Thursday, 13 November 2008

It gets worse

Social workers responsible for the care of Baby P tried to prevent his mother’s newborn child being taken into care against the advice of police, despite the fact it was born in jail, The Times has learnt.
Council officials did not want the new baby – a girl – to be taken into care as they said it was "against the human rights" of the mother, even though she was on remand over the death of Baby P.

A social worker told police: "We need to let her bond,"


John Pickworth said...

I'm not sure I have any more shockability left in me! Which is a shame because I have a feeling that over the coming weeks we'll be hearing more about this dreadful case.

I just hope some of the whining fucks who were complaining about Cameron on PMQs march up to their own Labour MPs and ask them why THEY haven't raised a political point or two with those in control of the failed child services, council, Government dept, responsible Minister AND Prime Minister.

What are they waiting for? Oh yeah, the reports.

TheFatBigot said...

It says it all. P, next Q, then R, S, T ...

Calfy said...

"However, it emerged that the day before he died, the council’s social workers offered to pay for his mother to go on a trip to the seaside as a “treat”. "

I wish that weren't so believable.

I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

"A social worker"

Now there's an oxymoron for you!

WV: sheadins <- quite

Old Holborn said...

I've had it.


I don't know if I can take it anymore.

It's late, I've spent the whole evening at one of my daughters school for her parents evening, working out the best way for her to have a choice in life. Hard work, schedules, reports, appointments, extra curricula activities, libraries, book clubs, German exchanges, French exchanges, latin reading, science projects, Mathematical theorum, drama, Shakespeare, dance, IT.

Why? She can get £20K a year AND a free house, fags, TV, fridge, washing machine, cinema tickets, Sky TV, clothes, food and vodka if she just winks slyley at Winston down the "social".

Bollocks to this.

idle said...

Jesus wept.

Old Holborn said...


An absolute pleasure, Sir, to have made your aquaintance on Wednesday.

Old Holborn said...


"lessons will be learned"

I could puke

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd love to have done some bonding with that so-called mother - with the sharp end of a brick between the eyes - a couple of dozen times just to make sure.

woman on a raft said...

To put this in context - slightly - there have been a series of cases where social workers attempted to remove newborns in far more questionable circumstances which some people regarded as closer to baby-farming. In the last one of the current string the social workers didn't actually get any legal authorization at all, and Judge Munby was furious. (They got their order when they came back with proper reasons.)

Probably the best known case is that of Brandon Webster, whose parents had three previous children removed and forcibly adopted. This was a case of false accusation against a deeply respectable working-class married family. Their child had a vitamin deficiency due to the GP telling them they could feed it adult soya milk; the child protection doctor argued that the parents must have deliberately inflicted the resulting fractures. That doctor, from Kings Lynn, continues to argue that the Cleveland scandal showed something about the widespread prevalence of child abuse. At Cleveland, hysteria claimed that hundreds of parents were abusing their children. They weren't. The website FASSIT regularly covers these accounts - and if you reckon you might be going anywhere near Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, you should read Jack Frost's account of his brush with social services in Gulag of the Family Courts. You will not be surprised to learn that Frost is a sober, mature, married working man.

Back to baby P. Brillo has just justified his air supply by having John Gaunt on and going to the heart of the matter. Even Diane Abbott was nodding along. The last 11 years have created an underclass and in that underclass this kind of abuse is much more likely to happen because it is without a moral connection between what you do and what you get. When the abuse happens, it is less likely to be tackled because the social workers will be going for easier cases of imagined abuse in the leafy middle-class suburbs rather than insisting on seeing the back bedrooms of filthy houses, or washing the chocolate disguise off an injured child. John Gaunt rightly said 'we ought to be more judgmental'.

On QT there was a depressing smug chorus of panellists saying that social workers should not be blamed. Why not? They failed in their job at least 40 times of the 60. We stand no chance of changing the underclass and getting them to accept responsibility for their actions if the paid professionals won't accept responsibility for themselves.

Leg-iron said...

Lesson learned? The only lesson these idiots need is a lesson in the removal of a hide intact followed by immersion in salt.

They really can't see it, can they? Words will never work on them.

A good filleting knife - oh wait, it's banned. I can see why.

How they can claim 'human rights' after what she was party to is beyond mere ranting. Good on the police for not letting them have their twisted way.

Why are they still employed, and why do I have the feeling they will still be employed after Ed Balls buries it in 'reports'?

Anonymous said...

It gets even worse :

6 months before the death of Baby P there was a whistleblower at Haringey SS whose lawyer wrote to 4 NuLiebore Ministers, not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 plus some bod high up in Child Protection circles saying that children were not being protected properly & citing examples - NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT. Now we know why Gordon was so shirty when Call Me Dave brought it up at PMQs. Hopefully he'll be even more shirty by the time it all comes home to roost. As I think this story could quickly disappear once someone in NuLiebore sees it I've saved a copy

SaltedSlug said...

Well this will brighten your day right up then.

The comments after the Times article are calling for criminal charges against those deemed most responsible. The problem is, unless they actually saw a crime and did nothing, they haven't broken any law.
The doctors, lawyers and social workers will face their respective professional bodies and face (possibly) being struck off if they're proven to be grossly reckless and/or incompetant. Which means the worst that could happen is that they get sacked and can no longer practice in their fields. You could maybe bring a civil case for neglect, maybe.

Another thing is, this case is only unusual in that the MSM noticed because criminal proceedings were brought against someone. Otherwise this kind of case happens all too frequently, but the CPS generally don't prosecute because abuse cases are really hard, and you know how they don't like work. And I mean even if a kid has been killed. Mrs Slug has told me on several occasions about cases that she's working that are on a par with this one, but where the abuser remains free due to justice system indifference.

Also, regardless of what you think of the profession, I think you would agree that competent social workers are needed and have a place in the 'system'. The problem is, the job is shit. Who the fuck wants to work with scum like this lot, getting spat at and assaulted on a weekly basis? It is not a popular job and consequently, numbers are low. This means that they are all overworked and don't give each case the attention it possibly needs. Coupled with this, because they'll desperately recruit just about anyone who'll pass a CRB check, a lot of them are morons, or foreign, or both. The same is true of the legal end of things, this is not a popular or well paid area of law, and the quality of lawyer often reflects this. I'm not trying to justify the goatfuck that is Haringey Social Services, but thats how it is.

You add this to all of the social issues that ZNL have incubated during their tenure and what you have is not a mixture for success.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Has that Shoeshine bitch resigned yet, or better still been sacked ?

From the Daily Mail link above
"Miss Kemal’s ( whistleblower ) lawyers wrote to four ministers in February 2007 – the then Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, junior health ministers Rosie Winterton and Ivan Lewis, and David Lammy, the local MP for Tottenham and at the time a culture minister.
They also alerted Dame Denise Platt, head of the Commission for Social Care Inspection.
All were told there was a risk of a repeat of the murder of Victoria Climbie, the eight-yearold girl tortured to death in Haringey in 2000
So they are next.

I know a seemingly pleasant young woman who is fighting local SS to keep her baby; her offence is that she herself was abused and later 'in care' which the Authorities regard as a primary indicator of her abusing her own child.
Until very recently local authorities were, in effect, encouraged to legally kidnap healthy, white, unsiblinged newborns as these were easier to get adopted than disabled, ethnic, older children with brothers and sisters 'with issues' and thus helped achieve GOVERNMENT TARGETS.

Perhaps Baby P was seen as so fucked up that no sane family would get involved with adoption and maybe that is why he was not taken into care.

SaltedSlug said...

It wasn't taken into care because the numbnuts solicitor advising social services at Haringey, told them they hadn't met 'theshold criteria' for proceeding.

Serious case review summary

terry b said...

Woman on a raft..

"The last 11 years have created an underclass and in that underclass this kind of abuse is much more likely to happen "

Bollocks, the underclass is 2nd, 3rd generation.

And as for killing our own kids, we've gone from one of the worst offenders to one of the least likely.

electro-kevin said...

If it makes you feel any better, OH then you can call me a cunt as much as you want.

I promise I will never sue.

There IS something very wrong with Britain, isn't there ?

Mitch said...

Could it be as simple as Socialism is not survival activity and this is how people act when forced to behave like termites?

ranter said...

The 'Baby P' outrage is simply one of so many tragic and unnecessaary cases that have gone before AND it will happen again and again. During the 'Victoria Climbie' enquiry (and what did that actually achieve?) the descriptions of daily life in Haringey SS painted a truly awful picture of 21st Century life in Municipal Britain.
Staff divided along clear racial lines, the majority VEM (visible ethnic minority) staff alleging racism at every opportunity etc etc. you get the picture.
That is replicated in most inner London boroughs and elsewhere across the UK. That obsession with race and equality has infected all the other public services including the emergency services and is under way in the Armed Forces. (Remember Linda Bellos? Former head of Lambeth Council when it was still really loony left! She was running the diversity training and campaing for the Army back in 2003/4 - going around with the Army Diversity Recruitment Roadshow????? Linda Bellos!!!!)
Jobs and services traditionally outside normal working hours, almost vocational in aspect have been transformed drastically, with newer staff fully signed up to equality, diversity and health and safety bollocks.
Common sense out the window. Recruitment policies almost designed NOT to have the right people for the job.
The bloody Immigration and Border mob have so many Nigerians and other ethnics working for them it is unbelievable. Hackney Social Housing is also run by Africans - mental! As for the passport office - have you been to Petty France to get a passport? The last time I went I wondered who was the foreigner.
All paralysed by what is called political correctness.
Have a read of Littlejohn's latest column about public sector jobs at this time. Then we are treated to the Camp Commander Paddick who thinks he might be in line for a peerage - but then swans off to the 'I'm a celebrity' circus, or that odious waste of skin Tariq Ghaffur who will be getting a nice payoff from the Met. And this scumbag won't be the last - despite it all there are still more whingers waiting to sue because they haven't got where they think they should be and with this payoff see an alternative way to get reward.
These disgusting people have benefited from the conditions which allow vulnerable people and children to be abused and generally failed.
(NOTE: You're not a celebrity Brian, you're a waste of space who has done well out of being a whinger, the threat of complaint forcing everyone to tolerate you. You contributed fuck all to policing London and made the Met look even more stupid with your cannabis nonsense).
We have a political class that lives in its own bubble, despised by the majority population and a public sector infested with municpal socialism straight from the SWP handbook.
Brown couldn't behave like a human being at PMQ's, only when theyr ealized the fuss and anger was growing did his little bitch Balls announce something a bit more proactive and Ms Shoesmith apologized. Too little too late I'm afraid.

As E-K says, there is something very VERY wrong with this country. It is fucked!

The Penguin said...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

So bravely said, sadly we are no longer allowed to say it. I hope you survive what is coming.

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