Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Haringey Apologises


ffs said...

I cannot believe nobody is going to be forced out over this. Who the fucking hell do they think they are?

Cunts the lot of them.

Thud said...

nice clip..I do love a good documentary.

The Penguin said...

Ah, but the government have had a lot of experience in whitewashing things (Dr Kelly springs to mind, sadly he can't spring to life) and Haringey are experts in banding together to hide the truth, see Victoria Climbie enquiry where only some lowly worker bee was sacked (and then re-instated when the news agenda had moved on).


The Penguin

Roctopus said...

"Reading ..."

Sad, but true.

woman on a raft said...

Department of pots and kettles.

In Feb 2008, Sharon Shoesmith took against a faith school in Haringey, run by the 7th Day Adventists. There were some genuine concerns, as OFSTED reported, but Shoesmith's objection seemed to be more gut-based in that she just didn't like faith schools.

A press release issued by the schools Parent Teacher Association (PTA) states that Sharon Shoesmith, director of Haringey’s Children and Young Peoples Services believes the school to “an unnecessary expense on the Local Authority”. Shoesmith, is also accused of launching a “sustained, vitriolic attack on Dr. Alexis, claiming that she does not have the capacity to improve the school”.

The teachers and head worked hard to meet the OFSTED requirements. The parents backed it - if they hadn't, they could have put their children in to any of the local schools. They wanted one which reflected their Christian understanding. The main issue most secularists would have with 7th Day Adventists would be over their adherence to creationism. Shoesmith seems to have been more offended by the history of the school.

"The 300-pupil school which opened as an independent school in 1980 gained grant maintained status in 1989." Apparently it's alright for Tony Blair to send his children to what amounts to a state-funded religious school, and it's alright for David Lammy to have gone to Peterborough cathedral school on the state dollar, but don't let the children of Haringey have that.

Through the combined efforts of parents, staff, church and an endorsement from the Board of Governors, Dr Alexis was able to remain at her post. In response the PTA reveals that Shoesmith “circumvented proper procedures to procure the sanction of the Secretary of State by threatening to suspend the Board of Governors and replace them with an Interim Executive Board (IEB), if they did not sack the Headteacher”.

Shoesmith has never been keen on independent reviews - she much prefers the ones she can control.

In December 2007, Prof. Gus John, a leading educational consultant was commissioned by the diocese to conduct an independent review of the school’s health and progress. However this process was rejected by Shoesmith who supported the decision of her Interim Executive Board to commission an ‘independent’ assessment of the Headteacher and senior leadership team’s capacity instead. Dr Alexis was suspended and a Haringey Spokesperson told the New Nation newspaper that the Interim Executive Board took this decision in response to “parents involved with.. the protest [to save their school, having] gained unauthorised access to the school”.

The parents were hopping mad.
“We continue to support Dr. Alexis, as a good Headteacher, who not only has the academic capacity, but the vision, motivation and will to raise standards at [John Loughborough School]. We demand therefore that Ms. Shoesmith cease her obstructive and discriminatory practice and do her public duty, by supporting Dr. Alexis’ vision and plans for the school”.

Full story from ligali and report files.

Roctopus said...

Sharon Shoesmith = Lucius Malfoy.

Carl Isleunited said...

Old Holborn said...

Ligali are Londons most active African "voice".

Enemies of my enemies are not my friends in this case.

bofl said...

why all the fuss about the bnp?

i looked at their website.most of their policies seem quite good.not all......

if we look at Labour they publish manifestos-then ditch the so called policies asap.....

Dianne Abbott said on brillo tv that she admired MAO!

Estimates of 30 million countrymen murdered!

How is it that the bnp are vilified yet Labour are supposed to be so nice?
are the bnp bully boys any different to gary elsby or the goons that threw out walter wolfgang from the labour conference?

Or jack straw getting the police to arrest demonstrators when the chinese leader came to London?

Or the police arresting brian haw? 75 goons at 3a.m.?

A one man protest that scared the crap out of the liars in the h.o.c

Such men of virtue and courage.

ps no i am not a bnp supporter.

Billy Wallace said...

2+2= "what I say" in Sharon Shoesmith's eyes.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the fuss about the BNP either. They are not an illegal group. What the fuck happened to democracy in this sink estate of a shit hole called Britain?

John Pickworth said...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the fuss about the BNP either. They are not an illegal group.

Our friend Obnoxio asks the same question.

Why does everyone hate the BNP quite so much?

It makes you wonder what sort of country we live in now. With the unfortunate release of the BNP list, people risk losing their jobs, embarrassment and possibly worse... I'm only surprised we don't go the whole Soviet way and send them to the salt mines of Cheshire for their of a non-state approved party membership.

bofl said...

so it's yellow stars for the bnp then?

it has started earlier than i thought.

woman on a raft said...

You won't like this, bofl.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's Law for some, SodAllDone law for the utter bastards in charge. No change there then.

they don't like it up 'em said...

Operation Ore anyone?

bofl said...

re woman on a raft........

this country stinks.......

i don't support ANY of our politicial parties.

Where will it end?

Losing your job for believing in elves?
Being too pale?

If as we are told,our soldiers are fighting for democracy in iraq etc,then surely included in that is the right to hold a certain political belief?

Anonymous said...

I think that guy in the vid was my Economics A level teacher, late 1970's, except that he then wore purple flares and let us smoke in the classroom to prove how cool he was.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

woman on a raft,
"African led school undermined by Local Authority!"
Thanks for that story which does not surprise me though the idea of labour apparatchicks taking on a local ethnic group does.
They closed down a former boys grammar in 1984 ( Elitist ! Sexist ! right on bruvs ! ) but were stuck with the neighbouring Hornsey School for Girls because the Asian community insisted upon it ( good for them ) which is still open today.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn, from your ligali link

re the fuzz photographing people at random

"A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police said: "There is no specific statutory law or common law power relating to the overt filming or photography of members of the public” supporting the comments of Borough Commander Sharon Rowe who said: "Our tactics are lawful”.

Lets all have that printed on a nice card to show to the next PCSO who objects to US filming in a public place.


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