Thursday, 20 November 2008

Baby P report not to be released

"So what?" says Rick out of the Young Ones

Breaking News

"The Government has refused to release a detailed report into the mistakes made by authorities in the Baby P case. A serious case review was carried out after the little boy died in a blood-splattered cot in Haringey, north London, in August last year.
He had suffered more than 50 injuries at the hands of his abusive mother, her boyfriend and a lodger despite repeated visits by the authorities.
A 15-page summary of the serious case review was published at the end of an Old Bailey trial last week.
But the Information Commissioner has ruled that the full report cannot be made available to opposition MPs because of the risk of identifying the professionals involved, the House of Commons has heard.
There are fears that releasing reports might lead to professionals who make mistakes in child welfare refusing to co-operate with serious case reviews, MPs were told."

UPDATE: Not even Opposition MP's will be able to read it

the Information Commissioner has ruled that the full report cannot be made available to opposition MPs because of the risk of identifying the professionals involved, the House of Commons has heard.


UPDATE: Ed Balls has said no one is allowed to read the report because his hands are tied by the Information Minister.

They've just issued a press statement to say that is complete BOLLOCKS


The Penguin said...

Well they 'll just have to find it elsewhere, or wait until some bugger leaks it to them shouldn't take long.

Quite a few names at my blog gleaned from the newspapers etc.

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

It won't even be given to opposition MP's.

Something stinks

haddock said...

"the full report cannot be made available to opposition MPs"

this reads as if the report will be available to only Labour MPs.... surely not ?

The Penguin said...

Does it mention Margaret Hodge?
She stinks of dead and abused children!

The Penguin

Arkangel said...

What are they burbling about...'professionals who make mistakes in child welfare refusing to co-operate....etc?

Have these fools not heard of 'subpoenas' or treating the professional involved as a hostile witness?

Strikes me there's a lot being hidden here under this lame excuse.

Billy Wallace said...

Are they afraid that Dave may use it against Brown at the next PMQ,

I don’t fucking think so.

The people are the ones to fear.

bofl said...

isnt that (p)rick from the young ones?

i find it odd that we have thousands of laws,hundreds of inquiries and yet no-one ever gets the blame or suffers consequences.

It's always the same.....whether it is Blair covering up for the Saudis/Bae or david kelly killing himself with a mcvities wholemeal chocolate biscuit or this!

just another day in paradise......
i mean purgatory.

Anonymous said...

But Labour MPs will have access to it? It stinks! Guess I'll have to wait until it's leaked to read it.

Gen d'Eau said...

But none of the 'professionals' did anything to warrant more than a disiplinary what's the problem?

It isn't like they were utterly incompetent cunts who should have been sacked & struck off, is it?

There can't be anything to hide after such a series of 'independant' enquiries, can there?


From social workers to ministers they are criminally incompetent as far as I am concerned.

dalesman said...

If, as it sounds, Labour MP's will have access to it, it stinks.

You can be pretty sure it will get leaked though!

Guthrum said...

That is utter bollocks, anybody can be compelled to attend a public examination in Court under oath if they are refusing to cooperate with a public enquiry.

Baby P is dead, De Menezes is dead, it is our duty to keep there memory alive whilst these bastards keep trying to bury their bodies deeper.

Something is very very wrong here

ruby ruby ruby said...

Gen d'eau,
What did you expect ?
These social workers did do their job properly, in fact they done it soo fucking well Haringey council wish to
keep it a secret as they dont want other child care agencies to know just how well they fuck up, I reckon it will be leaked in time, I sincerely hope all involved are sacked. What an incompetent bunch of wankers and total fucking cowards

Wyrm said...

Do you know any government that will made publicly available any document that states: "we suck"?

Not at all, and back home is the same crap.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Is a coroner's inquest pending, or has it already taken place? Could be worth digging a bit in that direction, OH.

Blinky Balls has just been on state radio implying that procedures were not followed. No shit, Sherlock!

I despise ZaNuLabia with every fibre of my being - utterly vile bunch, the lot of 'em.

Gen d'Eau said...

A couple of interviewees on the tele over the last couple of days (sorry, can't remeber who), were saying "Oh well, by international we're pretty good, can't save them all etc". i.e. don't make a fuss about baby P - these things happen.

Which pisses me off in several ways:

1) Baby P could have been saved (hang the the 3 'adults' involved BTW), but enough 'professionals' saw him. They could have DONE THEIR FUCKING JOBS and saved the kid. CUNTS.

2) Speeding, apparantly, is differant. Because the politicians can't be held responsible, then EVERY life lost is a crime. So, any law is justified.

The scum bag who killed those two kids was over the current limit - don't use him as an argument to lower the limits, you duplicitous cunts. Just prosecute him using the current laws, and make sure the punishment fits the crime - double manslaughter.

So, are MPs particularly fucking stupid, or are they deliberately using devious fucking lies / arguments to get their way?

Ok, Ok, stupid and devious is probably the truth.

Ruby^3 unfortunately this attempt to cover up / down play is exactly what I expected - the total brass neck required to bury the report exceeded my extremely low expectations though.

NuLabour continues to lower expectations and then fail to meet them - cunts.

The Penguin said...

Have the idiots not noticed Facebook?

There is one huge shit storm of public outrage out there!

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

WTF, what a bunch of cunts. It will 'out' eventually... Wikileaks is your friend.

Nick von Mises said...

By that logic might as well not have criminals punished because that would discourage them coming forwards to the police after commiting a crime.

'Course its a fairly clear admission that social workers are a lying scheming crowd if the only way you can get a straight word out of them is to offer anonymity and immunity.

I'd suggest we don't pay the salaries of social workers who don't cooperate. As a start.

The Refuser said...

To paraphrase the Devils' Kitchen. Ed Balls has a face that you could never tire of punching. Something smells of cover up here.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'm on the list. Wikileaks aint my fucking friend.

The Penguin said...

"Something smells of cover up here."

Are you sure it's not Hodge's rancid fanny?

The Penguin

Dave said...

They just close ranks don't they.

I hate them all

The Penguin said...

From Facebook, with some groups adding members faster that I can copy and paste

226,939 members

58,541 members

151 members

30,480 members


25,474 members

Just a few moments looking, I'm sure there are plenty more.

If they think they can quietly bury this, it's WAKEY WAKEY time.

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

This is getting interesting.

Apparently Ed Balls's "hands are tied"

I have received a very interesting Email today from somebody in Haringey Social Services.

More tomorrow

woman on a raft said...

Wikileaks aint my fucking friend

Not today, but one day it might be the best friend you could have. Now they can't disappear you without trace.

A list in Labour's hands which only they knew about had would have allowed them to quietly pick you off one by one.

haddock said...

From the Information Commisioner's Office website.

"Thursday 20 2008
ICO statement on the Baby P case
A spokesperson for the ICO said:
'The ICO has not been consulted in relation to the release of the case review file regarding the tragic circumstances of the 'Baby P' case. We have not made a ruling on this case."

is someone telling porkies ?

woman on a raft said...

Well spotted, Haddock.

From a Press Association source published in the Petersfield & Bordon Post 20 Nov 2008

Shadow children's secretary Michael Gove acknowledged that Children's Secretary Ed Balls had his hands tied and called for a change to the law.

He asked Mr Balls: "Does he not agree with me that it is quite wrong to put the interests of a bureaucracy which has failed ahead of proper scrutiny?"

The Children's Secretary replied: "I endeavoured to see yesterday whether I was able to release the full confidential serious case review to Parliamentarians.But the clear professional advice to me was that would be the wrong thing to do, both given the ruling of the Information Commissioner but also the importance of making sure that in future serious case reviews are done properly."

It's the old 'clear professional advice' ploy which worked for WMD. Get the lie that it is the Information Commissioner's fault at the top of the news, then it doesn't matter so much what is at the bottom. That statement has got Ali's finger prints on it - he's the best at misdirection. If the worst comes to the worst, you can always blame the unnamed 'professional'.

Balls is saying: 'somebody told me the Information Commissioner told them that it would be wrong and they don't want me to do it either'. Either he hasn't checked with the Office of the Information Commissioner - which would be inconvenient as they would not say that - or has told what he knows to be a lie.

What is most interesting is that the Office of the Information Commissioner refused to collude or didn't even know until people started ringing them to confirm. Mandy will be after them.

Anonymous said...

I suppose they could give a copy to the BNP?

fuchsia groan said...

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear....
Evil cunts, every one.

Old Holborn said...

Woman on a Raft, you really are a star. I owe you a bottle of Champagne

Ian Dale has now picked it up, courtesy of you. Thank you

John Pickworth said...

Liar liar, Balls on fire.


A young Ed Balls wearing his Nazi uniform.

Wouldn't the suspicion he might have racist tendencies prevent him being able to discharge his duties as Schools Secretary in an unbiased way - you know, in the same way a teacher belonging to the BNP wouldn't (according to the Government).

woman on a raft said...

Thanks, but Haddock spotted The Big Lie - perhaps we can share.

Based on what is already available I can make a plausible argument that the immediate social workers and the paediatrician were hung out to dry. They did a piss-poor job, sure - there's no excusing that - but something about the way the case and the prosecution was run smells wrong.

Those social workers knew - or guessed - about the boyfriend but they disastrously misread the situation. If the social workers called the mother out on it, they would have had to deal with the issue of benefits fraud, so maybe they looked away, even when Mr Scum II moved in as well. The last visit was four days before the child's death. You simply cannot miss evidence of two grown men, three extra children, a 15 year old concubine, two attack dogs, a free-range pet snake, filth, blood, and petfood strewn round the place. It was a four-bedroom house. Where are they going to hide that lot?

No, the case workers weren't blind or stupid or inexperienced. If they looked away, why did they do that? Who was nudging them along that path? It doesn't sound like the police - who moved like greased weasels to exculpate themselves, which is why the story about the pregnancy and birth broke within a day or two - but there is more to it than social workers getting it wrong or even failing to do their jobs.

Again, not to be soft on what are often an dire lot, but in Tottenham they already knew what happened to social workers who stepped out of line - they got accused of child abuse, like Nevres Kemal. Once that happens to a social worker they are usually finished, even if it is a complete crock. Kemal is exceptional in managing to clear her name.

If Shoesmith was so concerned about protecting 'the staff' she'd have fallen on her sword, perhaps arranging it just after the verdict, so as to put off the posse. It's called leadership and integrity. If I were Ed Balls, I'd have pushed her off the sledge, regardless of it being outside of my authority.

He hasn't done that. Why not?

Old Holborn said...

Patience my precious, patience.

Do you know what it costs in legal fees to remove a child?

Ed is going to be telling us all in a few days

John Pickworth said...

Old Holborn said...

Do you know what it costs in legal fees to remove a child?


I'm sure I posted them around these parts a few days ago ;-)

woman on a raft said...

Watch out for positioning here. There has been a long-running dispute about the authority of social workers and medics over families. A dead baby is almost more useful than a live one if you want to extend state authority.

Protecting vulnerable children, yes, but it has to be established objectively that the child is vulnerable. There are at least some elements in both medicine and social work who think that: 'what I tell you three times is true'.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I never thought of it like that. And here's me thinking I'm such a clever fucker. Smart-ass more like it eh?

Thanks (Genuine)

Wiki rethink in progress.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Just a thought, if this is the Shoesmith investigates Shoesmith report perhaps it is so centred on clearing her own name and blaming temporary/no-longer-with-us juniors that Balls is simply too embarrassed to release it.
In this of all cases he surely does not believe that the public will settle for anything less than full disclosure and several rolled heads ?

btw, keep up the good work boys and girls.

The Penguin said...

Anyone know how the voting stacked up last time round at Haringey Council and what are the chances of a Lib Dem landslide at the next election? Or what can be done to help achieve this by heaping the appropriate opprobium onto every possible Labour Councillor who can be shown to be involved in any way shape or form in the setting up running or covering up for Social Service and Legal Services?

Then the incoming LibDem council should as a first act, sack every overpaid chairfiller in senior management positions, as they are all clearly not fit for purpose.

Bad enough having to live in Haringey, the poor fuckers could do with a half decently run council.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Balls is toast (not Balls on toast).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason for Blinky's reticence is due to the fact that that brave whistleblower Nevres Kemal had her solicitor write about the state of Haringey SS to, among others - wait for it - DCSF - where Ed Balls reigns supreme. Perhaps he or his dept. is also 'mentioned in dispatches' & therefore is trying to hide the evidence? Nothing is too low for any of them.

The Penguin said...

"Lynne Featherstone, the local Lib Dem MP, said she had been contacted by workers in Haringey who believed Mr Balls' inspectors were not getting the full picture.

She said: "A manager chose which staff would meet the inspectors and prepped them prior to the visit. No-one else was allowed to speak to the inspectors."

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Why dothe incompetents responsible for allowing this to happen insist on styling themselves "professionals"?

John Pickworth said...

Why do the incompetents responsible for allowing this to happen insist on styling themselves "professionals"?

I wondered this too... I heard it on the Panorama program and thought to myself, I'm sure Social Working isn't a profession as such?

The Penguin said...

Partial climbdown

The Penguin

haddock said...

"lawyers had advised him not to make the full serious case review available."

what lawyers ?

"well they were big boys and they ran away" said Mr Ballsup

Chalcedon said...

Strongly suggests that Noo Labour legislation or some other thing the Gov is responsible for, such as a set of guidelines, secret e mail or whatever is partly responsible the Gov would be shat on if this report was made public. As for officials not co-operating.........a summons to court and examination under oath often does wonders, or else a hioliday waterboarding in Cuba as a reward.

the hitman said...

What a load of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

a baby died because nobody did their job properly. Why won't anybody get that baby some justice. His so called evil mother and her cunt of a boyfriend should be hanged in public. so nobody will ever do to a child what they did. an example sould be made of the basterds. i hope they get tortured in prison like they tortured baby P.

Anonymous said...

i hope really bad things would happen to them cunts

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