Thursday, 6 November 2008

Christmas is coming

If it's yours, nail it down. There's a credit crunch on.


live trafic feed watcher - do not feed me! said...

Stoke-on-trent, Stoke-on-Trent arrived from on "Old Holborn: Hazel Blears"

Elsby has entered the building.

Proberably only really came for the chavy sing-song. Nice of you OH to cater for the benefit/scrounging/underclasses.

captain skint said...

How can it be wrong to criticize our government? Local government is pointless. Still disgusted at plastic copper - no need at all 'cept twatishness.

curly15 said...

Bastards been shootin' film in my town!

Goodnight Vienna said...

Loved it. Add a background music track and it could be the No. 1 this Christmas. Get it out there and be surprised at who agrees with you!

Beer Breath said...

A good laugh.

I know it's a touch early but may I wish everyone a Happy Easter. I swear in two months they'll start advertising the bastard Easter eggs. You'll see.

Anonymous said...

that was really horrible

fucking retarded said...

These lads have proper talent. They've got previous and someone posted to take the piss out of Fucking Delicious, which is, fucking delicious.

kev g said...

Atrociously drawn cartoon I saw a couple of years back. Mother and son (who was dressed like one of the fine specimens in this clip) sitting on a sofa in a suburban drawing room.

Caption: Turn the telly on, son. Make your mother proud.

Oh, please yourselves.

Anonymous said...

YO mint Innit!

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