Sunday, 30 November 2008

Richard & Mark's Monday Morning View

After such a hectic week in Parliament and with the opening of the new Session on Wednesday with the Queen's speech, Richard and Mark have really exceled themselves.

Another £6 Billion spunked away

"Free money dat way"

Anybody here skint? Anybody feeling the pinch?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that Gordon has just given £6 BILLION to Africa.

Of all the diseases in the world, of all the complicated, life threatening illnesses that can shuffle us off this mortal coil, I can think of none simpler to cure than AIDS. Gordon has just given £6 BILLION of OUR money to Africa rather than turn round and mention the rather enormous elephant standing in the room. Because he doesn't want to offend them.

So I’ll do it for you Gordon, you fucking coward.

Dear Africans,

Stop raping your sisters. Stop having numerous sexual partners. Wear a condom. Stop sitting under a fucking tree all day clutching an AK47, stop deciding that your neighbours tribe need to be macheted to death by the millions, stop letting your tribal leaders squander your wealth on diamond encrusted Lear Jets, stop sending me fucking 419 letters, stop eyeing up your neighbours 14 year old daughter, stop marrying every woman you meet, stop selling your children to slave traders, stop rioting over which bastard sky pixie is the best, stop rubbing chilli powder in children’s eyes because you think they are witches and keep your fucking legs closed for ten years and AIDS will be completely gone from your continent.

Signed Gordon

The Glory Hole, Waterloo Gents.

There, that didn’t hurt did it? £6 Billion of MY money saved and my children won’t have to borrow money and work themselves to death so you can get jiggy jiggy with ya uncle.


Whooops a fucking daisy

"Don't call me a liar, you fucker. I can have you killed"

Apart from her obvious evasion over the issue of who knew what, something has been bothering me about the Home Secretary's assertion in her interview with Andrew Marr this morning.

For days now, Ms Smith & Gordon Brown have spitting out the line that Police independence is paramount, as if the police were not under the control of the Home Office. Only if this is true (or if the Police are truly out of control) can Labour escape the charge that they have facilitated the arrest of a member of the opposition in a direct assault upon centuries of constitutional privilege.

Ms Smith was asked on the BBC's Andrew Marr programme if she would say sorry - but said it would be wrong for her to intervene in a police investigation. Had she intervened it would have been "Stalinist" as she believed in the principle of police being independent even when things get "tricky".

All very plausible. "Police independence" sounds like a good idea.

Until you consider that it was the same Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary - who prevented the SFO (who last time I checked were a part of the Police) from investigating corruption allegations in relation to Saudia Arabian arms contracts.

The head of an influential parliamentary arms committee today said he was "very concerned" at the government's refusal to cooperate with the US criminal investigation into allegations of corruption against BAE Systems.
More than two months after the US justice department formally requested assistance in its investigation of Britain's biggest arms company, the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, has failed to pass on the request to the Serious Fraud Office.

Ms Smith's go-ahead is required before the SFO can cooperate.

So there you have it - Police independence is paramount. Except when it isn't.

Hat tip to Cassius

Fussy eh?

Spotted yesterday in the Butchers shop window in Old Holborntown

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Psst. Commander Milburn is recruiting

Buried away in the usual Pravda shite today was this little gem:

Under the plans, which have been devised by former cabinet minister Alan Milburn....the creation of a civilian security force consisting of military trainers, civil servants, police officers, judges and other logistical staff.

Get ready people. The State has begun arming itself against it's own citizens. And as we have seen over the past few days, they mean business. The whereabouts of the 26 year old civil servant at the heart of the most audatious attack on our Parliament by New Labour and the Police are still unknown after he was taken away by Home Office Officials.

UPDATE: The missing civil servant is CHRIS GALLEY. I have posted a missing persons report with the Police.

"Duty of Care"

The 26 year old civil servant at the heart of the Green abuse of power by the Police/State has been carted off to a secret location by the Home Office. Apparently, they owe him "a Duty of Care"


Will he ever been seen alive again? ZanuLabour have a habit of dealing with those who embarrass them.
If any fellow seditionaries know his name, I would be happy to file a missing persons report.

Friday, 28 November 2008


Dear non Zanulabour MP's.

One of your kind has been arrested, his home and office searched, Parliament office searched, his Email shut down and his computers seized, his DNA extracted.

What are you going to do about it? They came for him and eventually, they will come for you too

I have a suggestion. Wednesday is the official State Opening of Parliament.


All of you who have an MP who does not cower before Gordon, send them a link to this post
Find your MP here

Caption Competition

CCTV to"Predict" Crime

What the fuck?

CCTV cameras which can 'predict' if a crime is about to take place are being
introduced on Britain's streets.
The cameras can alert operators to suspicious behaviour, such as loitering and unusually slow walking. Anyone spotted could then have to explain their behaviour to a police officer.

For the love of fucking Jesus!

Today, I wake up to find that opposition MP’s are being arrested and their DNA extracted and CCTV cameras are sending the Police to question us over crimes we haven’t yet commited.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Transgenders.

We are getting close to tipping point. Anyone else up for a march on Parliament?

Hat tip to Swissladyboy

Let the arrests begin

UPDATE: That Jockanese blob of ratspunk, Michael Martin MP (Lab) did the dirty deed

"Do whatever it takes, Mr Creedy"
ANOTHER UPDATE: The Cabinet are meeting today at the Royal Armoury in Leeds. They may well need to arm themselves soon.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hare and tortoise.

Leg-iron adding value.

I don’t swear often. I don’t rage and howl at the lunacy and arrogance of those who think they own every corpuscle of blood in our bodies and can do what they like with us. Yes, I point it out, I am infuriated by it and most of all by its constancy, but I am not the sort to riot. My blood pressure is considerably lower than Old Holborn’s most of the time, and indeed lower than most people’s. My pulse does not pound in my ears, I don’t get spots in my vision, and I rarely clench a fist.

Does this mean I am more relaxed than OH about the way New Labour is systematically dismantling this country?.

No. It means that while Old Holborn is of the type that would storm the gates of Parliament (OH here, too fucking right), I am of the type that would spend twenty years digging a tunnel and filling a train with explosives. Not for me the thrill of the chase, the tearing of limbs, the piano wire solution. No, I take a more slow and measured approach. I prefer to savour revenge.

Strike Old Holborn and he will strike you back at once. Strike me and I will do nothing more than remember it. Some time later, perhaps weeks, perhaps years, I strike back. It’s never fair and it’s never fists. I do not use hired thugs, or even party whips, to exact my revenge. Often I appear not to be involved at all. It doesn’t matter to me whether the subject knows I did it, only that it is done. I never threaten. I just do it.

But why, the Righteous will ask? What do I have to be angry about? I am not one of those to be taxed at 45%, in fact I stop work before I reach 40% because I won’t work for half pay. I have a business, I have a house, I have no debts other than a mortgage, I claim no benefits. I have not yet been tazered, I have not yet been fined for having one more than the apportioned number of bags in my bin, I have not yet been branded a terrorist for taking a photograph in a public place, nor have I been prosecuted for it. I have not yet been sent to prison because a policeman didn’t like the song I was singing.

I have not had my house raided because our highly-trained officers can’t tell the difference between marijuana and tomato plants. I have not caught Clostridium difficile or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or any of the other collection of drug-resistant deadlies because I don’t go to hospitals or even to doctors any more.

So why would I be angry? These things have not happened to me.

It’s simple. It’s because they can happen to me, and every day brings the inevitability of a prosecution for some trivial made-up offence, or even for something that is not actually illegal, even closer. It’s because those who should be there to prevent such things are actively encouraging them. It’s because those we try to talk to just dismiss our concerns with contempt.

It’s because the names of hardened criminals cannot be made public to protect their human right to a family life while the names of those men, most likely husbands in miserable marriages, who choose to find solace in the services of prostitutes are to be put on posters.

It’s because government ministers smoke in their offices in defiance of the law and face no penalty, while the elderly, the terminally ill and the mentally ill are forced to shiver in the cold.

It’s because government ministers enjoy subsidised drinks in their bars while our local pubs close down because nobody can afford to drink there.

It’s because all that tax I’ve paid up to now, and all the increasing amounts of tax I will pay in the future, have been and will be wasted on free televisions and sky subscriptions, furniture and all conceivable luxuries in MP’s multiple homes. On ridiculous schemes and idiotic initiatives. On ID cards and databases which are unnecessary and useless, and which are only there to intimidate and control. On criminalising the trivial. On police forces who now spend their time working out which internal club to join rather than catching criminals – and when they do venture outside, worry more about the guy smoking in the bus stop than about the drug-pusher at the school gates.

It’s because children, local busybodies and even the Women’s Institute are now official enforcement agencies.

It’s because council officials do whatever they want, to whoever they want, and are never held accountable.

It’s because of the smug, patronising pat-on-the-head politics we now endure. “Go away, little serf, this is politician business. You couldn’t possibly understand.” It’s because no question is ever answered. It’s because every attempt to express concern on any subject is met with ‘racist-Nazi-bigot-BNP-supporter-paedophile’. Yes, they call us all paedophiles now, when we disagree with them. To them, we have no thoughts worth hearing. Our proletarian babble must be silenced because it interferes with their counting of our money. If that is best achieved through fear, then the fear of being branded paedophile and added to a non-erasable list should do it. Well, not any more.

It’s because of phrases like ‘we have to start listening to people’ and ‘lessons have been learned’ and ‘this behaviour is unacceptable’ which crop up every day, spoken like learned phrases in another language by people who have no idea what they are saying.

There is much, much more. Every concern has been, and will be, dismissed by the Righteous as ‘just a small thing really’. Individually, perhaps. Together, there is now a very large mound of little things, and more are added every day that this government stays in power. I have no confidence that the next will be any better.

This government, and the next, and if we let it, the one after that, will not listen. They will not learn. So I have given up talking to them. I leave the politician-baiting to OH (See me winding Kerry McCarthy up). He’s better at it and maybe, one day, he will indeed storm the gates of Parliament.

I will not. That does not mean I have given up, browbeaten into submission by the Righteous.

It means that, metaphorically speaking, I have started digging that tunnel. It’s a much slower approach. It requires persistence and an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

I have both.

Donate to the Labour Party

The Labour Party
Donations Department
Eldon House
Regent Centre
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Dear Sirs/Madams/Ms/Transgenders,

I am a grateful citizen and would like to donate to the Labour Party to show how much I support your policies that have taken this country to hell in a handcart and then some.

Please find enclosed cheque for the sum of £00.01p.

Love and kisses

Old Holborn.

PS. Please acknowledge receipt of this donation by return

Make sure you mark it "Donations Department"

(it costs New Labour 44p to process a cheque or 27p to return it. If you put a 1p stamp on the letter, it costs them 26p to even pick it up from the post office. )

I'm sending one letter/cheque a day until the election

Frankensteins Monster

The Welfare State this morning

Obo spotted this

The 56-year-old fathered nine children by the girls in order to support his lifestyle, his relative said. He once offered his younger daughter £500 to have another child in order to boost his income through benefits and tax credits, she said.
"He would always have a roll of £20 notes but everyone knew he had never worked a day in his life," the sister-in-law said.
"He claimed to have a bad back but tended an allotment and built huts in his garden. He obviously thought the bundles of benefits he was getting for the children was worth the risk and was not bothered about any pain it caused them."
The man, who on Tuesday was sentenced to 25 life sentences, has shown no remorse in prison and has even written to his daughters asking them to buy him gifts, she added.
"Can you believe he still wants the girls to pay for things like a pool cue, glasses and even an exercise bike," his sister-in-law said.
"He does not regret what he has done and even praises himself for fathering all those illegitimate children."
She also described how her brother-in-law used to treat his daughters as if they were his wives in public, buying them alcohol when they were as young as 12.
"At night he sat in the pub making sure one of the girls was always with him," she said. "When people used to ask why he had not got another woman after his wife left he would get agitated and say 'don't even go there'."
Prime Minister Gordon Brown expressed his revulsion at the man's crimes at Prime Minister's Questions. Even though the stupid, turd faced snot gobbler created the monster himself.

I'm off for a lie down.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Kerry McCarthy MP goes and does it.

Kerry McCarthy MP (Lab) has just called the unemployed "unemployable" on her blog.

Quick, get over there. I've contacted the Sun and Guido. She allows comments by the way.


Your children in Debt

On Monday, Brown decided to saddle each British household with a £40,000 debt by 2013 with interest payments collected through the tax system for decades. This will be Brown’s legacy to Britain.

Labour has done it again

HOW MUCH??!!!!

If a Trillion Pounds were the GDP of a country, it would qualify as the 13th richest nation (just behind India).

Its almost 12,000 times the number of £1 coins currently in circulation.

If there were enough £1 coins available; you'd need a colossal 10 million tonnes of them. Which is the approximate weight of 32 of the World's largest Supertankers.

Or you might attempt 385,000 Great Train Robberies? Although Acapulco might get a little crowded afterwards.

How about if on the day that Queen Victoria died you dragged £25 million Pounds in used notes off into the woods and burnt them; and then repeated the exercise EVERY day since? You'd still be two years short of destroying a Trillion Pounds.

Assuming the Government were able to pay back the Debt at a rate of £20 Billion a year, it wouldn't be repaid until the year 2060 (not including the huge interest payments meantime).

Alternatively, you could close every school in the UK, sack all the teachers and maybe pay it back in less than 30 years.

Its 5 times the entire economy of Hong Kong.

Its 30 times the size of our Defence budget or approximately equal to the USA's massive defence spending.

If it were turned into £20 notes you'd need 2000 Securicor vans to move it.
UPDATE: £1T debt? More like £4.1T

Worthwhile Viewing

If you have an hour to spare and can't stand yet more drivel on TV, watch this instead

It is in reference to Common Purpose.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Bone Idle Fuckbubble

Right, let’s have a quick look at whether we are getting good value for money or not from this total fucktard.

£40,000 claimed for office expenses. He has no office

£54,000 claimed for “secretarial services” from his fucking wife

£61,000 Salary

Lives 200 miles away from his constituents. All 7 million of them (10 countries in the EU have less population)

He has made just two set-piece speeches and 12 one-minute “explanations of votes”. He has tabled five questions and sits on a committee but has not written any of its reports or tabled any resolutions.

Tell him what you think of his effort.

David Sumberg, CONservative MEP.

Same Shit, Different Flies

Like everyone else who isn't being directly supported by New Labour, I was stunned yesterday at the place we now find ourselves.

HUGE debt, a collapsing currency and a broken society. I don't want to drill into the details like most of the main stream media are doing, I don't want to catalogue the massive failures of the 646, I just want it to stop. Guido is talking about leaving, others are talking about simply capitulating and joining the Welfare Slaves on the Dole and yet others are discussing getting themselves a job in the now grotesquely bloated Public Sector. I have a plan A and a plan B and they are purely for me and my family. Both of them require me to simply abandon what I have spent most of my life building and revert to total and complete reliance on my own skills and a gun.

Thanks Gordon. Thank you Labour Voters.

In the meantime, I spotted this elsewhere.

In the third world African country where I used to live, it was the habit of politicians to mis-spend and divert funds during their time in office showing almost total contempt for the people who elected them. By and large, they reasoned, the voters were too stupid to realise what they were up to but - if nothing else - people enjoyed the carnival atmosphere of election day and could be relied upon to turn out and vote. So electioneering was simple - the Government politician for each constituency would simply make a small, direct, promise to each of the families in that area. Normally he would promise that, if elected, the Government would buy them a toaster (I'm serious).. if he had been particularly corrupt he might run to a rice cooker or some larger piece of practical kitchen equipment.

In return the people became disinterested in Politics - A Change of Government? "Why bother?", they said - "Same shit, different flies". At least their kitchens were well equipped (even if they often lacked the electricity to operate them).

Whether or not Darling's complicated tinkering yesterday amounts to a toaster or a rice cooker I am not sure. This much is clear - the bill we are going to pay ought to buy us a complete country kitchen and possibly the farmhouse to wrap it in.

From the staggering reaction to the debt figures yesterday, and the powerlessness of the Front bench to produce anything worth talking about in terms of a stimulus; one thing is clear. The vainglorious behaviour, the spin, the deceit and the smoke and mirrors were yesterday shown up once and for all in the arc light of a one trillion pound National debt.

We have reached a fork in the road and, while neither destination is clear, yesterday should have been enough to show most rational people who they do not want as their guide.

Monday, 24 November 2008


I watched the new series of Survivors last night. I was a teenager when the original came out and it fascinated me (especially Lucy Fleming), the struggle to survive, the rapid retreat to a moneyless system, feudalism, self sufficiency and the will to live.

Last night, I lost that will to live.

Now, just ONE generation later what do the BBC offer us as an update?: Lesbians, Blacks, Ethnics, Muslims and evil white men instead of the rather gorgeous Lucy Fleming.

Frankly I am appalled.


I am complaining to the BBC. This really is too much. AND they showed a Volvo parked in a disabled spot WITHOUT A BLUE BADGE. If disabled people are not allowed to survive the extinction of humanity as we know it, then what is the point of all those fucking ramps and huge bogs?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Psst. ID Card Consultation underway. Be part of it

Old Holborn is a free range Human

The LPUK have got hold of a consultation document on ID cards. The good and the great are inviting various "stakeholders" to chip in their ha'penth worth.

Get yourself a copy HERE

Still reading it myself, but already spotted a few stonking howlers

2.2 Section 10(7): Failure by an individual to whom a card has been issued to notify the Secretary of State of prescribed changes of circumstances which affect the information held on the Register, or of errors in that information of which the cardholder is aware. Maximum penalty £1,000.

Will they pay YOU £1000 for every fuck up they make?

2.6 Where a notification of a change is made, the Secretary of State may require the person concerned to do one or more of the following in order to ensure the accuracy of the Register:
• To attend at a specified place and time;
• To allow his fingerprints and other biometric information such as facial biometrics to be recorded;
• To allow himself to be photographed;
• Otherwise to provide such information as may be required by the Secretary of State. This may include for example requests to provide relevant documents such as immigration documents, birth or marriage certificates.

Come and fucking get me. If you can fucking find me. You haven't managed to find 1 million illegals yet, have you?

2.8 Section 11(6)(a): Failure on the part of a cardholder to notify the Secretary of State, where the cardholder knows or has reason to suspect that the card has been lost, stolen, damaged, tampered with, or destroyed. Maximum penalty £1,000.

Remarkable. It is YOUR responsibility to tell THEM. Or else

3.1 The basic penalty level for a person’s initial failure to comply with a maintenance requirement will be ⅛ of the maximum statutory penalty (currently £1,000). The Secretary of State will increase the amount of the civil penalty for continued and subsequent failures to comply with a requirement, up to the maximum statutory penalty allowed

I can afford it. So fuck you.

3.5 Where there are further incidences of non-compliance or continued failure in respect of the original requirement in a five-year period, the Secretary of State may increase the level of penalty by the amounts shown in the Sanctions Table to the statutory maximum. The total amount of the penalty will be based on the number of times the person has failed to comply.

As above.

Even the mentally ill will be forced to "comply"

7.6. Where there is satisfactory evidence that a person lacks the capacity to make decisions within the terms of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the Secretary of State will allow the person to identify a carer, close friend or family member who is able to assist him to comply.

7.8. The Secretary of State will only proceed to impose a sanction where there is satisfactory evidence that the person intentionally failed to cooperate, and that the person also understood what was required of him and the consequences of not complying.

Understand the consequences. How very Orwellian. Even the mongs will be fined for non compliance

Two words keep coming up. Comply and Cooperate. Over my fucking dead body, you uebercunts. You're about to find out how difficult it is to herd cats. Old Holborn is a free range individual, not a tagged battery chicken. Cracking stuff. Read it. Then DO SOMETHING.

New Authors Req'd

I'm shortly going to be upgrading this site, moving the server to somewhere no fucker can touch it and generally moving up to the next level.

If anyone out there would like to contribute to this blog or feels they have an issue that needs a wider audience, I would be pleased to review and publish here.
UPDATE: As an example, I've invited Kerry McCarthy (Lab), MP for Mogadishu East to post whatever she likes here.

I stated a while back that my aim for 2009 is to be a right royal pain in the fucking arse for the 646 shit heads that treat us 60 million with utter contempt. Help me do it.

I'm also looking for someone to help with site design, logo's, that sort of stuff. Because I am fucking shit at HMTL and Photoshop and can't be arsed to learn it.

Feel free to apply

Shhhh. Don't tell ANYONE

Ed Balls, a liar, yesterday

After having been proven to be a liar, Ed Balls has finally agreed to show the report on Baby P to 5 MP’s. Just 5. They are Michael Gove and David Laws, the Children, Schools and Families select committee chairman, Barry Sheerman, and local MPs Lynne Featherstone and David Lammy.

No one else is allowed to see it. AND those 5 MP’s are sworn to secrecy under something called “Privy Council Terms”. So they cannot reveal what is so bad, that it cannot be made public.

Lynne Featherstone is doing sterling work digging deeper and deeper. Should Old Holborn give her the memo showing that Haringey were TOLD not to take children into care because it was too expensive? Proving that Baby P died because the cost of taking a child into care had risen from £150 to over £4000 due to legislation by New Labour?

The Children, Schools and Families select committee said

"In order to ensure that future serious case reviews are not undermined and achieve their purpose, it remains vital to keep the serious case review confidential."

I think I’ll let her carry on her sterling work for a while longer. After all, if she’s not allowed to tell us what she knows, why should I tell her what I know?
Mind you, they are getting very, very warm

Also, an excellent article by Melanie Phillips

Friday, 21 November 2008

Quick Joke

When Madonna first moved to England she said she wanted to feel more English.

She is now an unmarried, single mother with three kids from different fathers, one of them black.

Job well done!!!!!

Send Mrs Shoesmith an E-Card

Thursday, 20 November 2008


The BBC/Pravda/New Labour have decided to warn us that allowing the names of Peter Connelly, Tracey Connelly, Stephen Barker and Jason Barker to be published on the internet is "illegal"

BBC. Where the FUCK do you think I got their names from? YOUR report.

God, they think we are cunts, don't they?

New Conservative Poster

Hat tip to Lord Elvis

Barnardo's Scandal

Remember Barnardo's?

They were the people telling us earlier in the week how horrible we all are to the little scrotes who stamp us to death (fresh outrage just in) if we happen to be walking on the same pavement as them. They even produced a video of nasty white, middle aged men hunting them down with now illegal rifles.

Guess what?

Barnardo's has received £114 MILLION of tax payers money. Yup. The Government sponsored that advert. The Government prodded it's tentacles into Barnardo's and got them to produce a video protecting feral scrotes and used MY money to do it. Their wages and salaries bills were £106 MILLION, so they've actually made a profit on making ME look like a blood thirsty vigilante. Using MY money to do it.

To say I am annoyed is an understatement.

Why am I not surprised to find out that Cherie Blair was President of Barnardos for the last six years and has just handed over to Horse Face? Barnardos is not a charity at all. The Government pays all the wages with taxpayers money. I am reporting them to the Charity Commission.

Source: Charity Commission Accounts

Hat tip to John Trenchard

Baby P report not to be released

"So what?" says Rick out of the Young Ones

Breaking News

"The Government has refused to release a detailed report into the mistakes made by authorities in the Baby P case. A serious case review was carried out after the little boy died in a blood-splattered cot in Haringey, north London, in August last year.
He had suffered more than 50 injuries at the hands of his abusive mother, her boyfriend and a lodger despite repeated visits by the authorities.
A 15-page summary of the serious case review was published at the end of an Old Bailey trial last week.
But the Information Commissioner has ruled that the full report cannot be made available to opposition MPs because of the risk of identifying the professionals involved, the House of Commons has heard.
There are fears that releasing reports might lead to professionals who make mistakes in child welfare refusing to co-operate with serious case reviews, MPs were told."

UPDATE: Not even Opposition MP's will be able to read it

the Information Commissioner has ruled that the full report cannot be made available to opposition MPs because of the risk of identifying the professionals involved, the House of Commons has heard.


UPDATE: Ed Balls has said no one is allowed to read the report because his hands are tied by the Information Minister.

They've just issued a press statement to say that is complete BOLLOCKS

Somali Pirates Hijack Bristol

Bristol City Centre yesterday

In a daring move, 20,000 Somali Pirates have invaded Bristol and demanded a ransom of £300 a week each, forever (including free houses and schools, medical care and benefits). This equates to £6 Million a week or £312 Million a year, far in excess of their largest heist so far, the hijacking of the Sirius Star and demands for a paltry $25 Million ransom .

Negotiations are being led by Kerry McCarthy (MP for Bristol East) who is keen to understand “cultural differences”. Kerry says on her blog:

“I have unlimited money available. God knows where it comes from but every time I spend it, the coffers just fill up again. I like diversity in Bristol, innit. This is proof that when people come to Britain from Somalia, they can really show ambition and drive”

Plans for the city of Bristol to be anchored off the Somali Coast whilst negotiations continue are well advanced and the welfare of the two UK citizens of Bristol amongst the 416,000 hostages is unknown. (Reuters)

Who would use a stolen database?

(Leg-iron here, stealing space on OH's blog because I've already filled mine with its daily allocation of gibberish).

First, as will soon be required by law, here's my declaration of interest: I am third-generation immigrant. I am white. I am male. I am heterosexual. If the BNP's manifesto were implemented tomorrow I wouldn't be booted out of the country. Once the first wave of cleansing was completed, they would turn to heritage - how many generations has your family been here? Only three? Out you go. I have no illusions of safety based on skin colour. I also have friends who are not white-skinned but whose families have been here much longer than mine. So I am not a BNP supporter, before all you Righteous get your blood pressure up. I don't support them. I do support an even-handed and fair application of law. For everyone.

I also have no political affiliation. I'm not a member of any party.


I mentioned the use of the database of the Devil's disciples before, but there's more.

For the BNP to allow the theft of a database of members is careless, certainly, but the publication of the database is illegal under data protection laws, therefore using that database is using the proceeds of theft, which there are old laws against. Far be it from our MP's to indulge in such behaviour, one might think.

Ah, but the Righteous don't regard BNP members as human beings. They are the Smokers of that terrible film, Waterworld, and of modern day Britain and like Smokers they are evil and must be eradicated, man, woman and child. The use of that database is legitimate if it causes pain, anguish, homelessness, loss of friends, loss of jobs, loss of everything to those the State have deemed unworthy of life.

Therefore, the Righteous Kerry McCarthy has no problem with retaining a copy of an illegally-obtained list, and her colleague has no problem making use of that list to write to the BNP members in his constituency. I have no idea what he'll write but the message received will be clear: we know who you are and where you live. I haven't commented on her blog. There's no point. The Righteous cannot be reasoned with.

The title of her post is 'human rights'. Since the BNP don't like that legislation she has decided they aren't entitled to use it. Those laws are only for use by those who agree with them. Human rights, in this instance, apply not to the BNP as an organisation but to those individual people on that list. They are, despite Righteous insistence, human. They are not all racist skinheads. They are people who are members of a legal political party and who have, like members of any other party, the right to a reasonable expectation that their privacy will be respected. Jacq the Ripper has questioned why they are so afraid for their membership to be known. They are afraid of you, Jacqui, and your Righteous baying mob. They are afraid of what their own government will do to them for not following the Righteous thought-patterns. Doesn't it make you proud? Did you read you free book yet?

The BNP as an organisation will use data protection laws, maybe against all those who make use of the illegally-released list as well as the original squealers.

So if you're a rapist or a murderer or a terrorist or a torturer of children, you are entitled to human rights. If you are a member of the BNP, you are not. I would prefer none of those things existed, but they do, and so the law must apply equally to them all. Why deny the members of a legal party those rights which are granted to murderers? What version of 'fair' is that?

Are we to assume that if a list of Labour party members were leaked, it would be perfectly fine for Tory candidates to selectively canvass them all? Or would that suddenly be illegal?

The BNP say that names have been added, that some of the people on the released list are not, and have never been, members. It's bad enough in an alleged democracy that someone can lose their job for thinking unclean thoughts, but it seems the possibility exists that some will lose out without ever having thought any such thing. Well, that's no surprise. An accusation is enough these days. No need for all that 'fair trial' nonsense. Labour have dispensed with that, along with 'innocent until proven guilty' because it makes trials take far too long and brings down the conviction rates. Besides, if they have been accused then they must have done something, right?

I'll come right out and say I don't like the BNP. Their overtly racist agenda is deeply unpleasant, and if they dropped all of that part they'd do far better, in my view. It's up to them - if they want to limit their support base then by all means let them do so. With New Labour driving new recruits their way, they have no real incentive to change anyway.

Once the witch-hunt gets underway, once the stories circulate of BNP members victimised simply because of their party affiliations, the BNP membership will rise. Kerry McCarthy's and her unnamed colleague's use of their copies of the list will increase the BNP share of the vote enormously.

Because, you see, the Righteous have shouted 'racist' for so long, at so many people,that it is now impossible to spot real racists. Anyone disagreeing with any aspect of immigration policy or with the oxymoronic 'positive discrimination' is a racist by default. Witness her response to DaveA in the comments here. It's a standard Righteous response - can't argue, so belittle and insult instead. DaveA seems to have wisely withdrawn from the fray because the next step would be to force a reaction. Get the opponent so angry that they threaten violence, then point at the nasty Bad Man who wants to kill them and thereby claim moral superiority. It's a game with fixed rules.

The Righteous believe that everything they do, think and say is right but in reality everything they do - without exception - backfires. Take a look at those rotten teeth on cigarette packets. Not only are they not tobacco-stained, they are not even adult teeth. Look at the idea for 'shame' queues for booze buyers at supermarkets. An express checkout for booze? Thanks very much. Ban guns and knives and criminals feel free to use the ones they have, knowing the rest of us don't have any. Shout down the BNP and people notice them and their policies. Victimise people who have done no actual harm to anyone and people who have paid no attention to the BNP suddenly support them. Not necessarily their aims, but they support their right not to be bullied for them.

Call those people racists because they don't want every BNP member in prison, and what do they have to lose? They're already branded racist so why not join up?

Kerry, a certain Mr. Griffin will thank you one day for the boost you'll give to his membership. The rest of us won't.

It was careless of the BNP to lose that database, yes, but that does not mean it's fair game to use it. Before you lefties shout 'Well, it's out now', remember that databases of child-support claimants, learner drivers, military personnel and many others are 'out now' too. The BNP didn't lose them.

To lose one database may be regarded as careless, but to lose as many as Labour have sounds like incompetence. (Sorry, Oscar, I know it's wrong but it's pretty close).

I haven't seen the list. I'm not on it so I don't care. I don't care if my neighbour is a BNP supporter. It could be worse.

They could be Labour.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

List of Govt Critics made public!

A new list, containing thousands of names of people who have dared to criticise our Glorious Leader has been published today. It is expected that many of the names contained within will soon lose their jobs and face real hardship.

Government sources have confirmed there may be many "ex directory" subversives but is seeking to catalogue them all via ID cards.

Haringey Apologises

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Pointless Jobs Competition

Here, you will find 574 Job vacancies.

Let's see who can find the most ridiculous one.

(PS, I've already found Lambeth council advertising for a "Welfare Take Up Officer")

Fall at the first hurdle

"ID Cards? Do fuck off, you big titted harriden" a pilot said this morning
Wonderful stuff. Let the revolution begin.

The first wave of ID cards to be issued to British citizens has prompted airline pilots to threaten a strike rather than accept the documents.

Hat tip to Lillith

Monday, 17 November 2008

If I can just reach them

Today, close to 7,000 people wandered through this humble little blog. Most of them were driven by the need to see the faces of those who could torture a little child to death.

I would ask them just to watch this. It doesn't last long and is an absolute classic about how I, and probably you feel right now.

OH Guide to Parenthood.

Print off and hand to pregnant Chavs.

A dining table. Buy one. Sit and eat every meal at it. All of you. Together

A book. Fill your house with them. Read them to your kids when you put them to bed. Not Dvd’s, not PS3’s, not a Wii. Books. They cost 2p in the charity shop.

A cooker. Cook dinner on it. Put some food in it. Eat it at your dinner table. Together.

A park. Take your kids there. As a “family”. Often. It’s free.

A school. Your child will spend 11 years of it’s life there. Make sure it is worthwhile. They could get run over by a bus tomorrow. It’s free

Bedtime. Send your children there at 8pm and read them a story. It’s free

Do not hit each other, do not get drunk in front of the kids and turn the telly off occasionally. Do not treat the dog better than your kids. Your kids are the most precious things you will ever possess. More than your sovereign rings, your prize pitbull, your carp fishing rods, your tanning spray, your hair straighteners and your Escort Cabriolet.

Get used to staying in, drinking at home, looking at an ugly wife, being skint. Get used to hard work, sleepless nights, endless cleaning, eternal noise and everything you value being smashed, eaten, puked on or “going missing”.

It’s called Parenthood. And it’s worth every second. If you don't want it, keep your fucking legs crossed.

In response to Dr Barnados

This appeared in the comments section of an earlier post today.

I thought I'd share some insight into the day to day existence of what I'd hope would be considered a "regular" person when placed inside a feral den - the sort of place the welfare state has created, and why we should be so shit scared of it spreading that we should really consider doing something about it right now.

We had a dream of getting on the property ladder - owning a home, starting a family, you know, the sort of thing frowned upon nowadays. I work hard. So does my missus. We got what we could afford, which was a rundown shitheap in the middle of one of the most well known breeding grounds for scum in the UK. I won't name it, but with a bit of imagination, you can probably guess where it is.

What a fucking mistake that was.

The first year was fine, despite the bad rep the place had. Then, all of a sudden, violence. And lots of it.

Some random teens decided to throw bottles at me while walking home from work - I told them to fuck off, about seven of them jumped off a wall and made out they were gonna kill me, without actually doing it of course. All in front of one of their parents, who ignored it all (couldn't have been more then three feet away) while he worked on his car.

A few months later, I went out the house and one of the little shits spotted me while in his little group of shits. That was that.

Despite just having a baby, every fucking night for three solid years - and I *MEAN* every. single. night....there would be items hurled at the house, at the window, abuse in the street. Didn't matter what day it was, something would happen. Christmas eve, xmas day, new years, birthdays, deaths, weddings.....whatever. It was insane. I lost count of the amount of times we called the police....hundreds, hundreds of times. regular line, 999, you name it, i tried it. we contacted the council, the police, the papers, the fucking politicians and those ^&$%^& at the housing (who were responsible for drafting in these waves of scum from other useless areas in a merry-go-round of completely insane "families").....not a bit of difference.

The after effects were immediate, as they started to spread their attacks to others living in my street and one just off it.

One night, a guy was literally forced to flee his house, jump in his car and drive to fucking Wales. he never came back, and his brother apparently had to sell his house.

A woman over the road had her windows smashed - when she complained, the little bastards phoned 999 and told them she was holding one of them "hostage" - about ten minutes later, what seemed like three vanfulls of riot police arrived outside her house and wellied their way inside, so I'm told. One guy asked his neighbour to simply reverse his car off his drive so he could get his car out - the reply was a headbutt and a fucking broken nose. Yet another little shit, well known to social services, police, everyone else with about ten asbos to his name, threatened grown men outside a pub with a knife unless they went inside and bought him some stella.

I could go on, but that's the kind of thing you were dealing with there. I should add, a lot of these kids were as young as ten or eleven, hanging around with a handful of older ones in their late teens.


Haloween was always the worst, mainly because where we were, it used to last about a month.

Each one was worse than the last. the final one, it finally kicked the fuck off.

A bunch of kids went to a neighbours freshly paved driveway, pulled up a few slabs, smashed them on the floor, picked up the chunks of concrete and started hurling them at the fucking windows.

I snapped, ran out, grabbed one of the little shits and dragged him back to the house, screaming down his ears. I'd had enough. I wanted blood.

ANYONES fucking blood.

I made that little shit stand in my garden while the missus phoned the police. Apparently some neighbours in a neighbouring city heard my screaming, so a full contingent of police were deployed and would "arrive shortly".

Next minute, our wonderful country's welfare inhabitants are revealed for what they are.

Never mind a baby in the house when these shits were throwing what they were throwing. No, some tracksuited retard comes bouncing out of the house directly opposite mine (found out later he doesn't even live in the area, just visiting his girlfriend), and starts yelling"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT LAD? GET OFF HIM! etc etc swear swear".

I tell him what he did, didn't matter. Scum look after their own. Within seconds, he's opening his boot and threatening to get his baseball bat out and "fuck me up".

I goaded him into doing it - he didn't, choosing to remain at a safe distance. But I'm already thinking "fuck this shit" when lo and behold, the ratfaced child's drunken, ugly, booze-sodden grandmother appears in front of me, yelling and screaming and calling me everything under the son. I'll never forget the next exchange.

I told her there was a baby in the house and they could have killed him if they'd put the window through.

Her reply?"GOOD!"

She then threw a punch at my head, which missed by a country mile while the idiot in the tracksuit continued to prance around by his car. I'd officially entered the twilight zone by this point.

Then the police turned up, and I had to be put in the back of their car and driven to my house as this had started to spill further and further down the street where I ran a greatly increased risk of being stabbed in the face.

I put the place up for sale the next day, got rid of it at a loss and am now paying through the fucking nose for a house while paying a shitload in tax / NI, but I tell myself its worth it to be away from places and people like that, even while being fully aware I'm paying for them to continue their shitty, worthless existence.

If I could, I'd go back and fucking napalm the whole area and nothing of value would be lost.

But I tell you what - that kid I collared was crying his fucking eyes out when I marched him back home, and that alone was worth the price of admission.

Presumed Consent

Gordon wants your liver. And he's going to change the law to get it.

Social Services

Just a quick reminder. Lest we forget.

Dennis O'Neil, 13, was beaten to death by his foster father, Reginald Gough, at Bank Farm, Shropshire. A post-mortem examination revealed he had been starved for months and weighed just four stone. The murder trial revealed that he had sucked the farm cows' udders in a desperate attempt to get some sustenance. The case shook a war weary Britain and there was a national outcry when Gough was jailed for six years for manslaughter. An appeal court ruling changed the verdict to murder and his sentence was extended to 10 years. A Home Office inquiry identified a string of failures by the staff and agencies involved in the case. There had been confusion between the two local authorities responsible for the boy's foster placement, conflicting reports by childcare staff about his wellbeing, staff shortages and miscommunication.


Maria Colwell, seven, died in Brighton after being starved and beaten by her stepfather, William Kepple. She had suffered brain damage, a fractured rib, black eyes, extensive external bruising and internal injuries. Maria had been fostered by her aunt and uncle because her mother, Pauline, could not cope with bringing up five children on her own. Five years later Pauline decided she wanted her daughter back. But an inquiry by the Department of Health found that East Sussex county council had insufficient evidence to return the girl. There were 50 official visits to the family, including from social workers, health visitors, police and housing officers. All agencies involved in the case were criticised.


Jasmine Beckford was starved and battered to death by her stepfather, Maurice Beckford. He was found guilty of the four-year-old's manslaughter and jailed for 10 years. Her mother, Beverley Lorrington, was jailed for 18 months for neglect. Jasmine had been in the care of Brent social services for two-and-a-half years before she died, after Beckford was convicted of assaulting her younger sister. She was seen by a social worker only once in 10 months.

Tyra Henry died after being battered and bitten by her father, Andrew Neil, while in local authority care. Neil was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment for the 21-month-old baby's murder. A report on the case found that the white social workers from Lambeth council tended to be too trusting of the family because they were black. John Patten, then a junior social services minister, published new guidelines on child abuse cases for social workers soon after.


Heidi Koseda starved to death in a locked room in Hillingdon, west London. Her stepfather, Nicholas Price, was jailed for life for her murder while her mother, Rosemary Koseda, was found guilty of manslaughter and detained in a high security psychiatric hospital. A private inquiry into her death found that the senior National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children inspector allocated to her case failed to investigate a complaint of child abuse made by a neighbour. He also tried to cover this up with a fictitious account of a visit to see the child.


Kimberley Carlile, four, was starved and beaten to death in Greenwich. Her stepfather, Nigel Hall, received a life sentence for her murder while her mother was given 12 years' imprisonment for assault and cruelty. Hall frustrated attempts by social workers and health visitors to investigate. But an inquiry found that her death was avoidable and concluded that four key social work and health staff in Greenwich failed to apply the necessary skill, judgement and care in her case.


Doreen Mason died of neglect after her mother and her boyfriend bruised, burnt and broke the 16-month-old's leg then failed to have her injuries treated. Christine Mason and Roy Aston were convicted of manslaughter and cruelty and each jailed for 12 years. Doreen was on the "at risk" register of Southwark council from birth. She slept on the floor where the couple put junk food for her to eat. A report said her social worker was inexperienced and given no proper training or supervision, and that Southwark social services department suffered from a "siege mentality" and "destructive mistrust" between senior managers.


Leanne White, three, was beaten to death by her stepfather, Colin Sleate, who made her sleep on the floor. The girl suffered 107 external injuries and died of internal bleeding and repeated blows to the stomach. Sleate was jailed for life for the girl's murder while her mother, Tina, received 10 years for manslaughter. An inquiry concluded that her death could have been prevented if Nottinghamshire social services had responded properly to reports from her grandmother and neighbours that she was at risk.


Rikki Neave, six, was found strangled by his coat zipper in a wood near Peterborough. His drug addict mother, Ruth, was jailed after admitting cruelty towards Rikki and two of his three sisters. She hit them, burned them, threw them across the room and locked them outside. Neave had asked a succession of social workers to take the boy off her hands and told one she would kill Rikki if they did not do something. A report by the social services inspectorate three years later said fault primarily lay with senior management in Cambridgeshire social services department.


Chelsea Brown, two, was battered to death by her father. Robert Brown, who was jailed for life for her murder, had a criminal record for violence against children. Her mother, Maria Brown, was jailed for 18 months for child cruelty. The girl's social worker, Norma McDevitt, visited the family 27 times in the 10 weeks before her death. She took Chelsea to a paediatrician who said that six out of nine areas of bruising "had no plausible explanation" and at least one was deliberately inflicted. These findings should have triggered police involvement and a multi-agency case conference under Derbyshire county council's procedures, but neither happened.


Victoria Climbié, eight, died from hypothermia in a tiny flat in Tottenham, north London, after suffering months of horrific abuse and neglect. Her aunt, Marie Thérèse Kouao, and her boyfriend, Carl Manning, were both jailed for life for the girl's murder in January 2001. A public inquiry into her death began in September 2001, which is expected to lead to sweeping reform of Britain's child protection services. It has heard that there were at least 12 chances for the agencies involved in her protection to have saved her. Two social workers from the London borough of Haringey have been suspended and face disciplinary proceedings.


Lauren Wright, six, was found dead after suffering a fatal punch or kick from her stepmother, Tracey Wright, which caused her digestive system to collapse. The woman was found guilty of manslaughter, as was the girl's father, Craig Wright, who had turned a blind eye to her abuse. Norfolk social services department has admitted it made serious mistakes and missed chances to save Lauren. An inquiry found that inter-agency coordination was "ineffective" and social workers had not acted with "due urgency".


Ainlee Labonte, two, was starved and tortured to death by her vicious parents, Leanne Labonte and Dennis Henry. The couple, from Plaidstow, east London, were jailed for manslaughter for deliberately punching, scalding and burning the toddler, who had 64 scars and bruises on her body when she died. She weighed just 9.5kg (21lbs), about half the normal weight of a child that age. An inquiry into her death found that the health and social workers who should have protected her failed to do so because they were paralysed with fear of Leanne and Dennis. It criticised the staff and agencies involved for poor communication and for failing to carry out a proper assessment of the risks facing Ainlee.

The underserving poor

The undeserving poor are the new virus. Not bird flu, not influenza, not the Plague, not SARS.

Never in our history have we supported so many wastrels, intent on spending their entire lives sucking at the teat of the Welfare State. We have families where generations have not worked or intended to work. We have children in schools, being (poorly) educated at a cost of over £75000 each, that absolutely no intention of pursuing any form of career. We have a growing army of ignorant, lazy fucktards happy to sit on the sofa, Stella can in hand, watching their daily dose of Soma.

I’m fascinated in the concept of this growing army. Everywhere I go, I see sallow faced mongs, scrabbling over a £5 wrap of crack. The streets are full of bloated land whales pushing the prams of miserable offspring with snotty noses and inbred scowls on their faces.

Where did the “poor but honest” go? I remember them from when I was a kid. They wore jumpers their mums had knitted, they were scruffy. Their parents were manual labourers or milkmen. Rarely was it known that your dad was out of work. He’d do anything to bring home a crust.

What happened to Jumble Sales? My mother would scour them for school uniforms, football boots, duffel coats. Want not waste not was her motto.

What happened to people walking? I rarely see anyone walking anywhere anymore, let alone children walking to school, or people carrying shopping home.

What happened to the packed lunch? I grew to be 6’2” on peanut butter sandwiches and home made flapjacks. Not organic tuna on a wholemeal ciabatta bap (£3.70 in the school canteen), send the bill to the council.

The Welfare State is what happened. Nobody fears for their welfare anymore. We now live in a State where everything is guaranteed. From the cradle to the grave, you can slumber through, totally dependent on the whims of 646 people in Parliament. It is said that until 1914, the ordinary citizen would never actually meet the State in any form unless he married, registered a birth or death or committed a crime. That’s less than 100 years ago. Fuck me.

My day starts at 6am with Pravda(Today, Radio 4) telling me to eat more greens and drink less booze. It continues with endless restrictions, rules, regulations, approvals, paperwork, taxes, penalties, recommendations, advice, targets, quotas, measurements, evaluations.

Why? I don’t need them. I’m not one of the above “undeserving poor” who have willingly exchanged every freedom they ever had in return for a life of utter idleness? I’m not a fucking Soviet peasant, reliant on gruel and subsidised brown coal to make it through the winter. I don’t march down to the council offices and demand that little Tyson needs a new coat. It’s ‘is fucking right, innit. Gis ma JD sports vouchers NOW, ya COW!'.

The 646 in Parliament have produced MILLIONS of parasites. They have fast bred an entire client base for their power. These parasites are feeding off ME yet pledge their loyalty to the scientists whose experiments are killing the host.

I don’t see it can continue. There will be a tipping point where either the untermensch decide (even more than they currently do) that they are as good as me and demand, quite literally, everything I own or the system will collapse like a cancer infested lung.

It’s going to get ugly. Very ugly indeed.
OH Action Plan for 2009: Say thank you and smile more at people who do shit jobs for little money, instead of saying "fuck it, I'll go on the dole". No point in visiting Wales then.

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