Friday, 14 November 2008

Civilisations dont die, they commit suicide

Two social workers discussing diversity targets whilst Rome burns yesterday

This was pointed out to me by Dave in the comments section of the Gruaniad

Dear Ms Featherstone,

I think the people who should truly say sorry for such events are the opinion leaders of the Guardian. Please allow me to explain.

Last week I visited (as a doctor) a family in a council estate. The mother was concerned about her 12 year old son. She was very pleased that her older son was now on incapacity and would therefore do well for himself in terms of money. There is nothing wrong with this older boy that makes him incapacitated, but that is another story. She also had a 14 year old daughter, who while I was there, constantly argued with her mother demanding money for cigarettes. The three children had three different fathers, all absent. The kids, while I could see were still children, gleamed with malignant insolence. I can see them turning into damaged adults. I feel sorry for the trap they are in – the trap created directly by the welfare state whereby the family, and all those in the neighbourhood, see welfare as a lifestyle option. They live in squalor but have more wealth than most people I knew in India; they certainly have more material comforts than I ever had growing up in Delhi.

The Guardian describes such families as poor. The Labour party wants to throw money at the family. The Guardian readers blame Margaret Thatcher for this state of affairs, smug in their modern pieties, their intellectual laziness, and their stupidity masquerading as sanctimonious concern. I used to work with slum children in Delhi; they had very little, but even the most physically disabled amongst them made an effort.

There is no hope for Britian. Civilisations dont die, they commit suicide. And before they commit suicide, they read and believe the Guardian.

I truly and deeply feel sorry for all the children who are the victims of the welfare state. Things are much, much worse for the slum children in India, I saw more dignity among them and certainly greater hope.

I am not sure if you will understand this message. I am too tired to explain further. Either you will get or you wont. Either way, it will make no difference to anything.
Oh and by the way, if you haven't heard Ed Reardon this week, you've missed a gem


Barnsley Bill said...

We are living the final years of the anglo saxon millennium. This problem is rife throughout the english speaking world and the political will to change it is weak. Successive governments create client voters so that all parties must pander to this enormous voter base or never gain power..
And you have just sneaked past me on the alexa rankings, poncing around whitehall has done wonders for your blog..

terry said...

Of coures it was Thatcher that created this fucking mess.

She went to war with the working class and won...The result is a massive underclass.

What can you expect if you wipe out proud miners and manufacturers? ..McCunts supinely saying "have a nice day."

If you break the proud you create the insolent.

Of course our finance loving scum have done nothing to change matters.

And if the twat accuses me of reading the Guardian he'll wish he'd never left Dehli.(He's part of the problem)

TheFatBigot said...

Looks like you've become so important you've got your own Dolly Trolley.

marksany said...

Unemployment is the problem. Unemployment has a supply side cause, in that a huge number of low skill jobs have been exported to China, with the any job growth being in higher skill jobs. It has a demand side cause in the benefit system that creates disincentives to work, as described by the doctor. Remaining low skill jobs (cockling, onion picking) have been taken by foreign immigrants, who are are not disincentivised by the benefit system because they are not eligible for it.
To fix this: citizen's income (see MW)

Old Holborn said...

Unemplyment is not the problem

The problem is that we are happy to pay people to sit on their arses all day, smoking weed, watching Trisha and eating Pizza.

So guess what they do?

Take away the safety hammock and watch 2 million start looking for a job.

terry said...

I'm also a big supporter of a citizen's income.

The Green Party is too!

Anonymous said...

No, take away the safety net and you create millions of hungry, desperate people who won't hesitate to stick a knife in you, burgle your home or take whatever they need, soft and soppy middle England would'nt stand a chance agaist this lot.

If you keep kicking a dog sooner or later it will bite you.

formertory said...

There is no hope for Britain. Civilisations don't die, they commit suicide. And before they commit suicide, they read and believe the Guardian.

That's got to be in the running for one of the pithiest comments of the year.

No, take away the safety net and you create millions of hungry, desperate people who won't hesitate to stick a knife in you

And your proposal?

Slash the safety nets away, get the low paid out of tax and let them keep what they can earn.

Anonymous said...

Aye, abuse of incapacity benefit is a scandal. Why is it so easy to get it? Aren't there some reasonable tests that could be done to assertain whether or not someone is actually unable to work?
All these injured veterans who make poppies all year must bristle watching these fat, nasty, jaikey cunts siphoning hard working people's money out the system.

Old Holborn said...

If you hadn't noticed, crime is already at record levels. he Police won't help. They'll just record crime and watch it on CCTV.

Get the workshy to work. End of.
Bribing them not to rob and steal, giving them free housing and Sky TV is not working. They just use their free time to roam the streets in feral packs preying on us.

Let them pick carrots for 10 hours a day and see if they still have the energy to big it up wiv da massive, innit.

Anonymous said...

You lot make me laugh! you demand respect yet don't offer it, you think you have all the answers, you arrogantly tell the lower orders to do and yet its YOU thats fucked this country up but you can't see it can you? Consumtion without productivity thats all you know.
Those that you despise built you an empire, won you countless wars, and kicked the arses of those who would try to opress us, while you lot were swooning over fine art and bumming each other.

You try and change things with silly little protests,petitions and blogs, not a hope in fucking hell!

You could enlist the help of the underclass but you won't you are just like your political leaders,soft, comfortable and full of shit.

SaltedSlug said...

Is it half term or something?

Umbongo said...

It's interesting that anonymous chooses the miners as an example of how Mrs T destroyed the dignity of the working class. I suspect anonymous is too young to remember the post-war years when the miners held the country to ransom and gouged pay out of the taxpayer well in excess of what their productivity deserved (this is "Consumtion without productivity" with a vengeance). That's why when the subsidy was removed by Mrs T, the mines closed sharpish. The miners also distinguished themselves - with other working class heroes - by going on strike during a war.

Anyway I wouldn't be too downhearted. After years of "investment" we've got the best underclass money can buy but - by God - they're expensive.

electro-kevin said...

Our ills in a word:


terry said...

Umbongo you cunt, my name's Terry can't you fucking read?

Now you Mail loving wanker, I did not say the miners were right. But they should not have been destroyed and Britain's coal should not be wasted underground while we rely on Russian energy.

When the miners held us to 'ransom' we had a country that worked. Oh, and your link doesn't....

John Pickworth said...

Of coures it was Thatcher that created this fucking mess.

Hahahahahaaaa... sorry. Just for a minute I had a 'Life on Mars' moment and thought I'd returned to the 70's

Thatcher's problem is she was too cautious and didn't do enough. In fairness the changes we needed to see in this country would have taken a generation to achieve. Despite her timid actions though, its a credit to the nation and the ordinary men and women that so much was changed so quickly. Something nearly all nostalgic socialists choose to ignore is that NOTHING would have changed if the people of this country hadn't wanted it to - and they did, in their millions. Thatcher's revolution was also a people's revolution and there's no escaping that fact.

Terry you mention proud miners and manufacturers? Well, what were they proud of exactly? I'm the first to applaud their individual efforts but collectively the industries they worked for were bankrupt. Just look at the difference in living standards today compared with 30 years ago? Much of that is due to the fact we're not paying hundreds of billions of Pounds a year to keep afloat unproductive mines, railways and car plants.

And I'm not persuaded this vast army of proud British working men and women were so enamored with the idea of slaving away in these metal bashing industries. I was threatened by my father if I were to take up one of my career options and follow him into the mines (which fortunately for my hide I didn't do). Others too, were desperate to escape the worker's paradise. If you don't believe me, go take a look at some of the British movies from the time. They almost always depict your proud workers complaining, living in run down miserable conditions and fighting for an escape.

Terry, if you want a return to the old days just let me know? Naturally we'll be competing against the Far Eastern workers and I think its fair to tell you they work at least 12 hour days, 6 days a week and for much less than you or I can earn at McDonalds partime. But if that's what you want, round up a couple of hundred workers prepared to do the same and I'll find you a company happy to build a factory by tea-time today. See, that wasn't difficult was it?

Anonymous said...

Thank God we all work in high flying office jobs now eh? At least the economy's on a sound footing.

Its just a shame those Indians and Chinese can read and write now, never saw that coming did we?

Pompous twats.

terry said...

John Pickworth.

Just 'cos you've watched Saturday Night and Sunday Morning doesn't mean you know anything.

I can assure you those less intelligent were proud they could raise their kids with respect and the bright kids could always move on.

Anyway, instead of being like the Germans or the French and looking after our own we've created the conditions for a total disaster.

This economy is tanking and that twat Thatcher and her moneterism/class war shite was when this coming future was decided.

Umbongo said...


Why don't you try to control yourself? You posted at 12:30 pm as "anonymous" - "terry" wasn't mentioned.

That said, your arguments are, to say the least, unconvincing. It may be news to you but, outside the juvenile and poorly educated circles in which you waste your days, calling someone a "cunt" is not the knock-down drag-out clincher you believe it to be.

John Pickworth said...

terry said...

John Pickworth.

Just 'cos you've watched Saturday Night and Sunday Morning doesn't mean you know anything.

You'd be surprised what I know ;-)

Not only do I know the setting for the movie you mention intimately, I'm a past student of/and friend of the author.

Small world hey?

Arkangel said...

terry said...

Umbongo you cunt, my name's Terry can't you fucking read?

Now you Mail loving wanker, I did not say the miners were right. But they should not have been destroyed and Britain's coal should not be wasted underground while we rely on Russian energy.

When the miners held us to 'ransom' we had a country that worked. Oh, and your link doesn't....

The miners, led by that total arse Scargill destroyed themselves with their constant pay claims, wildcat strikes etc.
Much the same as the car workers led by such donkeys as Red Robbo.

John Pickworth said...

Anonymous said...

No, take away the safety net and you create millions of hungry, desperate people who won't hesitate to stick a knife in you...

Obviously, you don't snatch it away over night... but you're clear this is the way its going to be. And you'd need to do something about the rediculous entrepreneurial barriers - scrapping every working and business regulation that’s come out of the EU over the last 20 years would help enormously.

Look, seriously, we can't keep living like this. Its wrong that fit and able young people are sat in front of the TV instead of providing for themselves or their families. They might think its a good enough life but in reality we're shafting them (and us) big time.

If you doubt it cannot be done, go spend a £1000 on an airfare and a week in India, South East Asia or China. It’s an education I can tell you.

Almost everywhere, people are working, making and selling things. Nearly every village, town and suburb is crammed with small shops and light industry. Ordinary people working because there's nothing else if they didn't. No income support, no unemployment benefits (or very little), no state funded housing and little choice but to work or ask for support from the family (which is the norm) or taking to the streets to beg, sell pineapples or pick up litter.

Yes its a tough unforgiving life and certainly there are problems in these places too. But the entrepreneurial, the industrious, the "I can do better" attitude will bring a tear to many a pampered Westerner's eye.

Don't make the mistake in thinking these people are slaving away for pennies... slowly, surely, they are growing and the woman collecting waste cardboard becomes one of the World's wealthiest women (China). The guy fixing bicycle tyres eventually runs Lotus Cars (Malaysia). The blacksmith buys out Jaguar Cars (India). The back street radio repair shop becomes Sony electronics (Japan) and etc etc.

Not only do these people providing their own income but they are taking yours away right from under your noses.

For more than five years I've laughed at those who complained about the Poles stealing our jobs... when its the Asians buying your industries that you should have been worried about. And no, I'm not blaming the Asians. I'm saying its the reality we live in and the only way we'll compete with them is to get the 25+% of our youngsters off their arses.

Currently, we're doing nothing more than creating jobs in a vast Government machine. A giant enterprise that spends its day shuffling around bits of paper and typing pointless data into millions of computers. At one end it consumes our wealth, at the other it produces a 'stay at home' class of feckless state supported Sky TV viewers.

How long do you think this can continue? What happens when the emerging economies have put the remaining taxpayers out of work or diminished them to unsustainable levels? I'll tell you now, we're entering a permanent state of decline unless we do something pretty radical soon.

Personally, I don't think we've got the guts to do what we all know needs to be done. Frankly, we're fucked and if we're not all speaking Chinese in a hundred years time its because we've become as irrelevant as a functioning economic country as Somalia is today.

terry said...

I did not post anything at 12:30. I've only posted as Terry.

John Pickworth.. fair enough, are you from Nottingham, St Ann's? Used to live there myself.(Watkin street)

arkangel. I had no time for the miners, the unions needed taming but not at the cost of British industry.

If I've been of one, sorry, but baby p's pissed me off and I hate both Tory and Labour.

crackers said...

On who destroyed British industry, I do not think you can blame Mrs Thatcher. The rot set in the 1950's. Weak management and ignorant trade union bosses hell bent on class warfare - played the man not the ball. Meanwhile in Germany union bosses were all university educated and understood that you needed a strong company selling competitively priced products of good quality.
If Mrs T is a wrecker what do you call A Scargill Red Robinson and others - truly traitors of thw working class. My father in law, a good communist, worked on the Clyde and was so sickened by the shop stewards that he got ill and retired to paint and play music. He knew that labour bosses were corruptly ignorant and malicious.
Korea put us out of business as shipbuilders. Not Mrs T.

Anonymous said...

John Pickworth.... I have to agree with much of what you say, the sheer frustration I feel when we constantly blame the lower levels of society for our problems it just pisses me off. The average Brit once he starts to climb the greasy pole would like nothing more that to remove the ladder so he is safe on his lofty perch, from there he can tell us why we are so fucking useless (unlike him).
My eldest son despite being "council scum" just like me managed to struggle through university and complete a physics degree, The problems began when he started looking for work, it would seem background is as important as qualifications in Britain, still he managed to find a well paid job in Germany and now uses his skills to boost the German economy.

I could cry at the attitudes displayed in this country, but what would be the point?

it's either banned or compulsoty said...

crackers said...
"On who destroyed British industry, I do not think you can blame Mrs Thatcher. The rot set in the 1950's. Weak management and ignorant trade union bosses"
That is a very interesting analysis Mr. Crackers. What might have happened had British Management been less weak or the TUC more informed ?

Anonymous said...

Before you blame Thatcher for the destruction of the UK coal industry:

I worked for a company making equipment to automate the equipment used at the coal face and thus improve efficiency. It allowed a coal face to be operated by three people instead of 20+. It sold well in Australia and South Africa but not in the UK. Arthur Scargill and co didn't like it.

electro-kevin said...

John Pickworth - 16.04

Brilliant. Not the first time I've credited you either, is it.

I rarely delve to my deepest level of pessimism but I will here today on possibly the grittiest political blog in the UK (well I'm not about to do it on Ellee Seymour, I can tell you).

I believe that when the money runs dry and the underclass begin to starve there will be a bloodbath. It will begin with violent burglaries and street robberies ... then - if we are ever to recover - will come the backlash.

Thirty years of liberalism has created a ruthlessness in our society which will be hard to contain.

We're also going to have to get used to the idea of working as cheaply as our competitors.

It ain't going to be pretty.

crackers said...

Its either banned or compulsory "what might have happened if British Management had been less weak and the TUC better informed?"

I do not know. By the time the public and management wised up to the destruction of British manufacturing it was too late to do minor surgery; the body to be saved needed limbs to be amputated - hence Thatcher. If it wasn't Thatcher it would have been someone else - cometh the hour etc.

BMC wss going down the pan in the 70's largely due to the ineptitiude of Stokes and Labour Govt. and a shop steward Red Robinson. Last fling of dice Govt called in Michael Edwardes a no nonsense SAfrican who dealt with Robbo by direct appeal to workers - keep him and I go and we close the gates. Robbo left.

Frank Chapple of Electrical Eng Union was a pragmatist who understood that a union defeat of bosses was self defeating. Nottingham Miners also understood things. Sadly our great British workforce was led lemming like over the precipe by foolish well intentioned idiots at Unions and in Govt.

Its all got to do with the rise and fall of nations.

Like this most excellent post above illustrates. We are dead men walking morally and economically.

Apologies for this log winded comment. I feel sad for this country of my adoption(1977)

Kippers Dickie said...

A bullied office worker has been awarded £5,000 after her boss raised his right buttock from his chair and broke wind in her direction.
Humiliated mother-of-three Theresa Bailey, 43, was the only woman on a sales team where "laddish" behaviour made her life a misery, and continued despite complains to senior managers.

Sorry, wrong posting.

Stray Taoist said...

Atlas shrugs.

johnny nunsuch said...

In the blame game ALL of the above which just proves common sense ain't so common still who cares there's a class war or a them and us war to win.

Nobody ever heard of WIN - WIN ?

The post industrial society is here

The Refuser said...

Sadly I have to agree with Electro-Kevin. We are fast approaching a tipping point. Britain is full to bursting with low life deadbeats that we pay to do nothing. Added to this we get coachloads of Euro trash from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania et al. coming in every day all keen to sample the great benefits giveaway. It is unaffordable and when we stop paying it there will be bloodshed.

As for who is to blame. Well it seems to me it has been going downhill since the end of WW2 and now thanks to the lunatics in charge for the past eleven years we are in free fall. My fear is just as the last great depression ushered in WW2, the latest one will lead to an even bigger conflict.

On the positive side though we have plenty of cannon fodder!

thaitanium said...

I read the above posts and I would like to add my bit.
I live here in Thailand but I was an engineer in the UK, always worked for small firms subcontracting in big firms until I started my own company.
I employed many skilled men on good money, mostly taking machinery out of closed down factories and sendig it abroad. The car plants we worked in were a joke and a very expensive one at that, clspped out machines in clapped out factories until the Japanese came along and did what they did to the motor cycle industry overnight.
Greenfield plants modern machines everyone clocking on at the same time no blue and white collar and a decent product.
Now if we could see this coming why couldn't the great and good?
My family here are all over the far east, sister in law in Shanghai now have a look at that place, graduate engineers coming oput of your ears there not many taking "media studies" The industrial estates in Bangkok are huge with no machines older than the people working them and factories all new.
My daughter can speak 5 languages fluently and is taking her masters degree when my wife and I went on holiday to the UK I found the level of education abysmal and my better half was amazed by the amount of single parents there the best bit is they havn't a clue whats going to hit them in the next few years.
I live in the north of Thailand in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth when we were in the UK we couldn't move for "asylum seekers"
I have counted the asylum seekers here twice and there is still none I just wonder if the welfare state and the free housing in the UK might have someting to do with it?

John Pickworth said...

electro-kevin said...

"John Pickworth - 16.04

Brilliant. Not the first time I've credited you either, is it."

No its not, and thanks again :-)

Signed photo and fan club badge in the post.

But you know what, I'm not trying to 'talk down' the Country - good heavens no, wouldn't want the Brown shirts saying I was being partisan. There's actually some optimism in my words. Nothing that is going on in Asia is beyond what we could do here if we really wanted to do it. Certainly there's a cultural difference to the world of work and the importance of self-reliant family structures. Huge changes yes, and possibly ones that will take a generation or more to sort out but again it could be done. If we're willing.

thaitanium said...

"The industrial estates in Bangkok are huge with no machines older than the people working them and factories all new."

A perfect example of what I was trying to voice in my earlier post. This is our future too... But we can either leave the Asian's (and others in places like India, Brazil etc) to enjoy their enterprise while we sit on our collective fat arses or we can do something about it and change our ways?

If we don't, we're going to have some serious problems here. The good times (1780 - 2007) are over!

jaymason said...

The key is that welfare in any form should be a safety net, not a fucking trawl net to capture as many people as possible. No one should get something for nothing if you claim dole, go out and do some work in your community to earn that dole, regain some self respect by earning money. If people are on disability they can still contribute, Stephen Hawkin is fairly disabled but he isn't on welfare.

Everyone can and should be made to contribute something to the society that raises and protects them, if they are not prepared to then we should re-introduce the concept of the outlaw, the individuals put themselves beyond society and society can divorce itself from them.

kev g said...

The Indian doctor has form on CiF.

I thought the following post so excellent that I cut and pasted it to a separate file. Worth a read if you didn't catch it at the time.

Apols for not economising on space by just giving a link but I am not a sophisticate at things like this. There's a date, if that helps.


Jul 30 08, 7:28am

Mr Milliband

I know how difficult it is to say sorry and mean it. As a doctor, I have had to do it a few times in my career and always found it excruciatingly painful. Yet, without the self-awareness that goes with understanding and accepting my mistakes, I would have carried on making them.

If I were you (and I could never be you, unlike you I believe that human beings are free agents. But that is irrelevant for this hypothetical construct)

So, Sir, If I were you, this is what I would say:

We are very sorry that we have made mistakes. We have done many things right, but we have also made some very big and lots of small mistakes.

The Iraq war, and all that preceded it was a monumental error and all we can do now is to minimise the damage in the aftermath.

We were foolish to believe that a country can become rich just by citizens selling houses to each other. We were also wrong in thinking that Britain could remain wealthy by being a butler to the rest of the world. We need to be able to compete with India and China, so we need to improve the skill base of our population. Rather than sloganeering about unlocking the potential of our people we should have taken specific steps for making education and training more competitive, not easier to pass.

We recognise that in a benevolent system, there will always be parasites. The welfare state was meant to a safety net; we have allowed it to become a lifestyle choice. Our policies have created welfare dependency and we will change that. People must contribute to a society when they can, if they want that safety net for when they need (not when they want!)

Injecting large amounts of cash suddenly into s system is an inefficient way of spending money. We should have insisted on gradual increase in NHS resources with concomitant improvement in efficiency and performance.

We interfered too much in ordinary peoples lives and for that we are really sorry. In a free country, people should also be free to make mistakes; the state cannot and should not nanny them about everything from eating to drinking to cleaning their ears. For instance, five a day fruit eating programmes are a waste of time, money, effort and antagonise people.

By legislating for everything, we have damaged the bond of trust between people; and between the citizen and the state. We do not need the state to form rules about whether wheelie bins can be open or shut; whether language must be so sterilised so that no offence is ever meant to anyone of any persuasion etc.

We have played politics with gender, race and class. Human being are rich, varied and complex, every person is more than the sum total of their victimhood experiences. We have infantilised people by such an approach and set groups against each other in claiming victimhood for state largesse.

We are sorry for appeasing the violent extremists amongst us. Our multiculturalism model was meant do give minorities a sense of belonging; we are sorry it has created divisions between society. We will ensure that everyone abides by a single civic code and a single legal system.

And on and on the list would go. I have to go to work now and conduct a ward round. See, I am not you. I work hard for a living; I suspect you live hard for a living, full of intrigue and media exposure and carefully chosen words and MPs expenses. So you can never say any of this.

Perhaps one day, you will find the courage to speak the truth.

Best wishes


John Pickworth said...

jaymason said...

The key is that welfare in any form should be a safety net, not a fucking trawl net...

A nicely turned phrase... one which I feel compelled to shamelessly steal and use wontonly around the internet ;-)

You're so right though. I've just been reading the News Of The World piece about Baby Peter. Shocking!

I naturally just 'assumed' these people were a bunch of low lifes, but they weren't even that.


Even on a robust blog like this I should warn that it makes for grim reading.

And you know what's really so terrible? It's that there are thousands of these people out there.

thaitanium said...

And you know what's really so terrible? It's that there are thousands of these people out there.
The question is why are there thousands like this out there?
How about wefare for the needy not the greedy and if you can't feed 'em don't breed 'em?
These women get married to the state when they have their first child the next one or two are career moves, more kids more money.
I know the first one is usually a mistake but the rest?
When I was in business and was asked for a quote how do you think this would go down? Well normally it would be £5,000 but as I have 6 kids it's going to be £7,000 I wouldn't last 5 minutes.
The problem is we the taxpayer have to keep stumping up for these people as a "for instance" I once rented a house to a DSS claimant what a nightmare 3 kids 3 different fathers, free rent, no council tax, free school meals she had a boyfriend living there £4,000 car she was working in a pub when I phoned the DSS to report her they said how did I know? I told them as she was behind the bar serving beer and had a tee shirt with name of the pub on was a bit of a giveaway but nothing was done she was supposed to give me £10 a week to make up the difference in what she got and the actual rent, not a chance when I asked for the arrears I got a snotty letter from a "rent harassment" officer paid for by me and other taxpayers offering me 6 months in prison and an unlimited fine oh yeah and free legal aid for her if I tried to evict her.
Over the last 30 years or so it seems to me all the good guys you know don't cause any trouble go to work look after you kids have noe become the bad guys and all the scum have all thehelp and attention by people who can't get proper jobs you know social workers, debt councillors and of course grief councillors where the hell did they come from and what sort of training did they get?
Here's one I didn't think of until my friends wife mentioned it, as with a lot of these single parents the mother doesn't know who the father is the kids certainly don't, so as they rarely move from the dump they were born in as soon as they are able they start breeding with their half brothers/sisters, something else to look forward to.

Will said...

The left-wing "do-gooders" through the welfare handout incentive program are the primary cause of the very underclass they seek to help.

Always help a potential voter - the socialists hate increasing prosperity for all as it undermines the voting block they seek to buy each year.

Just as the Church created sin to keep the flock in line, so the left wing create an underclass to keep the equally unproductive power-lusters in a liefstyle they have become accustomed to.

It's time to cut welfare, slowly overtime, sell off govt investments, distribute the dividend equally to all citizens, and put an end to the sham that is a democractic system that is the very cause of our societal ills.

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