Sunday, 30 November 2008

Another £6 Billion spunked away

"Free money dat way"

Anybody here skint? Anybody feeling the pinch?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that Gordon has just given £6 BILLION to Africa.

Of all the diseases in the world, of all the complicated, life threatening illnesses that can shuffle us off this mortal coil, I can think of none simpler to cure than AIDS. Gordon has just given £6 BILLION of OUR money to Africa rather than turn round and mention the rather enormous elephant standing in the room. Because he doesn't want to offend them.

So I’ll do it for you Gordon, you fucking coward.

Dear Africans,

Stop raping your sisters. Stop having numerous sexual partners. Wear a condom. Stop sitting under a fucking tree all day clutching an AK47, stop deciding that your neighbours tribe need to be macheted to death by the millions, stop letting your tribal leaders squander your wealth on diamond encrusted Lear Jets, stop sending me fucking 419 letters, stop eyeing up your neighbours 14 year old daughter, stop marrying every woman you meet, stop selling your children to slave traders, stop rioting over which bastard sky pixie is the best, stop rubbing chilli powder in children’s eyes because you think they are witches and keep your fucking legs closed for ten years and AIDS will be completely gone from your continent.

Signed Gordon

The Glory Hole, Waterloo Gents.

There, that didn’t hurt did it? £6 Billion of MY money saved and my children won’t have to borrow money and work themselves to death so you can get jiggy jiggy with ya uncle.



Mitch said...

When you rule the world can I help?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Fucking tell 'em OH!

Shirking From Home said...

Excellent post!

Custard said...

You could add "stop fucking up the arse becuause it may well save you buying a condom, but it sure as hell isn't going to save your life". "And your wizard-sleeved wife will still die before your youngest born reaches puberty as she is fucking anything with a pulse whilst you are out fucking anything else with a pulse."

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I read some time ago about the reports from Ethiopia during the famine in '84, the world's media showing the suffering etc whilst off camera the local menfolk standing around drunk and emptying themselves into the local spunk buckets. Perhaps if the real Africa was shown, peoples' attitudes will quickly change. Personally, I never have, and never will, give money for any foreign 'charity' work.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

And whilst we're on the subject, WTF are we doing giving cash to Nuclear Power India?

Damo Mackerel said...

Hi Rab C. Nesbitt. You maybe interested in this article here:

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...

In light of the horrifying truths brought to mind by OH's timely (and timeless) post:

"Will the next Einstein come from Africa? If Neil Turok gets his wish the answer will be a resounding yes."

Is Mr Turok going to get his wish? Answers on a postcard please:

c/o Greated Unified Omnocracy
666 Liberal Elite Way
Metro Circlejerk Park

wv: congal (seriously)

Fidothedog said...

Well said... :-)

Thud said...

"do they know its christmas time at all"

Dick the Prick said...

Soz for being a cunt in advance. Err.. Africa ain't a generic piece of shite. Mali, Ghana, Kenya (yup) and Tanzania are pretty fucking cool. Fair play to the general thrust of the argument but we're gonna have to get imperial through other means.

If this is a strategic thing - fine. If it's cuntdom then fuck it. Private Eye have been running that the DfID has been privatized for yonks which hopefully means defence but the drugs are wearing off.

mad manc cunt said...

Fuckin' love this blog!

Dick the Prick said...

Just for the record, I'd be well inclined to bomb the fuck out of Sudan and Somalia but the smart money is on letting the fucking Arabs fuck each other to the ground, let Ethiopia & Eritrea have another war (although Addis is a wonderful city) and sit back and get pissed.

Ghana is a beautiful part of the world, it really is. Anyway, I thought lemon juice and ginger cured AIDS - what my monkey pimp told my baboon trick last night.

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...


Close UK borders, says 'curry king'

Contains an amusingly optimistic assessment of the amount of time that might be required to achieve "integration" - also, no definition of what "integration" might look like - but still a good start.

JPT said...

Black Africans you mean?
There's not much of an Aids problem amongst WHITE Africans.

Just saying that's all...

Old Holborn said...

That's because all the White Africans are here, stinking of Biltong and shouting loudly in the pub.


Warsteiner said...

Class posting OH

Reversepsychology said...

Dunno why any fuckers shocked here, as this is entirely predictable.

Fact - Gordon loves Africa

Fact - Gordon loves to piss away the tax payers money.

Fact - If the one eyed twat spunks the said monies, like there's no tomorrow then very soon, we'll be in the same boat as our African brethren.

Fact (allegedly) - Gordon admires one African leader above all others.

Mr Mugabe to be precise.


Holborn!................. Sell me one of those pitch forks, as Iv suddenly got the urge to bag me a haggis!

Dick the Prick said...

It saves money to set up redoubts. Granted, the one eyed socialist cunt probably hasn't worked that out but if we don't plug it the ferking Aaarabs will.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Maybe McMental is worried about whats up his own arsehole.
The Beast thinks AIDS is a brilliant thing
It mops up poofs and niggers.
Fucking show me a better virus in the history of mankind.

Anonymous said...

McMental always likes to act 'the big man' when he gets on to the international scene (delusions of being a well-known & SUCCESSFUL international statesman). He thinks he's following in the footsteps of his reverend old man, who probably made him give some of his pocket money to the 'poor heathens'. Delusional fuckwit! Good post OH but in fairness it isn't ALL African countries - mind you, the responsible ones probly aren't getting any money from Gordon - he specialises in throwing good money (usually belonging to someone else)after bad. Useless cunt!

Dick the Prick said...

Fucking hell Beast - get off the fence lad. If there were a 'that cunt should never have been born virus' i'd be in favour.

Niggers are better than Pakis anywho. Those cunts think we owe them a fucking living. Niggers just want a tenner.

Damo Mackerel said...

The Beast Of Clerkenwell: you're a nasty piece of work for that comment.

ranter said...

Superb post. Drives me mad every time I hear the news that 'aids among heterosexuals has gone up'....again! They forget to mention that's due to the huge number of African (Black African) people who've contributed fuck all to the NHS getting FREE treatment here 'cos no one in the NHS DARES ask them if they are ENTITLED!

Back in the early '80's when AIDS propaganda was just getting started I heard Anna Raeburn on her Capital radio show one evening explaining just why AIDS was so rampant among heterosexuals in Africa. (She'd already discussed the homosexuals and rampant uncontrolled and unprotected anal sex in San Francisco bathouses etc). To yer African, according to Anna, anal sex was very common as it was a form of contraception. Or as the Arab said when giving his son sex education..'dis for babies' - indicating a ladies front bottom, and 'dis for fun' indicating his own bottom. Durty baastaards!

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...

Blair/Brown love Africa cos they're a pair of cripplingly ugly, vain, pretentious fags and in comparison to the local crop of corrupt, lecherous simpletons they must seem positively godlike.

Right after covering himself in glory with Iraq, Blair tried to clenses his blackened soul by going on a high profile, UK funded, wankfest tour of Africa for the single purpose of having loads of needy, hungry, diseased faces look up at him as though he'd just stepped down off a cloud.

".. a scar on all our consciences ..." apparently.

Not on mine, cunt. Gave loads of other people's money away at the same time just prove the depth of his sincerity (none of his own it should be noted).

The likes of Blair and Brown need to be loved above all else. Given that they're both repellent fraudsters, this love can only be found by trawling the depths of human disfunction and squalor - be it foreign or domestic. This is also another good reason why they have every interest in undertaking breathtakingly grandiose "social reform" and no interest in it turning out to be anything other than an excercise in squandering as much useful capital as possible.

Hain's big on Africa too, plastic faced twat. Or maybe I'm just being cynical in the face of his selfless beneficence.

Dick the Prick said...

Apols - am gonna be a cunt again.

I was brought up to be strong, taught to foght, taught to win. I've lost my dreams - fuck 'em, they were mine anyway.

There are men standing there watching shite that beligerance and dispute affest little. They have no ability to save their daughters or sons. I ain't getting religious but there comes a point where a man has to say bollox.

I only see threat from Sudan, Egypt and Somalia - £6bn is long. I'll never stand in the way of a man and his family. We're fighting cunts - pretty simple in my Yorkshire book.

Old Holborn said...

Fuck that. Africans can do what they fucking well like.

The minute it affects me though is the minute I become interested. And it IS affecting me. Blair, Bono, Geldof, Brown are all insisting that I send them thousands of pounds a year because they are incapable of changing their behaviour.

Fuck that. If I wander around in minus 5 temperatures naked, I will die. Darwin taught me that. Not Bono and £6 Billion quid of MY money.

Aficans, you're on your own. Adapt or die. If poofs and pimps in the West can work it out, so can you. If you can't, well, goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Look at that shiney spade on the right!

Anonymous said...

What a damn stupid, infantile piece!

yes, sending money to Africa is daft - but in the real world, that isn't what's going to happen. It will go into one account and out through another -and come back as a debt payment or as a consultancy fee for something or other. It will be back in the UK accounting system within a week!

As for your racist rant - and whatever you think, this is classic racism - it completely ruins any argument you are trying to make!

Most people in Africa don't live your stereotype lifestyle - they don't even have bones through their noses anymore!

You know who I am said...

I really enjoyed reading about homos who deliberately seek out a "bare backing" from an HIV pos mutual poof
Fucking good!
That really is Darwinsism in (man on man) action
Just dont come to me begging for my cash when your arsehole not only has a prolapse but you need anti viral meds you fucking perverts.
The name of castle OH
Stone cladding, a Koi pond and a "classic" XR3 on bricks (+:

Old Holborn said...


Please accept a full refund.

"Most people in Africa don't live your stereotype lifestyle - they don't even have bones through their noses anymore!"

No, they have AIDS

Old Holborn said...

Beast @ 23:57

Go to bed now. It is late.

Dick the Prick said...

Yeah, Anonycunt - teacher's gonna be upset you fucked up the join the dots to get yer A star. Racism my arse.

All's i'm saying is (you gonna like this) you can't choose you fucking government. We ain't lucky, we bred from lads who defended this territory and that's a blood debt. I say debt - my Gran never let me get away with anything - she'd be shite at AMEX.

It's a cunt gene.

Dick the Prick said...

Soz about getting you know - I don't mind this if it's done proper. Chance 'ud be a fine thing.. Cheers for blog OH - just a dude going about his business.

Barnsley Bill said...

Another stella fuelled rant from OH, and if I may be so bold probably the funniest for a week or two. Well done sir. I may well steal this post and reproduce it down in Little Britain, a small and insignificant hat tip may be offered.
Beast, you are the softest of softcocks. Start blogging again NOW.

Anonymous said...

Typical One Eyed Goblin Gordon: Throw a shit load of money at a problem and maybe it will go away.

Or yes maybe it will mysteriously turn into a jewel-encrusted jet.

Dick the Prick said...

OH - I went for a job interview on Thursday - not news in itself. Afterwards I did however drop off my week of abstemious behaviour and picked up a copy of the Sun.

I don't know you at all. There are limits man. Your brilliance is in your stubbourness and the bees in your bonnet. Fair ebough, some stories need investigating and it seems Shoesmith is gone today. I don't wanna be in a right wing blog - I wanna be in a fuck you blog. Bit drunk -

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...

"... and come back as a debt payment ..."

You mean the debts that are being written off at great expense? Quite a low recover rate, even given the appalling interest charges. Also, it depends on who is collecting the loan repayments. If it's the IMF, that doesn't count as coming back into the UK.

"... or as a consultancy fee for something or other ..."

There might be some truth to that but coming back into the accounting system isn't the same thing as NOT taxing the UK for it in the first place. The money that does come back into the UK will be in the pockets of upper class parasites that constitute that whole festering guilt-trip peddling industry. Corrupt African aid embesslers are likely to have offshore (non UK) accounts to stash their own cut of the scam.

"Most people in Africa don't live your stereotype lifestyle"

So what's all the aid for then? I think what you meant to say was "Some people in Africa...", which goes without saying. Imagine what it'd mean if that wasn't true (presumably, things would be slightly worse that they are right now).

"... they don't even have bones through their noses anymore!"

You're the only one specifically talking about bones in noses - the indictment is far more damning than oddly placed jewellery. The stereotype of illiteracy, inumeracy, AIDS, endemic rape, civil war, squalor etc. rolling around the whole African continent like a perpetual blast wave is true enough (hence the colossal level of "aid" which is supposedly required).

"... and whatever you think, this is classic racism ..."

One man's classic racism is another man's satisfying rant at the pompous, self-satisfied, private jet riding c*nts who perpetrate, AND profit from, the never-ending African aid scam.

Dick the Prick said...


Jack of All Trades said...

Can't help but think of a certain essay on letting Africa sink.

crackers said...

A most interesting topic. In fact you could run a blog devoted to Africa. "Ex Africa semper aliquid novi."(sic)

A wonderful and blessed continent and an absolute shit hole. Wonderful friendly open people and the most evil corrupt viscious sadistic amoral stupid lazy collection of so called humans.

White man has no place in Africa. Govt aid and the Geldofs of this world are prolonging the cannibalisation of Africa. Africa needs to return to the Dark Ages, all political systems needs to break down, nation states dissolved buildings mines roads schools hospitals destroyed and boundaries ignored. All vestiges of modernity must be demolished.The continent must revert to tribal roots and all non blacks expelled.
The continent must be cut adrift for two centuries. This is the only of their survival.

Anonymous said...

Dear Africans,

Stop raping your sisters. Stop having numerous sexual partners. Wear a condom. Stop sitting under a fucking tree all day clutching an AK47, stop deciding that your neighbours tribe need to be macheted to death by the millions, stop letting your tribal leaders squander your wealth on diamond encrusted Lear Jets, stop sending me fucking 419 letters, stop eyeing up your neighbours 14 year old daughter, stop marrying every woman you meet, stop selling your children to slave traders, stop rioting over which bastard sky pixie is the best, stop rubbing chilli powder in children’s eyes because you think they are witches and keep your fucking legs closed for ten years and AIDS will be completely gone from your continent.
Oh come on, don't be shy tell us what you really think about Africans.

Lulu said...

"WTF are we doing giving cash to Nuclear Power India?"

White middle class guilt.
More white middle class guilt.
Anonymous white middle class guilt.

6000 said...

See, I'm a big fan of much that you do, but every now and then you do give away that little indication that behind the big (and highly readable) ranting headlines, there actually lies a clueless cunt. This would be one of those times.

While I would be the first to admit that Africa is far from perfect, your sweeping generalisations miss the point on this one completely.

I know that my saying this won't change your feelings, but you really did fuck up a bit on this post. Starts making one wonder how accurate some of your other stuff is.

With best regards,
6k, Cape Town.

Old Holborn said...

So you'll be returning the £6 Billion cheque will you?

6000 said...

Well, it's hardly my decision, is it? I'm just a UK ex-pat living here and seeing things first hand rather than relying on my stereotypical, right-wing visions of what this continent is like.

Sure - of course it has it's problems - maybe even some of the one's you suggest in your wonderfully-crafted open letter to all 1 billion of us.

But sadly, you helpfully forget about those individuals who, through no fault of their own end up infected, struggling and dying.

Perhaps think of them as NHS patients who went in for a hip replacement and came out stinking of MRSA. Maybe if you want something a bit more dramatic ( know you like that kind of thing), they could be World War II vererans who have paid taxes all their lives - and then go in for the hip op and get MRSA.

Getting the picture yet?

Shirking From Home said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shirking From Home said...

6000 - you say "you helpfully forget about those individuals who, through no fault of their own end up infected, struggling and dying." and then go on about the NHS.

Exactly, the NHS is killing people here. As well as a thorough shake up to rid us of all the useless expensive non-jobs it also needs money. Why give my tax pounds to another continent when it is needed here?

Old Holborn said...

6000, if you want to submit an article defending the trillions that have been poured into Africa, I'm happy to publish it.

Chief Bukkake said...

It is funny tho - 'stop eyeing up your neighbours 14 year old daughters' - grans I'd like to fuck!

D. Bwana said...

OH: This is an emergency: Your presence is required urgently here:

(sorry, can't do these blue autolinks)

wv: wedynge (is this the Nulab nuptials?)

6000 said...

OH - I wish I could. In some ways, I can't defend it.
But I do see the good it does each and every day. Not meaning that each and every penny gets to where it should, because it certainly doesn't. But take away that funding and you will literally take away innocent lives.

Behind the much publicised corruption and ills of Africa (which of course do exist), there really is - much less newsworthy (in the opinion of the mainstream media) - a hell of a lot of good work going on helping desperate people who find themselves desperate through no fault of their own. The 6 billion is the money that keeps those projects going.

Jus' saying, like.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for AIDS, we must not interfere in the Mighty Ones work.

Anonymous said...

6000 hit the nail on the head - OH, you have hit lucky twice with your blog and have become a bit of a Roger Mellie.

The thing with Africa is that its nothing like you imagine. There are some nasty places, like Zimbabwe where those nasty fascists kill an economy, and you have Somalia where the Libertarian experiment is happening. In between you have everything in-between.
Most of your comments would work well for East Africa, but to mirror you comments - and why you really look stupid - its like saying that ALL Americans act as a stereotypical southern trailer park residents, marring their cousins and killing each other over burgers while watching Jerry Springer!

I know I am free to not read your site - I might take up that option soon if you carry on being as ignorant as some of the people you moan about!

crackers said...

6000 Yes CTown is a nice place and there are a lot of good people in RSA and Africa.
I speak as someone who has put and is putting more ZAR into education and aids and care centres than most SAfricans of all colours. I know the continent. I have witnessed the buthchery from close quarters. I support the good people BUT we are pissing in the wind. Until and unless the locals can be allowed to work things out for themselves 90% of aid is counter productive.
Dont take my word for it. Read Dark Star Safari(Theroux).

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...

"I wish I could. In some ways, I can't defend it."

And then you go on to do just that.

"Not meaning that each and every penny gets to where it should.."

No kidding. Perhaps it would be useful to make a distinction between funding the good works of respected organisations (the UN does NOT represent any kind of "gold standard" in this regard) and pumping billions into corrupt regional authorities where the arrival (or just the potential) of huge wads of foreign cash never fails to attrach the worst of, and bring out the worst in, the locals. The former can, and should, be funded. The later should be stopped without delay.

"much less newsworthy..."

The news coverage of Africa (south or otherwise) is extremely carefully managed to maintain the useful facade of heroic charity in the face of a few bad apples spoiling it for the rest. Censorship hasn't quite got to the point where a 10,000 strong machete fight can be brushed under the carpet but the media does go out of its way to give scant coverage to the true horrors that go on every day in spite of "best" efforts to the contrary.

And South Africa, you will have noticed (what with you being a resident and all), is gently descending into Hell. Gently enough to permit collective denial of that fact, but descend it does.

" have Somalia where the Libertarian experiment is happening..."

How pathetically sinister!!! There's nothing even slightly Libertarian about Somalia, its government, or the conscience fatiguing horror show that blights that whole area. You're a rather disingenuous little troll and no mistake. The misrepresentation of Libertarianism by associating it with the very opposite of what it actually stands for and seeks to achieve is a booming industry among the trolling community and places you very firmly within a certain group of blog trolling fraudsters who serve no purpose but to promote deceit and misunderstanding. Nice going.

Why don't you get yourself over to a Libertarian blog and try to pass your horse shit off on their comment pages? They'll set about you with a (metaphorical) machete is why. Fortunately, and rather aptly given the topic of discussion, it will only be a metaphorical machete. Those Libertarians eh, always turning down a perfect good opportunity to commit genocide, why oh why oh why do they never learn =)

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...

Dick the Prick: "Black"

Yup =)

It's a geeky reference to the astronomical kind of black hole rather than any kind of afro/rectal deal.

black hole sunset over a diamond sky said...

crackers said...

"Dont take my word for it. Read Dark Star Safari(Theroux)."

Thanks for the great book recommendation, I'll pick it up next time I'm in book buying mode. I like your general approach to the subject too. It's nice to hear from someone who's actually been there but wasn't seduced by the industrialised self-interest that dominates mainstream thought.

Anonymous said...

Black hole sunset etc

Should you enjoy Theroux's book and assuming you have an interest in Africa try Adam Hoschild's 'Leopold's Ghost' but first read Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of darkness'. Then if not morbid moveon to Tim Butcher's 'Blood River'. I spent some time in the Congo at the time of Patrice Lumumba, Moise Tshombe and J Mobutu having met the latter two. The old revolutionary himself, Che Guevera, also tried his hand there but gave up.He wrote The African Dream - his worst nightmare.
All are connected. All will inform you as to why white man and his good intentions have wreaked havoc and why we should exit and allow Africans to sort it out. Money thrown at Africa is hosing a fire with a petrol pump. Believe me.

black hole sunset said...

Anonymous @ 18:09 "Should you enjoy ..."

Brilliant, very much appreciated. Thanks for the book recommendations and special thanks for sharing your own experiences!

I have only known one person who has been to Africa in a capacity at least vaguely comparable to the one you describe (i.e. not on some five-star safari package tour), he went as a voluntary worker as part of some project or other. He was a mature student on the same IT course as me at technical college so his experience was quite recent at the time.

During one lecture, a team of donation collectors (all in fancy dress) came into the room as part of some very high profile "save this, that or the other" campaign that was going on. Much to the confusion, embaracement and anger (in that order) of the happy moralising drones, he flatly refused to make a donation and then set about telling them exactly what his experience of the UN was in the time he had been in Africa.

It aught to have been a welcome educational experience for everyone present (particularly given the setting, it certainly was for me) but the collection drones had already cast their lot, already pledged allegiance to the cause. The shining utopian vision they had all subscribed to could not be soiled by anything as ignorant and base as observation and experience.

It was a microcosm of what still passes for "debate" to this day. All the negative aspects of aid operations in Africa can be cast aside at the mention of one single, isolated instance of a good outcome that it lead to. The idea that the whole setup might be creating, sustaining and even agrevating the very problems that it is supposed to solve is not a subject worthy of discussion (even though it becomes more obvious by the day that this is most surely the case).

Worse yet, the same kind of infantile thinking has come to dominate UK politics (particular "New" Labour). No level of waste or incompetence can be questioned if even the smallest grain of good can be found in it, even if that grain is a total fabrication. There is no thought given to the fact that other worthy causes have gone unfunded in order to prop up a never ending stream of wasteful, air-headed "initiatives" that are all dogma and no reason.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think it's agood idea to pit Nelson Mandela back behind bars where he belongs?

black hole sunset said...

Nope, Mandela's probably the only African leader that I've got any respect for. I'm open to suggesions, but Mandela is the only one that realy comes to mind whenever this kind of thing comes up in conversation.

He wasn't driven by resentment or a need for revenge at any cost. That whole "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" was an extremely enlightened way to go about things. Pretty much all the other (realistic) options would have immediately reduced SA to something resembling present day Zimbabwe.

So no, Mandela's the last person to suggest. Everyone after him has been progressively worse so I think our opinions are sure to converge over time.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Damo Mackerel thanks for that irish indy link.

"It is nearly 25 years since Ethiopia's Feed The World campaign, and in that time Ethiopia's population has grown from 33.5 million to 78 million.
So why on earth should I do anything to encourage further catastrophic demographic growth in that country? Where is the logic? There is none."

Thank goodness for that, I used to think that I was the only one secretly believing that Africa was a worthless basket case breeding itself into ever worse poverty.
Never did give anything to Live Aid prefering to support the county air ambulance.

"How much morality is there in saving an Ethiopian child from starvation today, for it to survive to a life of brutal circumcision, poverty, hunger, violence and sexual abuse, resulting in another half-dozen such wide-eyed children, with comparably jolly little lives ahead of them? "
Pretty well sums up how I thought 30 years ago and still do though now it might equally apply to Haringey and other parts of broken Britain.

black hole sunset over a diamond sky Yup, I'd give South Africa about another 10 years before it goes the way of Zimbabwe.

In 1945 Koreas GDP was on a par with East Africa, both were in receipt of substantial aid but South Koreas corrupt leaders only stole some of the money, Africas tend to steal all of it.

The only plausable way to help Africans is to remove ALL of their corrupt 'leaders' ( note that I am careful not to say that ALL of their leaders are corrupt ) and administer our £6billion directly for the good of the people, perhaps with District Commissioners... oops ! that sounds like re-colonialism. Sod it, let the Chinese carry on and they'll find out what exploitation is really like.

As St. Bob might have said
" Give us our fucking money back "

Lulu said...

Thank God an intelligent discussion. Very interesting. Why do the liberals think that everyone is the same? We aren't. That's diversity, you'd think they'd be happy that everywhere's different. They woffle on enough about diversity, but they don't mean it.
Leave Africa to the Africans, Dubai to the Arabs, Devon to the Devonians and Haringey to ????
Each to their own.

black hole sunset said...

it's either banned or compulsory said... (nice ID btw)

"Sod it, let the Chinese carry on and they'll find out what exploitation is really like."

Very good point, there have been a couple of exposés on how China is going about getting the most out of Africa by playing up to corruption and using the locals as nothing more than miniature earth-moving machines. Ruthlessly cynical (like the African "aid" gravy train in fact)

After all the contemptible bullshit spouted by African "leaders" (and their western mouthpieces) about how badly done to they all are and how everyone except themselves is to blame for their excrement sodden existence, I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I have to push down feelings of dark satisfaction at the example being set by China. The only plus seems to be the possibility that a decade or two of China's "charity" might focus minds on the African continent and open the way to some real progress - it'll take a while though, if at all.

Lulu said...

"Why do the liberals think that everyone is the same?"

Because everything about them and their worldview is a total and utter lie from start to finish. There is a terrifying (but hidden) logic to their type which can only be seen in the poisonous fruits of their labour, not in any of the words they use to have us believe otherwise.

"Diversity" is just some shape-shifting pseudo-concept to fill/motivate the otherwise empty minds of careerist drone diversity minions and cloud/stifle the minds of any group they want to extort or coerce to their own profit-making ends. It means whatever their immediate goals want it to mean and is thus emblematic of the pseudointellectual drivel that permeates the whole decrepit, farcical movement and its shiny-faced moonbat converts.

6000 said...

@ BHS: "And South Africa, you will have noticed (what with you being a resident and all), is gently descending into Hell. Gently enough to permit collective denial of that fact, but descend it does."

Says you.
Those of us here, despite your clever "frog in a kettle" allegation, might actually know differently.

How's your country doing, incidentally? *snigger*

Jack of All Trades said...

[url=]Let Africa Sink[/url]

black hole sunset said...

6000: "Says you"

1. "... despite your clever ..."

I'm not, or even trying trying to be, "clever" in the sense you imply (i.e. snide) - but you are.

1. "... might actually know differently"

"might"? If you do have any pertinent information to share I would be grateful to hear it (my mind is not fixed on any of this). Do you, in fact, know any different?

3. "How's your country doing, incidentally?"

It's doing very badly by the standards I would like to see applied but then I never said anything to the contrary. You will also notice that the general tone of my posts conveys this position quite clearly so there should be no (sincere) reason to ask.

4. "*snigger*"

Snide, facetious prick.

You seemed genuine enough up till now but I'm starting to form the impression that you're just a sock-puppet troll whole is smart enough to know the truth when he sees it but has other reasons for trolling against it. Is that the case?

crackers said...

Black hole 1929

Africa cannot be understood from where we sit. Particularly by a politician who by nature engages in gestures - outcomes are irrelevant.

The facts speak for themselves. Western govt aid has enriched the muderous kleptocrats yet we do not learn. There are good people in Africa. But there will be more when we exit - there have to be.

On Mandela. He is a good man but no saint. He is surrounded by corrupt sycophants. He has been a puppet on a string for a decade. I know. I know what people close to him are up to. How. Well put it this way, I can state unequivocally that his aides have asked for big bribes in relation to major rural upliftment projects. His children;s charity is mismanaged and idle and a disgrace. Funny how the impoverished blacks are exploited by their own. As for the Xhosa. Usless, particularly the male. Begging bowl mentality. Permanent victims.

black hole sunset said...

crackers @ 17:34

"There are good people in Africa."

Apologies if I come across as too negative, Africa does does look truely beautiful in the right light and there are good people in most places and a lot of them in some places.

"On Mandela. He is a good man but no saint."

I didn't have any real conception of what he's like now beyond his obvious media appearances but I was struck by how he managed to avoid getting into a destructive cycle when arparthied came down. His handling of it had an air of nobility and generosity (particularly to the many whites who were guilty of serious crimes) which doesn't seem to have been achieved since.

I'm happy to take your word on the shortcomings of entourage and defer to your experience on the whole subject.

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