Monday, 10 November 2008

Get aht ov our Skools

At Hazel Blears little recital against bloggers last week, I noticed she made the off the cuff remark “we have 60 young Fabians in the USA as we speak” with that cheeky little smile on her putrid face.

Interesting, I thought. A senior Gummint minister owns 60 young people?

Well yes, she does. I wandered over to the Young Fabians website to find out what, exactly they get up to. Low and behold, I find that James Green is their schools officer. Schools officer? Why would a think tank have a schools officer?

As Schools Project Officer James will support Young Fabians as they help teachers in various schools deliver citizenship education


Unelected Labour policy makers can wander in and out of our children’s schools telling teachers what to teach our children?

James works in Parliament for Parmjit Dhanda MP, Member of Parliament for Gloucester and Community Cohesion Minister.

James is an active member of the Labour Party and regularly campaigns in his CLP of Hampstead and Kilburn.

Well, James. If I find out that you, or any other of your little Propagandistas have been visiting my childs school to teach them about New Labour citizenship, I will be paying you a fucking visit. Wearing size 11 Hob nail boots.

Is this allowed? I’m quite sure the BNP or Respect are not allowed near schools. Why is the Labour Party allowed to indoctrinate children in OUR schools?
Update: I've joined. Let the fun commence


The Penguin said...

Well dug up, OH - the sneaky fuckers!

The Penguin
Penguinus Stickitrightupthem

Anonymous said...

Typo in the headline, you still got that mask on or summat?

Anyhoo, this is fucking unbelievable.

'Community Cohesion Minister'?

History will, I hope, be brutal on this shower of runny shite.

Anonymous said...

Should read 'Geh owt ov awer skules'


Shirking From Home said...

Fucking wankers, they just can't keep themselves to themselves.

Bex said...

what in the name of Oberon do they think they are DOING! I ever catch the bastards in my area, or anywhere near the local school's my hand's will be tighter than an eskmo's nag sack around their throught's!

Old Holborn said...

Title corrected.

Bex: ask your head teacher if he knows about the Fabians. Then ask him how.

bofl said...


my friends son was studying CITIZENSHIP at school.......

you should see the CRAP that they are being fed!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It'll be the fucking moonies and scientologists next ! what a bunch of cancerous scum. They really have no intention of giving up their power have they ? Next thing it'll be a 'national emergency' to prevent a general election. As far as I'm concerned the sooner we get the civil war under way the fucking better !

Andy said...

C'mon, let's all email this cunt Green and frighten the fucking life out of him - fucking pond life that he is

Egg Whisk said...

Dhanda is the camera friendly MP for Gloucester.

Andy said...

Just a thought, but how many of us like-minded souls actually, badger our MP - ie make surgery appointments and constantly make a right fuss? Despite living in a safe seat,I'm going to start doing that - I'll be making appointments every chance I get and badget the bastards until we see some sense .. if we all did it, we might get some sort of result -come on, its worth a try?

Bristol Dave said...

with that cheeky little smile on her putrid face.

This one, perchance?

I'm convinced it's who Imelda Staunton drew inspiration for the character of Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter film.

WV: Harad. Harridan is closer.

ruth kelly's plaything said...

Andy - 'badger our MPs' etc. It ought to work, if we lived in a democracy, but not in Broon's elective dictatorship. I've tried persecuting my soppy little NuLab MP (ex-local govt, ex-NuLab local committee, you know the type) but it is completely pointless. Eg: we pay taxes for NHS dentistry but some of us cannot find a competent NHS dentist locally. It seems logical to demand tax-reductions for those so affected, the proceeds to be spent on private treatment; his response? 'I do not believe in private medicine'. I mean, by what margin is it possible to miss the point? Waste of space. And he costs £65k salary and £130k 'exps', the little twerp.

Andy said...

"ruth kelly's plaything" .. I do so agree, but my thought was if we make ourselves as much of a pain in the ass as we can then them doing nothing becomes more of an effort and we might get somewhere .. if there are enough of us to tie up the little sh*ts with red tape - wel .. its our entitlement as consituents !

But we have to find enough like minded souls and I appreciate that is difficult in a client-state constituency

Fabianoftheskuleyard said...

From the Young Fabians' website:

Young Fabains Schools Newletter
The summer edition of the Young Fabians Schools Newsletter is now available online. This edition covers how laws are made and 14 to 19 diplomas.

Morons can't even spell their own name right!

microdave said...

Re I've just joined - "New members can join for just £5 for the first six months. After that it is just £31 a year waged or £14 a year unwaged".

I see you can't be "unemployed" these days, you have to be "unwaged". How very P.C.

gordon brown can eat my shit said...

I think for the cost of £5 we should all join enmasse and become the 5th Column's 5th Column. Take them down fom within. Anyone else interested? OH, any chance of roping in some mates?

nobby said...

I think for the cost of £5 we should all join enmasse and become the 5th Column's 5th Column. Take them down fom within. Anyone else interested? OH, any chance of roping in some mates?

Old Holborn said...


An interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

Well if we can afford to send a copy of 1984 to these cock dribbles, then it'll be a fiver well spent.

Billy Wallace said...

......"The fifth column".....

WV. vote.

formertory said...

"you have no choice but to join".......

No punctuation to soften the choice of words; no devices to make you smile about it.

Just "you have no choice". How wonderfully, witlessly, apposite.

Yes, mein Fuehrer!

Stuart said...

As you know, I'm getting a taste for this sort of thing...

You could rope me in!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Thank you, microwave.

I wondered what the fuck "unwaged" was.

I think it's called Newspeak.

Roger Thornhill said...

The Fabians are DRIVEN. They are worse than any cult.

"All your youth are belong us"

Orwell used "1984" as that was 100 years after the founding of the Fabians in 1884, and they said they thought it would take 100 years.

They are Fifth Columnists.

if its not banned its compulsory said...

One hopes that James will be checked out by the Independent Safeguarding Authority for wandering around schools.

"working in partnership with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), which will gather information on those who want to work with vulnerable groups
using that information to decide on a case-by-case basis who poses a risk of harm to vulnerable groups
securely storing
SIC information about people’s ISA status for employers and voluntary organisations
The authority will be largely self-financing. Anyone wishing to take a job working with vulnerable groups will pay a one-off fee of £64 for the ISA work

This work will include considering unsubstantiated allegations.
Who stores these at present and why ?
Will they include Court aquittals or even allegations that never made it to Court ?
What defence will there be against malicious allegations?
Will the allegers maintain their anonymity to protect their human rights ?

This one has " Star Chamber " written all over it.

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