Tuesday, 21 October 2008

This is going to be good.

Some filthy Lucre. With a picture of some bloke called Rothschild on it.

The letter from Nathaniel Rothschild, published in the Times today


Since your paper - along with your sister publication the Sunday Times - has made much out of what may or may not have happened at a private gathering of my friends this summer in Corfu, I thought I should make the following observations.
I am surprised that you focus on the fact that one of my guests, Peter Mandelson, is a friend of another, Oleg Deripaska.
Not once in the acres of coverage did you mention that George Osborne, who also accepted my hospitality, found the opportunity of meeting with Mr Deripaska so good that he invited the Conservatives' fundraiser Andrew Feldman, who was staying nearby, to accompany him on to Mr Deripaska's boat to solicit a donation.
Since Mr Deripaska is not a British citizen, it was suggested by Mr Feldman, in a subsequent conversation at which Mr Deripaska was not present, that the donation was "channelled" through one of Mr Deripaska's British companies. Mr Deripaska declined to make any donation.
I mention this because it turns out that your obsession with Mr Mandelson is trivial in light of Mr Osborne's actions. I also think it ill behoves all political parties to try and make capital at the expense of another in such circumstances.
Perhaps in future it would be better if all involved accepted the age-old adage that private parties are just that.

Love and Kisses

Nathaniel Rothschild,

Klosters, Switzerland

Statement issued by the Conservative party

The allegations made in Mr Rothschild's letter are completely untrue.
Both Andrew Feldman and George Osborne deny absolutely that they attempted to solicit a donation from Oleg Deripaska. Nor did they suggest a method by which he could conceal a donation via a British company.
They spent a short period of time on Mr Deripaska's boat at the invitation of Mr Rothschild. Donations to the Conservative party were not discussed with Mr Deripaska.
In a conversation on September 18, Mr Rothschild suggested to Andrew Feldman that Mr Deripaska wanted to make a donation to the party through one of his British companies. The offer was not taken up.
For clarity: the Conservative party has neither sought nor received any donations from Mr Deripaska nor any of his companies, you baconless tosser.

Now, we've had Mean Old Serpent (anag), Osbourne, Rothschild and some dodgy Russian Mafia partying away in Greece. Murdoch brought his yacht along.

This really is going to be fun. A Rothschild can pull just about every string there is to pull. Can't wait.

(note: Nathaniel Rothschild is a thicko and only got to University after Eton and the Bullingham Club because of a large amount of cash changing hands. He went to Wadham, Oxford but the tutors refused to teach him) Source

So who is pulling Nathaniel's strings?

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1744-1812

UPDATE: Guido is reporting that Blair is pulling Nathaniels strings


Snowolf said...

Hang on, is the suggestion here that political parties have been engaging in some chicanery to secure funding from 'unusual' sources?

That's shocking. This is unprecedented.

Oh, no it isn't. Is it?

Guthrum said...

They think we are stupid and ignorant, so did Charles I and Louis XVI

tbull said...

And who's pulling Blair's strings?

Max said...

tbull...it's Satan.

max the impaler said...

What a wonderful defense:'the Devil made me do it'.....for a good Catholic boy.

Anonymous said...

All the fuckers deserve a good hanging.

John Pickworth said...

Its all crap isn't it?

The Tories deserve this for playing nice... its about time they got serious about burying Brown's corrupt cabal because if not they'll bury them.

I wouldn't be surprised if we had a modern day '27 february 1933' any time soon.

electro-kevin said...

The reason why Mandelson has been subject of press scrutiny is that he's got previous.

Mandelson doesn't seem to understand the difference.

electro-kevin said...

In truth I suspect that Nu Lab and the Conservatives are now two cheeks of the same arse.

lembit said...

Atlas is wanked out - poor lad, like all his birthdays at once.

Lilith said...

One of the most upsetting aspects to this story, apart from George Osborne's inability to chose his friends wisely, is that Nat "Cunt" Rothschild is dating Natalie Portman.

Chalcedon said...

Pots calling kettles black again. Perhaps you would like a peerage? Kerching!

Mind you, it says loads about Ozzies judgement doesn't it? Mandy's smirk says a lot too.

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