Tuesday, 14 October 2008

We Watch

Hat tip to the salted slug

"They tell us to watch what we say; They tell us to watch what we think; They tell us to watch what we eat; They tell us to watch what we drink; They tell us to watch the feral youth outside of our homes and prey they don't turn their attentions towards us; we avoid the imperious glances of the Police; we hide from council cronies with police powers; we watch a third of what we earn be spirited away to be graciously re-allocated to feckless pond life; we watch malevolent televised entities with plastic smiles and sincere tones shave away our freedoms one at a time; we watch and we despair."
Not funny, is it.


pagar said...

we watch a third of what we earn be spirited away

Technical point but my understanding is that we watch more than 50% of the results of our productivity squandered by the politicians and beaurocrats.

Of course they don't re-allocate it all to feckless pond life- they steal a good bit for themselves.

terrence bull said...

Remember 33% income tax...

By the the time the banks and the State has finished with us we'll all be indentured slaves..

Nick von Mises said...

I just had the council clipboard people knocking on my door last night to register to vote. It went like this:

CC: We need you to register to vote
ME: I'm not going to vote
CC: It's useful to be on the register when you apply for credit
ME: I save up. I don't borrow
CC: You'll need this as a driver
ME: I don't have a license and don't plan to get one any time soon
CC: We can fine you £1000 if you don't register
ME: For fuck's sake, give it here.

They already had my details from when I had to register last year. What's the legal situation on this? Can they actually fine you or just hold you for 42 days? Is the fine reduced if I promise to vote Labour?

Old Holborn said...

I'm not registered to vote. I refuse to. They can fine me what they fucking want, I won't pay it.


Put this sign on your garden gate

"No implied access, other than Post Office"

Then you can shoot whoever walk up your drive. Except the Postman of course.

pagar said...

OH I think you're a great guy but don't be offended if I don't come to visit..........

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