Thursday, 30 October 2008

We DON'T know where they live.

Some statistics.
There are 646 of them
They know who you are, they know what you drink, where you travel, what you vote, how much you earn, who you live with, they read your emails, listen to your telephone conversations, where you surf the web, they know when you will die, they have your dna and your fingerprints.
There are 60,000,000 of us.
Those 646 who control every single aspect of our short lives have decided that THEY would like to remain "private"
I really, really, really have had enough. There are 92,500 of us for every one of them. They are right to be concerned. Personally, I would prefer it if they were absolutely shit scared of us. As it fucking should be.
BASTARDS. Every night this week, I have stood outside a small pub in a small Cornish fishing village in the middle of fucking nowhere to smoke a fag. In the pissing rain. In the cold, fucking winter pissing rain. Because 646 cunts decided I could not have a fag with the landlord of his small pub in front of the fire. Whilst they can smoke and drink in a subsidised bar at the Houses of Commons. 646 of them can do this. 60,000,000 of us cannot. Because they said so.
No fucking wonder they don't want ME to know where they live.
You utter bastards. We are coming for all of you.


Bex said...

*Offer's Holbon her brolly and a wind/water proff jacket*
It's not right and it's not fair. I dont smoke, but I used too, I gave it up cos it was kinda killin my lng's, but I know what you mean about the urge to kill the bastard's for doing this. I dont think ti should be illagelt o smoke in pub's, I mean, isn't that what pub's are alla bout, the smokeing and the drinking and the bad music? what next, Alcohole?
I wouldn't put it past them!

Bex said...

I forgot to add...

HappY HalloweeN :D


Custard said...

It has been my experience that people who don't smoke are boring and half-witted. Pubs are for people who can handle a drink and a few fags. Those that can't should stay at home and watch "Homes from Hell" or other such detriutus.

Get it in your thick skulls - you don't like smoking, fine, stay at home. You won't be missed.

In the meantime, we will pay the massive tax that pays for THE ENTIRE NHS AND THE POLICE.

You should be grateful, meanwhile you can get your pollution an lung diseases from the everyday fumes on the street. But, hey, that's different, isn't it...

Old Holborn said...

Interestingly, the Landlord of the Fishermans Arms let me:

Abuse his barmaid
Drink his Ale
Shit in his bog
Piss in his sink
Lecture him on Politics
Steal his internet connection
Eat his crisps
Read his newspapers
Warm my arse on his open fire
Upset his locals

All in return for a very modest £200 over 2 days

Our masters had nothing to say on the matter ( I checked). Yet, the minute I winked and asked if I might keep the warmth in and have a quick drag on a fag, you'd have thought I wanted to rape his grandchildren. Never mind the fact that he had seven types of Ecoli in the kitchen, a plate licking dog as a dishwasher, a crust of moss 7 inches high on the bar and no fire guard.

To quote V

"There is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?"

Old Holborn said...


Read the comments

Billy Wallace said...

What that tells me about the pub you stayed in O.H. is they've got a telly in the building somewhere.

but the postman is not doing his job.

the 3600 new laws over the last 10 years are not getting through

but the smoking ban must have been seen on the TV.

Guthrum said...

Wes Thu Hal Samain OH

The tide is turning

Old Holborn said...

Indeed Guthrum

I've met so many people in the last few days who have also had enough. Really had enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm a non-smoker. I attend pubs. I am against the smoking ban.
Allow me to explain:

Pre-ban - Pubs smelt of smoke.
- You came home smelling of smoke

Post ban - Pubs smell of piss, vomit and mouldy beer.
- You come home smelling of smoke from standing with your mates in the rain.

What's the difference? Vomit and stale beer. Yes, it might be damaging my lungs to be around these dirty chimneys I call freinds, but it's my choice. It's also my choice to pay for, and drink a particularly nasty poison in the evenings...

Gargh. It does my head in...I'm fed up.

Oh, and a bootnote, I only had 2 months of legal pub drinking before the ban, so, this blog ain't just mouldy old bastards, it's young bastards, with a political opinion and some intelligence...(I assume as I am at uni and doing a traditional BSC subject, I'm intelligent...)

Reimer said...

Still can't believe the country rolled over and followed this law. It's like a bad dream, taken along with all the other shit being chucked onto the funeral pyre we're building for ourselves at the cunts' behest.

Boozer you visited sounds a good laugh.

Chalcedon said...

Didn't the Noo Labour bastards promise a partial ban in their manifesto? So pubs could have a well ventilated smoking room for patrons.

It was the EU that wanted a blanket ban, or so I read. Is this so?

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