Monday, 3 November 2008

First they came...

Yup. It had to happen. And it has.

"A six-year-old Derby boy taken into care was overweight, it has been revealed.
It is the first time obesity has been listed by social services in the city as one of the reasons for taking a child away from its family."

"The primary reason for taking a child into care is because where they are is not the best place for them, they are likely to be vulnerable and they will be safer and happier in local authority care."

I'm 46 years old. Frankly, I've led a great life. If I don't reach 47, it will be because I have been shot as I try to tell 646 cunts to MIND THIER OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, LEAVE US ALONE AND FUCK OFF.

I want to visit the Derby council offices. I will bet any fucker here that I will find a nest of bloated, hairy lipped, lard rippling, sandel clad fat women. I will bet any fucker here that they are as protected by law as protected can be. They are on full pension. They eat doughnuts whilst tutting furiously at how the "uneducated" treat their children. And then they put them into "care". The cunts.

If you live in Derby, please go to the council offices and throw fucking housebricks at any BMI excess cunt you see.


Bogdorth said...

Quote:"Dr Colin Waine, chair of the National Obesity Forum, said taking a child into care over its weight was a huge step.

"Such action should only be considered in the absolute last resort - indeed it might be an indication of a failure of systems that should have been in place before this circumstance arose.

"The emphasis must be on prevention and early intervention to educate mothers on healthy nutrition and monitoring of the child's development."

Now does that sound like it came straight out of 1984 or what? BASTARDS

some english bloke said...

Whoever said "they will be safer and happier in local authority care."

Has clearly never been in local authority care themselves; anyone got the stats on how many of these "safe and happy" children run away, leave school early, get into drugs, prostitution and crime before dying in gaol ?

Mitch said...

have you wondered what the tipping point will be? the official act of stupidity that leaves our leaders twitching while attached to lampposts?. My bet would be something like this.

Old Holborn said...


I'm wondering myself. I'm currently researching the end of the DDR to see if I can find exactly that point where the public just calmly and politely says "fuck off".

DavidNcl said...

I think it had much less to do with the (very pissed off) Germans rising up and much more to do with the realisation that the Russians where not going to crush them with 2500 tanks and 150 000 soldiers like they had done in Hungary.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

What you said

Chalcedon said...

Go onto any hospital ward and check out the nurses station. Half of them (at least)will be gigantic. Obese whales of women, yet it's 5 portions a day and we won't operate on patients who are obese (apart from Fern Britton of course). Letting your child become a lardarse is actually child abuse. But these parents need education re the family diet rather than have their children snatched away.

Dave said...

A friend worked in a local authority care home. Almost every child in their care ended up on drugs and living promiscuous lives. When a child did a runner they just drove around to the local paedo and picked him/her up. The child was paid by the paedo and wouldn't testify and the social workers couldn't do anything.

When will these people learn that you can pay someone to care FOR a child but you can never pay anyone to care ABOUT them?

Paul said...

I can't be there as I live up north but if I were I'd be one of those buying you a pint of British real ale (proper ale, you understand, not that faux-foreign pish).

I don't know much about the history of modern Germany but I get the impression that they would quite like to sweep the Stasi legacy under the carpet, thank you.

Reimer said...

DavidNcl said...

"I think it had much less to do with the (very pissed off) Germans rising up and much more to do with the realisation that the Russians where not going to crush them with 2500 tanks and 150 000 soldiers like they had done in Hungary."

I take it the unwillingness to crush the people thus was more to do with the Bloc being near-bust and ready to be absorbed into a new paradigm, along with the ostensibly-victorious West?

I've long been puzzled by the (Romania aside) peacefulness with which Communism V1.0 stepped down in Eastern europe, given its earlier fervour and consequent chronic attrition towards dissidents.


Roger Thornhill said...

There is one thing I know that would be worse than being a fat kid: a fat kid in social care.

You don't take the kid into care, you help the parents to sort out diet. If they will not take your advice, then TOUGH.

This, I believe, is an example of "killing the chicken to scare the monkeys", i.e. don't mess with the SS, or your kids will be taken froms yer.

I'd call them Fascists, but Fascists might complain about being maligned.

Anonymous said...

A friend went from 19 stone to 17 and was still given out to by the nurse who remained 15 stone for being overweight.


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