Friday, 3 October 2008

Mandelsnake Returns

I mean, what? How?
The man is a criminal, twice booted out of Parliament for dealings that would have you and me in prison, he was sent to Europe to keep his lips firmly around the foreskin of Brussels and fuck me sideways, he turns up here, unelected, to deal with the "financial crisis" Brown has dumped us in.
Get your money OUT of the UK NOW


Custard said...

This goat-felching excuse for a human being has no place in decent society, never mind corrupt government.

Let's hope his private jet back does a Fossett.

electro-kevin said...

A colleague of mine worked with him once and taught him how to tie a Windsor knot.

"Not tight enough, obviously." I said.

The reports are that he's a nasty bastard in real life too.

Call me Infidel said...

An attempt to corner the Brazilian rent boy vote surely?

Paul said...

Can anyone recommend a country to move to? I thought about Denmark (it has a culture like ours and they're nice people) but I wonder about their vulnerability.

This country is more fucked than a Patpong prostitute.

Anonymous said...

The Danish could not see what a danger Hitler was, so they have no clue as to what is going to hit them in Europe. They'll bend over backwards until.... well you know what'll happen.

Bent Society said...

Q: What is the difference between career killer criminal Kenethe Noye, double-killer and armed robber kidnapper OJ Simpson and Peter mandelson?



Markbaldy said...

New Labour have AGAIN showed their true colours by appointing this botty bashing cretin.
If anyone had to resign TWICE from their job because they commited fraud etc..., then I don't think they would be employable EVER AGAIN !
If ANYONE votes for New Labour, they DESERVE to get shafted... by Mandelson up the arse probably !

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