Monday, 17 November 2008

In response to Dr Barnados

This appeared in the comments section of an earlier post today.

I thought I'd share some insight into the day to day existence of what I'd hope would be considered a "regular" person when placed inside a feral den - the sort of place the welfare state has created, and why we should be so shit scared of it spreading that we should really consider doing something about it right now.

We had a dream of getting on the property ladder - owning a home, starting a family, you know, the sort of thing frowned upon nowadays. I work hard. So does my missus. We got what we could afford, which was a rundown shitheap in the middle of one of the most well known breeding grounds for scum in the UK. I won't name it, but with a bit of imagination, you can probably guess where it is.

What a fucking mistake that was.

The first year was fine, despite the bad rep the place had. Then, all of a sudden, violence. And lots of it.

Some random teens decided to throw bottles at me while walking home from work - I told them to fuck off, about seven of them jumped off a wall and made out they were gonna kill me, without actually doing it of course. All in front of one of their parents, who ignored it all (couldn't have been more then three feet away) while he worked on his car.

A few months later, I went out the house and one of the little shits spotted me while in his little group of shits. That was that.

Despite just having a baby, every fucking night for three solid years - and I *MEAN* every. single. night....there would be items hurled at the house, at the window, abuse in the street. Didn't matter what day it was, something would happen. Christmas eve, xmas day, new years, birthdays, deaths, weddings.....whatever. It was insane. I lost count of the amount of times we called the police....hundreds, hundreds of times. regular line, 999, you name it, i tried it. we contacted the council, the police, the papers, the fucking politicians and those ^&$%^& at the housing (who were responsible for drafting in these waves of scum from other useless areas in a merry-go-round of completely insane "families").....not a bit of difference.

The after effects were immediate, as they started to spread their attacks to others living in my street and one just off it.

One night, a guy was literally forced to flee his house, jump in his car and drive to fucking Wales. he never came back, and his brother apparently had to sell his house.

A woman over the road had her windows smashed - when she complained, the little bastards phoned 999 and told them she was holding one of them "hostage" - about ten minutes later, what seemed like three vanfulls of riot police arrived outside her house and wellied their way inside, so I'm told. One guy asked his neighbour to simply reverse his car off his drive so he could get his car out - the reply was a headbutt and a fucking broken nose. Yet another little shit, well known to social services, police, everyone else with about ten asbos to his name, threatened grown men outside a pub with a knife unless they went inside and bought him some stella.

I could go on, but that's the kind of thing you were dealing with there. I should add, a lot of these kids were as young as ten or eleven, hanging around with a handful of older ones in their late teens.


Haloween was always the worst, mainly because where we were, it used to last about a month.

Each one was worse than the last. the final one, it finally kicked the fuck off.

A bunch of kids went to a neighbours freshly paved driveway, pulled up a few slabs, smashed them on the floor, picked up the chunks of concrete and started hurling them at the fucking windows.

I snapped, ran out, grabbed one of the little shits and dragged him back to the house, screaming down his ears. I'd had enough. I wanted blood.

ANYONES fucking blood.

I made that little shit stand in my garden while the missus phoned the police. Apparently some neighbours in a neighbouring city heard my screaming, so a full contingent of police were deployed and would "arrive shortly".

Next minute, our wonderful country's welfare inhabitants are revealed for what they are.

Never mind a baby in the house when these shits were throwing what they were throwing. No, some tracksuited retard comes bouncing out of the house directly opposite mine (found out later he doesn't even live in the area, just visiting his girlfriend), and starts yelling"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT LAD? GET OFF HIM! etc etc swear swear".

I tell him what he did, didn't matter. Scum look after their own. Within seconds, he's opening his boot and threatening to get his baseball bat out and "fuck me up".

I goaded him into doing it - he didn't, choosing to remain at a safe distance. But I'm already thinking "fuck this shit" when lo and behold, the ratfaced child's drunken, ugly, booze-sodden grandmother appears in front of me, yelling and screaming and calling me everything under the son. I'll never forget the next exchange.

I told her there was a baby in the house and they could have killed him if they'd put the window through.

Her reply?"GOOD!"

She then threw a punch at my head, which missed by a country mile while the idiot in the tracksuit continued to prance around by his car. I'd officially entered the twilight zone by this point.

Then the police turned up, and I had to be put in the back of their car and driven to my house as this had started to spill further and further down the street where I ran a greatly increased risk of being stabbed in the face.

I put the place up for sale the next day, got rid of it at a loss and am now paying through the fucking nose for a house while paying a shitload in tax / NI, but I tell myself its worth it to be away from places and people like that, even while being fully aware I'm paying for them to continue their shitty, worthless existence.

If I could, I'd go back and fucking napalm the whole area and nothing of value would be lost.

But I tell you what - that kid I collared was crying his fucking eyes out when I marched him back home, and that alone was worth the price of admission.


Snowolf said...


What more can you say?

Damo Mackerel said...

We're beginning to have the same problems in Ireland. The parents don't care and the social welfare is responsible for breeding an underclass. Will people in authority do anything? No. Why should they? They make a living from this. BTW, here's an article by a serving PC you may want ( need) to read:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly the state will not be doing anything soon about these problems,lets face it,they couldn`t give a fuck. That leaves the decent law abiding people to act...hmm. I guess we can all "vent our spleen" through the internet and fire a few fucks about but we all know its not going to make a blind bit of difference.Were totally fucked until things get so very bad that we are living in a distopia equal to, or worse than that of Zimbabwe. While the majority of decent people in this country still have warm homes,nice cars, plenty of food in the fridge then nothing will change because most will not risk loosing what they have accumulated. Its a real shame the banks were bailed out because my bet would be that things could be kicking off nicely about now. Hopefully Gordon has only postponed the inevitable but until words become actions nothing will change.

captain skint said...

Steve, Sir, you are a bloody warrior of the highest order and I thoroughly salute you and wish you and your family well.

Hope you had a really boring halloween and I wish all of you a really dull Christmas and a tedious New Year.

You star.

The Penguin said...

There is no political will within the current Nu-Liebour Government to do anything aboutthis at all, they are not affected and this underclass are their meal ticket.

The BBC are not interested in showing it like it is, and it is not going to appeal to advertisers, so the commercial channels are not interested in highlighting this sort of stuff. So little outcry from the complacent telly watching folk who don't live in places like that, who can pretend they don't know. Odd articles in the press can be ignored, they are soon in the bottom of the budgie cage or round the fish and chips.

Until you have politicians with enough guts to say stop the benefits then it'll continue to get worse. Whole familes, generations of them, drunk and drugged up on benefits, out of control and breeding like maggots.

The Penguin
Penguinus Rantingandangry

dick the prick said...

I just had a chin wag with me ol' dear who raised our Bob & me on her todd back in the 70's. She mentioned that even when she divorced the cunt (she catholic - he shagging his secretary) she only got Family Alowance for me as they didn't pay it for the 1st kid (fair enough - he's a tool!).

She did however home help, dinner lady, work in a bookshop, work for a paint company and live off peanut butter sandwiches until we went to school and then, back in the day when grants were available - went back to school, got a degree and got a teaching job.

I hope you don't think me modest but I'm alright and my brother is fucking brilliant - 2 gorgeous little girlies who are far smarter than us chumps.

The point of this is to emphasize that if you hand-out cash to people instead of incentivising effort then the kids are gonna follow. My mum would never have been able to live off benefits - a more proud and stubbourn lady I've never met but I can say that now. What if the option was £200 nicker to bake cakes at home or £150 to go out to work - it's a fucking no-brainer.

I know IDS has published something but I ain't waiting for a Tory rescue plan.

Eliminate extra for the first kid, reduce benefits to subsistence and allow for gainful employment to be a supplement until a given level - it also raises self esteem. Increase community service and put them in jumpsuits - sure, let them wear hats.

This is actually state cruelty masquerading as welfare.

Steve, fuck the money - you've saved your family and that's a mans job - well done.

Steve said...

Cheers all.

Some more random memories to share that have just come back to me, thought you'd find them interesting.

One bright and beautiful sunday morning, there i was - returning from from the newsagents, paper under the arm, bottle of milk in hand. it was almost like a scene from some leafy suburb, sprinklers on the lawn and such.

In the distance, i could see the neighbours daughter. as i got closer, she smiled and waved. I smiled and nodded as i got closer, aware that in the distance there was a rapidly approaching figure.

Oh shit. anyone running in any direction where i was located was always going to end badly.

sure enough, as he gets closer, she starts to say hello to him (so I assume she knew him from somewhere) but he darts right past her, and starts kicking at her wooden side-door to get into her garden.

the same moment, a big 4x4 jeep pulls up outside, and two guys jump out. the closest then pulls out the biggest frigging blade i've ever seen in my life - think machete blade used to chop down trees in the Amazon and kill crocodiles or whatever - charges after the first guy then chases him round her back garden till he leaps over the fence.

Typical occurence.

Another time, a neighbour has a big chip put in his window by some kids - he races out after them, his wife in hot pursuit. they vanish round the corner for a bit, then as they return, a car zooms up the road. at this point, i'm expecting guys with shotguns to come leaping out - instead, a haggled old guy clambers out and warns them not to mess with "these kids", because they live in a house facing his and they smash his porch every time it gets fixed. the insurance won't even pay out anymore.

he also says they wrecked his car, but i'm looking at it and can't see any damage.

till he gets in and turns the car around. you know those films where someone launches a rocket at a car and half of it just falls off?

it was like that. completely mangled, christ knows what they were hitting it with but breeze blocks laced with C4 would be my best guess.

Oh, there was one guy who made the mistake of taking pictures of them in action. he was of course branded the local paedophile, and suffered a good year or two of abuse. abuse to the extent that, shortly before he moved away, he was seriously considering removing one of his roof tiles, poking an air rifle through the gap and picking them off with headshots.

I dread to think what he went through.

I won't even get started on the poor Indian family who moved into the area - christ, did they suffer. If more comes back to me, I'll add them into the mix. I've hardly scratched the surface of some of the chaos that took place. I still can't believe some of it actually happened.

Neal Asher said...

I'm really glad you highlighted that comment since though I agreed with everything you said in your main post, it was this comment that had me wiping spittle off my screen. As someone else said (here I think) what socialism does is a classic case of paving the road to Hell, only now we seem to be on the last few slabs.

Anonymous said...

The Toynbees not the Thatchers of this world have so much to answer for. They have encouraged the breeding an underclass which is ruining the lives of so many, and they are doing it with impunity.

Anonymous said...

Forget the house, your family is out of it. Get as far away from these unterclass as you can.
Best wishes for the future and hope you have a quiet Christmas.

captain skint said...


I genuinely hope at some point you can smile about it before your pin dropping, cranky, arguing with the missus, kid upset with the presents and playing up, family that you don't wanna see, dry turkey and WTF brussel sprouts and find a way to laugh about it and think 'thank fuck we're out'.

Steve said...

Every day I'm not there is a glorious feeling of release.

For the first few months elsewhere, I couldn't quite believe the sensation of actually being able to go outside the house anytime after 3PM in the afternoon.

Just the other day I went out to get something from the shop at 8PM and thought fuck me, I'm actually GOING THE SHOP ON MY OWN AT EIGHT AT NIGHT.

I've been out of there for more than a year, and I *still* have thoughts like that and get a bit giddy.

I'll be kicking off if the sprouts are messed up though ;)

electro-kevin said...

I've written to Dr Barnardos about their outrageous video depicting adults as the wrongdoers here.

Kids like these are everywhere and they have some front.

This is why I think I'm going to prison. One day I'll get nicked for kicking shit out of one of the dads in front of his spawn. That's what I would have done in Steve's position - because, unlike Steve, I'm stupid.

Steve said...

"This is why I think I'm going to prison. One day I'll get nicked for kicking shit out of one of the dads in front of his spawn. That's what I would have done in Steve's position - because, unlike Steve, I'm stupid."

Funnily enough, I was convinced I was going to end up killing someone. The morons that do this tend to keep on escalating regardless of what you do or don't do, so in the end you think, well, what the hell. might as well go out guns blazing before i get a meat cleaver in the skull anyway.

All the crap advice police and others wheel out - don't encourage them, don't this, don't that, don't the-other - only works on the basis that they're doing it "for a chase", as they so naively kept putting it.

Truth was, it didn't matter whether you ignored it or not. You'd still hear your windows being slammed every single night even if you failed to rise to the bait for months at a time. They didn't care. If they were going past on their way home from the chipshop or the offy or whatever, it took the bare minimum of effort to pick something up and lob it.

In fact, if you ignored it, they tended to do it all the more and with greater force. So you were screwed in any case.

I still remember the night the baby had been born - left the missus in the hospital, jumped a cab home, found out the next morning (when it was light enough to see the front of the house) that it had been egged all over. They knew we'd gone off to the hospital too, because they'd seen us leaving the house with all the "here comes the baby" gear.


After that, the first few months we had to resort to changing the baby either in the kitchen at the back of the house (cold), or the spare bedroom upstairs (even more cold) because we were convinced a brick could come through the living room or front bedroom window at any time during the night and couldn't take the chance.

electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...

I wrote a post a while back on my colleague who'd moved from his depot in Notts to get away from crime.

His daughter had won a scholarship to the local private school and was preparing for her GCSEs. On the way home from a school club she was set about by a gang of feral girls and kicked into a coma. She suffered majory trauma but recovered after brain surgery.

They went to prosecute the assailant but ended up the victims of a vendetta - windows smashed, car set on fire on the drive, dad set about in the local park whilst pushing the little one on a swing ...

The ran - sold the house, pulled the daughter out of private school and moved here. Now she goes to the bog-standard comp near me.

They have been subpoenaed to appear in court and they are terrified.

This country needs a depression right now so that the good people realise they have nothing to lose and rise up against this shit.

There are worse things than having no money, believe me.

Writer to St Barnardos and tell them what you think of their shitty little campaign.

(word veri: merde

dick the prick said...

EK - it's the mums too. I got brought up by a matriach - broken homes don't mean broken families, it's just that the government treat them like victims. If you call my mum a victim, i'm getting comfy!

I am in no way exonerating fathers at all - I meet mine and I'm too old now, it'd be 'yeah, alright' but if any question is asked about my brother then the shit may see Christmas 2009.

Support - sure. I'm glad I'm not American where basics like healthcare have to be paid. Handouts - nonsense. Stifles hope, and to stifle hope from a kid should be criminal.

dick the prick said...

Good grief Ek & Steve - I'm at a loss for words. When did discipline become offensive?

Thud said...

My regular job is to restore period buildings...since my younger years though I have run a security company involved on the doors of music venues and nightclubs in Liverpool and Manchester.The money was good and strangely I liked some of the guys I employed (some ex army...some thugs) Most of all I enjoyed hurting the little pieces of shit that comprise 70% of the clientele of such places.The look on their faces as they heard the word 'no; was joy...I'd swear for many it was the first time it had ever been said.I never fought was my job...I just made sure the little shits came of worse,for which I make no appologies.I retired last dec because age was catching up and coming home covered in bits of chav was becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile with the birth of my daughter and the feelings that come with fatherhood....for all here I would like to say...hitting back at the shits that blight all decent peoples lives is something that should be grasped if it ever arises...good for the soul.

fuchsia groan said...

Steve - a truly shocking story. I'm guessing Manchester?
Slightly off topic, but another illustration of how the benefits system is abused.
I walk past a pub most days, and every day the same people will be sitting outside, all day. I used to wonder how they could afford it, as it was obvious none of them had jobs. I have been told they are able to claim disability allowance for alcoholism. The money goes behind the bar so they can piss it up every day.

archduke said...

barnados salaries - paid for by the taxpayer

"Taxpayer funded grants: £114 million Barnado's salaries & wages: £106 million"

archduke said...

direct link here

archduke said...

17 November 2008 21:15

thanks thud - i really appreciate it mate. your bouncers seem to be the only figures in society willing to stand up to the fuckers.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

I live in a very middle class town on the somerset coast last week, somebody pulled my the box that covers the meter off the wall, and turned the gas off. A week later a spotty youth turns up at the door with what I thought was his girl friend turns our it is Avon and Somerset's finest. They had popped round to see me to say there was nothing they could do, but had I considered putting CCTV up around the house, I suggested perhaps they would like to stroll round the town once in a while and stop wasting their and my time in calling round
to say there is nothing they could do. They looked quite shocked when I asked them to leave, they asked me what I was proposing to to do. Batter the next person I find on my property causing damage in broad daylight, I think you will be a bit quicker than a week if I do that won't you.

This contagion is everywhere and the State cannot protect you, and no longer pretends to.

nightjack said...

Every word true.

archduke said...

holy crap steve and E-K .. i'm at a loss for words.

how come our bloated arsewipes of "journalists" in any the news media cant be bothered to report on any of this.

i suspect that your stories aren't rare.

captain skint said...

Thud - not being funny mate but you come across as a bit of a twat. No probs with hitting turds but you kinda made yourself judge and jury which saves cash but don't help any.

There has to be a fundamental change in the benefits system to allow egress to those that work for it rather than choose it.

The duopoly created by right and left is false - it is about those that will work and those that won't.

Increase public sector housing cost

Increase punitive activity - chain gangs to tidy up the fucking place!

Allow discpiline with children thru fines on parents to start with.

Increase the tax threshold and reduce tax credits (or eliminate them)

I don't like people who use power as a weapon, because they don't really know what power is. The decsion to choose - the accessibility of alternative.

I'm minded of my favourite Rab C Nesbit quote - " I'm no working class, I'm genuine scum".

Anonymous said...

As a 25 year service copper in my small town I did try; all one of me trying get some of those parasites to the court. Unfortunatly the PPS, in Northern Ireland(same as the CPS in England and Wales) did not think that this sort of behaviour was a problem. Most of the prosecutors deciding on what was bad behaviour were doing the exact same thing in their student digs about 3 weeks before hand.

Anonymous said...

Was attacked by a junkie a couple of weeks ago lifting money from a town centre ATM
Was truly surprised to be congratulated by detectives for giving said junkie a shoe in the globes.
Was genuinely worried i`d get charged.

Old Holborn said...


Join US

Houdini said...

Who is to blame? I blame firstly the police, safe in their cars and catching motorists.

Kaygee said...

I can get you napalm if you want it

Anonymous said...

Barnardos. Useless bunch of left-wing cunts who have meetings about meetings. They rely on charity, so the answer is don't support them. They'll soon get the message. I worked at their head office for a while and the amount of waste I saw was incredible and made me stop giving to them, and that was before this shit they came up with. As always, it's the decent ones who will suffer.

Anonymous said...

Worth a look

Second page. Notice anything?

Surprise surprise!

Blogger said...

I agree with Captain skint.
Some of the lowlife culture is caused by dependency.
Doesn't mean we should scrap the dole/benefits - they need to be restructured so people are INCENTIVISED to get off their arses and work.

other side of the tracks said...

Great post Steve.
I snapped, ran out, grabbed one of the little shits and dragged him back to the house, screaming down his ears. I'd had enough. I wanted blood.
Back in the 1970's in a still civilised part of north London me and me mates were strolling back from footie in the park ( no hoodies or trackies then more like loons and tank-tops ); our ball became loose and rolled down the road before bumping into the ladys' pram.
Hubby came hurtling out of his house like a screaming banshee, collared the smallest of us, Gary, and dragged him into the house threatening to call the police.
They arrived pretty smartish, ignored us but barged into the house to rescue Gary and charge matey with attempted kidnapping ( or somesuch subsequently dropped because Gary made no formal complaint).
We had no idea why the Police arrived with the assumptions they did, in our minds we were 'guilty' because our ball did ( innocently enough ) hit the pram !

I'm rather surprised Steve that the same did not happen to you.

Steve said...

"I'm rather surprised Steve that the same did not happen to you."

It was always a worry. I think the police were so shocked by what they were throwing (they could see these huge chunks of concrete scattered around the garden) that they employed some common sense and left well alone.

Plus, I think that might have been my 1,000th phone call and so I was entitled to a "freebie", or at least some balloons.

The Penguin said...

Martyn Narey of Barnardos ex-Prison Service, wanker. See Littlejohn in the Mail today for more.

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

"- Garry Newlove, 47, right, died of head injuries last August after confronting a group of youths who were vandalising the family’s car outside their Warrington home

- David Martin, 40, a window cleaner, was stabbed to death last week in South London after asking a neighbour to return his son’s football

- Jack Straw, Justice Secretary, was accused of assault when he helped to make a citizen’s arrest at Oval Underground station. The boy was handed over to police

- Stevens Nyembo-Ya-Muteba, 40, was killed after asking 12 youths to be quiet in the stairwell of his block of flats in Hackney, East London, in October 2006

- Tim Eggar, a Tory minister under Margaret Thatcher, allegedly got into a fight in South London after he reprimanded two girls for picking flowers from his garden. One of their fathers visited his flat and said they fought together in the gutter

- Kevin Johnson, 22, was stabbed to death last May after he asked youths outside his Sunderland home to be quiet

- Alan Toogood, 50, died after being attacked by youths who lit a fire in the stairwell of a block of flats near his home in Yeovil, Somerset, in September 2006

- Peter Woodhams, 22, was shot dead at his home in East London in 2006 after confronting youths who had been terrorising his family"

Keith said...

Steve, you should consider posting some of your stuff on Nightjack or Inspector Gadget.
It might wake up some of the lazy sods presently employed as coppers.

And before anyone jumps down my throat..I was a copper in London for 30 years so I know exactly what I'm saying

Ian_QT said...

Discussion of this issue at Comment Is Free here.

Anonymous said...

exterminate the brutes

no need to go up the congo river for a taste of the horror.

The Penguin said...

Good comment from someone claiming to be from Barnardos

"Shame on society! It's not this boys fault he stabbed a man - the problem is with society not being forced to give enough of its hard earned money to this boys single mother. If she had more cash she might have taken some interest in her spawn - as it is she hardily knows where her next drink is coming from and if she can afford that new flat screen. For shame middle class oppressors

- Some woman from Barnados, London, 18/11/2008 12:31"

The Penguin

Trixy said...

It's probably not very libertarian of me but pot shots at the head does have a certain appeal.

The police aren't doing anything, nor are the judiciary and the government and opposition parties are actively encouraging the welfare state which breeds these freaks so they have an army of gormless voters to keep them in power.

That, or a nice war with some conscription and rationing. Work would seem so much more appealing if the alternative was starvation.

John Pickworth said...

Trixy said...

It's probably not very libertarian of me but...

I think its entirely Libertarian to choose not to fund these work-shy scum with your taxes, to choose not to hear their 12 year old kids practising their Anglo-Saxon vocabulary on the bus, to choose not to suffer their pumpin' toons two streets away at 4am in the morning, to choose not to donate your Satnav when the skaghead needs his next fix? Etc etc.

A war sounds like a great idea... but who would we persuade to invade us? I doubt the Russians or Chinese would want our underclass either.

Tell you what though, a little national emergency would be great fun. I'd like to see what the looters grab first from ASDA? I bet it won't be essentials like milk, eggs, butter or bread?

jaymason said...

They are all cunts, my own experience of this type of dloe scum behaviour involved having my garage broken into and my tools nicked luckily my motorbike was an old brit one with a kickstart so that was too complicated for the twats. I had claimed my insurance an dput this to the back of my mind when a mates garage was broken into and his sons trail bike was stolen, so we went into investigative overdrive questioning some of the local teen retards. My own favourite being pieceof detective work being traipsing into the local video shop shutting and locking the door behind us and threatening to nail the little fucker who weknew had been involved to the counter unless he spilled the beans. Beans being spilt very quickly we wandered across to the local allotments and discovered an Alladins cave of nicked tackle including my tool kit. A quick call to Plod with the message that we were at point A having discovered the hoard would be taking a stroll across town to point B (abode of the thieving twat). On arrival at point B we were most pleased to discover Plod had preceeded us and had already nicked the little fucker. This may well be due to both my chum and myself being members of a m/cycle club and the graphic description we gave the call centre bod about our intentions of dealing no small amount of GBH to the scrote.

On a final note my favourite part of the story the cunt who blubbed after a little roughing up in the video shop was fetched round my house by his granddad who ran the shop and had overheard everything made to apologise and his granddad thanked me for scaring the living shit out of the lad and putting him on a staright path.

But if we hadn't pursued the matter it would have just been another chav twat getting away with it and if in less than 24 hours we tracked down the proceeds of 15 plus robberies I despair of Plod ever doing the detective work

Anonymous said...

None of this is even unusual now.

captain skint said...

No it's not. I know there's been a lot of oppribrium about the Baby P's torture - and rightly so. But being pragmatic about it, if scum wanna kill their own kids then it's gonna happen - the variables state that it is so far off in the right hand side of a standard deviation curve that to anticipate it is horrid - truly horrid - perhaps that's how we should now think but i'm gonna resist it.

However Steve's case has highlighted that normal people are being forced out because of benefit culture, crime, ill discipline and ghettoization.

I've been thinking all day how lucky I am with fuck all happening in my street, next door neighbour's cat still an idiot, window cleaner missed my bathroom, postman later than usual - FFS - and that makes me lucky?? This is old woman's talk.

it's either banned or compulsory, in this case banned said...

Penguin 18 November 2008 13:36.
Your feral ratboy exists in Plymouth, Devon where, as one commentator points out; this very week a man was arrested and spent the night in police cells for slapping his very young son in public. The boy had run off into the dark and Dad wanted to make sure he remembered it as a bad idea.
So here is a chap trying to instill a bit of discipline for his sons own sake and he gets locked up on the say so of some busybody drone.
That aired briefly on local radio but I have not been able to track it down online.

John Pickworth said...

it's either banned or compulsory....said...

... this very week a man was arrested and spent the night in police cells for slapping his very young son in public.

Found it.

A night in the cells for father who smacked his runaway son


A father who spent a night in police cells because he was seen smacking his son’s bottom.


Shortly after the pair returned to Mr Harry Frearson’s home in Plymouth, four police officers knocked on the door and took Harry away despite finding no trace of injury. Mr Frearson was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a minor but once at the city’s main police station he was told that the witness who reported the incident was in “no fit state” to make a statement and that he would be held overnight.

Unintended consequence:

Mr Frearson said that Harry had been forced to strip to his underwear for an examination. “He’s a very shy boy and it was must have been scary. One minute he was watching Cartoon Network and the next he was stripping in front of a policeman.”

I don't even know where to start with this one? So I won't even bother.

Shan Morgain said...

Dear Steve an all

Thanks tons for your blog.
We have also moved out of hell at a big money loss and still shaky with reaction almost 2 years later. In some ways we suffered a lot less than you but one way more.

Our son was attacked by older kids who lay in wait for him blocked his path, demanded money. Called police who said they daren't go to ringleader's house as his mum was known troublemaker and would start a police complaint.

Eggs on front of house.
Turds on car.
Got used to checking car tyres every morning for slashed ones.
Local girls take our boy into the woods and he comes back disgusted with their perverted sex talk. Refuses to go outside on his own any more.
12yr old girls comes several nights in a row to our door. Posing in skimpy skirt with fag, asking for our son to go out with her because she fancies him. Don't know her address so we called community police, asked them to caution her family as she could get in real trouble at another house less well behaved than ours. Result? aggressive drunken women visit us with threats.
False statements made to Council that we ran a business from our house. Could prove it wriong but very stressful.
Dishonest Council Tax stuff - TWICE tried to take me to court for nonpayment when I paid. Second time I WENT. Explained to woman in wauiting room showed her bank statements. Next day got letter convicting me of nonpayment! (This was a small local society with a klot of people related to people on Council) I cleared it with difficulty, receiving more lies.

The worst however was Child Protection. Social Workers sicked on to us based on stupid rubbish. Like our boy "seen not wearing any top" - on a summer's day! Living under the terror of the child stealers broke my health.
We fought them off but I remember looking at his skin, his hair greedily, not knowing how many days of him we had left. There is no horror like it.
Meanwhile they refuse to tell us WHAT the charges were! Data Protection law flagrantly broken, doctored file sent. Many other rules broken - once we found out what the rules were!

We're strong people but that episode broke us. Our kid lost the happy creative family he had and got robot zombies instead who barely managed to remember to feed him. Almost complete shunning by others we knew so child was almost totally isolated.
Child Protection is a terrifying form of corrupt State bullying that ruins lives.

Series of attempted burglaries until we lived under a Fort Knox of chubb bolts and chains.
Local kids always keen to know when we were going to go away to look after my elderly mum - so they could feed our cat supposedly.

Kept phoning police about all the threats and "incidents." Useless. Was told that one man who raised fist to my bloke had been put under warning. Found out later this was a lie.

We'd got to the point of only going out the door in twos when one of these charming neighbours committed murder on a defenceless young male who was a bit missing.


Two years later yes like Steve every day we're thankful for not living among hellish crazies. When we moved there it all LOOKED normal. No way to tell. Was scary moving - what if it were the same again?
Thank heavens not.
But we're not the same people we were. We get depressed easily and find it hard to try and do anything except the basics. Health not strong get tired all the time.

I think I wish so much my child hadn't suffered through all that. He changed from sunny friendly, to distrustful, isolated. But then this is the world he lives in so perhaps it was a GOOD thing he learned it young. How awful.

As for the underclass I don't agree it's benefits. Giving people money to live on isn't bad. It's weak policing that doesn't curb bad behaviour - too much paperwork and as they admitted to me they are scared of police complaints!
It's also bad schools. Overwhelmingly overcrowded - if you crowd animals like that you get violence. More, the schools are DESIGNED to destroy intelligence so as to create failures to fill poorly paid yucky jobs. After all we don't need very many well educated people.
But most of all indifference from the people at the top. I mean if you ride around in a chauffeured car and live in a wealthy gated estate, the underclass really doesn't matter. As long as some of us work, clean, produce more servants to keep it all going, the rich don't care. They're safe behind their walls.
They actually benefit from huge numbers of people drunk and drugged or lives damaged by people close to them drunk and drugged. Because while running around the ratwheel of addiction you're not causing trouble for our betters.
They also don't want us to DO anything about underclass violence and harassment. One thing that's dangerous to them is if we stiop being passive and start action in any way. If we react to any of the underclass violence and stress, THAT is a threat to them.
If a certain number of us were to stand up to it, start policing it effectively, oh dear we might move on from that to wanting to clean up OTHER social problems. We might become a threat to their cushy lives. We might ask QUESTIONS. We might march on THEM asking where all our taxes go on their fatcat directorships.
Can't have that. Better to have a whole mass of broken, ugly underclass lives and all those of us who are terrorised by them. At least that keeps most people either IN the useless underclass, or drugged, or drunk, or terrorised by the underclass, or terrorised by all the State snoopers. Very few left to ask questions and disturb the moneymakers and fatcats with noses in the public troughs.

It isn't benefits paid to the unemployed that are the root of the problem. It's benefits paid to the rich. Huge ones.

it's either banned or compusory said...

Thanks john pickworth 19 November 02:59
Found it.
I don't even know where to start with this one? So I won't even bother.
Quite so but I think the Times readers say most of it. I wonder if the drunk lier who started it was charged with wating Police time ?

shan morgain wow, powerfull stuff
Living under the terror of the child stealers broke my health.
We fought them off but I remember looking at his skin, his hair greedily, not knowing how many days of him we had left. There is no horror like it.
Meanwhile they refuse to tell us WHAT the charges were! Data Protection law flagrantly broken, doctored file sent. Many other rules broken - once we found out what the rules were!

What on earth can be done to make the Social Workers and Police tell the difference between these two cases and those of the ratbags ? Reading Police blogs it is quite plain that they are individually aware.

I was luckier than most who have posted their horror stories here, I moved, late 80's, to an industrial town with virtual no-go areas, violent posses, drug riddled, failed schools, all on benefits, cops driving around in cars but never seen on foot and all the rest of it. It seemed almost everyone you met under the age of fifty was into crime of one sort or another from shoplifting to property fraud and downright gangsterism.
I survived two years of negative equity there because of the particular street where I lived.
This was a terrace of brick built two up two downs occupied by mostly elderly people who had bought their houses as a result of working all their lives at the nearby big automotive factory ( now closed ).
These were the last of the old industrial working class, the parents and grandparents of the 'people' in the neighbouring Council Estate From Hell and thus my street was 'immune'.
Just once my car radio was 'robbed' along with several others in the street; ( mine was deliberatly rubbish so no proper thief would have bothered ). The Police found the juveniles responsible but, having hinted that a conviction was unlikely and compo out of the question, gave me just enough details for me to pass onto an aquaintance. Some hours later he returned and slipped me what would now be about £200, the result of vigilante justice probably but I asked no questions.

Driving through that estate in the company of one who knew about such things I asked " If things are so bad here why is it that some houses have all their doors and windows open ?" His reply

" It's to show that they have nothing left to steal."

I escaped a.s.a.p. and was pleased to find a pleasant part of the country, like where the Elves went to at the end of Lord Of The Rings though signs of entropy are here.

Steve said...

Ouch, horrible, horrible stuff.

You know, it strikes me that the only place I've ever seen a concentrated set of posts from people painting this picture of their experiences is on this solitary blog post. Thanks, OH.

I've also decided to try and take it a bit further:

The intention is to get as many people as possible posting up their tales of woe - be it as guest bloggers or just posting in the comments at which point I'll post them up, whatever.

Then when people like that barnardos guy start bemoaning the label of "feral children" or others flat out deny this insane culture exists, we can point to it and say well, actually, you're wrong in a very spectacular fashion.

Some of the other stories above are awful - Shan, yours is particularly distressing, I don't know how I'd have coped. If any of you don't mind me reposting your story on the blog at some point, let me know and I'll post them up.

Anonymous said...

Shameful that decent hardworking people are at the beck & call of scum, that the police don't actually do any work (too busy canvassing for Labour)& that benefit scroungers & criminals always seem to win. Glad that a number of you have escaped. where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

Steve, have you thought about cross-posting your article on the Police blogs ?

Roctopus said...

Isn't it just easier to pull the plug?

Katabasis said...

What a read - both the original piece, and the stories left by others.

Had lots of similar experiences myself, though thankfully have always been able to afford to live in a relatively quiet area.

I've spent over a decade working on the doors and have to say dealing out the occasional bit of street justice to such scum is a welcome part of the job. And that's a view shared by most of the lads.

I've got great sympathy with the people commenting who think that they're going to end up in prison. I do too, for the same reason. I've usually had a reasonably paying day job with prospects, so it's not an inevitability attached to the doorwork (I can afford to give it up, but choose not to because I don't want to go soft).

It's one of the reasons I cancelled my pension actually. I feel this horrible forboding sense of inevitability and doom about it. I'm just not one for going quietly and I will absolutely not put up with bullying or intimidation.

I work very hard, I have ambitions, aspirations and lots of people in my life I care about.

One day it's all going to disappear because one of the run ins with these scum goes the distance.

Katabasis said...

I wanted to highlight one of the comments from the Guardian article linked to above:

This person was actually responding to having read Steve's story here

"@QuestionThat - A very disturbing read, however very believable.

I live in a nice house in a wide tree lined road in Brighton, unfortunately the Council in their wisdom saw fit to agreeing to a bail hostel in the same road some years back.

Rarely a night went by when the evening wasn't interupted by screaming, swearing, breaking glass and fighting. The police would turn up once in a while, they'd even cart the odd one away in handcuffs, kicking and screaming.

A few of my neighbours have been physically attacked and most verbally abused by the vermin who reside in said hostel.

However, unlike the poor soul in the story, a few of my neighbours have had enough and are fighting back. A few months back about eight of us (large men in their 30's and 40's who can handle themselves) formed an unofficial neighbourhood response group who will call or text each other when things kick off so we can go out in the street and 'return things to normal'

I'm pleased to say that 9 times out of 10 the little darlings will disperse without trouble, however it's unfortunate that a ambulance has had to be called on a couple of occasions to scrap the remains of a feral child off the pavement.

No, I'm not proud of having punched a teenager. I've said as much on a previous thread after I confessed to beating the crap out of two slags who attacked my girlfriend on a train, however some of us refuse to live in fear."

This is the way forward. Barnardos be damned.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Some helpful advice from the excellent Police blogger nightjack

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