Monday, 10 November 2008

Gordon takes our Barclaycard to the max!

Oh God. He’s going to borrow YET more money on the plastic, and then give us all a fiver each to be getting along with whilst shovelling billions of our money into failing banks, the EU, PFI, 7 million public sector employees, thousands of Quangos and pointless wars.

Stop it, you fucking dribbling oaf. Stop it NOW. We need to SAVE money NOW, not spend yet more of our children’s inheritance


Anonymous said...

yup, dead right OH.
Seems tax cuts are on the horizon, and since Gordy is incapable of cutting spending as that damages his Socialist Utopian plans, that means printing more paper stuff.
He is without doubt one of the most fiscally incompetent chancellors/P.M.s ever.
And the worst thing? Some folk think he's doing a good job.
I despair.

The Penguin said...

Let's not forget that this one eyed feartie son of the manse has never ever had a proper job, has no financial qualifications whatsoever, writes books on courage but has none himself, produced a booklet advising people how to abuse the welfare benefits system, suggested going to parties with empty beer tins and a brick, sold off our gold at rock bottom prices costing us more than Black Wednesday is supposed to have done (offical figures confirm this), and presided over the biggest fake boom and only too real bust in living memory whilst lying and being devious and deceitful as well as disloyal and treacherous to his colleagues.

Not to mention the snot gobbling, or the chewed finger nails, or the social skills (non-existent!), or the rocking horse...

The Penguin
Penguinus Hatesgordonbrown

The Penguin said...

Fucking fucking fucking cunts!!!

The Penguin
Penguinus Hardlybelievemyeyesanymore

Henry Crun said...

I absolutely despair - is there no end to this regime's fuckwittery?

Deep Throat said...

He clearly hasn't got a fucking clue. He is a crazy delusional freak. Negetive equity, houses and cars that cannot be sold, repossessions and job losses escalating.

It is lunacy to borror more and more and more and then more when in debt. But he and the MPs are shielded from reality, the banks cannot fail. Pensioners and children may miss the odd meal or feel the cold this Winter, our masters and betters will not.

OH please stand for Parliament, you are far more qualified and sensible than any of them.

Bob said...

Morning OH,

Have finally got my shit together and am in the process of uploading the video.

Highlights will include:

* "Don't tell 'em your name Pike"
* "The Beast's 'Arrest'"
* "Does My Bum Look Big in this?"
* "Special Branch on our Tails?"
* "I'm Accredited You Know!"

I told 'The Beast' on Guido that: "I'm open to offers. Large ones."

I'm expecting an email in about twenty seconds.

wv 'dikestew' an euphemism for the Labour Party?

Markbaldy said...

Re anonymous above... yes I also despair that people think he is doing a good job when it was HE that got us into this crap.
All this fuckwit has to do is say things like "pulling our troops out of Iraq" or "steer us through these uncharted waters" or " Britain's hard working families" or "the downturn brought about by the US sub-prime market" or "I am getting on with the job"... WITHOUT ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING (apart from punishing the prudent and rewarding recklessness) and your average punter swallows it - hook line and sinker.
Are people in the UK (formerly Great Britain) that fucking thick and incapable of thinking for themselves any more !!!!
The producers of the next series of "Some Mothers Do Have 'em" or "Mr Bean" could do no better than taking on Brown in the lead role !!!

Anonymous said...

He is doing a really good job. These effers think so -

formertory said...

@Penguin - that story about repossessions doesn't make a huge amount of sense, as it's written. It talks about a buy-to-let mortgage but appears to refer to the homeowners' own home - so why would they have a BTL mortgage?

BTL mortgages are unregulated and have special terms and conditions. One possibility is that they'd bought the house on a BTL and then moved in themselves. That's a technical breach of the mortgage terms allowing the lender to demand repayment immediately.

Another is that it's sloppy reporting and they'd raised money on their own home to buy a BTL property elsewhere - that would NOT be a buy to let mortgage. If this is the case then GMAC was at the "last resort" end of the lending market, which high interest rates and very restrictive clauses.

I'm not defending GMAC - just suggesting that there may be more to it than meets the eye because the Telegraph's reporting accuracy is heading the same way as the Daily Sport's.

The Penguin said...

Formertory, I fully agree with you about the standards slipping away along with the values at the DT, my anger is with a system of "justice" that allows big business to bypass the court system over something so basic as a place to live when the great snot gobbler prattles on about ensuring that repossession and eviction must be the "last resort".

The Penguin
Penguinus Gotplentyofropeonthevan

Susie said...

Anonymous said...

He is doing a really good job. These effers think so -

10 November 2008 13:05

Oh come on they are not real people, anyone can write a list of endorsements... in fact the amount that say the word "fair" and "difficult economic time" i would suspect Gorgo's scriptwriter did them!!!

Mark Wadsworth said...

OH, it's about 8.2 million public sector employees actually. That's about one-in-four of all workers.

Word veri: insenc

Old Holbourn's Gay Lover said...

he's borrowing it from the Saudis, the traitorous bastard is putting us in hoc to the wahabis.

Anonymous said...

Why I'm ZaNuLabour
Because I'm a thick lefty cunt who hasn't even a basic education and no intention of ever working for a living whilst infecting the rest of humanity with my genes. I also believe that any twat who wants to work for a living should be decent enough to pay more tax to subsidise any useless foreign twat who wants to turn up here and start their own state sponsored breeding programme. I also believe that we should pay aid money to India - just because they're spunking £1.6Bn on renting Russian submarines doesn't mean we have to be stingy does it ? I also think it's every humans right to have someone give them a free house as long as they vote ZaNuLabour.
Unfortunately it didn't make their website .....


electro-kevin said...

Children's inheritance ?

You must be joking if any of our kids with half an ounce of talent are going to stick around this shit hole.

Those of you relying on the next generation to carry you think again.

The Raven said...

Borrowing money to pay for tax cuts is a bit like someone stealing your car and then giving you a fiver for the bus home. Brown is truly off his rocker if he thinks it's a good idea.

wattock hunt said...

I quite like Gordon Brown.

haddock said...

you are Geoff Hoon and I claim my £5

I read that India, recipients of billions of our borrowed money, was the purchaser of the russian nuclear sub on which 20 odd people died.

Anonymous said...

where's my fiver ?

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