Sunday, 16 November 2008

Common Purpose and Harringey

I'm doing some deep research into Common Purpose at the moment and just thought I'd see if this unelected bunch of brain washers are active in Harringey council.
Of course they fucking are.
Young people who have made a positive impact on their local communities are urged to enter a UK-wide competition.
Now in its second year, the annual CHANGEit Awards look to recognise the inspiring young campaigners who come up with innovative ways to change society for the better and can offer winners a £750 cash prize.
Run by leadership development group Common Purpose in partnership with Deutsche Bank, the awards aim to acknowledge the 11-18 year-olds who are a force for good.
Julia Middleton, chief executive of Common Purpose, said it was important to celebrate the positive impact young people have.
She explained:
“It seems like there is a new story every week of a young person committing a serious crime and this is overshadowing the amazing work that young people are doing in their communities throughout the UK.
“The CHANGEit awards highlight and remind people of the valuable role that young people have in our society.”
The contest is open to bids in three categories:
Performance Award - for young people who have taken action on issues they care about and taken part in campaigns to create positive change in their community.
Innovation Award – a helping hand for young people to get their campaigning ideas off the ground.
Photo Award - for young people who have captured images of "campaigning in action" that have been started or helped by other young people.
Overall winners in the Performance and Innovation categories will each receive £750, with a number of finalists also scooping a £250 consolation prize. Winners in the Photo Award section will receive a £250 prize and have their photographs exhibited at a number of CHANGEit events.
Applications are made online, and all entries must be endorsed by an adult who is not a family member of any of the applicants, for example, a youth leader or teacher.
The deadline for entering is 12 January 2009. The prizes will be announced in May.
For more information about the competition and to enter online, visit
the CHANGEit website (opens a new window)
More later


woman on a raft said...

Tim Worstall drew attention to this last week, a joint effort between The Media Trust (also a Middleton outfit) and the Rowntree Trust, which used to specialize in genuine social research but has recently gone in for hand-wringing PR.

Reporting poverty in the UK: A practical guide for journalists

Worstall was very overly kind about it. It is a spin manual with the aim of setting the narrative for reporting stories about poverty, but to be fair it does say that openly.

I lost patience at page 20, where there is a 'true story' example. Except it can't be true; it's full of holes and is patronizing bullshit. If you are going to make up something, at least make up something plausible and not a tale which manages to makes one think less of the fictional characters you are supposed to be eliciting sympathy for.

It isn't very good spin if it does the exact opposite of what's intended.

Anonymous said...

looks like more lefty newspeak bollocks to me, put their name on the list for re-education after the civil war.

archduke said...

OH - have you seen the CP presentation on google video?

well worth watching...

archduke said...

direct link to CP video here

archduke said...

Good article here on what CP is and who they are... well worth reading.

As CP “leaders” become more senior they employ countless managers and bureaucrats. In time confusion rules, and things don’t seem to work properly. Management decisions are made that seem stupidly destructive.

defender said...

You are in for an eye opener.
Wait till you make the link- Chatham House rules and Fabians.
I for one cant wait for your rant.

Anonymous said...

Dem young peepoll is still like stabbin' an killin' and dat. Check dem Urban music awards at da O2 lass nite innit.

John Pickworth said...

Sounds pefectly 'orrid... perhaps I'm just not feeling the love?

Rather than joining this pale imitation I'd suggest the kids just sign up to one of the more traditional clubs:

1. der Hitlerjugend - Naked exercising, pitch folking old folk and shopping the neighbours.

2. The Nashi Army - Shagging girls for Mother Russia and beating up foreigners.

3. Boy Scouts of America - Shagging boys and knot tying.

Anonymous said...

More on Common Purpose here -

DavidNcl said...

A lot of the stuff out on teh interwebs about Common Purpose is just plain bonkers (Illuminati/Lizards etc). I wonder whose interests that serves? I know for sure that it makes it much, much harder to get anyone to view CP as a serious threat. But it is.

I suppose that there are other, more secretive groups organising and networking.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know this about the 60+ that sent a letter of support for Shoesmith:
1) How many are ZNL supporters and were rewarded with their jobs because of it
2) How many are graduates of Common Purpose
3) How they would have the audacity to get involved in this way -when any one else who makes an assertion/comment is instructed to wait for the inquiry

defender said...

OH , they are working on the same mystry over here right now.

The comments are very revealing if you care to have a look.

anonymouse said...

whats with the backward S.S. runes in the Haringey council logo?

captain skint said...

In Kirklees we had a 'leadership academy' ran by common purpose and I met most of the cunts and to a person they were thick as fuck.

You'd have to be on some bloody good coke to beat your mates at bullshit bingo.

Community Empowerment - you'd think devolved democracy if you were normal but oh no no no. Forums where decisions were already taken and no budgetary ability anyway - a bollock juggling exercise in futility.

Hard to Reach Communities - junkies & whores - I shit you not. Victims of crime, disabled, metally incapacited - well, they can go fuck themselves frankly.

Community cohesion - shit, it'd be offensive if they all spoke Blighty now wouldn't it?

Cohesion Proofing - seriously, having some cunt check that a plan to regenerate an area which was fucked not making 'communites' offended!!

Engagement - planning strategies to allow access to services - 'yeah love, it's over there and here's phone number'

We had a briefing from one of the thickest fucks I ever met at the council - she couldn't even use the past participle of the imperitive 'to treat' - not that i'm a snob or anything - apparently 'you should all look through the other end of the telescope' - err ' could I just use a microscope instead please?'

Fuck them all. Oooh - bit of a rant. Cup of tea.

Stop Common Purpose said...

You can find out more about Common Purpose here:

Katabasis said...

That's really, really, really disturbing.....

Reversepsychology said...

Here's Michael Tsarian on Common Purpose

haddock said...

Common Purpose ? Always been there but it is now given a name.... Father used to say of bank managers, solicitors, judges, landowners, politicians etc 'all piss in the same pot'...... that was 50 years ago, nothing changes it just gets formalised.

Billy Wallace said...

You could call them the modern day masons with a twist.

electro-kevin said...

'twasn't me that voted on your poll three times that you shouldn't swear so much ! Honest !

It's only the 'cunt' word anyways. Used sparingly and appropriately it has tremendous effect - used all the time and ...

Yes yes, we know. They're ALL cunts - but how do we know a real cunt ? I mean a REAL real cunt ???

Where do you go after that ?

John Pickworth said...

Personally, and yeah, I'm kinda old fashioned; I hate the 'C' word and hand on heart can say I've never uttered it.


I sorta like this CP Club idea... if they weren't wasting their time with this guff they'd end up in control of nuclear submarines, the Bank of England or something else dangerous. At least while they're busy grooming kids... ermm I mean instilling community cohesion, they ain't going to harm any of us.

bofl said...

more on cp

bofl said...

o/h look up the tavistock institute and see what they get up to....

surely a coincidence that the london bus that blew up exploded right outside the T.I?

nice way to see close up how the proles react to terror.

Anon said...

Where I come from CP means something quite different.

Anonymous said...

According to this, Haringey Council have never used Common Purpose. Could be a lie of course -

Sir Henry Morgan said...

OH and gang - I have a bit of an argument going n the Catherine Bennet column in Guardian Comments. Near the end of page 2 of comments.

Have a feeling I'm going to need backup.

Anonymous said...

Shock! Horror! I never would have guessed.

OH, well done on raising this.

WV: dully???

Anonymous said...

anonymouse said... 16 November 2008 13:47

"whats with the backward S.S. runes in the Haringey council logo?"

Dunno but it is much the same as when the borough was formed in about 1966 as a form of gerrymandering; combined Hornsey ( = Crouch End/Muswell Hill/Highgate ) with Tottenham and Wood Green; chalk and cheese.
Despite its slight redesign ( at vast cost no doubt ) this new version manages to be boring, old fashioned and yes, somewhat facist in style.

Which brings us to WV = spaton ( honest ! )

Now I'm off to check those CP links and to see if I can find any within my own local council.

defender said...

Here is what I dont get.
With some thought and effort the 1984 book sending to the 646 took place.
The book is about the Fabians plan coming to fruition.
Common Purpose which is a department of the Fabians with the responsibility to train and man necessary infastructure.
The link between the book and real life has been well documented. But the Fabians get a free ride to carry on because of a relutance to really go for them.
What I dont get is why.
What is it about exposing the Fabians which have the knowledgable heading for cover.
Most of the readers and commentators here do make an effort to understand what is happening. Yes it is clear that Orwell has written a warning but we go for the oily rags and not the source.
If the Libertarians got to grips with this My application would follow.

it's either banned or compusory said...

From Archdukes link 11:39

"The EU plan has been very simple and very clever. First set up via the traitors within UK national government the Regional Development Agencies. These were designed to be smooth as silk and sweet as honey – to do all things good e.g. regeneration, helping communities, helping business, innovation, entrepreneurship etc etc. Next load the honey trap with large amounts of money so that people, organisations are attracted to the honey pot. As more people are attracted, increase the powers of the RDAs to include planning powers and input. Make it compulsory for City Councils, County Councils and District Councils to consult them, and then their power increases further. And with planning powers they can get their organisational snouts into virtually every walk of life."

This is certainly true in my neck of the woods, examples of it are positively spun in the local media on a daily basis.
RDA funds this...RDA enables that... etc. etc.

From my earlier post on OHs Guest Spot ( before I had given CP much attention ).

"...announced a SW England RDA rescue package for local businesses hit by the K-redit Krunch !.
This allowed good old BBC Radio Devon to drone on every hour and half hour about how the RDA would save the South-West ( no doubt paralleled in each of the other discredited regions ).
Turns out to be a measly £10M available as loans of up to £250,000; sometime next year.

What this exercise was really about was using the credit crunch to big up the RDA in the press by making it sound oh so cuddly giving us money and saving our jobs ( unempoyment rate here btw 1.5%, up a miniscule amount from last year).

Should we worry about the RDAs ? Yes, because every branch of Government, Quangos, state aided voluntary sector, NGO is being geographically split into those same regions from the R.S.P.B., the Police to emergency Civil Contingency thingeys. Guess what ? Their funding comes entirely from the EU ( our money really, of course ) so where do their loyalties lie ?

I've met many of their hirelings; sub-adequate drones most with their twee little girlie suits and dinkey lap-tops swanning around airports pretending to be important.

Which is what the row about reducing the number of Police Forces/Services was all about ( perhaps CP struck too soon there ).

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