Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Fall at the first hurdle

"ID Cards? Do fuck off, you big titted harriden" a pilot said this morning
Wonderful stuff. Let the revolution begin.

The first wave of ID cards to be issued to British citizens has prompted airline pilots to threaten a strike rather than accept the documents.

Hat tip to Lillith


it's either banned or compulsory, in this case compulsory said...

What about foreign pilots, lots of those at Heathrow, will they be expected to have ID cards, stay airside or just swan about without them ?

This bit really is scaping the bottom of the barrel
"The Home Office insists the scheme will help airport workers and streamline pass applications when staff move jobs."
As though they give a toss about the convenience of airport workers., who presumably have CRB checks since they might stumble across vulnerable people.

Next will come other easy targets, those on the sex offenders list ( boo hiss ! ), those coming out of prison ( boo hiss some more ! ) then all those who failed the CRB check ( boo hiss perverts !) all those with any criminal record ( boo hiss Criminals !) next the security Providers ( boo hiss nasty bouncers ! ... Ad infinitum)

First They Came - Pastor Martin Niemoller
First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
First they came for the Socialist
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
First they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist
First they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

Old Holborn said...

I don't need an ID card. I know who I am and can prove it, if required.

End of Story.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

It's "harridan", doncha know?

Dennis said...

Insolence. The entire scheme. Who the HELL do they think they are?

I am an Englishman. Born and raised in England. I know exactly who I am. Question is, who are some of these shitheads I am -- much against my will -- employing?

Billy Wallace said...

They can piss off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bofl said...

well done to the pilots!!!!!!!!!

it is time to make a stand.

besides being a bloody cheek id cards are a waste of time and money.i lived in frankfurt for 2 years and NEVER carried my card..i was also never stopped! so it was completely pointless!(what labour ideas aren't)

the poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller also rings true with me.in nazi germany there were many people who opposed their views.but did nothing..took the gordon brown view of safety in numbers.( i know it is easy to carp from here).

in an alleyway just off the main shopping strasse in frankfurt there is a tiny plaque commemorating a synagogue that stood on the site and was torched by the nazis...
at the rothschild centre on the banks of the river main i went to an exhibition of war photos.

Pictures of men,women and children being marched to the station with the locals jeering,shouting,spitting and stabbing with pitchforks (frankfurt is quite rural) made a lasting impression on me.

if we let these weirdos and nutters get away with all their crazy plans then it will be you an i dear english people that will be wearing yellow stars!

Billy Wallace said...

I.D. cards wouldn’t have saved Peter, but all the money spent on them may have.

What do we want? I.D.cards, or Peter

We Want Peter.

What do we want? I.D.cards, or Peter.

We Want Peter.

What do we want? I.D cards, or Peter.

We Want Peter.

Old Holborn said...

I lived in Frankfurt for 12 years. The plaque you refer to is just off the Zeil.

Dick Puddlecote said...

So much for "People can't wait for ID Cards". Stupid cow.

Neal Asher said...

Ah, but it's all about security don't you know. ID cards would have stopped that NHS doctor from attempting bombings in London and from trying to torch Glasgow airport. ID cards would have stopped the tube bombers too. Miraculous things these bits of plastic; almost unbelievable. And of course they won't cost a lot of money and won't be used as another employment scheme for a few thousands more potential Labour voters.

Angry Frank said...

It's not going to make a lot of difference seeing as the bad guys are already here:


bofl said...

o/h richtig!

what did you do there? i was in bond biz.

Anonymous said...

the ID cards is a smokescreen to divert attention away from the database behind the ID cards which is far more scary.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered yur site, its great

John Pickworth said...

ID Cards for pilots?

Mmmm yes, to prevent them hijacking aircraft no doubt?

I do hope the pilots resist this shallow attempt politicise their profession? The Government is just trying to set a 'Gold Standard' for ID Cards; "Oh look, even our most sensitive areas are protected by the amazing magical terror preventor".

Old Holborn said...

Just as tagging cows is useless unless you tag them all, if just ONE of us refuses to be tagged, the whole application fails.

The whole £19B system will fail because I won't be part of it.

They can send me the bill for all I care.

Roctopus said...

I am currently living in a country where ID cards (Or cédula) are in operation. Really, the only thing which I would need one for is to buy concert tickets over the internet. Aside from that, they seem to be useless.

(They have the users fingerprint on the back, for what reason, I don't know. The State must have all the information collected, because I can see no reason why the users fingerprint should be on there.)

Stuart said...

I signed the NO2ID card pledge years ago. At least I'll recognise someone in jail...

The Penguin said...

Carry On, Pilot!

Is it Jim Dale?

The Penguin

Billy Wallace said...

There will be many more of us O.H.

richard said...

I used to be an analyst for both the cops & the civil service and I can absolutely GUARANTEE it'll be shite - it just won't work.

Regardless of the issue itself, which is clearly bollox, it fucking won't work. I'd be prepared to be convinced if it can be shown to reduce NHS abuse, dole scrounging, crime, terrorism, immigration etc etc - I'm not ideological about it if the benefits outweigh the costs but IT WON'T FUCKING WORK.

Surely that's a 2 minute meeting.

I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

BOFL and OH - five years there, never asked once - not that I ever carried one.

Don't forget the old Jewish graveyard near the Allerheiligentor with the plaques showing the names of the people shipped off.

dogsniffer said...

If this is forced upon us may I suggest that we that we all present our cards on plates with the card inserted into a turd (much like a wafer) and leave them outside of the gate at No 10.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Someone mentioned ( in jest ) that ID cards would have prevented the London bombings.
This rather good thirty minute film shows just how the British State used and manipulated that news to turn Britain into a Police State.
It does not suggest ( al la 9/11 ) that the State was itself responsible, it just examines the untruths and obfuscations that followed.

" You probably think you know ... what happened that day. But you don’t. The police have, from the onset of their investigation, chosen to withhold from the public almost every bit of evidence they claim to have and have lied about several aspects of the London Bombings. The mainstream news has willfully spread false, unsubstantiated and unverifiable information, while choosing to completely ignore the numerous inconsistencies and discrepancies in the official story. ".

The following link is somewhat lengthy though copy'n'paste does work, if it does not work go to veoh.com and search 'ludicrous diversion', first one. It's only 118MB


John Pickworth said...

Stuart said...

I signed the NO2ID card pledge years ago. At least I'll recognise someone in jail...

Me too... and I've never waivered from my determination. If it means prison then so be it.

Oh and a note for those that believe the scheme won't work: You're entirely correct, it won't. But don't underestmate the Government... if the scheme is 'incomplete' or initially fails to operate as promised, they will stick at it. Technology moves at a frightening pace and one day they'll cobble the whole thing together.

Make no mistake, if they get 80% of us, we'll NEVER get rid of it.

Roctopus said...

John Pickworth said...

As I have stated previously, I am living in a country where ID cards are a necesity. You can't buy anything on your bank card without it. This is the way that they make the cards work. They can see what you buy, and where you are.

The cards (Cédula) have details such as the name, birth, ID number, signature, and fingerprint. They also act as a kind of passport (Within this part of the continent).

I can't remember what the UK ID will hold, but aside from some extras it should be the same.
They'll track you because everyone needs to shop.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fuck ID cards, fuck Smith and fuck Brown.

They got into it because they thought it would be popular with the Daily Mail and that most people would either say 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' or not give a toss.

Unfortunately they didn't count on the opposition from the middle classes, and from people, like pilots and airport workers, who are actually already subject to quite invasive checks, but who don't want their biometric data being put in the hands of thousands of low-rent Nazis.

Another thing that'll bite 'em is the fact that this is going to be very expensive - people are going to deeply resent paying for a card they don't want or need, especially in a recession.

Plastic poll tax, someone called it, and this is dead right.

swindon_alan said...

The earlier poster was right...it isn't about ID cards, it is about the databases. And the information that they can collect because of the ID cards. And the uses that they will put it to...

fuchsia groan said...

I won't be getting one either. And I am prepared to go to jail. Being self-employed means I don't have to worry about a criminal record preventing me from getting a job. If enough of us refuse, the whole id card thing will be pointless. Screw you Smith,and screw you NuNaziLabour.
wv: Jingloot

Horace Wimp said...

Great site OH and congratulations on your stroll the other week.

Just picking up on some of the other posts here - this is a deliberate attempt by the government to misdirect us and the media from the real issue here which is the centralised, biometric database.

They say that ID cards are harmless little things, which will help everyone in their day-to-day tasks - they’re just like a harmless passport or driving license. And indeed they are. Most countries have an ID card, a licence or passport.

The big difference with the government proposed system is that it will be connected to a large data warehouse. Containing biometric data. And every transaction that you ever make. And eventually, without it, you will not be able to:

(1) Open a bank account
(2) Take out any insurance
(3) Buy goods and provisions
(4) Get a mortgage
(5) Go to the doctors
(6) Apply for your kid’s education
(7) Take a holiday
(8) Buy a pint
(9) Vote

No cash please, we’re British.

One of the other more sinister things about this system is the prospect of allowing private corporations access to data mine this database. The government assure this will not happen. Of course.

Criminals – want to hit the jackpot? Focus on the big one. Identity theft will take on a whole different meaning. And forget about false biometric readings – hacking into any encrypted networked system is simply a matter of time. It always has been.

I work in the IT industry, and data mining is a process of sorting through huge amounts of data and drawing out statistical trends and for large corporations to “make managerial decisions”.

In layman’s terms, let me give you an example. Supposing you shop at your local Chavscos and you like your odd bottle of Laphroaig and Cabernet Sauvignon. Supposing you ignore government official alcohol limits and you also treat yourself to some red meat, chips, ice cream every now and then.

If a life insurance company cross checked this data with their life expectancy models, they could turn around and refuse you insurance based upon what you eat and drink. A financial company may also analyse your DNA and determine that you will likely get the big C when you are younger than average, and refuse you a 25 year mortgage.

The supermarket could even decide that you’ve had your quota of Stella this week and refuse to sell you any more, thanks to government legislation.

An employer after assessing your DNA profile and spending habits could decide you are a high risk when considering their company insurance schemes and refuse you a job, despite your enthusiasm and experience.

Someone could take a sample of your DNA and leave it at a murder scene. As the biometric database is now the only major source of identification, how can you prove it was not you?

Been on three holidays this year? HM Revenue & Customs flag your tax returns.

Walked in the park in the evening three times in a row? Your database entry flagged and a government supervisor has been alerted for investigation.

It sounds far fetched now, but take it from me: every corporate database system I have designed: auditing and monitoring of all user activity cross checked with management metrics such as user effectiveness have been met with vigorous approval.

Sorry, drunken rant, feel free to remove this post, but can I just say that these ministerial cocktrumpets just raise my blood pressure to the extreme and I wish them to suffer every possible plague known to mankind....

Billy Wallace said...

Horace, interesting blog,

have you got an answer without bloodshed?

richard said...

Dear Horace Wimp

If you bought a bottle of Laphroaig & Cabernet Sauvignon I'd bloody want to know - you ffffrreeaaakkk! I'd send the booze police round..err....that's me, and throw the fucking wine at some fucking chav to neck. You can't do that Sir, you just can't do that.

Yours respectfully


John Pickworth said...

Roctopus said...

(In response to my earlier comment)

As I have stated previously, I am living in a country where ID cards are a necesity. You can't buy anything on your bank card without it. This is the way that they make the cards work. They can see what you buy, and where you are.

You're entirely right. Sorry, I was speaking in the sense that the cards would enhance our security - I could actually give you a long explanation how they'll actually do the opposite. However I see all too often people brushing the scheme aside claiming this, that or the other aspect of ID Cards won't work. Frankly that's a foolish position to hold because given enough time and resources, they WILL make it work. Worse, future Governments will no doubt extend the scheme as their competence (and the technology) improves.

As others, and yourself, have said the danger is from their ability to track and record your everyday activities. I promise you in years to come, a Government will monetarise this information stream in ways you can't possibly imagine. Forget Road Pricing, wait till they introduce People Pricing. A world where every transaction is taxed.

More immediately, there's another danger and one most people don't fully appreciate. Once the ID scheme is fully embedded in our society, the Government of the day will be able to allocate resources or benefits to certain classes of people or deny rights or freedoms to others. This is already happening in countries like Malaysia (using an ID scheme closest to ours) where subsidised travel or lower taxes apply to some citizens but not to others, where even travel or education itself is denied to some depending on the card they hold. Its the 'cruise missile' of Government, a tool open to abuse on the whim of a Minister seeking to enrich his constituency or punish his enemies.

Couldn't happen here? Don't you bet on it. Don't you dare bet on it.

Blue Eyes said...

Roctopus, are you talking about Spain? I was in Spain earlier in the year and found it difficult to use my credit card because I didn't carry my passport around with me (why should I?). I soon worked out that if I simply said that I didn't have any ID and went to leave the shop they would accept my credit card without ID.

Viva la free market!

Blue Eyes said...

Ahh just Googled the word - looks like Central America rather than Spain but I'm sure the principle is universal...

Roctopus said...

Blue eyes said...

I think the ID is called a cédular a lot further North than I am. Here it is known as the RUT. (Check out Salvador with James Woods - set in Guatamala. That features cédular most importantly.)

El Roctopus.

richard said...

Hate to break your spirit lads but it's already done through a system called iquanta and another dataset that I canny remember at present because I'm a bit squiffy.

We know how you think before you know it. As P.G.Wodehouse noted, 'White's was more Bolsheivik than the Gannymead'.

ID cards are bunkem. Border controls - especially fucks leaving (unregulated!!) are perrrapps of more consequence.

I can cross reference council tax, police records, benefit, education, neihbours and get in touch with cctv - what the fuck else do I need? But then I'm a cunt who likes Sherlock Holmes - I only chase twats. I'm a bit of an alcoholic and have stayed away from the NHS for stuff because I don't believe these people use information correctly.

richard, captain skint, dick the prick - fucking jaded said...

MOSAIC - 49 sub structures on postcode centroids.

lieutenant skint said...

Not wantin to blather on about stuff but there's a classification system called TAPESTRY which I thought was shite but had potential - 3 years away from being good.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

stuart said 18 November 14:59
I signed the NO2ID card pledge years ago. At least I'll recognise someone in jail...
But you won't be going to jail and you won't get your day in court. Not having the ID card will be a Civil offence for which you can be repeatedly auto-fined ( like parking tickets ) = bailiffs.

Bailiffs now have the right to forced entry to your home so instead of a concience rending plea from the dock you just get home from work to find your missus crying and your stuff gone, again and again.
You will only go to jail if you assault the Bailiff in the execution of his duty and that may not look too good on your CV or CRB check.

clever huh, cunts.

crackers said...

ID Cards. A financial project promoted by EDS and Accenture and sold to fuckwit ministers as the solution to a security problem. Ministers betweem them have never worked in the real world and so are a soft target for snake oil salesmen from KPMG/EDS/Clifford Chance et al. eg NHS IT scheme at £21bn will not see light of day. Numerous other examples of pissing our taxes against the wall.

Anonymous said...

I signed the No2id pledge a couple of years ago too so Brown, Six Bellies & their assorted pals can FRO. Cassius' blog makes a suggestion about less intrusive ID cards so I left a comment saying I'd only apply for one over Gordon Brown's dead body. OH, where's the BNP list please sir?

Anonymous said...

" Accenture" = Arthur Anderson disgraced Enron accountants, go figure.

Pogo said...

John Pickworth and Stuart said...

I signed the NO2ID card pledge years ago. At least I'll recognise someone in jail...

Me too... and I've never waivered from my determination. If it means prison then so be it.

But, as "it's either banned or compulsory" has realised, the cunts are one step ahead of us... "Failure to Comply" isn't going to be a criminal offence for which they can commit you to chokey, it's going to be civil, with fines of up to £5000 per event. So instead of being "martyred" with an unfair jail sentence you'll end up accruing multiple hits of £5K a time - bank account frozen, house reposessed, family in the street etc. Not so easy to oppose.

Cunts the lot of them. That said, I signed the NO2ID pledge quite a while back - I'll just have to make sure that Pogo's asset base is outside the reach of HMG's clutches.

Old Holborn said...


Great rant.

Transfer your assets to a trust fund. I have

Apart from being incredibly tax efficient, no cunt can touch you.

Bankrupt me for all I care. My cash is out of your grasp. Send in the bailiffs. They can't touch a fucking thing.

A criminal record? As if I care anymore.

Bank account frozen? Try freezing my Swiss bank account, fuckers.

646 of them, 60,000,000 of us.

John Pickworth said...

I'm with OH....

I know my rights concerning home visits from Ron and Harry.

They can have my cash, they can even take the jam jar its kept in.

Bankrupt me, I'll sign on and become spectacularly uneconomic.

There's actually very little they can do to me and that would apply to most other people if they're brave enough to try.

I firmly believe if it wasn't for the resistance shown thus far, ID Cards would already be a part of our daily lives. The Government really is terrified this scheme could blow up in their faces and are proceeding carefully... we just need to keep on reminding them it isn't going to get any easier for them.

If all else fails, I'm off... Everyone wonders why more people didn't flea Hitler when they could? Well, I for one won't be making that mistake.

Old Holborn said...

Bingo John

Everybody. EVERYBODY.

Get yourself a plan B

Mac the Knife said...

"...you big titted harriden"

Can we nail this one once and for all please? It's saggy titted harriden.

Thank you.

*storms off to the library, with port and cigar*

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