Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I'm sick of hearing every day how the Bank of England is pumping in another £40 Billion of my cash to prop up the lager fuelled chav economy.

Let's just have a quick little look at what our Masters are currently pissing up the wall

Olympics £15B

PFI £170B

ID cards £15B

Email snooping £12B

Northern Crock £50B

Quangos £170B

Health Tourism and waste £50B

Public Service Pensions £1T

Total = £1.482 TRILLION. Let me just write that out for you.


Placed end to end, that is enough fivers to reach Alpha Centuri AND BACK. Probably.

In any case, it equates to £24,700 for EACH of the 60,000,000 people in this cess pit called Britain. And they say we are skint. Not yet we aren't. Stop spending our fucking money like there is no tomorrow, you cuntwafts. Stop throwing my money, all £24,700 of it at every problem that comes along.

If you don't, I would politely like to remind you that there are 646 of you and 60,000,000 of us. Now I am sure that you like to think you are in total and utter control but I know plenty of people who are not happy about having £24700 of THEIR money ripped off and handed out to whatever cause you decide will save your scrawny necks. Rope is very cheap. And for each one of you, there is 92500 of us. Slowly but surely forming an orderly queue to hang you from 646 lamposts.

Give me three years of recession, a complete freeze on pubic spending, out of Iraq, no trident, no new aircraft carriers and no handing out cash to red faced, fat fingered farmers and then we will see if we can afford some doughnuts. Let the banks go down, shareholders squeal, buy to letters rage. Let the civil servants feel the cold wind of redundancy, let the unemployable live off their own fat, let teachers get by without interactive whiteboards, let the universities start taking people with talent and not a handful of toilet paper. Let us start buying back the gold you threw away, let our currency be backed by REAL gold, let our citizens work hard for proper rewards and let US have the power you have so woefully abused.

It is not YOUR bastard money. It is OURS. Get your filthy, corrupt, deceiptful, lying, untrustworthy hands off it. It belongs to my kids, you utter cocktards. Don't you DARE piss it up the wall on bread and circuses.
UPDATE: Brown and Co are just about to announce a huge rescue package. Why do I have the feeling that this is going to cost my grandchildren a fortune? Why do know that I will be seeing his grinning monocular face proclaiming to be a saviour whilst raping what little is left in the public coffers?
I am going to find a banker to punch. How the fuck can Barclays buy out Lehmans one week and then come begging for MY money, the next? How the fuck can Lloyds buy out HBOS and then crawl for billions from the stupid public?
We are being scammed like never before.

UPDATE: I don't believe it. My grandchildren have just been handed a $500 BILLION bill. What the fuckity fuck? When the yanks wanted $700 Billion, there was all hell let loose. Votes in the house, swearing, lobbying, more votes in the house, conditions, more conditions and public scrutiny. Here? Nothing. Just a diktat at 07.30 in the morning from the Politburo informing the Proletariat that they must produce more tractors. We really are living in the DDR.


max the impaler said...


Chris said...

How to start a revolution in Britain:

1) do a simple-to-follow breakdown of how much people are taxed, where it comes from (PAYE, NI, VAT, capital gains, etc.), and what it is wasted on by our unelected quangocracy.
Make it personal: "£24,700 of *your* money goes here, here and here."

2) Distribute this information to the populace in an election year.

3) Stand well back and watch the fireworks.

My old man used to say that Britain wasn't 3 meals from revolt; it was 5% tax away from it.

ranter said...

It had to be said Old Holborn and there's no one who could have said better!!!!

thesaltedslug said...

Profligate spunking:
1.487 trillion.

1.576 trillion.

I'm no economist and I know it's not all spent at once; but I'm guessing that this is ill-advised.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Yeah, ban all that pubic spending! :o)

electro-kevin said...

The profligacy simply can't go on. The one silver lining ?

terrence bull said...

It's no longer real money. It's a weird game of monopoly.

But hey! the olympics don't half look cheap (not that I expect them to held).....

t. bull said...

I forgot to say. That cunt Brown won't be remembered for fucking up the economy, it'll be selling the gold (moreorless the first thing he did) that'll leave him down there with John,Ethelred,Mary and the other tossers of England's history.

Bex said...

Ahh screw it! lets just blow up parliment when it's in session, could save on the rope and would make an AWESUM bonfire >:)

Old Holborn said...

My little walk, by a bizarre coincidence, is at exactly the time that the nice Mr Brown will be travelling the 100 yards from his house to Prime Ministers Question Time.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I was going to address Parliament on November 5th and bumped into 100 Guy Fawkes on the way, I may, just may be a little ruffled when I took to the Despatch Box.

He he he

Trixy said...

Makes me even more determined to go for that stroll....

Trixy said...

Although he gets the car. A whole load of cars: I used to get held up by the policemen when I tried to leave the estate as we all had to wait for the cock to arrive, along with his fleet of yes men.

Old Holborn said...

Just mentioned this over on Guido.

Time to think here:

Guido is read by anybody that matters. Really matters. I've just pointed out my usual drivel that there are 646 of them and 60,000,000 of us. It was rebutted by the "fact" that they have the army and the police and they have guns.

Well, so did the East Germans. How many East Germans died in bringing down the wall?

Not one.

Did the Army and Police wade in, slaughtering the masses? Did they fuck. They'd had enough as well.

And a system that had kept countless millions in horrific servitude and slavery to the State for fifty years collapsed, quite literally overnight (I was living in Germany when it happened). Simple as that. Not one shot fired. The people had just decided, enough is enough. All of them.

There is hope. When the 9 million who vote Labour realise that anything is better than the shite they are having their noses rubbed in, the farce is over.

Can't be long now

Gordon said...

t. bull said...
I forgot to say. That cunt Brown won't be remembered for fucking up the economy, it'll be selling the gold (moreorless the first thing he did) that'll leave him down there with John,Ethelred,Mary and the other tossers of England's history.

Don't bet on it - it's still quite likely that someone will do a Lincoln on him. Crap leader gets assassinated and is held up as a genius for all eternity

The Hitman said...

AAAH!!! That’s my man,

The only person out of all of us who’s actually doing something, hence the walk

I can assure you O.H. there are others doing as well…………

Wyrdtimes said...

You can add about £50B for a replacement for Trident too if you like.

SaltedSlug said...

I was talking to some friends about the walk, and they asked me what the point of it was.
I thought about it, and I realised that if nothing else, I just want to make Gordo feel just that little bit threatened. I want him go to bed feeling markedly less secure of himself, with maybe just the seed of fear.
It is about time these fuckers knew who should be afraid of who.

Gordon said...

Sorry as this is off topic: I was under the impression that the labour party had "called off hostilities" to our dear leader, in which case does anyone know what John McDonnell is still posting on his john4leader site? (what's with the "4"? was the twat trying to get "down with the kids"? (thought that was Brown's position) - the only twats who were going to vote for him were those who are so old Labour I doubt they ever learnt how to use the pager they all got when Blair became leader). Sorry, went off on a mild rant. I'd still like to know what JM is still updating his leadership site though.

Old Holborn said...


The point of my walk is many fold.

1. I have to do something. If that means the crackle of many, many police radios on November 5th, so be it. If I walk alone, it won't make the slightest difference. I am doing this for my inner core. Of course, I want to extend this offer to others, hence the blog post.
2. I want to thumb my nose at authority. There is, as yet, no law that says I can't do what I intend to do. So I intend to use what little speck of liberty is left to spook them. I fully expect an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill to close the loophole that you cannot be anonymous in a public place.ie, wear a mask. This will have many repercussions as the public are forced to throw away hoodies, hats, cycle helmets etc.
3. It is a mark of respect for all those who have ever questioned our Parliament throughout our long history. They must be spinning in their graves at what the current motherfuckers are doing with 900 years of history.
4. I am a mischevious bastard.

thesaltedslug said...

Fair enough.
I am SO fucking there.

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