Monday, 6 October 2008

POLL: End of the World!?

The End of the WORLD!?
Nah, just a few bankers getting their arses kicked
Maybe - The Chinese will clean up
Only the fucktards who overspent are fucked
Not for me, I can look after myself thank you

Bilderberg, Lizzards, Illuminati, Nostradamus


maradonna said...

Not looking too bad - good photo.

Revolution Harry said...

How pleasing to see that 'Bilderbergers. Lizards, Illuminati, Nostradamus' is in second place (though judgement is very definitely reserved in the case of 'lizards'; Nostradamus is irrelevant and their are many more elements to the 'conspiracy' than the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati). Perhaps people are beginning to wake up. Sadly that does not include the wishful thinkers who voted for the 'fucktards' option.

Revolution Harry said...

Their? Sorry, there.

Anonymous said...

Dat is crap gramma innit

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