Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Get under that knife, like it or not

They really do own you, don’t they? My attention was drawn to the case of Hannah Jones, a 13 year old terminally ill girl who took the decision that she’s had enough of 8 years of surgery, cancer and pain would rather enjoy what little time she has left on this mortal coil at home, with her family.

Don’t you fucking dare, says “the Child Protection Officer”

Her parents had THEIR rights removed and replaced by the States via a High Court Action against them. They were seeking to remove Hannah from her family, give her a heart transplant AGAINST HER WISHES FFS and prove that no matter what you may think, you do not even own your own body. The State does. And will do as it sees fit with it.

Remarkable. Apparently, the head of Herefordshire Primary Care Trust (who instigated this) is also Head of Herefordshire Council. His tentacles reach into almost every corner of the lives of anyone living in Herefordshire. What a charmer
Maybe you'd like to email Dr Mengele your thoughts on: cbull@herefordshire.gov.uk


Guthrum said...

posted on this, as far as I am concerned she has gone home to live

Anonymous said...

truly shocking.

The Penguin said...

Thank you for taking this up, OH, it is appreciated. The utter bastards.

The Penguin
Penguinus Nearspeechlesswithrage

Leg-iron said...

A Trust spokesman said he could not comment for reasons of confidentiality because it was a child protection issue.

They hide behind children, these people. It's a 'confidential child thing' even though it's in the papers.

Chris Bull, Chief Executive of Herefordshire PCT, rejected the family’s complaint its actions and said the doctor’s actions in seeking the court order were '’appropriate’’

And they will never, ever admit they were in the wrong. Somewhere there's a lamppost with this man's name on it.

My only concern is that there might not be enough lampposts for them all.

The Penguin said...

That bastard must have skeletons parked somewhereout of sight, anyone got any contacts where he worked previously? OH's link will provide a starting point.

He might have a teflon rhinocerous skin, but even Sir Ian Bliar ended up having to fall on his (well padded) sword...

Bad enough trying to cope with the dreadful situation - and check it out, folks, the heart problem was caused by the treatment for the leukemia! What a bummer. Then this "appropriate" legal crap.

The Penguin
Penguinus Stillhorrified

Shirking From Home said...

Leave me and the children alone you kiddie fiddlers, megalomaniacs, criminals, traitors and all round fucktards.

While you're at it stop spending my money on fucking useless rubbish.

Where is my fucking pension you cunts?

Just fuck off.

Anonymous said...

It does beg the question what would they have done if they hadn't have backed down. Would they have forcibly strapped her to a table and operated on her? State sponsored mutilation doesn't quite sum it up. Truly, truly shocking.

Fuck them all!

Anonymous said...

dig a bit deeper on chris bull. Its quite enlightening.

geewiz said...

Even if she had a new heart she would have to cut down on the anti-cancer drugs to avoid damaging it. She would probably then get cancer again. A terribly vicious circle. What an incredibly mature decision she made.
More than can be said for the idiots opposing her. The nosy, meddling rulers of their little primary care trust kingdoms.

Snowolf said...

And then contrast it with the case of the people associated with Baby K who have been sent down today. I have.

What the fuck is going on? Nobody can be that stupid and unfeeling, so the only conclusion that can be reached is that the kids don't really matter, it is the politics of the situation that are important.

Fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, fuckers. I do not want to string them up from a lamp-post, I want to keep them alive, so they can be beaten to within an inch of their lives twice a week.

The Penguin said...

How can Chris Bull be chief executive of the PCT and the county council at the same time - which one does he prioritise? which one pays his salary? which one is not getting value for money cos he's busy at the other one? Will he get 2 gold plated pensions?

The Penguin
Penguinus FuriousIcantslaptheshitoutofchrisbull

poor bloody taxpayer said...

Truly shocking. I always used to be apolitical (voted for them all at some time in my life, once for Labour, never again) but I really, really hate the people who think they own us with a passion. I am becoming quite obsessed with hatred to an unhealthy degree. If this case isn't child abuse by the state, then I don't know what is. the only way I can see to fight back is to put the names of such people in the public domain so they can be held up for universal hate.

The Penguin said...

Compare and contrast, as my old teachers used to say.


I'm afraid there's just not enough piano wire. I could cheerfully murder painfully and slowly all the bastards involved in this tradegy. Including all the hand wringing self justifying cunts at the top of the child care and medical services that failed this poor mite.

I wish it was a horrific one-off, but I know I could find 10 similar cases very quickly. What the fuck is wrong with our society?

The Penguin
Penguinus Filledwithhateandanger

if its not banned its compulsory said...

Including living in pain against your will, arrogant bastards.

Shirking From Home said...

snowolf 13:04 - exactly.

It's all about being 'seen' doing something. The fuckers neither care nor are capable of doing anything. They are inept in everything - from childcare to date security.

They all all fuckers.

AngryDave said...

A 13 year old girl has shown more courage and consideration than our entire government, and they not only refuse to hang their heads in shame, they force her to suffer a life of pain that she doea not want.
I hate them all!!!!!

Shirking From Home said...

Apologies, "...from childcare to data security."

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Want an example of true courage, Gordon Brown?

Then take Hannah Jones as an example, and leave her, and the rest of us, alone.

646 - just a score away from The Devil himself.

captain skint said...

You really have to admire the lassy & her parents who have stood down and supported Hannah in whatever decision she made (fuck me!). As if these fucks think the Jones' just flipped a coin and then fucked off down the boozer - they're contemptale scum.

Good luck to H and her family & buddies.

bofl said...

Perhaps this is the kind of thing that will swing the balance back towards common sense?

That poor girl has suffered for years and wants an end to it.She has made an incredibly brave and mature decision.

Shame that all the other know it alls couldn't respect her views!

What would have happened next?
Would the police be sent to detain this poor girl and then slice her open?

How would that affect her psychologically?
Being ripped from her family then opened up and enduring untold pain and suffering!

That would be so fucking helpful to her wouldn't it?

As stated by others-these people do not give a monkeys about anyonebut themselves.

There really is somthing very wrong with this country!

Old Holborn said...

My concerns are also with the amount of power that Chris Bull weilds in Herefordshire.

He is in charge of your birth, your life AND your death.

He was in charge of Southwarks social services AND health before he wandered up to ciderland

Old Holborn said...

Friendly little bird has sent me hsi email address


The Penguin said...

On the other case, from the DT:

"Great Ormond Street Hospital, which provides paediatric services to children from Haringey, said Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat, who was involved in the failed clinic check, is no longer working there."

Anyone know anything about this doctor, who failed to notice 6 broken ribs and a broken spine? Has she been struck off? Disciplined? Or would that be abusing her human rites? Is there a cluein the name, perhaps, that she might be of the Moslem faith and therefore untouchable? (not in the Hindu sense)

Fuck me - these inept useless wankers, all of them in unimaginable positions of power over ordinary people.

The Penguin
Penguinus Socrossicouldexplode

captain furious said...

3 fucks have got written warnings - I got one of them a couple of years ago for getting a bit pissed up at lunch and a new boss spunking off. Exactly the same thing considering I was a researcher who never fucking talked to anyone or dealt with clients directly. WTF do these cunts have for honour? Surely to buggery a normal cunt would resign? 60 fucking visits - 3 per month? Probably reported the cunts for having a fag.

Anonymous said...

OH. google

"chris bull"+"common purpose"

Guido doesnt think they're a threat. Many of us beg to differ.

This will open your eyes.

Chalcedon said...

First do no harm, is the opening line of the Hippocratic Oath. This was optional 32 years ago when I qualified let alone these days. This poor child is a victim of the anti cancer drugs unfortunately. They damaged her heart. This is beyond the 'Dr knows best' thingy. It is all about control and freedom. This poor child decided enough was enough and should be respected for it. He family's wishes should be respected. You can bet your bottom dollar if she was 80 and required a transplant she would probably be denied one.

That said, if she hanges on for 3 years she can have a modified pigs heart or a mechanical one. Just stop messing her about in the meantime.

Chalcedon said...

Oh, BTW, a lot of foreign trained docs are pretty good. Unfortunately some are pretty dreadful and the GMC is reluctant to weed them out thoroughly for fear of the R word!

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