Friday, 24 October 2008

Parents do not have the right.

For some reason, Peter Tatchell, an unelected gobshite for poofs was on the Daily Poilitics programme yesterday.

Brillo interviewed his thoughts as to whether the State should be ramming cocks down 5 year olds throats.

Brillo: Does the State have a right to overule Parental concern on this issue?

Guerilla Gay Boy and non expert on child education: Do you think parents have a right to keep their (5 year old children) ignorant?

What a cunt.

2 minutes 10 secs in.
Peter, the thought of all those potential choirboys, already up to speed on rimming and felching, was visible in your deranged face.
Of course Peter was on the BBC advocating teaching boy on boy oral sex to five year olds . He wants to have sex with 14 year old boys
Hat tip to Houdini.


Anonymous said...

Shit stabbing cunt ! - if I catch him near my 5 year old boy I will rip his fucking heart out ! Did you hear him going on about "WE sending OUR children to school" ? Since when can two blokes have children by fucking each other up the arse ? has gay fucking science taken a leap forward that only lefty arse bandits know about ? are their little lefty turd burgling offspring already in our schools ?

electro-kevin said...

"Do you think people have a right to keep their children ignorant ?"

To which the interviewer ought to have said, "Yes" unhesitatingly.

(Word verification: nonard ... yes, I find it all rather unedifying)

captain skint said...

Ofcourse parents should keep their kids ignorant - sit down lad - let's see what's been happening at Abu Ghraib? Cheers pa. Inevitable tears, distress and fucked up kiddy and social service intervention.

Don't teach them about botty sex tho and still get the cunts round your house. What a fucking ejeet.

Houdini said...

I fucking hate Tatchell and cunts like him.

He is the fucker that thinks it should be legal to bum kids at 14. Any other person would be called a fucking paedophile and chucked in jail, or castigated as a fucking pervert.

So this fucker has real form as a fucking pervert and shouldn't be on the fucking TV at all.

Bex said...

If you love someone, then you love someone, I dont have a problem with that. Part off being free is loveing whoever you wont to (providing their above legel age and you feel the same about you obveusly!)
what I do have a problem with is teaching kid's stuff they wont understand or comprehend. knowing how the bird's and bee's work is one thing (you find that sort of thing out by the time your 10 normally) but this is a leap waaaay over the line. Kid's dont understand this kind of thing when their five for fuck sake, their just children, why can't they enjoy being kid's, they shouldn't be forced to grow up so soon, to know about thing's best left untill their old enought to understand it.
I think this is way out of line adn I hope they stomp all over this guy >:(

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

They are insane.
I was told about sex by fellow cub scouts(no not gay) then asked my mum and got the birds/bees stuff.
Aged 10 I thought YUK ! Although had already had a play with some girls and had not understood.
My idea of sex education is
"Dont do it until you are at least 18 otherwise Daddy is going to go fucking beserk"
And if a girl
"Daddy is going to pick the little shitbag who had a go on you up by his leg and apply him to the nearest wall several times with some extra beserkness thrown in"

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Mr Holborn
Providing that you are over the age of consent and dont insist on any blood queening or Gibbing I will as a free man observe your walk and maybe hold your hand

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

How about taking down that pic of the little girl?
She didnt ask to be attached to your blog.
I know you mean no harm, but...?
Unless she's your daughter and has just found out that she shares your DNA, its fucking wrong

Call me Infidel said...

Anon. Have you never heard of butthole babies? The Labour front bench is full of them!

Henry Crun said...

My daughter already knows that if some boy does something she doesn't like daddy will rip the little fucker's head off and fill the hole with cement.

zoomraker said...

Tatchell would like to see homosexuality made compulsory.

Custard said...

What a piece of detestable ordure he is. I hope he dies a slow and syphillitic death.

dick the prick said...

Spot on Beast - I got raised by a single mum - not that that means owt but I remember 1st year at Secondary school stupidly asking me boys "why don't they just keep their knob in instead of shaking it about?"

I had a fucking brilliant childhood - shame I had to grow up.

Fuck sex education, get cars off the road so lads can have bikes - now that is essential to kids - sex education should be as Henry said - if anyone does something that you don't like, tell an adult who you trust and I'll do a Clockwork Orange on his head to Bing Crosby or Frank, maybe a 7 iron, maybe a Sand Wedge - it's these choices that are important.

It's emotional abuse on kids and that's a parents job and from my chums who have kids - one of their best weapons. When your mum kissed you outside the school gates - that was because you'd been naughty.

Shirking From Home said...

Why can't the tinkering fuckers just leave us alone for once?

Shirking From Home said...

At least the Tories have the good grace to fuck their secretaries. These bastards want to sexualise the damned kids.

AngryDave said...

ZNL must be full of felching, kiddy fiddling cunts! I hope they all die!!!!!!!!!

geewiz said...

Thank god for Peter Tatchell. I've had this largish rock in my pocket for a while now and, as luck would have it, it's just the right size to dip into a tub of botulism before being flung at high speed towards his pervert face.

Thud said...

We are reaching the end of the road here..when perverts are making policy then something has to give.

Oswald Bastable said...

I tell my kids to repeat this:

"My dad has a .45, mum has a .357 and you won't be fuckin' missed"

Old Holborn said...

Tatchell was on Radio 2 yesterday discussing whether boy scouts should be taught sex.

That's the second time in the last two days the BBC have paid him to talk about children and sex

Anonymous said...

The BBC bastards probably get some sort of perverted thrill when they listen to Tatchell banging on about kids and sex.

Perverted fuckers the lot of them. They deserve to hang along with the political establishment.

kev g said...


I am minded to accompany you on your upcoming walk, the one obstacle being assembling the necessary kit in time.

Can you suggest anything suitably quick and cheap, bearing in mind that you are talking to a middle-aged couch potato who can just about summon the initiative to buy a new string vest once every five years, not Laurence Llewellyn Flaming Bowen?

If your suggestions sound too much like hard work, I shall try to link up with you for beers beforehand and then go and look at the Renaissance portraits over the road.

If I don't spot you first, I am an unprepossessing four-eyed cunt in a Columbo coat.

Old Holborn said...

Kev, less than £30

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'd give Tatchell five years - max.

Either an agonising death from an aids-related disease, or a lynching would be my guesses.

The cunt.

Barnsley Bill said...

anybody recall tatchell getting a smack in the face in that moscow protest. He went down like a sack of shit and then squealed "help me". Comedy gold..

Anonymous said...

Pity the disgusting sperm bank ever got up again.

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