Sunday, 19 October 2008

ID required for all mobiles


The Gummint want to know which of the dangerous proles out there are talking to each other, so your mobile phone will now be registered on a database against your name, address, blood group, voting intention, exit visa etc.

It uses the IMEI number that every mobile has built in, nothing to do with the SIM card.

type *#06# into any mobile and it will show the unique number the gummint will use to tag you and listen to you telling everyone you are on the train

Download this free application before it is banned and you can change your IMEI number at will.

Fucking idiots. This really is worse than living in the DDR


Panopticon Britain said...

Some things are too stupid to need a reasoned rebuttal.

This is one of them. If this should come true, I'm going to sell my phone and spend every penny on buying the cabinet copies of 1984.

Henry Crun said...

Saw this in the Sunday Time this morning and almost went ballistic in Morrisons. I swear the bastards are putting these stories out just to piss us off now.

Please, for god's sake Gordon, just fuck off and leave us ALONE!!!!!!

Lilith said...

Am the Ungeek. Does this work for any kind of phone or only the iphone?

Panopticon Britain said...

Oh, bloody hell.
The BBC has just given the government more ammo.
I can see it now: "Don't you dirty proles see? It's for your own good! Everything we do is for your own good!"

Anonymous said...

stable doors closing horses come to mind,how the hell are they going to work this dodge,how many millions of phones are already in use or sitting in a draw somewhere what about phone from abroad,oh I get it BT has given them a little help with their finacial problems and with a little help from Cheltenham they would find it easier to monitor a wired phone as the sheeple would try to emigrate back to old BT.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, thousands of people are going to be in trouble when they sell their old kit on ebay and it gets used for nefarious purposes.

Also, FYI the "Mobile Telephones (Re-programming) Act 2002" made it an offense to change IMEI. Not a good idea.

Lilith said...

Well, I have managed in the past without a bloody mobile...I will not be renewing my contract if this goes through...I want a portable Edison Bell machine, not a Stasi tracking device. I shall get a pigeon.

ranter said...

Can't you just buy a pay as you go? Pay cash, you don't have to supply a name and you?

Old Holborn said...

That's the point ranter.
No more cash and buy. It's register, register, register or no phone.


Lilith said...

Perhaps we should be pressing our case with the phone companies not the government on this one.

electro-kevin said...

I mentioned the intel centre at Cheltenham some while ago to P.Hitchens "That's for us that is, Peter."

I was joking though.

Well fuck me sideways.

ranter said...

As suggested by another commenter a while agao I shall just have to mention 'Bomb', 'Terrorist', 'Prime Minister' in every phone call and e-mail from now on. I suppose if everyone did it GCHQ couldn't cope.
Cunts - absolutely.

Chalcedon said...

Carnivore. Such an apt name for the bastard checking of all e mails, phone calls even faxes. Make a sat phone call from a mountain in Pakistan and whoops, a missile comes in the window. So we know they do it. The CIA et al have the budget. I just wonder why McBroon and his pals are duplicating what already exists. Or are the Yanks witholding too much info?

They always dress this stuff up. but you can't open a bank account without 3 forms of personal ID including your address, which is why so many bad boys resort to bin diving. Thank God for my shredder.

When I finally come to power I shall take great pleasure in reppealing all this dross, repealling all EU directives and having the current cabinet given a fair trial followed by a fair multiple public hanging.

Now to wait for the boot tomorrow at 03.00

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here; did we suddenly leave the European Union over the weekend whilst I wasn't looking or something?

What is to stop someone simply buying a mobile handset somewhere else and bringing it into the UK? The mobile companies will undoubtedly tell the Government here that it is technically impossible to block all non-registered phones from using their infrastructure (given the Government's usual cack-handed handling of all things IT, this is effectively true) to avoid being forced to pay a tax on their operations keeping a useless system working.

So, the scam is dead in the water before it even gets set up, as per usual for anything envisioned by this parade of fascist dumbarses.

Anonymous said...

>Data on the unregistered pay-as-you-go Nokia phones

Here comes the first wave of media propaganda to try and justify it all. So transparent.

Mobile said...

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