Monday, 20 October 2008

Wonderful Stuff

Essential listening. Monday's 11:30 AM PRavda 4 or Podcast


ranter said...

Ed Reardon is my hero!

I'm looking forward to listening to this morning's episode - Anger Management!

Fuck me, that sounds like something I need badly!

Nancy's stout said...

Ed Reardon is a more laid back and reasonable version of Old Holborn.

Reversepsychology said...

Isn't it easier to just switch on your computer, and go find someone that has neither the morals or scrupels to care what other people think of their output?

I bring you Friggin In The Riggin as it's as blunt as it can possibly get!

Anonymous said...

Glorious parody of lickspittle wanky council turds.

Nancy's got it right - it's OH's older (and more polite!) older brother.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Huge fat thighs
I am of course physicaly perfect(and naked)

Anonymous said...

smug BBC shit

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