will be watching, and helping wherever we can.


Old Holborn said...

Herding cats

It was never going to be easy, we knew that

I'm still a cat though. A BIG cat

pagar said...

That's interesting Old Holborn.

This battle needs to be fought on two fronts. On the one hand a legitimate political party cannot be seen to condone anything thay challeges the law, no matter how illiberal the legislative framework is. On the other hand, resistance working within the rules our enemies have established is going to be a long road and we may never reach our destination.

After tomorrow, I'll decide which route I want to take.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

On Wednesday I expect to see Michael Foot standing in Parliament Square brandishing a placard baring the "Gordon Is A Cunt " graphic posted in Master Holborns previous item, " caption competition ".

Having failed to get permission from the new MPS Obersturmanfuhrer he will no doubt be tackled to the ground by a hit squad of heavily armoured Special Forces before being rescued by a posse of Tory and LibDem abstainers.

Anonymous said...

The Times 29th November
"The 26-year-old civil servant ( whistleblower to D. Green )...The assistant private secretary, who has been suspended from his job, is being looked after by the Home Office at a secret location because it owes him a “duty of care”, officials said."

They really do take us for cunts don't they ? Keeping the fucker out of the way more like. Any bets on an accident or remorse fuelled suicide ?

Henry Crun said...

@ Andy:

I think it's a Blogger linking error - website is up and running. For now at least.

Anonymous said...

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary added: "The Metropolitan Police have been completely clear that that arrest happened without either ministerial involvement or authorisation."
Nudge, nudge, wink wink.
Know what I mean?
Say know more

electro-kevin said...

Anonymous said...

electro - kevin,

Who signed the European constitreaty?

Anonymous said...

Victory for BNP as Liverpool Police Drop all Charges against Activists

Police have dropped all charges against the BNP’s ‘Liverpool 13′, admitting that there is no evidence to substantiate any of the allegations of ‘racism.’

The remarkable move came early this morning, when all thirteen men were hand delivered letters by members of the Liverpool constabulary. The letters, which formally advised the men that there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to pursue charges, were pushed through their doors by policemen, who then quickly left before being forced to talk to anybody to explain.

“The looming BNP demonstration in the city centre, set for this morning, was clearly too much for the political chiefs of the Liverpool police,” said Nick Griffin, BNP chairman.

“We knew all along that there was nothing wrong with the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ booklets, but the rapidity of the police climbdown is testament to the boldness and dedication of BNP activists,” Mr Griffin said.

“The realisation that their Gestapo-like tactics had engendered a broad public revulsion and had energised the BNP, is probably the primary reason for their decision to drop all charges,” he continued.

“The final straw must have come when they realised there was nothing racist in the BNP’s material. In fact, the booklet in question is an anti-racist publication.”

Mr Griffin praised the dedication of all the BNP activists who had sworn to attend this morning’s protest meeting in Liverpool city centre, saying that this was obviously a factor in forcing the police’s hand as well.

“We are still going ahead with an activity today in Liverpool, even if it might be something slightly different,” Mr Griffin said.

So the BNP stood up against political oppression, what has `Dave` done?

Sci said...

I think the Junior civil servant is being forgotten in this fiasco. He is the real hero who put his job and pension on the line and is getting "tortured" at an undisclosed location.

We want him out of there so we, the people, can thank him.
It is real Civil Servants like him who should be encouraged and receive honors for their services to us!


Thortung said...

Jackboots and Gorgon have stated that they "had no prior knowledge" of the arrest. Typical Nulab no-denial denial. Taken literally, no-one can have "prior knowledge" of an actual event unless thay can travel through time.

This statement is factually correct even if they knew damned well that this was going to happen.

Old Holborn said...

The Junior Civil Servant has been taken "away" by the Home Office to a secret location. Really.

Ladbrokes are offering 5-1 that he will be found propped up against a tree, having "committed suicide"

Anonymous said...

"The operation was authorised by Met Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer."
well that says it all -- democracy and the politicians representing the people are now usurped by the counter-terrorism squad? McBRuin's tinpot bankrupt democracy is as corrupt as The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was at its worst -- he must be apprehended now.

Cassius said...

I was shocked by that piece in the Times, really shocked. I looked out at the Mountains this morning and thought "Thank Christ my children don't have to take the risk of what happens next".

Of course, that didn't last long so I wrote a long boring rant about it all:

Gordon Brown is distancing himself from democracy

"our system is the envy of the world. It is this fragile and sacred contract, or a close copy of it, for which opposition politicians of all colours risk their lives when they challenge Dictators. It is hope for what we have here which trumps fear in the minds of those who leave their houses to vote in the polling stations of Africa. It is our Parliamentary Democracy and the freedoms it enshrines, not a bank rescue and a few sound-bites, which are our true and enduring claim to leadership in the eyes of the world."

Mrs Trellis (the real one) said...

Isn't there some thing legal that can be done to force the government to prove that this chap is OK? I hate the idea of him being held incommunicardo. Where are Shami and that Louise Christian woman??

Thud said...

OH, I do hope you follow through with your plans for next year....your determination to do so as a politicaly unattached individual makes your anger seem genuine and as a result more powerful.

max the impaler said...

Got to watch out for an 'Enableling Act'.Will be dressed up differerently of course.Probably some anti-terrorist shit.Suspension of election..'not in public interest at the present time etc.'

microdave said...

The normally excellent Inspector Gadget seems to have come rather unstuck over this issue - very few of the comments on his latest posting agree with him. I felt like adding a reference to Common Purpose, but am not entirely happy at having to include my Email address in his reply box. Am I getting a little paranoid? You bet.

Mrs Trellis (the real one) said...

Could someone petition for a writ of habeas corpus to get the poor junior cilvil servant into a court room to ensure his safety?

Mitch said...

can we report him as a missing person after 24 hrs and if he is not free to leave has he been kidnapped?

Mrs Trellis (the real one) said...

Free the Home Office One!!!

Mrs Trellis (the real one) said...

Nick Clegg is right when he writes in the Telegraph:

The Government was elected with the support of just 22 per cent of British voters, yet it presides over a culture of Whitehall secrecy and minimal parliamentary scrutiny.

This government is composed of mendacious crooked power obsessed F-wits. They are shameless.

Gareth said...


You can get a disposable emither address at

Be mindful though that there is no password protection or anything like that. Anyone who knows your disposable address can read any replies that might get sent to it. It may also get flagged up as a spam address on some blogs.

Custard said...

Push has come to shove for a lot of people OH, we are surely stronger together than individually?

microdave said...

Gareth, thanks for that suggestion. I was thinking along those lines but wasn't sure if you could send from a disposable address. I will do some more investigating.

gadget is a cunt said...

'but am not entirely happy at having to include my Email address in his reply box. Am I getting a little paranoid? You bet.'

I dont mind giving him my email addy.

disa said...


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