Monday, 10 November 2008

£2 Million an hour

That's what the EU costs us.

For the 14th year in a row,the accounts have not been signed off by the Auditors, due to endemic fraud, corruption and theft. But still we keep paying up.

I have found a photo of the accounts department in Brussels.


Anonymous said...

"But still we keep paying up."

That's because of 646 "honorable" people who think it's good for us to do so. Would ANY private or public company get away with this for 14 years?

Anonymous said...

Where's the link? I want a contact.I want to write and question

Gordon said...

Any private company director would be in prison. I've been reading The Plan and didn't realise the general thought behind the EU. America is based on democracy at all costs, which reflects their foreign policy. The EU is based on us commoners not understanding democracy properly and needing a safety net. They explain it far better than I do, I realise my phrasing sounds like a poor-quality politics student, which is unfortunately where the LPUK went wrong with the 1984 stunt: whilst it should be fine, the book has unfortunately lost its shock value and is now seen by our ruling class as something only put forward by politics students. This is completely inaccurate and missing the point entirely as many of them have demonstrated, but 1984's success now hinders it in the view of the 646 and their associated hangers on. This demonstrates their complete lack of belief in democracy as its success should persuade them to change their views, not give them yet another boost of incorrect selfconfidence. Damn at least 600 of the arrogant bastards (I hope that maybe 46 of them are okay).

Sorry, been at the pub so I'm more lucid in my comments.

Old Holborn said...

For every one of them, there are 92,500 of us.

Keep reminding them.

Drink up. If Keith Vaz MP gets his way (pbuh) it will soon be illegal.

Kippers Dickie said...

"That's because of 646 "honorable" people who think it's good for us to do so."

Should that be 645 ?
Don't UKIP have a "defected" mp now ?

Pogo said...

"Kippers Dickie" Don't UKIP have a "defected" mp now ?

Yes... But he's a cunt.

The Penguin said...

Makes you proud to be a member of the EUSSR?

The Penguin
Penguinus Youcouldntmakethisupandbebelieved

poor bloody taxpayer said...

Oh, don't. I want to cry.

Anonymous said...

Over the years I have asked accountants and lawyers what would be the result of a Ltd Co or PLC not having their accounts signed off ( just more than once, never mind umpteen times ).
They tell me that the Directors would be fired by the Shareholders pronto, would probably go to Court, would probably be barred from further directorshps and may go to gaol.

How the fuck do they get away with it ? But BRAVO to the good folks who keep doing the refusing.

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