Wednesday, 15 October 2008

It's only your money after all

Guido has a rather interesting little entry over at his blog where the BBC appear to be inviting selected Welsh fucktards to an Osama 08 Victory party in Cardiff. A little early perhaps?

Today, the Independent reveals through some very embarrassing Freedom Of Information requests, the following good use of YOUR money

Your money: How the BBC spends it

* Champagne: £57,000 a year
* Bottled water: £360,000 a year
* Taxis: £13.8m a year
* Christmas party: £250,000 a year
* Telephone bills: £21m a year
* Private school fees: £300,000 a year
* Air travel: £16m a year
* Hotels: £4m a year

OH has thrown out the telly and now watches Zattoo. It costs the princely sum of FUCK ALL. Download, install and enjoy, knowing that Jonathon Woss, Terry Wogan or any of the mongs on Eastenders or celebrity pig wanking live from Roehampton receive not one single penny of your hard earned cash.


max the impaler said...

BBC..'private school fees'..what the fuck is that about ?

Anonymous said...

The tactics of the people who enforce the license fee:

If more people knew about their bullshit, no-one would pay.

Anonymous said...

it should be noted that a license is required to watch programmes as they are brodcast; it does not matter whether on a TV or via internet. So Zattoo still requires a TV license.
On the flip side, the BBC iPlayer does not. Also, if you have a TV but only watch videos, that is not illegal.
It is whether you are watching 'live' broadcasts that is the key.

Also, there is no legal obligation to inform TV Licensing of anything; they like to give you the impression there is, but it is not true. It is all on the previous link, which is worth exploring.

Arkangel said...

Yeah, just who the fuck is getting their school fees paid by you, me and every other sucker?

geewiz said...

14 mil a year on taxis!?...taxis!?
Holy ballbag. That's only 2 mil less per year than they spend fucking off around the world on planes!

Still can't get my head around it.

Lazy wasteful pricks.

Tuscan Tony said...

One for your links list?:

Wyrdtimes said...

ditto Max

"Private school fees"

How the fuck does that work?

electro-kevin said...

Private school fees ???

This would be a really good campaign, OH.

This would not be too ambitious to set up a NO PAY BBC campaign.

Do you know of one going on already ?

Anonymous said...

Can't have been this year - air fares since 1 month before the Olympics until now must be fucking ginormous. Fuck knows how you spend £14 mill on taxis.

The £300k for foreign correspondants, editors etc taking their kids to some shithole almost seems austere by contrast.

pagar said...

When is the Celebrity pig wanking on? Sounds better than most of the rest of the crap I don't watch.

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