Wednesday, 12 November 2008

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Jason Owen, 36, from Bromley and two others who cannot be named, no doubt because of their mental ages, killed 17 month old “Baby P”. One of those individuals was the victim’s mother.

Not Haringey Council, not Social Services and not the police.

No doubt, a highly paid wig will now attempt to find some poor public official (probably with a huge and unmanageable caseload) to throw to the wolves. The fact that all the political parties are now offering tax cuts means that as usual, “efficiencies” will have to be found in public services. People need to understand what “efficiencies” actually mean.

They do not mean that the Chief Constable will have fewer drivers to take him home in a less expensive car. They do not mean that the heads of Government Departments will cease to own several homes. “Efficiencies” mean that some under-trained, over-loaded and unsupported front-line worker will be given even less time for training and even more case files.

At F Division, we have something like two dozen accredited Detectives working in the Child Protection Unit. They do not investigate Crime Reports and they don’t deal with prisoners. What do they do? Well, they have babies themselves. Lots of babies. And back problems. And they are the wives or girl friends of senior officers. Or both.

They also spend their entire working life carrying out “Risk Assessments” and attending “Multi Agency Meetings” with cruel, stupid, violent or addicted parents. Sometimes, they even take neglected or injured kids away from these parents for a short time using police powers. Or rather, they don’t take the kids away, they get people like me to do it for them.

What they cannot do is bring up all the neglected or beaten children on F Division’s estates from the moment they are born. To do that, we would need huge baby boarding houses.

What might be an idea is to cease the practice of having pregnancy as the gateway to jumping the housing queue.

Old Holborn disagrees.

The system killed Baby P. A system that encourages morons to breed. A system that allows violent pyschopaths to live amongst us. A system that sucks £100M out of the citizens of Haringey and then does fuck all except give themselves ever more exotic job titles and pays them £24 per hour after they "qualify" through a broken education system that hands failures merit marks in case they feel "offended". 60 visits were made, not ONE registered baby P's suffering. The RSPCA, a fucking charity for fuck's sake, would have prosecuted them after ONE visit had Baby P been a kitten.

Fuck the system.


Dave H. said...

At Stansted there was (maybe atill is) a sign saying "EU and non-EU Departures".

So, that's like, Departures, then. Nowhere near as good as your sign.

When you were in Germany, did you ever visit Ă–strich Winkel, near Mainz?

kev g said...

Grim news today. For anyone in the mood for a little light relief, this was the sole response I received to an inquiry roughly a decade ago about a limerick composed by Tom Driberg MP, latterly Lord Bradwell. Attribution still not confirmed.

The tool of the Bishop of Truro
Was a rich colorado maduro
And the real cognoscenta
Swore his balls were magenta
Shot through with chiaroscuro.

Dave said...

it's all banned or compulsory said...

Regional Development Agencies. Still up and running anti-democratically strong despite the Humberside FUCK OFF Vote to Prescott.

Mine, headed by EU SW England Gauleiter Ben Dover Bradshaw today announced a SW England RDA rescue package for local businesses hit by the K-redit Krunch !.
This allowed good old BBC Radio Devon to drone on every hour and half hour about how the RDA would save the South-West ( no doubt paralleled in each of the other discredited regions ).
Turns out to be a measly £10M available as loans of up to £250,000; sometime next year.

What this exercise was really about was using the credit crunch to big up the RDA in the press by making it sound oh so cuddly giving us money and saving our jobs ( unempoyment rate here btw 1.5%, up a miniscule amount from last year).

Should we worry about the RDAs ? Yes, because every branch of Government, Quangos, state aided voluntary sector, NGO is being geographically split into those same regions from the R.S.P.B., the Police to emergency Civil Contingency thingeys. Guess what ? Their funding comes entirely from the EU ( our money really, of course ) so where do their loyalties lie ?

I've met many of their hirelings; sub-adequate drones most with their twee little girlie suits and dinkey lap-tops swanning around airports pretending to be important. Traitor cunts all.

wv ZONIEV ha ! couldn't make it up ( & I didn't )

dick the prick said...

That can't be a genuine sign surely?

Reminds me of the snooker adage - "if the pink's unavailable, shoot for the brown".

the hitman said...

I read this guys blog this morning and totally agree with you and other, O.H.
I have a sister who works in the SS for teenage kids leaving care,

If I thought she could look after her own children, ......?

Anonymous said...

No-one can stop you killing your children !
No matter what. throw millions or billions at it - no one can stop you ! I have been down the pub and I posess, within my feeble power, the capability to exterminate every other human in this building ( toowit; wife and two kids, four and six). I don't do it, simple reason, I love and care for them. If anyone comes near them, with malice aforethought and I will, with my bare hands, rip them from life to eternal misery. Yes I know how (before you ask). Real human beings (like other sentient beings) care for their offspring. If we are paying for the least productive members of society to breed without any care, thought or responsibility of course we're in the shit ! To quote OH - I can live with 9 million suicides - and if some scum are evil enough to murder their own children what are they taking away from the gene pool ? Think before you judge me too harshly.

Mac the Knife said...

"Fuck the system"

Way, way too late Holbers. Parliament got there a long time ago...

John Pickworth said...

Sadly, the insanity continues...

Woman, 21, arrested on suspicion of stabbing baby and toddler to death

"The bodies of a baby and child were found last night after they were stabbed to death in a frenzied knife attack.

The three-month-old baby and three-year-old toddler were already dead when police stormed a house in Manchester and arrested a 21-year-old woman on suspicion of their murder.

It is understood their loud screams alerted worried neighbours in Kilmington Drive in the Cheetham Hill area who rang police and emergency services."

The Penguin said...

Now it fucking emerges that the SS only produced all of their paperwork when ordered to in court by the judge, stuff the police had never seen or been told about. And the council spent thousands on "media training" for the fuckers who were going to be in the spotlight. You could not make this up, it beggars belief. The cunts.

And the mother is so pig thick she thinks she'll be home by Christmas.

The Penguin
Penguinus Shockedrigid

DavidNcl said...

It's the EXISTENCE of the system. The current system is large, powerful and expensive and yet, just like so much else the state builds, it is just crap. Abso-fucking-lutely crap.

I recall the strike of social workers in the 80's. Clients began to organise and help themselves, neighbors, relatives and even communities stepped forward. Then the social workers came back to work and began helping ... dismantling all those organic support structures.

At least 2 of the social workers I knew got out because of it.

I don't think it would be paradise on earth without Social Services (or local authorities). It would just be much, much better than what we have now.

Mike K. said...

I also disagree with Inspector Gadget - good to see I'm not the only one...

electro-kevin said...

I don't know about it being a system failure, OH.

I know what you're getting at, though.

There is a mindset running through the whole thing - a reluctance to be judgmental of scumbags and be uncritical of their lifestyles.

Meme is what I think they call it.

That's what we need to be changing. Declaring that some parental arrangements are superior to others and that others are downright wrong.(Serial step fathering/boyfriends)

The automatic benefit of a flat for a single-mum has to go. Supervised hostel accommodation would be safer and disincentivise feckless parenting.
Otherwise mother and child stays at home with her parents.

SaltedSlug said...

The missus is a solicitor for local government who deals with social worker stuff. She just read the Serious Case Review (public document, it's on their website somewhere) which said that medical staff did identify a non-accidental injury, but the social workers were told by their legal staff that they didn't have threshold criteria. Which means they didn't think they had enough proof of abuse.
Often it is the case that Mrs Slug pretty much has to tell the Social Workers how to do their jobs, because they often don't have the sense which god gave goats; but if the support staff are idiots as well....

Well apparently it means dead kids.

Dave said...

Good point about the RSPCA. There would be even more tears shed too.

And we've got Children in fuckin need this Friday.
More tugs on the heartstrings. More requests for our hard earned cash so that the children can talk about their feelings to a trained counsellor.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Mr Slug
It takes a lawyer to spot a broken spine?
Makes me fucking weep

SaltedSlug said...

That's closer to the truth then you'd be happy with.

Conversation yesterday:

Social Worker: According to the health visitor, the baby had lost 50% of its body weight in just over a week.
Mrs Slug: What did the GP say?
SW: Dunno, haven't spoken to him.
MS: Has this child been to the GP?
SW: Erm, not sure.
MS: Find out and if it hasn't, make it happen. When was the child last seen by anyone?
SW: Friday.
MS: Friday? Are you sure this baby is still alive? Do you watch the news?
SW: *Leaves room*
MS: *Table/Forehead interface*

Deep Throat said...

Our Prime Mentalist finished his 6 questions with Dave by insisting "That this will never happen again" Same as what was said 8 years ago. And it did. And it will again, because quite frankly They, like HE, don't really give a monkeys.

Justice and acountability, I ain't holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

"The RSPCA ... would have prosecuted them after ONE visit had Baby P been a kitten."

Well that's why we have the Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals but the National society for the prevention of cruelty to children.

English priorities, you see.

SaltedSlug said...

Nah, it's got a royal charter, but they kept the original name cause it was already established.
I haven't got any time for either of them though - both have more authority then they should have, and both are self-aggrandising, publicity seeking hand-ringers who are good for fuck all.

John Pickworth said...

I think someone should call up the RSPCA and the NSPCC to report a child biting a dog...

... you know, just to see what happens?


Roger Thornhill said...

"The RSPCA, a fucking charity for fuck's sake, would have prosecuted them after ONE visit had Baby P been a kitten."

Beautifully put.

Old Holborn said...

It gets worse

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