Wednesday, 19 November 2008

List of Govt Critics made public!

A new list, containing thousands of names of people who have dared to criticise our Glorious Leader has been published today. It is expected that many of the names contained within will soon lose their jobs and face real hardship.

Government sources have confirmed there may be many "ex directory" subversives but is seeking to catalogue them all via ID cards.


Stuart said...

I prefer the British hand-jobs from British sex workers programme.

Old Holborn said...

I was reading that public employees who are BNP members may lose their jobs, because the public sector is legally bound to promote race equality.

Think I'll try and apply for a job working with disadvantaged black youth in Lambeth then.

Anonymous said...

I know Goodnight Sweetheart is comedy but makes more sense to me than NuLab UK.

Scrobs said...

Ha ha ha!

Trouble is that the Mid European phone book will soon be delivered over here...

Still it won't matter in our case, as the dog always eats anything that gets posted here!

Gordon said...

It's stupid, on fivelive this morning they had some chief policey type who kept refering to them as a fascist organisation (I don't know if they are: 1. I don't know most of their policies and 2. I don't actually know what the proper definition of fascist it, I should probably look it up), but Nicky Campbell said that the BNP said they weren't fascist. Mr Policeman said (I paraphrase) that the public view of them was that they were fascists and therefore the police looked bad if they were members!! Fucking hell, they are a legal political party. The NUJ (hardly the most right wing group in the world) regularly complain about the completely biased coverage the BNP get. I don't want socialist workers in the police, they might be more likely to stop me on the motorway if I drive a nice car and they see the fines as redistribution.

Sorry, I start on mini rants and don't actually have a proper ending thought out.

bofl said...

very funny o/h

Anonymous said...

Nice one OH! I was taken in by your 'subversives list' for a couple of seconds - very witty.

Re ethnicjobsite - would we be allowed one called non-ethnicjobsite d'ja think?

I'm not a BNP member but, it is a legal UK political party so why is there such a fuss (about people being members I mean) - does that mean the SNP is in the same boat as it encourages & favours the Jocks? Ditto the dreary Welsh N.P. Plaid Cymbru or whatever it's called?
I'm off to be indoctrinated on Equality & Diversity tomorrow - a req. of the job. I can hardly wait! Last one I attended regarded David Blunkett as a hero - we used to call him the 'Sympathy Vote'.

John Pickworth said...

I don't belong to the BNP - although I did check to make sure their list didn't record a namesake (which they don't) - nor am I a public sector worker... But I wish I were and they then attempted to fire me.

I'd sue the arses off them.

Just because you belong to a Party, it doesn't mean you buy into all of their ideology - just look at the broad church of the Conservatives for example. Heavens to betsy, I even know one or two Labour people that aren't rabid lefties.

mad manc cunt said...

Fuckin' classic O/H.

this could be big said...

I think I spotted something earlier on another thread an excellent idea; a walk similar to you own only to Parliament square restricted to mothers and toddlers only, to protest about this Government and Social Services badly letting down children such as poor Peter.

I'd bet they wouldn't get the hassle you were subject to, and would keep the pressure on these useless and dangerous buck-passing lying scum.

The Penguin said...

What is it with the term racism anyway? We are all the same race, human. Sadly that includes the best and the worst of us.

The Police I believe are banned from belonging to any political party but can vote for whomever they like.

For anyone else, membership of any legal organisation should be irrelevant to their employment, and I would suggest that under the fucking human rights act that is probably an emtitlement.

After all, it's supposed to be a fucking democracy, not a fucking partial democracy!

Not a member of any fucking party, personally, on the Groucho Marx get set and go, but if I were to join one it might be the Libertarian Party.

The Penguin

Sciatic said...

I'd like a list of fat cat troughers published. It would give burglars a chance to redeem themselves.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I will get back on topic later old holborn but your post
Friday, 14 November 2008
" Tracey Connelly and Steven and Jason Barker "
is still attracting quality input at 207 "comments" who wish to sleep with you. Is there any way for you to bump it up from " previous entries ?"

It surely has lots more legs yet, in chat forums ( fora ? only asking ) it would be made a " sticky ".

Arkangel said...

Penguin. Let's nail this once and for all.
Coppers are allowed to join any political party barring the BNP.
What they can not do is to overtly campaign for it.
So, as I've said elsewhere, a copper can openly join the Socialist Workers Party (a violent Trotskyist party, or the Communist Party of Great Britain (dedicated to the overthrow of lawful government) and that's OK. What he can not do is to join the BNP, a party which, it states, is dedicated to preserving the British way of life.

My name's not on that list because I'm not a member of the BNP but I can quite see why their policies attract a goodly number of people who consider themselves disadvantaged by ever increasing immigration.

Anonymous said...

They don't like it up em.

Fuck off.

woman on a raft said...

Don't sue. You'd lose.
Full judgment.
Serco Ltd v Redfearn [2006] EWCA Civ 659 (25 May 2006)

It is instructive to look at Serco and note that given their range of contracts, they were obviously just bowing to union pressure. However, this sets a precedent that if you can get enough people to agree that somebody ought to be sacked because otherwise the present a health and safety hazard, then they have to get the heave-ho on pre-emptive health and safety groungs.

Mind the door doesn't swing back and hit you on the bum, Shoesmith.

voltaire said...

As I make an appearance in that weighty tome, I'll know who to blame if I'm lined up in front of a wall and shot.

woman on a raft said...

Sorry - terrible typos. Blood caff coffa o thingky level low.

Anonymous said...

The Penguin @ 18:28 said........"The Police I believe are banned from belonging to any political party but can vote for whomever they like."

No. The police are discriminatory & suffer a lack of Diversity. They're only banned from right-wing parties ..British National Party, Combat 18, or the National Front.

If they qualify, they're encouraged to join the (subsidised) "National Black Police Association" whose members naturally are not prejudiced against white-skinned members of society

Anonymous said...

How easy would it be to sign up to join the BNP in someone else's name?

Members of Haringey council, the copper who fitted you up years ago, MP's etc etc

Thud said...

legali is no freind of anybody but its narrowly focused afrocentric base...i like to drop them a line occasionaly to give them a little poke...a rather nasty bunch.

defender said...

How easy would it be to sign up to join the BNP in someone else's name?

Now there's a fucking good idea!

That harmen person is up for a laugh i'm sure.

John Pickworth said...

defender said...

That harmen person is up for a laugh i'm sure.

She wouldn't know a laugh if one run up behind her and poked her between the thighs.

Harriet Harman interviewed on C4 News

Have you ever seen such a bitter and twisted old prune? Granted, she claims she's protecting vulnerable women and even though he argument is blown out of the water she still doesn't back down.

She doesn't improve when asked about the BNP affair either.

Now that paying for sex is to be made illegal, I will be returning all deposits. Thank you for your custom, but please don't cum again.

The Penguin said...

I sit corrected :-)

The Penguin

When they say it could be Millions, do they mean it is said...

It will all end in tears.

Bristol Dave said...


Kerry McCarthy is now claiming Gordon Brown "knows about the economy". It makes interesting reading.

electro-kevin said...

Police officers aren't allowed to be members of ANY party.

Anonymous said...

How about a nice long list of all the Common Purpose johnnies?

Leg-iron said...

Some devious subversive left a copy of that at my house. I haven't read it because I already know the numbers of the few people I phone and after glancing at the first few pages, I thought it was a dull read.

So I skipped to the end. Zachary Z. Zanzibar did it.

Sorry, if you're halfway through.


Interesting to note in the comments to the newspaper reports, just how many folk think it's okay to use this list for intimidation purposes 'because they're BNP members'. Not real humans, in other words. Methinks it would be a different story if it had been a list showing all thirteen members of the Labour coven, um, party.

I'm sure most smokers, fatties and drinkers could find a twinge of sympathy for the treatment those BNP members are about to get.

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