Saturday, 18 October 2008

Snap Election Brewing

Woke up this morning to hear ZNL want to reduce immigration and keep the pound, imperial measures are sacred and not to push 42 days detention. Tomorrow they will announce a ban on Islam, single mothers will be tarred and feathered, taxes will be slashed and socialism declared not fit for purpose.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Transgenders.

Prepare for an election. Pravda are falling over themselves to portray ZNL as a government that is listening. They aren't. This is a trap.


Anonymous said...

The bastards are up to something but snot and courage don't mix,me I still think 2010 if we are lucky,otherwise I think 2012 when the proles realise they are being shafted and start to kick every politician they can find.

Anonymous said...

This means immigrants are leaving in droves, the pound will soon be worthless, no one under 40/50 can even think outside base ten and soon everyone will be arrestable and charged if needed just for some dodgy web search.

ranter said...

Amazing how quickly the daily annoncements have changed. They are NOT to be trusted. None of the bastards are.

Arkangel said...

Hmmm, something's afoot, that's for sure.
11 years of pushing metrication and then they throw it away (well, almost)...reduce immigration!!

If it looks fishy and smells fishy, then it's probably fish!!

Auguste Fallus said...

You can smell the brimstone warming.Satan's chosen are planning a party,...and it's not Haloween.

electro-kevin said...
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electro-kevin said...

You're right but so what ?

The Tories are acceptable to The BBC therefore they are unacceptable to us.

I want the country to collapse under Za Nulabour regime. Then EVERYONE will know - everyone will know where to direct their anger.

We're fucked anyway. Give up any hope that Cameron can save us because he can't.

Old Holborn said...

Just listened to Any Questions on Pravda 4.

There was an interesting question from the audience as to whether the benefit soaked, Stella belching chavs of Accrington will even notice a recession.

They won't. They receive their beer vouchers and tax credits from Gordon, don't save any money, don't have mortgages to worry about or job security anyway.

Millions and millions of the UK's untermensch who could be relied upon to march from Jarrow or rush the police in Trafalger Square are simply happy enough under ZNL.

When middle England gets burned, the revolution will begin.

THAT is why Campbell has just capitulated to the Daily Mail with a few soundbites. He KNOWS we are angry and any more (Jack) straws will break our backs.

Smart man.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some polls due out this weekend,I bet the brain dead have said we love flash Gordon and maybe we will get a general election,well I can dream.

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