Wednesday, 26 November 2008

HOW MUCH??!!!!

If a Trillion Pounds were the GDP of a country, it would qualify as the 13th richest nation (just behind India).

Its almost 12,000 times the number of £1 coins currently in circulation.

If there were enough £1 coins available; you'd need a colossal 10 million tonnes of them. Which is the approximate weight of 32 of the World's largest Supertankers.

Or you might attempt 385,000 Great Train Robberies? Although Acapulco might get a little crowded afterwards.

How about if on the day that Queen Victoria died you dragged £25 million Pounds in used notes off into the woods and burnt them; and then repeated the exercise EVERY day since? You'd still be two years short of destroying a Trillion Pounds.

Assuming the Government were able to pay back the Debt at a rate of £20 Billion a year, it wouldn't be repaid until the year 2060 (not including the huge interest payments meantime).

Alternatively, you could close every school in the UK, sack all the teachers and maybe pay it back in less than 30 years.

Its 5 times the entire economy of Hong Kong.

Its 30 times the size of our Defence budget or approximately equal to the USA's massive defence spending.

If it were turned into £20 notes you'd need 2000 Securicor vans to move it.
UPDATE: £1T debt? More like £4.1T


The Penguin said...

Well, personally I think it represents excellent value for money, and that nice Mr Brown has promised it will all be paid back by Christmas.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

What time are Bodger & Badger disgracing our TV screens?

Shirking From Home said...

We're bankrupt. Cheers Gordon you fucking wanker.

Anonymous said...

Global enslavement to the international banksters is a done deal. Gordon has been a very good puppet, still Dave would have done the same.

So the NWO has completed the second phase.

Third phase, wipe out democracy in the west(finish the job through the EU and other agents) and declare war on the remaining free powers in the world.

Result - total world domination by a few Bansters, who can kill who they want, when they want and make you do as they wish, when they wish.

Off course the usefull idiots currently propagandising for them won't get their promissed utopia, they will be first on the list due to the threat they could pose to the inner circle.

Anonymous said...

Now you know how Africans feel being enslaved by huge loans to corrupt bankers, agreed by corrupt politicians.

blinky cunt said...

Anon 1.12 - 1pm - although Badger may be crying off and the delightful and fragrant Mrs Balls may be in his stead.

The Penguin said...

Dear Mr. Holborn,

While I am prepared to put up with your emissions, I do not wish to apologise.

Can you amend to something more in line with ranting?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

The debt situation is actually far worse than the government admits.


Organ said...

Monkey and grinder spring to mind.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Fucking hell OH
Business must be slow
I prefer to spend my quiet moments looking at scat porn and gun blogs

Chris said...

"There is a great deal of ruin in a nation" - Adam Smith

This government seems to have taken that old saw as a direct challenge.

Malice, incompetence, or an infernal mixture of both?

6000 said...

That is a terrifying amount of money and is almost what I earn in an entire month.

Rab C Nesbit said...

Is that all? Fuck me. I've lost more falling out of a taxi.

Anonymous said...

Penguin, gonna sort out your comment options on your blog. Can't comment unless you got a blogger account.

Billy Wallace said...

If it's a Yamaha!

it's out of tune.

The Penguin said...

Happy to, any instructions?

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

OK, found it :-)

The Penguin

Bob said...

None of that 'Mandy' type shit but your "X people love my throbbing organ" returns a sense of sanity to your blog.

Thank fuck for that.

I just woke up from a 15-year coma said...

It could be worse, we could have this debt AND a Labour government.

Then we really would be fucked.

It's good to be back..............

Anonymous said...

It's a bloody scary figure, any chance of coming up with something that thicko's like me can understand by taking lots of zero's off and comparing it with the equiv of say a car,I know you have tried to but 32 tankers means nothing to me,but my car does bought and paid for in cash.

Old Holborn said...

Ok, if you divide a £Trillion by say, the price of a car (£10K), every single person in the UK could have 2.

It would buy 100 million of them

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn said...

Thanks,now use that as a message as I think that's the only way people will get a grasp of what they will be paying.

John Pickworth said...

What! No tipping hat Mr. OH? ;-)

You know what's really scary about these figures? The interest payments.

Currently we're paying £31bn in interest before this latest round of Government insanity! If Gordon (like we'd believe him?) had fixed the roof in the good times he must have been sticking £50 notes over the holes.

Next year the interest is going to be at least £40bn.

That means Her Majesty's Ministry of Debt will be the fourth largest Government department after social security (£140bn), health (£110bn) and education (£60bn).

This is YOUR money, it will be taken out of YOUR pockets every year. It will not provide YOU or YOUR family a single pennies worth of services or benefits. It will act as a fiscal drag on YOUR and the country's wealth for the rest of YOUR working lives... and possibly into your retirement.

And that's how much a Trillion Pounds is worth!

Houdini said...

Assuming the Government were able to pay back the Debt at a rate of £20 Billion a year, it wouldn't be repaid until the year 2060 (not including the huge interest payments meantime).

I wish you would stop this and doing Labours job for them.

The Government owes fuckall, WE DO, and WE will have to pay it back.

The Penguin said...

The interest on the debt in 2010 will be 8 billion more than the Education budget. And yet, I seem to recall that Teflon Tony's priority was Education Education Education.

Fucking Cunts

The PEnguin

Anonymous said...

Catching up on old news & hearing McFuckup once again telling us about how he'd been born in a manse & brought up to know the meaning of prudence. Pity the locals hadn't torched the manse with McFuckup inside - would have saved the UK a load of trouble.

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