Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Kerry McCarthy MP goes and does it.

Kerry McCarthy MP (Lab) has just called the unemployed "unemployable" on her blog.

Quick, get over there. I've contacted the Sun and Guido. She allows comments by the way.



Mitch said...

haha well spotted gotta post it at the speccy

Rab C Nesbit said...

That smug cunt northern shites needs a slapping...

Anonymous said...

And should the unemployable get prizes too? Totally fucking not.

Anonymous said...

if we're talking feral chav scum who think they're owed a living, round them all up, put them on a boat, float it out to sea then nuke it.

Anonymous said...

It's totally a symptom of the last decade and more of "everyone can have it all" crap, even if they haven't got the basic skills to read a fucking bus timetable.

electro-kevin said...

In truth I think Blue Eyes' MP has committed a far worse sin than Kerry.

Unemployable unemployeds sounds a fair description to me - even from a NuLab.

Panopticon Britain said...

Was on the way to the shop today. Two chavs outside William Hill. Together they had less hair than a baby's ball sack.
"Oi, mate, hairdresser's that way!" they say.
I said back to them "So's the job centre, get moving".

They weren't happy. Of course, being chavs, they're all bark and no bite.

pagar said...

I don't agree with making trouble for Kerry. C'mon OH she almost asked you out for a date for Christ's sake.

At least she has been prepared to debate some of the issues with us- more than any of the other bastards have done.

If you want to stop her telling the truth, the easiest way is to stick her in the shit when she does so.

Send an apology (and some flowers).

marksany said...

Thanks for that OH. I went and had a cathartic rant over there.Cheers!

WV: enable (Kerry needs to be enabled to see what is in front of her own eyes)

DaveA said...

OH I think you are a bit out of order writing to The Sun as I wrote on the blog. I do admire her honesty.

However great blog and we have made progress.


Dave Atherton (Mong's dad)

Northern Lights said...

I am a cunt, but not as much as Geoff Hoon is.

Jim said...

This is an old one from 2006, but still a disgusting remark.

A Box for Smokers

One to watch!

yorkshire git said...

She's fucking right though. That Matthews woman lives in the constituency next to mine -

"I've got an idea kiddie porn downloading boyfriend, let's stash the kid at some twats house and claim the reward" - priceless!!

Old Holborn said...

Yorkshire git

She IS right. And I intend to let everyone know that the first of the 646 has broken ranks

Guthrum said...

Can you let me have full details for the swlibertarian blog please OH

Will run with this one ! and on Bristol University Radio next week

Gareth said...

Recently Conservative MP John Maples said in the Commons that the recession has to take it's course to ensure a strong recovery. He has since been bounced into apologising.

Recently Conservative MP Andrew Lansley posted on a blog that the recession might be good for people's health as they cut back on the fags, booze and rich food 'cos money is tight. He has since been bounced into apologising.

Some time ago Wedgewood Benn said the wartime rationing improved the health of the nation. He has (as far as I know) never been kneejerked into apologising.

It's a funny old world when only one tribe in politics is allowed to be right. I do hope Kerry is hoist by her own petard.

John Pickworth said...

I don't believe Kerry is right... not in the sense we'd understand it.

She, like the rest of her tribe, have tried everything under the sun and are now, at last, being forced to accept the reality that its all failed. Its not a new way of thinking for them, just a vocalisation of a new set of words because they've used up all the old ones.

You're witnessing the infinite monkey theorem at work.

Give it enough time, and they'll be calling for the scraping of the minimum wage, mass deportation of asylum seekers and a smaller State. Its enevitable.

Old Holborn said...

Guthrum, I can be in Bristol next week.

Enough is enough. I also have a pass for the cabinet meeting on Friday in Leeds.

Bristol Dave said...


If you're in Bristol, fancy a drink?

Guthrum said...

OH The Burst Radio interview is on Sunday 7th.

Are you going to the LPUK AGM ?

Gareth said...

John Pickworth,

You are probably right about Kerry being wrong. I recall reading an article about army recruitment. They have had to become adept at taking the kinds of people Kerry believes to be unemployable and making professional soldiers out of most of them. And they do it in a short amount of time.

If they can do it why can't schools? Why are students rolling up to University with poor reading and writing skills?

I am beginning to think the welfare state we are in is nothing short of cruel. It aims to keep the poor under the thumb. Crap education = poor job prospects. Plenty of welfare cash = no incentive to find work. Can't have them getting educated and employed or there would be no need for the nanny. Perhaps everyone would be better off without it.(Or at least without it being so pervasive.)

swindon_alan said...

Honestly, I just can't read the posts on her blog anymore.

They make me feel physically sick.

If they aren't self indulgent then they are juvenile attacks on the Conservatives (who aren't any better btw). If I heard my 11 year old daughter mouthing off like Kerry McKremlin then I would have to take her outside for a very non-PC thrashing therapy.

[chucks up on the cat spontaneously]

John Pickworth said...

Gareth said...

"I recall reading an article about army recruitment. They have had to become adept at taking the kinds of people Kerry believes to be unemployable and making professional soldiers out of most of them. And they do it in a short amount of time."

And there's the thing...

Its surprising what's possible when we try.

Unlike Kerry, I don't think these people are unemployable... I believe, given the right incentives and opportunities, they can all make valuable contributions towards society and their own prosperity. These people haven't failed; because most of them have never had to be self-reliant or perform in a competitive environment. However, the State has failed them and massively so.

Here's one of the best examples I've ever seen of the problem on the BBC documentary 'The Poles are Coming'.

The £2000 a month job - (watch from 4:00 mins in)

The chav reaction when offered the work

This is what we've bred in this country, an entire class of victims. From the larger swilling chavs* who blame their lack of work on the Poles, to the council estate baby farmers who are compensated with benefits and free housing.

The real victims though are the fit, healthy, non-obese workers with nothing wrong with them... they get squat, zilch, zero, nadda, nothing.

* Why do Chavs in their 20s and 30s want to dress like 12 year olds?

Gareth said...

When I see them with their trousers tucked into their socks I sometimes wonder if they've had their bike nicked...

You say "These people haven't failed". The Channel 4 documentary series The Ascent of Money made an equally perceptive point in one episode - US business dominance seems at odds with being a country where you can readily get protection from bankruptcy.

I guess it gives people the chance to fail and limits the consequences. To learn from your mistakes you've got to make them first.

La Bete said...

I'm not at all sure this approach is the most productive OH. I understand you want to get the word out about the breaking of ranks, but what comes next? A short flurry of publicity, maybe an apology? Maybe a change in KM's blogging?

Other than the personal satisfaction at making her a bit uncomfortable (maybe), what's the pay off?

John Pickworth said...

La Bete said...

"Other than the personal satisfaction at making her a bit uncomfortable (maybe), what's the pay off?"

Personally, I'm happy at uncomfortable...

Its about time this shower were shown just a small token of the contempt they show for us.

Union in secret deal to save Labour from bankruptcy

"Britain’s biggest union saved Labour from bankruptcy by guaranteeing its finances in a secret deal that the party is refusing to make public.

The Electoral Commission suggested over the summer that guarantees should appear on its public register. Nothing appeared yesterday as the commission published its quarterly report of political donations."

If You’ve Nothing To Hide, You've Nothing To Fear ... ? Right?

Can't we use the RIPA or Money Laundering Acts against this corrupt bunch? You can be sure that if this was a deal between private members of the public or any other organisation, the authorities would've been all over it by now.

fuchsia groan said...

Swindon Alan, how I agree. I imagined, from the puerile nature of her postings and responses, that Kelly was in her early twenties. Having investigated a bit more, I discover she must be, at least, in her forties. The low calibre of our political representitives helps to explain the mess we are in. Most are failed lawyers or teachers.

Old Holborn said...

In response, may I add that Kerry will be the first up the litter strewn garden paths to the council maisonettes where the "unemployable" reside, banging on their door and reminding them that if they don't vote for her, they might be forced to work by the "other lot"

The pay off is that I have taken one further step on the long road to being a right pain in the arse to all 646 fuckwitts who control every single aspect of my daily life.

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