Sunday, 19 October 2008

Old McGorgon has a farm...

Old Holborn has taken leave of his senses and invited me to post my ramblings here. So I did.

Signed Leg Iron from Underdogs bite Upwards

Government blog warning: Repeated exposure to non-Righteous blogs might result in secondary thinking.

Today the woodwork has literally exploded with things crawling out of it. Our Righteous overlords have now demoted smokers from 'subhuman' to 'a target'. Once we were free men. Then we were numbers. Now we are one number, all of us, collectively. We are one number that must be reduced. We are to be exterminated. Because, as you anti-smokers smiling and clapping your hands at that statement believe, we are not human. We should be made to wear nicotine-coloured badges. Off to the camps with us. ASH has the Final Solution all dusted off and ready to go again. Ah, but will we be the only ones?

I'm getting all my tobacco overseas and paying no tax on it to this government. It's bad enough being dictated to by wriggling segmented things that ooze from the decaying panels of Westmonster bars (where they can still smoke), it's bad enough that non-smokers have the right to harass and abuse me in public and I have no right to respond, it's bad enough that the only thing that now counts as litter is a cigarette end, it's bad enough that even open spaces are denied me. It's worse that I will be denied the right to smoke in my own property where nobody else is present. I will not pay them to do this to me. No more tax.

I have a mobile phone. In fact, I have two. I paid cash because they weren't expensive enough to trouble a credit card. Both are pay as you go phones and since I hate talking on phones, a small top-up lasts for months. I am not a terrorist, even though I know far more about bacterial disease than anyone in the government would consider safe. I am not a criminal. The police have no record of me. Why, then, am I to be forced to register my phone as though I were some evil threat to all humanity? To stop terrorists?

Terrorists like those who leave their bins open. Terrorists like those who send their children to school. Terrorists like those who might have a friend over. Terrorists like the staff and customers of Icelandic banks. How many real terrorists have these laws caught? I'll be generous - you can include the research student who downloaded a copy of a terrorist manual because that's what his thesis was about. Yes, include him. He's the nearest you'll get.

The smoking laws, and the coming laws to prevent eating and drinking, are not about health. The carbon-footprint junk is not about the environment. The anti-terrorist laws have nothing to do with terrorists. They are about control of the population. They don't want us to stop smoking because 'it would be good for our health'. They want to condition us to do what we are told.

Those CCTV cameras, those phone taps, the bespectacled pinstripe anencephalic scanning the Internet (now pausing for a moment to look up 'anencephalic'), the Email logs, the DNA database, ID cards, none of those things have had nor will have the slightest effect on crime or terrorism. They are not meant to.

Criminals will fake ID cards. Criminals will steal the glass you were drinking from in the pub and leave it at a crime scene so it's your DNA that shows up. Criminals will steal your phone so when the crime comes to light, it's your door that gets kicked in at 3 am, not theirs. Criminals will fake your Email address and hack into your wireless network. Once more, your door gets the boot treatment.

These measures will not stop criminals. These measures are a godsend to criminals. Remember that gun ban? That told the criminals that nobody law-abiding had a gun so it was safe to burgle anywhere. Muggers loved the knife ban. DNA database? Perfect for framing a patsy. Tracked mobile phones? Perfect - steal one and your victim gets the blame. Email tracking? Spammers fake your Email all the time. They are still active, they have not been caught, so why would the criminal using your account be any different?

The measures are not intended to catch criminals. They are intended to create them. A whole raft of new prosecutions of people who thought they had nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear. A whole slew of unsuspecting suckers who will wake to the 3 am boot-call. These saps will be fined heavily and then thrown out until the next milking time. You might well have nothing to hide. You certainly have something to fear.

Tame first, milk later. We are being domesticated by this government so they can pull us off the streets or haul us from our beds and take money from us under the pretext of ‘fines’. These fines are put in place on the pretext of ‘anti-terror laws’. The smoking ban, the attacks on the overweight and on those who like a drink, these are the softening-up approaches.

Do what you are told. Turn against the smoker, the drinker, the fatty, the driver. Shop your neighbour for throwing away too much. Turn in that litter lout. Denounce that man who walks past the school every day on his way to work. Threaten teachers with child abuse accusations which will finish their career and stay on file forever – even if proven untrue.

Tame that population. Keep them frightened. Make sure they can’t trust each other. Don’t let them learn too much. Change the rules about what is and is not offensive every few days. Riots? The laws are in place to deal with that already. Insisting on innocence? Double the penalty if they don’t confess straight away. They’ll get the message. Nobody is innocent. The word of the Official is Law.

And then, when you are tamed, you can be milked. Increase the fines. Turn the screw.

And when there is no more milk… well, ask a dairy farmer what happens.


Anonymous said...

How many of you "get the gubbermeint orf my back" cnuts are work shy scoungers, on the sick, or other sundry bene who demand that they care for you and yours cradle to grave?

You are getting exactly, precisely what you bargained for.

Anonymous said...

Anonymong: How about none?

Hmm? That work for you?

leg-iron said...

Ah, the 'work shy scrounger' ploy.

Thing is, those real 'work shy scroungers' are all in favour of this government, aren't you, anon? Because they feed you and clothe you and house you and force us to pay for it.

And you love it. Like a tapeworm revelling in shit, you swill and wriggle deeper into the warm comfort of your benefit-driven world.

I've watched you Righteous in silence for years, you know. I've seen you in action on blogs and message boards all over the internet. I've met many of you in person and listened attentively, never arguing, never refuting, never saying a word that might let you know why I was there. I've tolerated your patronising malevolence and bit my lip often.

I've learned your attacks and your methods and they are few and always the same. No matter the eloquence of the Righteous posting, they are always the same.

Well, dear tapeworm, there is a motion coming.

Then a flush.

Anonymous said...

You are happy to receive free, cradle to grave healthcare, housing, food, transportation and living expenses from Nanny State.


In return She is now asserting supervisory control over the lives you demanded She take financial responsibilty for. Sounds like a reasonable, doesn't it?

You got what you bargained for. The fact that you didn't know this or are now unhappy with your choice is tough titty, farmer.

I see the lot of you sniveling about how much control She is asserting over your feckless lives, yet not one of you willing to pry your lips off Her teat.

Suckling, sniveling piggies the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymong, WE did none of those.
There are those that have; we are not them.

Your logic runs like this: "These people say things I don't like, ergo they're on the fucking dole and whatnot!"

Go get a book of basic logic, read it, then come back. Your nonsense ramblings are pathetic.

leg-iron said...

Anonymong is a Righteous. Don't answer its questions. Drives them nuts.

It knows we are not its pets. It knows none of us are the dole sponging filth it accuses us of being.

This is standard format. It seeks to discredit the message by stating that the messenger is worthless and that it is those who don't follow the Righteous way that are demented. A system that worked well for many down the ages.

There is nothing in that post it can latch 'racist' on to, nothing it can use to scream 'bigot', so it is down to distraction, distortion and deflection.

It will seek to force commenters to identify themselves and will attempt to force or twist incriminating words, which it will then repeat over and over as proof that it is the only Righteous being in a den of demons.

Respond in kind: distort, deflect, distract.

It will break. They always do.

leg-iron said...

By the way, you're right, Sensible Anonymous 01:19. That is exactly the logic they use.

I mentioned some of it here:

Perhaps it's time to detail the methods of the Righteous. They're not much different from those of the Inquisition. If the Righteous could stand to read a whole book, they'd see that they are not new.

Oswald Bastable said...

From my extensive blogging experience, I have deduced that 'Anonymous' no longer means:

1. Having an unknown or unacknowledged name: an anonymous author.
2. Having an unknown or withheld authorship or agency: an anonymous letter; an anonymous phone call.
3. Having no distinctive character or recognition factor:

It means 'Cunt'

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't agree with OB above.
I am a pensioner try to get to grips with the Internet etc.
I have not wanted to leave anonymous comments but keep having trouble with other identies. (By the way the above Anons are not me)
I created a Blogger Account but when I use it, I get invalid password, even though I've been back and checked/changed it. I also don't know what my URL is.
In desparation I therefore click the Anon button. Is there a help scteen somewhere?

Oswald Bastable said...

You are not the only one- a few posters on my blog have the same troubles.

Just put a name or nick at the bottom of your post.

Then we can separate you from my later definition!

Bent Society said...

I think a lot of what LegIron says is correct in terms of how the snooping and tale telling CCTV and police state stuff etc will be used against the common citizen in the UK.

I think that the conspiracy theory (it's all a deliberate "farmer") plot stuff is great cathartic fun.
But my theory (and that's all it is) is that these bans, bin snooping, technology creep CCTV etc is actually due to something I call "budgetitis" ...which is a disease spread by beancounting local authority pension dreaming little-corpral types who have to spend their annual budgets on more of the same before the end of each financial year or else their department gets closed down.

Hence: CCTV now encroaches onto housing estates and poster and beer mat and booklet-through-yer letterbox and press campigns abound more than in any previous marxist state. And we ge more and more of what they were originally paid for untill the screw does inded start to tighten till the pips squeek!

We now have speed cameras every 100 yards in place in Nottingham! CCTV is all over the bloody place. Poster campaigns and signs instead of proper policing.

Great blog by the way.


Bent Society said...

Here is my budgetitis thinking from an old post on Bent Society :

..of course it could be too late the state might have already made me totaly mad.


Lilith said...

Well, judging by anonymong 21:50 you got a bullseye Leg-Iron.

Old Holborn said...


Been there, done that

woman on a raft said...

Perhaps it's time to detail the methods of the Righteous.

Yes please. This has been most informative as I haven't seen this variant before. Can you do that thing of giving them archetypal names and personality profiles - makes it much easier to recognize them next time. Many thanks.

Pogo said...

"Anonymous" 20 October 2008 00:41: "You are happy to receive free, cradle to grave healthcare, housing, food, transportation and living expenses from Nanny State."

Speaking for myself, I've never had a penny from "the state", "Nanny" or otherwise, apart from a modest amount of hospital treatment. During my working life I've paid enough tax to have bough my own fucking hospital, so I consider that I've had very poor value for money.

So, old bean, I feel deeply insulted by your knuckle-dragging rantings and thus may I respectfully suggest that you go fuck yourself.

Thank you.

max the impaler said...

Great post legiron.Wrong conclusion.The dairy herd is bovine by nature.I'm a real nasty bastard, especially when I keep being mugged by the government.They need to worry.They need an armed escort now...just give it twelve months.

someone said...

Excellent Leg Iron, bravo!

V said...

Rather than spend the time moaning, why not start to get some action up and running?

The problem is, killing MP's is not the answer, they just get new clones. Killing officials is not the answer, they are just following orders.
So, the answer is?
moaning on the internet?

Looks like the real answer is to kill the system - and that can only be done through anarchy - and how many people have the stomach for that?

Old Holborn said...

Hang on a minute.

I do not advocate lawlessness or anarchy. WE allow politicians to take away our liberties and WE need to stop letting them do it.

If we are looking for someone to blame, we need look no further than the mirror.

Write to your MP, start a blog, have a walk , send a book , harrass your council, DO SOMETHING.

the a&e charge nurse said...

OH then you are one with Tony Benn, remember his five questions
[1] what power have you got ?
[2] where did you get it from ?
[3] in whose interest do you exercise it ?
[4] to whom are you accountable ?
[5] how can we get rid of you ?

Pogo - our hospital cost £350 mil last year, are you Richard Banson in disguise ?

the a&e charge nurse said...

Oops - I meant Branson, of course, aka the bearded polyclinic lover

Shirking From Home said...

An excellent blog you old bastard. I will be joining you on the 5th.

Old Holborn said...


"Perhaps it's time to detail the methods of the Righteous."

I very much think it is.

Pogo said...

"a&e charge nurse"...

How dare you compare me with that scruffy pauper!


leg-iron said...

Max - take a good long look at the rest of the herd around you. Those of us who aren't munching grass and waiting for the slaughterhouse van are few. So far.

Cows can be riled and they can be very dangerous. It takes a lot, but when it happens - get out of the way.

Since there's interest in what I know of Righteous methods, I'll put something together on that. It'll be long so I'll split it up.

Mr Angry said...

Bloody hell. I don't smoke and I'm thinking of starting just to piss these pricks off.

Next up for banning will be "speaking in a car", as that's distracting.

V said...

I think my point stands!

A revolution is the only way to make a difference. This government has already proved that it doesn't care for the opinion of 2 million people standing in protest.
It takes no notice of the concept of truth, it doesn't understand shame, and doesn't even recognise the law when it doesn't suit its agenda.

There is defenitly something to be said for total anarchy to clense the system of the ideas which have brought us to where we are today.

If you read the V for Vendetta novel, you'll see what I mean. Holywood did some rewrite with that story!

Antipholus Papps said...

Don't equate anarchy with lawlessness! Anarchy simply means no government. It is perfectly possible to have an enlightened society of autonomous libertarians without a government.

V said...

I understand the concept of anarchy however the system is made of people who can only exist within a system of government, remove the system, and those people lose their roles.

Without the roles, the system falls apart, the only ones who are able to live good and useful lives are those who don't need the system. There is nothing there about lawlessness, just a lack of monolithic system!

The question is - how do you make it happen?
Violence is not the answer, however, neither is the current form of politics because it is tuned to the advantage of those currently in power. The system only allows those who are willing to maintain the system into power - hence the Tories sounding like Labour sounding like Tories.

Ignore this problem and you will be sending stories to your MP's for the next 30 years with no effect.

BTW - I am taking part in the book sending - anything is better than nothing - but something is even better than anything - and there is no something yet!

The Penguin said...

Completely agree with you, Leg Iron, and very very well expressed. I look forward to seeing Bliar dragged to the Hague as a War Criminal, and having the dubious death of Dr Kelly properly investigated and the perpetrators jailed. However, I'm not holding my breath. Bastards!

The Penguin
Penguinus Eversohopeful

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