Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Bone Idle Fuckbubble

Right, let’s have a quick look at whether we are getting good value for money or not from this total fucktard.

£40,000 claimed for office expenses. He has no office

£54,000 claimed for “secretarial services” from his fucking wife

£61,000 Salary

Lives 200 miles away from his constituents. All 7 million of them (10 countries in the EU have less population)

He has made just two set-piece speeches and 12 one-minute “explanations of votes”. He has tabled five questions and sits on a committee but has not written any of its reports or tabled any resolutions.

Tell him what you think of his effort.

David Sumberg, CONservative MEP. dsumberg@europarl.eu.int


Rab C Nesbit said...

No wonder the cunt is grinning like a cheshire cat. The gravy train riding spam headed tool sook.

I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

Where the is Lord Tebbit when we need him?

You would honestly think that after Conway and Spelman the CCO would have put the fear of Ghod into anyone who could be on a nice little earner.

Cameron needs to get someone like Simon Heffer or Frederick Forsyth onto this and regain the moral high ground.

Billy Wallace said...

It is a fact they're all bent.

Have you seen this link off his site?


Chief Moose said...

He knows what we think just doesn't care. He's just another one of 1000's of MP's MEP's who suck us all dry add that to the awful amount working for the state as well. I’m on £13k a year and that cunt with the fucking eyebrows has just upped tax on everything I use. Can't you just give me this twat’s address and I will go round to his house and collect what’s due?

The Penguin said...

Dave should sack the smug cunt immediately. He should be prosecuted for fraud.

End of.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Dave should sack the smug cunt immediately. He should be prosecuted for fraud.

End of.

The Penguin

If Dave doesn't sack him he should be sacked himself as it sends the message that this sort of thing is acceptable.

marksany said...

How do you get to be an MEP? I could be losing my job soon and I'll be needing a new one. This sounds like a good job description to me.

I think I could take OH calling me a cunt for a few hundred grand.

wv: spiga (Italian for blow-job)

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Word veri
Its Italian for beastiality

The Penguin said...

Beast, allow me to help


The Penguin

Dick the Prick said...

Fuck the cunt - done.

Dear David

I was just wondering if you've done any work this year for the good of your constituents or perhaps you've been rather indolent and cashing in on the Euro gravy train by abandoning any faux principles you chose to design?

Just a question - don't bother replying. I'm psychic dontcha know.

Hugs and kisses


Lofty Sugden said...

I'd know the old queen's inane grin and deep-cleansed skin anywhere! He's been moonlighting again as Widow Wanky in an end-of-pier panto of A Lad Insane. Here's hoping some night he staggers a few feet beyond the end of pier...

And he's not even a real widow.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I see you've taken to "blurting out" posts and that no-one wants to sleep with you. Was it something you said?

Guthrum said...

Tory/Lab different sides of the same coin, This is just a rerun of the Major Government with even more money disappearing down the drain

Shirking From Home said...

What an utter fuckwit.

Arkangel said...

Well, this is what I just sent him. Yes, yes, I know it's too polite but that's me all over....cunt that I am.

Dear Sir,
It strikes me that you are a complete waste of space.
Your claims for expenses are outrageous and you have done nothing to justify them.
And, I speak as a life long Tory. You should be ashamed of yourself. You do our party no service whatsoever.
In another time, someone would have offered you a revolver to end your miserable life.

Geoff Hoon said...

I am an utter cunt.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Thats the kind of face that usualy goes with a Group 4 security van, handcuffs and an obese polyester clad guard, that or a politician.
What a fucking cunt.

mad manc cunt said...

Just told him he is a cunt. Invited him to Manchester so I can kick his fuckin' head in!

The Hitman said...

I think the crafty female MP is taking the piss.

she has an agenda.

Phoebe said...


"I have decided to leave the European Parliament at the next European elections in 2009.

I have been an MEP since 1999, having previously been a Member of Parliament for Bury South from 1983 to 1997. Before entering the House of Commons I served as councillor for Brooklands Ward on Manchester City Council.

Ten years in the European Parliament is long enough, this is particularly so for me as someone who is not a signed-up member of the European project. It is no secret that unlike most of my MEP colleagues, I do not support a more centralised and federal European Union."

When I leave the European Parliament in 2009, I will be only 68 and will therefore have the opportunity to seek pastures new in the political and non-political worlds. I shall also look forward to seeing more of my family after nearly twenty-five years of political life.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Good news Phoebe - the only problem is he takes his EU pension with him having already lined his nest. His 'pastures new' had better not bring him into closer contact with me.

For myself, I think Cameron should sack him now.

Old Holborn said...

Thanks Phoebe

I already knew that when I posted his name. Otherwise I'd probably be in court.

Now find how many more are taking "early retirement"

Den Dover, etc., etc.,

Dick the Prick said...

What? 17 days 'work' in 10 years for 1.5 million and a Brucie bonus of a pension?

Bob said...

I miss the 'X people want to sleep with me' etc

Just 'cos some cunt moaned that he didn't know how to find the comments was no reason to change.

Sort it out.

PS Am stocking up the bunker and buying a generator. All we need for a perfect storm is for HN51 to go through a couple more mutations and it's bird flue all round. Should make the early seventies seem like a lost paradise.

Fidothedog said...

Sounds like a lazy cunt to me, much like my prize cunt of an MP Paul Flynn.

bofl said...

i am glad you still have the 'people want to sleep with me' feature......

it doesnt take a lot of working out!

re EU...just look at how much the welsh windbag +family trouser.....
that is really criminal!

Anonymous said...

So the Conservatives won't be leaving the marxist EU gravy train any time soon then!

Wonder why?

Half of them on the EU payroll perhaps?

Shirking From Home said...

o/t but ... What the fuck are the WI doing playing NewLab's snoopy neighbours spotting prostitutes ads in local rags?

Jesus, what next? People dissing our Glorious Leader, car tax up to date, bins not overfilled?

Fuckers the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Hey OH, here's one for ya. I see that Margaret Eaton of the LGA is defending Haringey Social Services over the Baby p scandal. Do yourself a favour and google Margaret Eaton+common purpose and see what comes up.

Refusenik said...

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