Thursday, 20 November 2008

Barnardo's Scandal

Remember Barnardo's?

They were the people telling us earlier in the week how horrible we all are to the little scrotes who stamp us to death (fresh outrage just in) if we happen to be walking on the same pavement as them. They even produced a video of nasty white, middle aged men hunting them down with now illegal rifles.

Guess what?

Barnardo's has received £114 MILLION of tax payers money. Yup. The Government sponsored that advert. The Government prodded it's tentacles into Barnardo's and got them to produce a video protecting feral scrotes and used MY money to do it. Their wages and salaries bills were £106 MILLION, so they've actually made a profit on making ME look like a blood thirsty vigilante. Using MY money to do it.

To say I am annoyed is an understatement.

Why am I not surprised to find out that Cherie Blair was President of Barnardos for the last six years and has just handed over to Horse Face? Barnardos is not a charity at all. The Government pays all the wages with taxpayers money. I am reporting them to the Charity Commission.

Source: Charity Commission Accounts

Hat tip to John Trenchard


electro-kevin said...

I still haven't had a reply to my email to them earlier this week complaining about it.

It's people like us that fill their collecting tins, remember.

The Penguin said...

All these "big" charidees are run for the benefit of the cunts employed by them, fuck all goes to the "front line" any more.

Loads of dosh spent on horrible adverts to try and guilty-fy us into handing them money. They can all fuck right off as far as I am concerned.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

All the big 'charities' are actually businesses. I give them fuck all if asked. As for the chuggers infesting the high street, they can fuck off. In order to survive, the charity/business has to fail on its objectives, else they would all be out of a job. Rewarding failure once again eh! Cunts.

Rab C Nesbit said...

I give nothing to charity, except for the tiny local ones. The big national ones can fuck right off.

The Penguin said...

That Cherie Blair, do you think I should add her to Jacqui's team at the Bunny Ranch?

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

Rab, you ARE giving to charity. The Government is using YOUR money to ensure that this charity adopts New Labour values.

That's the scandal.

electro-kevin said...

I've not had a response to my complaint to Barnardo's about the fictionalisation of an incident involving middle-aged white men taking illegal guns and shooting at children.

My research now shows that you were sponsored by the government to put out this dishonest propaganda.

I can think of many reasons why the government would want to shift blame back onto law-abiding taxpayers for their abject failure to control youth crime and their continued support of bad parenting.

In the meantime I shall continue spreading the word that people should not donate to your 'charity'.

To remind you that it's not me making things up as you seem to do look at this link:

I don't need to rely on anecdotal evidence to tell you how intimidating many children can be nowadays - I can cite many occaisions where it has happened to me.

I'm very concerned about how this country is going - particularly because of the distortions of truth and reality by our institutions.

Please stop making out that I'm the criminal.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Already said above, but charity is big business now. I know a guy who became a millionaire as a fund-raiser for Cancer Charities. (he exhorts anyone who will listen to NEVER give to cancer charities)

Not surprising seeing as Cancer Research UK sucked up £477m last year and owns £238m in investments. They employ 30 people on salaries over £100k pa.

Reckon they are interested in finding a cure for cancer? Turkeys and Christmas and all that.

They do like to lobby Government to inflict restrictions on our lives though, through their 'alcohol control' and 'tobacco control' departments. They had a question asked at PMQs this week saying that the dehumanising of smokers simply hasn't gone far enough.

Big charity is big business. Nothing more.

David said...

I thought the clip was an instructional video...I'd better put the guns away again.

Anonymous said...

Well ive just sent them a very snotty mail about it,will see if i get a reply.

woman on a raft said...

What's needed is a rip-off video which is re-dubbed with the voices of, and masks of, Prince Charles and somebody audibly Scottish.

woman on a raft said...

You could also try the Advertizing Standards Authority because the words, while real, could not be definitely attributed to white males.

The test for discrimination is that if the advert had been voiced in, say, an obviously West-Indian voice and populated by black males, it would never have been made.

Shirking From Home said...

Fucking NuLab get everywhere.

Piss off!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

What a superb video.

I only watched two thirds of it, but I've written to Barnardo's to congratulate them on an excellently-produced, if slightly over-acted snapshot of life in Gray Bri'ain today.

Just what head-stamping chavs need - a good shooting.

Just found it a bit strange that Barnardo's advocate it.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Well Barnados had me fooled; compared to something I posted in a previous topic , the mission statement from the Church Of England Childrens Society
"We target your specific problem areas and use our in-depth knowledge and experience of public policy ..."
Of which I asked the not unreasonable question 'WTF does that mean ?'

Barnados What we do Whatever the issue from drug misuse to disability; youth crime to mental health; sexual abuse to domestic violence; poverty to homelessness; Barnardo’s believes we can bring out the best in every child. is clear, concise and devoid of management nu-speak bollox.

Perhaps the clue to their taking the States shilling lies here.
"Making Connections
Making Connections is a national and international service for adults, providing access to Barnardo's personal adoption and care records.
Making Connections also provides support, advice and intermediary...

Connexions, you may recall is the rubbish state careers advisory service
Are you 13-19? If so, Connexions Direct can offer you all the information and advice you need to make the decisions and choices in your life". Right, with , overstaffed , double frontage High Street locations overflowing with leaflets but devoid of clients.
Anyone who knows any teenagers will have ample anecdotal evidence of Connexions rubbishness.

State funding was swapped some five or so years ago from the charitable sector to Connexions leaving the charities up shit creek without a paddle.
We were promised some time ago that Connexions would be closed and so I suspect that Barnardos has been suborned into replacing it.

Gareth said...

I've often wondered if taxpayers funding charidies is nothing more than a) a wheeze to keep middle class management types of the busybody nature employed and b) a rampant effort to soothe the consciences of MPs and civil servants.(If they have a conscience that is.)

For either reason it would be entirely wrong.

Simply, we pay for the charidies to lobby our Government to put restrictions on our lives. Just as the EU pays Greenpeace to lobby the EU into placing regressive taxes on energy use. They wouldn't do this with their own money so why do it with ours?

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd never watched the video before now, but now that I have I would like to say...


What a complete farce. They are no better in sensationalising this issue than the papers they claim are demonising children.

Won't be contributing to them again. And you know what, I do actually feel sad about that because once upon a time Barnardos was actually a worthwhile charity, and their founder was obviously a good man.

Old Holborn said...

You have no say in the matter. The government will give your money (£114M) to whoever it pleases, even if their president was Cherie Blair

Roctopus said...

Good man, report the cunts.

I was especially annoyed when I seen that advert this week. There was a video on, too, where they ask teenagers why adults are wary of teenagers in the street.

The answers made my blood boil, the one which comes to mind is one goofy pleb saying "We're only playing." Yeah, because when I was a teenager, I used to through bricks through people's windows and cars, and we used to travel in packs while someone would film it 'for a laugh.'

'Playing.' Arse-bandit.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Don't forget you can make FOI requests online here:

ww11 vet said...

I'm 90 years old today, and that advert frightened me, I'm never going to go outside now with all these kids running around the place smashing very thing up, and now these men with guns driving round shooting at people, bloody hell bloody hell.

DOLLY! wheres my teeth?

John Trenchard said...

nice one - thanks..stuff like this deserves wider publicity.

i appreciate it!

by the way - i have more on my blog about the taxpayer, the EU and "charities"

have a read of the "key articles" - top right of my blog over here

hopefully, there's enough on there to inspire you folks to start digging around yourselves...

John Trenchard said...

20 November 2008 19:35

i have commented elsewhere that the Barnados inspired "chav shooting" video could turn into an awesome video game.

i mean - think of the possibilities.. chav scum throwing bricks at a pensioners house - do you use the RPG? grenades? the uzi? or the star wars blaster?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Gareth @ 19:47 "Simply, we pay for the charidies to lobby our Government to put restrictions on our lives. Just as the EU pays Greenpeace to lobby the EU into placing regressive taxes on energy use. They wouldn't do this with their own money so why do it with ours?"

Never a truer word said Gareth. That is exactly how Labour work. They even get round the charity bit in some cases these days. It used to be:

- pay charity to lobby us
- say that there is demand as we have been lobbied
- pass law that we wanted without recourse to the public

Now it's:

- pay local body that we set up to lobby us
- say that there is demand as we have been lobbied
- pass law that we wanted without recourse to the public

John Trenchard said...

"They do like to lobby Government to inflict restrictions on our lives though, through their 'alcohol control' and 'tobacco control' departments. They had a question asked at PMQs this week saying that the dehumanising of smokers simply hasn't gone far enough.Big charity is big business. Nothing more.

20 November 2008 18:10"

case in point - the London evening standard had a full advert from the British Medical Council (i wonder how much THAT cost) , on some campaign of theirs to ban cigarette vending machines, because apparently "45,000 children" use such vending machines each year.

now, i dont know about the rest of you, but the last time i saw a cigarette vending machine was in a PUB. its not likely to be in your local corner shop.

no doubt the publican makes a bit of profit off the vending machine on a saturday night as regulars have stayed a bit late and the corner shop has closed.

and so we have the BMC imposing their fascism on the rest of us because of fake concern about "children" and full page adverts about it.

they'll be banning cans of coke from vending machines because of the high sugar content..

(and no - i'm not joking - these fuckers wont be happy with just a ciggie vending machine ban..)

Wyrdtimes said...

That Barnados ad was a revelation.

Now I know. It's white, middle-aged, Englishmen that are the problem.

Old Holborn said...

Enjoy it. You paid for it.

Beady said...

Youtube is the most viscous audience

Dick Puddlecote said...

John Trenchard @ 22:02 "now, i dont know about the rest of you, but the last time i saw a cigarette vending machine was in a PUB. its not likely to be in your local corner shop."

What's more John, other countries have systems such as vending machines only accessible with credit cards, that kids can't get of course. Or, only accessible with a token from over the counter where proof of age is required.

Funny how Labour trumpet certain countries for guidance if restrictions are required, but ignore others where liberties are protected.

Thanks for the tip-off about the BMA ad, might use that. ;-)

AngryDave said...

I would like one of those Barnardo's cunts to come and spend a day with one of the little angels on my wing. I wonder if they will still believe they are simply victims of adult persecution or simply miss-understood.
They will probably get told to 'suck your mum', or just get smacked about a bit with a pool ball in a sock.
Decent kids raised by decent families (rich or poor) are not the same little bastards who hang around the streets terrorising people. They are more likely to be victims of these feral scum than adults.
The fact that a third of adults are fearful of teenagers, and believe that teenagers are out of control, mean that two thirds are not. This would sugest to me that it is not all youths that are a problem, but that there are a lot of problems with youths.

Justa bunch of care bear wankers trying to make us feel guilty about pointing the finger at the problem that new labour created.

woman on a raft said...

Technical note:

Do not confuse the BMA which is effectively the doctors' trade union with the GMC - the General Medical Council - the regulatory and disciplinary body.

The GMC are the ones who hold the registrations and can decide to strike a doctor off the list, effectively revoking the licence to practice.

The BMA does good publications and debate, but it got so cosy with its paymasters that members had a go at launching an alternative trade body.

Vicola said...

Are men hunting down chavs with rifles? Fucking brilliant, I thought no one was doing anything but I am greatly reassured now I know that people are actually heading out with the intention of gunning down some of the Rockport-wearing, employment-dodging, head-stamping scrotum-dwellers. Is there a charity that I can contribute to that collects money in order to purchase firearms for the vigilantes that can't afford to buy their own gun?

cornyborny said...

Just watched it for the first time. Eurrrh. Horrible. Feel like I need a shower.

It's like a fleeting glimpse into the liberal mind. What a FUCKED UP worldview these assholes have.

Anonymous said...

Could we also complain to Advertising Standards? Just sent to Barnados via their website: ''Being a registered charity means that we must always be accountable'.
May I suggest that your recent video, paid for by taxpayers' money showing adults hunting down feral kids is slightly less than accountable & highly irresponsible? What about the thugs that killed Gary Newlove? What about the Asaf Mahmood Ahmed? The thugs involved may turn their lives around but what about the lives of the Newlove & Ahmed families? Four saved, eight sunk - seem like fairness to you? I will certainly not be contributing to your charity & I will certainly try to publicise that I consider to be your very suspect attitudes amongst my friends & acquaintances - it is then up to them to make up their own minds as to whether they should support you or not'.

crackers said...

Large charities are quangos run by the staff for the staff and totally in the the Govt pocket.

Five years ago I saw an ad by Help the Aged "Your donation of £20 will save the sight of an African villager in Mozambique etx". I met a director of Help the Aged and offered on behalf of a small trust fund I am involved with to fund five eye clinics at £10,000 each. I also undertook to do the admin and pay costs of flights for surgeons. My offer was refused. Help the Aged simply wanted to trouser £50K with no guarantee that the money would restore one villager's sight never mind the 5000 that by their calculation the donation would provide.
Travel through Africa. 100's of Toyota Landcruisers roaring about do fuck all good to anybody by the twats at Oxfam/RedCross et al.Aid is killing Africa. Literally.

Earl White said...

Can I complain about racial stereotyping in the video? I'm a white male and think it's grossly unfair that I be made to look like a chav killer.

woman on a raft said...

Yes, you can complain online to the Advertizing Standards Authority.

The relevant part of the code is

DECENCY (ie avoiding serious or widespread offence)

5.1 Marketing communications should contain nothing that is likely to cause serious or widespread offence. Particular care should be taken to avoid causing offence on the grounds of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability. Compliance with the Code will be judged on the context, medium, audience, product and prevailing standards of decency.

5.2 Marketing communications may be distasteful without necessarily conflicting with 5.1 above. Marketers are urged to consider public sensitivities before using potentially offensive material.

You can also do as EK did and tell Barnardos that you will not voluntarily support them until they stop demonizing white males of certain class.

You can complain to your MP about it.

You can also complain to Buckingham Palace about it - they absolutely hate the idea of a member of the Royal Family being drawn in to a political row, especially about whether they are demonizing their own subjects.

The NSPCC was forced to drop an advertizing campaign based around cartoons which demonized parents, especially fathers, portraying them as intrinsically dangerous and abusive.

John Trenchard said...

"21 November 2008 14:41"

did you ever walk past the Help the Aged offices on Pentonville Road?

the building is fucking HUGE... about 6 or 7 storeys high.

obviously, helping the aged is not their primary concern.

John Trenchard said...

"woman on a raft said...

Yes, you can complain online to the Advertizing Standards Authority."

i disagree. i dont like resorting to government measures to shut down debate. its better that its out there and in the open - so that we can ridcule it.

dont be tempted by going down the socialist route.

sometimes, you just gotta stand back and let free speech take its course.

Anonymous said...

I have just sent a Freedom of Information request to Barnados asking for confirmation that all the named individuals on pages 31 and 32 of their Annual Report and Accounts have been subject to up to date CRB checks in connection with their activities looking after Children and Young People. If they have not I have requested the names . I'll let you know what happens.

PS I'm "anonymous" 'cos I'm obviously thick and can't manage to sign up to a Google or Blogger Account. I've tried several times and think I've Cracked it but friggin all happens. I'll keep persevering in my odd free moments.

Dream treader

crackers said...

John Trenchard

'do you ever walk past their office block in.....'

Yes. I had three meetings in that very same building in my attempts to connect a series of donations directly to the blind villagers featured in Help the Aged ads. But HtA wanted me to hand over the cash and no strings attached. In my view the funds would have been used to fund a staff seminar in a 4 Star country house hotel or buy the CeO a new BMW.
My paternal grandfather spent 5 years in Barnados but I would not give them a penny.

Manno said...

Have to say that I'm a bit fucking disgusted with the swearing on this blog. Clean up your language, please, you profane twats.

Otherwise - very good.

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