Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sorry Dave

Earlier this week, I set out a list of what I wanted to hear from BluLabour over at Mrs Dales place.

1. Dave agrees with Iain Dale that a referendum over Lisbon WILL be held no matter what.

He didn't. What if the bogtrotters are forced to say yes and it's ratified before the champagne and cavier arrives at No.10?

2. Dave will set about untangling the 3000 new laws implemented by ZNL during the last 11 years.

He did the opposite. He declared the Tories to be non Libertarian. Great. More laws then.

3. David Davis will remind himself that he was elected on a civil liberties ticket, so why have we heard bugger all from him?
He's still silent

4. Dave will humbly acknowledge that the State is too large and set about reducing the burden of 7 million government jobs on the much abused tax payer.

No, he wants to hire even more people to snoop on your house

5. Dave will instigate a public enquiry into WHY we went into Iraq (and apologise, publicly for his part in it)

No, he just wants to give more money to arms companies for our "brave, brave" boys to keep on keeping Afghanistan the rightful property of Haliburton Inc

6. Dave will announce his intention for a complete overhaul of the BBC and a long overdue reduction in it's services. Four radio channels, two TV channels and an internet new service. No more BBC Albania at MY cost.

No chance. Not a whisper.

7. Dave will stand up and remind him and his 645 colleagues that there are 60 million of us, we pay them, they call us Sir, not the other way round and that we know where they live.

He DID point out that it's OUR money he intends to spend, so I will admire him for recognising it.

8. Dave will announce that it is the role of the Police to PROTECT us, not film hoodies commiting crimes, whilst eating doughnuts.

Nope. He wants to help misunderstood prisoners in Wandsworth Scrubs

9. Dave will announce that just as the Russians couldn't sort out Afghanistan, neither can we. Troops out.

Nope, just more guns to fight the rabid goatherders with

10. Dave will announce that before he forms a new government, he will insist on a full due dilligence audit. I want to know exactly what shit is going to hit the fan once Labour have finished scorching the Earth.

Nope. Although I got the feeling he knows he will be inheriting a fly blown heap of camel discharge.

If this is the best we can do against Brown, a man who should not be assisted in any other thing than suicide then we are fucked. Royally fucked.

Dave said:

"But freedom can too easily turn into the idea that we all have the right to do whatever we want, regardless of the effect on others.
That is libertarian, not Conservative - and it is certainly not me. "

Sorry Dave, Libertarians do what ever we want AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T ADVERSLY AFFECT OTHERS

3/10. See teacher.


Panopticon Britain said...

I can't decide if his libertarianism comments are a good or bad thing.
Pro: They might help break the "Tories are libertarians" bollocks.
Con: People thing libertarians are fucking Satanists.

Old Holborn said...

Name the prime minister of Switzerland. You can't. Neither can 99% of the Swiss.

Government doesn't have to be big to be successful

Anonymous said...

Sorry O.H. you can vote for Snotty or Cammy or not at all, the rest of the parties at the moment mean nothing,me I will vote for Cammy just to get Snotty out,I don't trust Cammy over a referendum but at least their are loads of Conservatives who feel the same as I do so they could kick off,so take your choice one chance or no chance,me I think by 2012 the Olympics will be forgotten as we will be in deep doo doo and in civil strife.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

" ... Brown, a man who should not be assisted in any other thing than suicide ..."

No OH - disagree entirely. He is not to be allowed the suicide option.

He's MINE!!! And he's going to spend his last few hours slowly sliding down one of my special sticks.

electro-kevin said...

We are fucked.

The man's a charlatan. The sort of leader we need would be outcast by the media straight away.

Guthrum said...

Agree with Electro- Kev

Cameron's speech was all smooth, there there it will be alright stuff.

The only ambition this man has is for himself to be PM of Great Britain- so Libertarian small government is out of the window, as is an English Parliament. Simply it is Dave's turn to drive the shiny big red bus, with more State intervention.

Sadly Anon is right, people are going to vote for the PR man just to get the Lord Protector out, but nothing will change in Whitehall.

I am not so sure that there will not be a backlash eventually, as the Tories failed in 1997, and Labour are failing in exactly the same way now.

Custard said...

Cameron looks too much like Michael Schumacher.

For that reason alone, he should be shot gently in the back of the head.

leg-iron said...

The EU want to scupper the Irish plan to guarantee savers' money.

That might delay their chances of getting Ireland to ratify Lisbon. The Irish won't like it if their government is forced to back down on this. They won't like what the EU want to do, whether they succeed or not.

So it's possible that referendum will be still on the table when Dave is the New Gorgon. It'll be interesting to see how he tries to get out of that.

curly15 said...

I think he totally misunderstands what libertarianism is.
And wtf am I doing allowing local Labour leaders to have their say on my blog? I must be losing it these days!

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