Thursday, 27 November 2008

Frankensteins Monster

The Welfare State this morning

Obo spotted this

The 56-year-old fathered nine children by the girls in order to support his lifestyle, his relative said. He once offered his younger daughter £500 to have another child in order to boost his income through benefits and tax credits, she said.
"He would always have a roll of £20 notes but everyone knew he had never worked a day in his life," the sister-in-law said.
"He claimed to have a bad back but tended an allotment and built huts in his garden. He obviously thought the bundles of benefits he was getting for the children was worth the risk and was not bothered about any pain it caused them."
The man, who on Tuesday was sentenced to 25 life sentences, has shown no remorse in prison and has even written to his daughters asking them to buy him gifts, she added.
"Can you believe he still wants the girls to pay for things like a pool cue, glasses and even an exercise bike," his sister-in-law said.
"He does not regret what he has done and even praises himself for fathering all those illegitimate children."
She also described how her brother-in-law used to treat his daughters as if they were his wives in public, buying them alcohol when they were as young as 12.
"At night he sat in the pub making sure one of the girls was always with him," she said. "When people used to ask why he had not got another woman after his wife left he would get agitated and say 'don't even go there'."
Prime Minister Gordon Brown expressed his revulsion at the man's crimes at Prime Minister's Questions. Even though the stupid, turd faced snot gobbler created the monster himself.

I'm off for a lie down.


Rab C Nesbit said...

Makes you proud to be British. The cunt. Hope he gets dealt with inside.

Dave said...

He obviously knows how to milk the system so prison will be a doddle.
He'll have all the human rights and diversity staff wanking with delight.
Prison is no deterrent for these scum. You could reduce prison overcrowding and reduce our tax burden if they were executed as they deserve.
Our only hope is that some decent honest lags get to him first

Old Holborn said...

Sounds like he's going through hell

"Can you believe he still wants the girls to pay for things like a pool cue, glasses and even an exercise bike," his sister-in-law said."

I feel like sending him a 42" Plasma.

Gareth said...

"Can you believe he still wants the girls to pay for things like a pool cue, glasses and even an exercise bike," his sister-in-law said.

I'm hope his chums inside show him what can be done with a pool cue, glass him and use him as an exercise bike.

The Penguin said...

Sad isn't it, that the only hope for real justice in cases like this are the decent ordinary criminals on holiday in Her Majesty's Pontins.

Like the photo!

The Penguin

Thud said...

It seems we will have to pay the so called honest crooks overtime for the amount of twats they need to deal with inside at the moment....fuck em all.

Robert the Biker said...

I feel like sending him a 42" Plasma too; a 42" Plasma cutting torch, straight up the arse....sideways on too so he knows that I'm vexed.

To say that this mong is a worthless piece of shit is an insult - to shit.

Anonymous said...

25 life sentences? That would be 19 years wouldn't it?

Interesting post on the Inspector Gadget blog recently. He describes having to deal with increasing numbers of violent disputes between men arguing over 'ownership' of revenue earning women.

Woman with 5 kids moves in with a new boyfriend. Old boyfriend sees most of his household income (i.e. welfare benefits for the kids that aren't his) move out with her. The free house courtesy of housing benefit often disappears too.

Result? New boyfriend gets his front door kicked in as old boyfriend tries to maintain the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed.

D.Ogilvy said...

Why didnt his wife (the girls mother) verbal him up?

The Penguin said...

Yes, and for some of them even that easy living isn't enough, so they cook up some fuckwit scheme to "kidnap" one of the kids and try for a newspaper reward.

Sadly for them, it goes titsup, because they are not very bright, and it is discovered that the current boyfriend is into kiddie-porn and it all comes out, leading to them parading their sad inadequacies for all to see. Sadly at huge public expense, with millions spent on the plod operation to find the kid, and hundreds of thousands more ensuring the legal profession have a bumper Christmas, before costing yet more to send the twats to HMPontins and having their kids taken into care (not a good outcome, but hey, that's what the do gooders have visited up Great Britain)

The Penguin

Tuscan Tony said...

Someone knew. However, these sort of families are akin to a lucrative crop, to be nurtured and harvested by the state social services farmers. Why would anyone whose income depends on fishing for large quantities of misery want to go upriver and block up the source? Expect to see more of this sort of stuff coming out.

Old Holborn said...



I once took the little Holborns to a cat sanctuary to rescue a kitten. Even though the place was full was full to the brim, they made sure you couldn't actually take one home. Otherwise they'd be out of a job.

Any news on the Xmas meet up?

haddock said...

It was not the chavs who wrote the rules and there should be no surprise that people find ways to work the rules to their advantage.
When a rich fellow finds ways to buck the system and pay no tax and get subsidies for his business he is termed 'astute'... not 'a scrounging cunt who is not paying his way.'

Being a disgruntled muslim policeman can pay the equivalent of nearly 10 years-worth of job seekers allowance.

a sensitive type of army carpet muncher can get 6 or seven years-worth.

I've just blogged about rats and the reason for them being a problem

Rodney Nosnail said...

Now don't you be rushing out to buy him that plasma TV, OH. If you wait until Monday, you'll get an extra £7.00 off it when VAT drops to 15%!

The Penguin said...

Just read this, loved it.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that prison inmates, the mentally ill and those who are judged unfit to care for a kitten should be allowed to have a blog.

Rick said...

I had a kitten. I ate it.

microdave said...

If 25 "Life" sentences = 20 years inside, just how many would be needed to actually ensure the bastard dies in prison???

The Penguin said...

AnonyMong 12.57

Return to Unit, Dolly needs his arse wiping ready for Lord Mandy.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Penguin you really are a nitwit.

Not only are you polluting Guido's fine blog with endless boringly inane comments, but when someone posts a small witticism here you immediately respond as if this is a concerted attack mounted by the Labour party. As if they don't have enough real problems right now.

Get a life.

The Penguin said...

15.19 You are of course, entitled to your opinion. After all, like arseholes, every one has got one.

Now fuck off.

The Penguin

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Wouldnt it be lovely to smile kindly at him
Cuff the heap of shite then harvest the cunts organs whilst he was fully concious?

Mac E. Avelli said...

To be fair, this fucker has been raping his kids since 1981 so it's a bit tough to pin this one entirely on Blair/Brown.

How it can go undetected for so long beggars belief. No doubt a few more early retirements in the offing before the inquiries are completed.

The Refuser said...

No doubt a few more early retirements in the offing before the inquiries are completed.

With a full pension of course...

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