Monday, 13 October 2008

A letter to the Bank

Dear RBS, LTSB and HBOS,

It appears that your accounts with us are in arrears, and you are now overdrawn by £37bn. Please be advised that we will be charging you interest of £200m per day.

You will also be charged £50m for this letter, this covers any admin, and falls under the 'serves you bastard well right' legislation.

Failure to repay will give us no option but to remove all fat cats from your company, and we will also reclaim any houses & cars from them, or indeed any of the vicious bastards who work for you.

Yours Sincerely,

The British Public

PS Please desist from taking any more "consolidation, one easy payment" loans from one eyed men or people with ridiculous eyebrows. It is a 419 scam. We realise you will continue to do exactly as you please, in the full knowledge that you will never be held accountable for your actions. But in the interests of public order, do not even think of rubbing it in. We WILL burn your houses right after we have torched the properties of the crazy 646.

OH still says we should have let the whole thing collapse, picked through the rubble for any salvage and started again from scratch. With currency based on gold reserves, not the contents of Rothschilds iPod.


Shirking From Home said...

Well said. Even though I don't live in one of the numpty boroughs (I think), I still appear to have been seriously short changed by some mendacious bastard who paid for shares with my fucking money and the deal tanked.

They didn't ask me whether I wanted to play the stock market with my money. I don't.

Fuck off and leave me alone you useless cunts.

Old Holborn said...

Money needed for expensive cancer drugs?

Fuck off

Money needed to replace money lost from bucket full of holes?

Have £37 Billion. We'll talk about fixing the bucket later.

Guthrum said...

The officers and members of these' authorities have broken Government Guidance- see the for a copy of the Guidance. The CEO and CFO are the ones legally responsible along with the members of the Council.

Revolution Harry said...

It was always fairly obvious that Mandelson was a 'NWO' puppet. That Times article pretty much confirms it. How these people sleep at night is beyond me.

Unfortunately gold is as easily manipulated as paper money. For some interesting essays on alternative money systems can I suggest the link below.

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