Thursday, 20 November 2008


The BBC/Pravda/New Labour have decided to warn us that allowing the names of Peter Connelly, Tracey Connelly, Stephen Barker and Jason Barker to be published on the internet is "illegal"

BBC. Where the FUCK do you think I got their names from? YOUR report.

God, they think we are cunts, don't they?


Lord Elvis of Paisley said...


Anonymous said...

They have taken us for cunts for years. Time to tell them where to go.


Calfy said...

That is ridiculous.

Why can they consider themselves exonerated from the injunction? If you wrote a holier than thou article, could you be too?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Sweet. How do you do those screen shot thingies?

Word veri: cophinsi

BBC said...

Do as I say not as I do

Dick Puddlecote said...

Mark Wadsworth: use Print Screen when on the page then go to something like paint and use Ctrl V. Save as a JPG.

secret squirrel said...

yes i saw that too.make sure you back up and keep lots of copies.....

ps can you lot stop telling kerry mccarthy helpful things re the bnp list?

please let her break lots of laws and get herself into lots of trouble.Being a big headed labour gobshite she probably thinks that she can do what she likes......i seem to remember king charles 1 thought he was a bit special too!.

and she is obviously as thick as shit if she cant understand why people would want to be members of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Kerry-Jo McCarthy is inviting her readers to go to your blog,OH..and she wants to know if you know of any good vegan restaurants for her date with you ;-)Get your've pulled!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

If anyone has a go at you OH, just point them in the direction of HM Courts Service

Yahoo Search 21/11/08
TRACEY MARCELLA CONNELLY. Trial (Part Heard) - Resume - 10:31. Court 8.
/onlineservices/xhibit/centralcriminalcourt.htm -

And a few others, LOL

My Telegraph : Shanghai ... into a room in Penshurst Rd, Tottenham with Steven Barker and Tracey Connelly. ... Baby P., Tracey Connelly [ 5 comments ] Leave a ... - 62k - Cached
BBC NEWS | England | London | Mother denies murdering baby son
A pregnant mother denies killing her 17-month-old son, the Old Bailey hears. ... Tracey Connelly, 25, of Penshurst Road, Tottenham, north London, also denies ... - Cached
Old Holborn
Tracey Connelly and Steven and Jason Barker. The people who killed ... Tracey Connelly and Steven and Jason Barker. Civilisations dont die, they commit suicide ... - Couple deny baby murder (From St Albans & Harpenden Review)
A Tottenham mother and her boyfriend today denied the horrific murder of a ... Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker, 31, of Penshurst Road, Tottenham, appeared at ... - Cached
Bromley Times - Baby boy murder charges
... Tracey Connelly, 26, and Steven Barker, 31, of Penshurst Road, Tottenham ... Free Press
Peter Connelly died from injuries including a broken back and broken ribs and a ... Tracey Connelly, aged 26, and Steven Barker, aged 31, from Tottenham, appeared ... deny baby murder (From Haringey Independent)
A Tottenham mother and her boyfriend today denied the horrific murder of a ... Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker, 31, of Penshurst Road, Tottenham, appeared at ...
page 2
Should young baby p's killers be named? Do you think 17-month Baby P 's ...
baby p's mothers name is TRACEY CONNELLY and her partners name was steven barker i hope they rot in hell for wat they have done r.i.p baby peter god bless Connelly died from injuries including a broken back and broken ribs and a ... Tracey Connelly, aged 26, and Steven Barker, aged 31, from Tottenham, appeared ... - Cached
East Lancashire's daily newspaper. Blackburn, Darwen, Burnley, Hyndburn ...
Peter Connelly was 17 months old when he died on August 3 this year from a ... Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker, 31, of Penshurst Road, Tottenham, appeared at ... Well done to the sun newspaper.... - Confetti forum
Discuss all your wedding planning, party planning, wedding venues and all ... The Bitche$ name is Tracey Connelly -- should look at her friends reunited page. ... UK Student ... from Tracey Connelly on 24 September 2007 at 13:42. Category: wanted. City: Aberdeen ...
IOL | Baby murder trial postponed
The trial of a woman and two men accused of murdering a baby boy in England has been put back to September following a ... trial of Tracey Connelly (aged 25) ... - Cached
Law & Ethics - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
... brigade people say animals like Tracey Connelly/Steven Barker should be afforded ...
Tracey Connelly said she wasn't sure if the ... - Cached
Baby murder trial postponed
The trial of a woman and two men accused of murdering a baby boy in England has ... The trial of Tracey Connelly (aged 25), who denies killing her 17-month-old baby ... - Cached
Bloody useless social workers
Just Chat Message Boards Index "Current Affairs & Serious Posts ... Someone on that site now released the mothers name,Tracey Connelly. ... - 65k - Cached

Tot death trial mum has baby -
A young mum awaiting trial for killing her 17-month-old son has given birth ... Tracey Connelly, 26, had her daughter taken off her immediately by police and ... Forums: When will they learn?
... P - was baby Peter Connelly. Mummy dearest was Tracey Connelly....she is on friends reunited... ... P Mum Tracey Connelly Hang This Evil Witch ... - 52k
Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy ...
... Tracey Connelly, Steven and Jason Barker and given Baby P a name - Peter. ... Sinclair's Musings ... view the Daily Court Status of other Crown Court Centres that ... TRACEY MARCELLA CONNELLY. Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 10:00 - 16:12. Court 8 ... -

I doubt that the Government would dare use this case for a showdown with the internet about the spread of information deemed secret and censored but it will happen soon. Confetti Forum, you have been warned !

lieutentant skint said...

I am a cunt tho!

The Public Domain said...

Daily Telegraph
"An unidentified sender names the toddler's mother and her boyfriend.
The text message urges people to pass it on to "name and shame" the couple, who it brands "the cruel vile killers of baby p".

It also names the street where the 17-month-old was subjected to the months of abuse that eventually killed him. The message urges people to sign a national newspaper's petition demanding "justice for that poor little boy".

It says: "The papers may be banned from naming and shaming the cruel vile killers of baby p but I aint.

"They r [mother's name] and [her boyfriend's name] of [name of street and area]. Jason Owen [was] living with them. I urge everyone to pass this on so everybody can name and shame them.

"Also pls sign the petition to have justice for that poor little boy. Rest in peace little man. Thanks."

a pox on winterval said...

O/T but topical
I have purchased a bumper pack of fifty religiously themed Christmas cards ( cradle, Baby Jesus, MarynJoseph, Angels, Magi the works ) which I will address personally to as many named officers of my local and county councils as I can find.
These will be hand deilvered to their respective HQs signed

Merry Christmas from
A Gratefull Citizen

Might make a few PC fuckers choke on their lattes.

Rich Kid said...

wwhat i understand,the BBC wants to patronize everybody.i just dont know how long they will take to accomplish this

Robert the Biker said...

Of course what these mongs want is for themselves to be the ONLY source of news for the compliant populace.
Straight out of 1984, except that instead of calling them the Ministry of Truth, we'll be calling them the Ministry of Cunts and Arseholes.

Guthrum said...

These people are the pits- his name has been in the public domain for weeks if not months, what are we supposed to do unremember his name, carve Baby P on his grave stone to protect a load of useless bureaucrats ?

Then Labour stores illegally obtained Data that was not in the public domain and splashes it over the press that with a few minutes work on the keyboard you will find the list, giving the BNP the biggest boost they have had in years. My feeling is that it was to ensure fear and intimidation.

Utter scum

The Penguin said...

V for Vendetta

"Fear was the Key"

The Penguin

woman on a raft said...

Ah ha.

1) Minister very pissed off because he is being attacked, so has let the dogs out.

2) Court pissed off because it made a bad order in the first place and failed to explain that the anonymity was to protect other minors and to avoid contamination of other charges. However, it was obvious to anybody with a snag of sense that in Tottenham it would be queried whether the defendants were black, and the order began to break down very quickly. They should have used nom-de-docks in the first place. Worked for Jason Owen, and he may have been the worst of the lot, although he managed to get bail.

3) The police are covering their arse because they exculpated themselves by making sure the story about the fifth child being removed at birth got out. The story was spun to blame the social workers for keeping the mother and child together although, prior to conviction, that was legally the correct thing to do. That the mother of baby p was pregnant at interim hearings was reported, but it was one of the things covered by the court order. When it suited them, the police busted the court order. If I were the police, I'd be getting on with some urgent burglar chasing or child protection.

4) How inconvenient that the Labour MPs have been mailed the BNP list, a clear breach of the Data Protection Act. They should, of course, have deleted it and reported the emailer to the police under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.
Wonder how many million people the police intend to prosecute, which will include a fair number of the BNP members themselves who may have downloaded a copy to check if it was the real one.

And finally - the long post from Banned or Compulsory (03:31) is excellent research but also very useful for anybody who wants to go round expunging history. Don't help them! Make the fuckers work at finding references - they are bound to miss some, which could come in handy.

The Penguin said...

More accurately -

"Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young up-and-coming politician. He's a deeply religious man and a member of the conservative party. He is completely single-minded convictions and has no regard for the political process. Eventually, his party launches a special project in the name of 'national security'. At first, it is believed to be a search for biological weapons and it is pursued regardless of its cost. However, the true goal of the project is power, complete and total hegemonic domination. The project, however, ends violently... but the efforts of those involved are not in vain, for a new ability to wage war is born from the blood of one of their victims. Imagine a virus - the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure. But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon? It is at this point in our story that along comes a spider. He is a man seemingly without a conscience; for whom the ends always justify the means and it is he who suggests that their target should not be an enemy of the country but rather the country itself. Three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack: a school, a tube station, and a water-treatment plant. Several hundred die within the first few weeks. Until at last the true goal comes into view. Before the St. Mary's crisis, no one would have predicted the outcome of the elections. No one. But after the election, lo and behold, a miracle. Some believed that it was the work of God himself, but it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members made them all obscenely rich. But the true genius of the plan was the fear. A year later, several extremeists are tried, found guilty, and executed while a memorial is builterected to canonize their victims. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government. And through it our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor. The rest, as they say, is history."

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

It's only illegal according to UK law, isn't it?

Host a blog in China, post it all up there. Job done.

haddock said...

"Wonder how many million people the police intend to prosecute,....."

"The Association of Chief Police Officers said that all 43 forces in England and Wales were checking the list against names of officers and staff. ."

The list is subject to a court order forbidding publication. 43 forces ignore this, download and publish the list so that it may be checked.

I wonder if evidence obtained in this manner can be used against anyone, would it be admitted to a court of law ?

David said...

Keep an eye on how auntie is 'developing' the story:

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Wasnt Jason Owen in "Take that"?

David said...

Sorry to follow up my own post but...

Something funny is going on here.

Whenever I use a certain name, my posts are disappearing into the ether.

Trying again with a sanitised version:

I posted a huge and heartfelt rant but it seems to have disappeared into the ether.

Anyway it was probably tl;dr

Gist was:

I hope the google lawyers do the right thing when they get the takedown notice and tell the cunts to fuck right off.

In the end we paid for the report that someone has decided should be suppressed. Shame on you.

If there is a fighting fund count me in.

I'm archiving all I can with 256RSA encryption. This can't be allowed to go away.

***** ******** is a true martyr and he has achieved three things: a groundswell against the utter incompetence of everyone involved that we must not allow to be deflected from the twats that let it happen; a wider realisation that politicians are all selfish cunts who want nothing more than to retain their jobs whatever the cost; and an appreciation of my grandchildren who are about the age that he would have been. His name needs to be remembered.

Good you OH for keeping the story alive to the extent of putting your neck on the line. I look forward, sir, to buying you a drink next November or before. I was going to suggest April 23rd as a suitable date for a little walk but the George Cross and national pride is to easily hijacked.

David Sinfield
(I have no reason not to stand up and be counted - if my name is on a list of people who are angry and want to see change, that is exactly where it should be)

Old Holborn said...

Many thanks for the two BBC versions.

I note that the quote:

"These conversations mirror those that are currently taking place everywhere, from the House of Commons to the man on the street"

was originally from a social networking website and has now been allocated to the Metropolitan Police.

Winston Smith is working hard today

David said...

Cunty cunt cunts...

I'm guessing that OH isn't censoring us which leaves blogger doing it there are some things we can do:

Never,ever,ever buy anything from a sponsored link. Give me a shout if you don't recognise the paid advertising on google. Pass it on...

Block all sites that run the google analytics script.

Tell the owners of paid advertising what their money is buying.

This is getting worse and worse...

terence b said...

Anon 08.56

Not sure using a site abroad helps.

Check out the heretical two.

Two Brits seeking asylum in the USA regarding freedom of speech.

Interesting case.

Anonymous said...

The Facebook response to this (didn't they shut down a group about it) is particularly interesting.

Check this out:

Meanwhile Facebook yesterday reneged on a promise to remove sick messages about two boys killed by drink-drive soccer star Luke McCormick.

The parents of Arron, 10, and eight-year-old Ben Peak are devastated by hurtful postings on the site. US-based Facebook agreed to take them down after the Mirror contacted it but now refuses.

“Facebook supports the free flow of information and groups provide a forum for discussing a broad number of issues. Many Facebook groups relate to controversial, or in this case, troubling topics, but this alone is not a reason to disable them.”

Interesting that a US BASED WEBSITE won't remove slurs about children, but is all too happy to whitewash information because of laws that don't affect them.

Old Holborn said...

I've registered and will shortly be moving my blog to Nevis.

Fuck 'em all.

Old Holborn said...

Soory, should have added that I registered the address as the cellars in the Houses of Parliament.

Remember Remember

fuchsia groan said...

A Pox on winterval, what an excellent idea. I will send a Christmas card to Sharon Shoesmith. I will send my hopes that she and her family enjoy their Christmas, and that her conscience is not too troubled by the death of children on her watch.

fuchsia groan said...

Old Holborn, you, sir, are a true hero. Also special mention must go the WOAR and Penguin. Well done chaps.

The Penguin said...

Include some talcum powder

The Penguin

Neal Asher said...

From the site 'Labour Bollocks':

Only a sexless leftie freak could see the logic in Jacqui Smith's latest policy idea. In essence, she wants to allow police to name and shame men who are seen kerb crawling, by printing their identities in local newspapers and on posters.

So, fine to publicize the names of Kerb crawlers but illegal to publicize the names of child murderers.

Anonymous said...

You want to be careful using the BBC website as a source. Their ZaNuLabour masters may get Wilson Smith on the case!

Anonymous said...

I postedonthe BBC Have your say website and the mods let it pass!!!

Anonymous said...

A pox..., yes a great idea. I went for my indotrination on Equality & Diversity last night & was pleasently surprised at the approach taken by the tutor. It made me re-think some of my own attitudes (which I'd always considered to be pretty OK but which I realised do need a little more thinking about). No, I'm not about to become a PC saddo, I support equality of opportunity, not favouritism. However, the tutor in question had also been doing some E&D classes for library staff & was saddened to discover that they are banned from displaying Christmas cards etc whereas they had been encouraged? to actively promote Diwali. I would be happy to join in celebrating Diwali but would expect that Christmas should be given the same prominence. I can foresee huge Mary&Joseph&BabyJesus Christmas cards arriving on official desks in my neck of the woods too. What really annoys me is that I'm 99.9% sure that the original order did not come from an ethnic minority person with an axe to grind but from some lentil eating leftie white liberal. Although we do have an ethnic County Council Equalities Officer who considers gollywogs to be an abomination & 'a symbol of enslavement'. I have, I hasten to add, since that pronouncement hastily added another gollywog to my personal collection & bought one for my grandaughter!

woman on a raft said...

Some of the sites also name Haringey social workers, leading to what one council worker described as "a climate of fear". (BBC story)

But it's alright to create a climate of fear in people who join parties you don't like, including their children, who don't deserve any protection.

wv Bah, humbug.

John Pickworth said...

I dream of being 'probed' by the BBC...

Hope it was good for you OH? ;-)

I wouldn't worry if I were you. Seems you're not alone (and I'm guessing this is the American owner Facebook): "A spokeswoman for one of the websites involved told the BBC that the content reflected public reactions to the case and the site would not be shut down."

And this is just wonderful: "Some of the sites also name Haringey social workers, leading to what one council worker described as 'a climate of fear'."

Good, perhaps they'll have just a tiny tiny sense of what Baby P was feeling in his last few days. I have to say I have zero sympathy for them.

John Pickworth said...

Mark Wadsworth said...

How do you do those screen shot thingies?

Hope you read this Mark...

But capturing a screen is a really good thing if ever you quote something from the web - even if you don't publish the capture itself. You'd be surprised how often 'history' gets rewritten or even deleted (especially if its the site itself that you're in dispute with). Its saved my bacon before in a BIG HUGE way.

As for your question and assuming you're using Windows. Hit the Print Screen key and the whole screen is captured to the Clip Board. You can then simply open a graphic's package (I use Fireworks) and Paste into a new document. The image is then ready to be cropped and saved as a .jpg (or better still a .png) image for publishing - or just for your records.

The Penguin said...

The Brown-Blair Biased Corporation should be reporting on more important issues, like the complete failure of the Home Office to deport suspected terrorists despite starting legal action against them. Maybe it is because Gordon Brown said they'd be deported and they have been told to ignore it?

The Penguin

JuliaM said...

Guthrum: "...what are we supposed to do unremember his name, carve Baby P on his grave stone..."

Sad to say, that's exactly what was carved on his gravestone*:

*strictly speaking, memorial, as he had no grave. But the poor little chap was even denied his name on that..

John Pickworth said...

I like to propose a fund be started for a suitable memorial... problem is, given the public's anguish, I suspect it would attract funds far in excess of what a memorial would cost.

Perhaps when the trials are complete, Baby P's natural father would like to request such donations, I know I'd support it.

Anonymous said...

All well and good, but I notice none of you disputes that it is illegal to name them at this stage. Speaks volumes.

fuchsia groan said...

All well and good, but I notice none of you disputes that it is illegal to name them at this stage. Speaks volumes.

Your point being? You must one of the few who cares whether the names of these pieces of scum are in the public domain. Which they now are.

David said...

Anonymous 18:51

The gap between legality and right and wrong widens all the time.

I'm just glad that some know the difference and are willing to stand up for what is right.

The reason for the injunction was to protect the other children. Who can feel anything but pity for them and how can knowing their surname help protect them?

And you could argue that the injunction is meaningless if the information is already in the public domain. It seems difficult to see how it can be enforced however much blustering and bullying goes on.

I can only guess that the real reason is to make them non-people and hope the whole thing goes away. It stinks and someone has to say so.

In short it's all bobbins and control freakery. As OH has already said - Fuck 'em all...

To John P. Perhaps an accusatory finger that reminds us that if we see something wrong and do nothing we are culpable would be the most fitting memorial. These people didn't live in a big house behind high walls.

John Pickworth said...

Agree totally David.

As for legalities... the injunction ONLY applies to the UK. The rest of the world is entirely free to print their names and any other details as they see fit.

When the politicians begin obeying the rules others might start doing the same.

Chalcedon said...

The establishment elite hate we proles with a vengeance. We are only good enough to vote, so long as it's the 'right' way. Another reason why there was no referendum on that Lisbon treaty. Such a pity because the vilification we would have received for a No vote would have made it look like they were being nice to the Irish in comparison.

Anonymous said...

NO! - you didn't get this from the BBC website. You got it from a post I made on called "Haringey Killers" that linked to the BBC website.

You pathetic plagiarist.

Anonymous said...

Nice reading this site, I think the police were all to happy to allow this stuff getting out, and the publishing of the names, they had warned social services many times about poor Peter.
I heard that the mother and her boyfriend were on suicide watch in prison, and the lodger Jason was moved from Wandsworth cause he was frightened for his life, and even tried changing his name.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

No you didn't you liar.

You got their names from where I posted the link to the BBC article.

Furthermore the BBC article was published before the injunction.



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