Wednesday, 15 October 2008

They know where you live

I was having a little browse on Pravda this morning, to see if public opinion was being allowed past the red pencils of White City.

They’ve introduced a fascinating new feature on their comments section. You are now “invited” to put your name, address, postcode and telephone number in when you dissent against the Glorious Leader.

And it gets plotted on a map. For all to see.

Old Holborn wonders if any bright spark has thought about tagging these traitors and heretics to a GIS database. He wonders if any apparatchiks down at Stasi Central are quietly logging who is saying what and where they live. Perhaps they could use this vital information for “re-education” or “special attention” come Election time.

Do have a wander. It’s great fun knowing that your neighbour is still furious with Thatcher and can no longer pay the mortgage.


Lord Mandelson, Prince of Darkness said...

I already know where you live!


ah meths, a rare treat said...

I thought we were all British now - so, by that reasoning - fucked off from Blighty would be both pc and fucking accurate - KKKKKKKunts.

Or, in a year, 2nd cardboard box under arches off 4th hoes row by the 9th crack den.

kev g said...

If I have the right map, there are precisely two people who are worried about "food" and they live on the Dogger Bank.

What a waste of time. A white elephant on the back of a white elephant, if ever I saw one. Not arf.

Dave said...

I signed the anti Lisbon treaty petition. They already know where I live. having said that, they've lost every other database they've been entrusted with so there's every chance that the ones with my name on could vanish too.

What's next? Put your name on the BBC website and they send someone around to see if you've got a TV licence?

Tuscan Tony said...

Quite so, the law of (possibly) unintended consequences applies. I now know there's a pub local to whereI lived about to go down the tube as a result of this data, so will be able to direct my trade accordingly.

Henry Crun said...

Perhaps we should flood the Pravda message board with anti-Gordon comments and put Toilets Maguire's postcode in everytime.

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