Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Gordon Brown, Supreme Leader, with some loyal students yesterday

Hello Children. My name is Ms Smith. I am going to be your teacher this year. We are going to learn all about colours this year. My favourite colour is Red. What is your favourite colour? Is it red yet? Don’t worry, we can teach you that. Red is lovely.

My teaching assistant this year will be Frau Oberlieutenantin Fickarsch of the Waffen SS. She is going to help you read our favourite book, Mein Kampf. Out loud. From Memory. She is also going to help you make red your favourite colour as well. She likes tractors. Do you like tractors children?

Ok, I would like you to pick up your pencils and write the following in your red notebooks.

“Arbeit Macht Frei”

Does anyone know what this means? Do your parents understand what this means? Sorry, what was that Timmy? Your parents are too busy watching Eastenders and visiting Nail Studios? Don’t you worry about that. Ha ha..

Yes, Suzie. What did you want to say? Your mummy has no job? How can that be? Is she lazy? She says High Chancellor Brown is a complete cunt? Oh dear Suzie.How sad. After lunch, children, we will visit the council orphanage where children with no parents, or parents who don’t like High Chancellor Brown live. It’s very nice there. All the walls are red with pictures of tractors on them.

(grabs walkie talkie: Code RED in Class 1B. Send in the SAS. Arrest the parents and the usual suspects)

Update: Here is the vile diktat. Hat tip to woman on a raft


John Pickworth said...

Mmmmm I wonder if they'll have those stuffed dolls they use in abuse cases?

"Billy. Show teacher and the nice policeman where Daddy threatened to punch our Great & Illustrious Leader."

Its sickening... I just can't believe anyone could even think this is a good idea.

ShirkingFromHome said...

Un-fucking believable. I am fucking angry. They are all cunts.

Nice to see it was slipped out during the worst financial crisis in a generation.

What the hell to do? What the hell is next in on their list?

alecto said...

What with this, and some bearded nonce yesterday wanting fat kids to be "taken into care", there is something madly, badly wrong going on.

They have to be stopped. But how? There are only 660-odd MPs, but of the 60 million of "us", 20m are state-dependent paupers and 20m are state-funded apparatchiks. A further 10m probably don't care, and at least 5m have somewhere else they can call home. The only glimmer of hope is that the EU seems about to fall apart, or at least fall back to the original six.

Anyway, I'll be there on the Glorious Fifth.

Guthrum said...

Thirty years ago when studying A Level Economic history, the cut off date was 1945, anything beyond that date was felt to be risking indoctrination and politicising the students.

However this shower of shit embrace indoctrination, they have even conviced call me Dave that the big state is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Shirking from home has it right - they are all fucking cunts. Parents will just have to be very sure to make their kids understand that what's said at home, stays at home. A bit like the East German families had to. One bright spot - they got freedom in the end & so will we.

Anonymous said...

Their masterstroke was to ditch the uniforms.

former tory said...

...but it did yield a proud moment this morning. My 16 year old son, who discovered 1984 and Animal Farm about 18 months ago (with a little bit of encouragement from yours truly) heard this on Radio 4 while we were getting ready to leave the house. He was appalled. "But that's like thought crimes", he said.

Good lad.

Dave H. said...

Notice the headline is the threat from Al Qaeda, then afterwards 'other' forms of extremism are included too.

So expect to be dragged from your bed at 3 a.m. if you don't agree with mass immigration, man-made climate change, closer EU integration... or any other forms of orthodox thought.

geewiz said...

Typical govt cowards. They don't have the balls to stop the stream of adult extremists entering and preaching in the UK, so they go after the kids. Only thing is, the innocent will suffer. Imagine the cries of "racism" and "phobia" if one of the little extremist ankle- biters is hauled up. The little buggers are indoctrinated from birth and no team of soothing psychiatrists is going to change that.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

dave h - you didn't think the 42 days bit was for floor-nutting paedos with long beards did you?

Bobsheadrevisited said...

I like this bit:

"It's worth remembering that groups such as those from the far right can pose intimidatory threats to their communities, as serious as those from al-Qaeda."

None from the far left, then? None like, say, the fucking NUT, or even Comrade Balls himself?

The only terrorists that children and teachers should be taught to look out for are the thick-as-shit NUT bully boys and a psychopathic communist bastard who who calls himself Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.


woman on a raft said...

This is the booklet It's a 47 page pdf and there are some downloadble case studies elsewhere.

Glancing through it, it is a document which is partly designed as arse-covering. "We are doing something" but it is open to interpretation. Page 35 gives examples of incidents which have given concern in schools e.g.

"A supply teacher leaves a book in the school library which has a lengthy passage about martyrdom including a phrase ‘this indicates that seeking to be killed and pursuing martyrdom are legitimate and praiseworthy acts’."
That would apply to the New Testament, a wiki on why we call them Catherine Wheels and Renaissance paintings of St Sebastian.

One reason for why the booklet comes out now is that Labour is spooked by the successes the BNP has had lately - p.36 is interesting.

Pages 44-46 are handy for some brief statements of current law - not that the law is all that much help as the booklet despairingly hopes that uniform rules will be interpretted sensitively. Translation: please don't get us in to horrendously expensive court cases which, even if we win, don't do much for community relations.

Old Holborn said...

Page 34

"It may be that a pupil is facing multiple challenges in their life, of which exposure to violent extremist influences is just one. The school should contribute to a multi-agency assessment where appropriate in line with the local authority protocols."

Multi Agency assessment. Police, Social Services, MI5, GCHQ,

One flippant line from a 5 year old could see his parents in a WHOLE heap of trouble.


Henry Crun said...

Fucking Hellski!!! as DK is wont to type.

I only hope my daughter doesn't go flapping her gums to teacher about what daddy says about his Supreme Wankness, Gorddom Brownfinger, or I'll be in shit street before....oh hang on that's the doorbell.

Old Holborn said...

It is aimed at the introduction of "multi agency" responses to what a 5 year old child may or may not say in a class full of children.

Teacher: "Blah, blah, Gordon Brown, blah, blah"

"Miss, Daddy says he wants to kill Gordon Brown. With a rusty spade"

Level One: Documented and reported to Head Teacher
Level Two: Background check on parents by social services
Level Three: Police informed of "dissident behaviour of parent A"
Level Four: GCHQ Phone tap to monitor "activity" of Parent A
Level 5: MI5 ISP & Email trace on Parent A
Level 6: Parent A in Belmarsh for 42 days, child sent for re-education with lentil eating foster parents.

It IS the fucking DDR

Anonymous said...

That government document is, without doubt, the most frightening thing that I have ever read.

I just hope that labour get kicked out before it gets a chance to take full effect.

I really don't want to live in mid/late 1930's germany, or in the old ussr.

"Real" terrorism that the government talk about is nothing compared to the terrorism which the government threatens to inflict on their own people.

Given the choice, I'd rather take the relatively small risk of being blown up by bomb than have the whole government machine treat all its citizens, including 5 year olds, as "potential" terrorists.

Leg-iron said...

This government banned guns and shootings increased. They banned knives and stabbings increased. They continually try to ban the BNP and BNP votes increase.

They can't do anything right.

Telling kids that anyone who doesn't agree with Socialism is a terrible and evil person will have exactly the same effect as telling kids not to do things has always done. They'll want to do them more.

Once again, the idiots who rule us assist the rise of the far right.

Certainly, any parent who falls foul of this is going to look long and hard at their next ballot paper, and my money's on that X going into a far right box.

I still think Gordon's lot are trying to get the BNP in power.

Shirking From Home said...

Dear OH, as I have said in the past but wish to reinforce in the strongest possible terms, it will be a pleasure to join you on your healthy stroll.

electro-kevin said...

Abolish Islamic schools then, Ed.

You can just tell what the real target is here.

Shirking From Home said...

... And anyone know how someone can 'flag' a blog (mine) as a spam blog FFS?

It's hardly a blog!

Old Holborn said...

New Labour remind me of a toddler walking in the park.

Wherever there is a turd, they'll step in it.

Old Holborn said...


My eleven year old Stepson has just asked:

"Why do all the black kids at school make such good runners?"

My good lady (his mother) has just told him NEVER to mention this at school.

Christ. We are SO fucked.

Anonymous said...

Tell your Stepson that they eat too much Liquorice. (Well it is black and it gives me the runs!)

Call me Infidel said...

The signs at what are laughingly called our "Border Controls" should say "Welcome to to East Germany."

John Pickworth said...

You know what's really scary? These silly Government initiatives get accepted all too readily by a weak-willed public.

Here's an example:

Last weekend, due to extreme weather, Blackpool Tower was forced to close their lifts trapping 72 visitors at the top. No doubt an uncomfortable 4 hours, however just listen to what this fool had to say...

Emma McPherson, 56, who was visiting from Queensland, Australia, said: "They were allowing people to smoke up there.

But it's a no smoking area and we were worried about what would happen if a fire started.

The Gazette / Blackpool

What the hell happened to our stiff upper lip, that war time pluck, the make do and mend? Now its all health and safety, think of the children and "where's the claim form?". And of course, the Government has cleverly tapped into this mentality, feeds it and then grows the size of the State to provide solutions to problems that don't exist in reality.

I'm totally fed up with it all... Seriously; to the point I can now understand the militia types in the US who take themselves off to deepest Montana to escape the Government.

Old Holborn said...


I'm at the same stage. I am not a poor man. I am not an idiot.

So why the FUCK do these nonces feel they have any control over me?

They don't. When I die, I will be in exactly the same place as them. Dead.

I get ONE life. So do they. Yet THEY assume their life is so much, much more important than mine, that they can dictate what I can do, what I can earn, where I can live, what I can think?

I don't need to escape to Montana. I just intend to remind them that there are 646 of them and 60,000,000 of us

Fuck them. With a rusty spade. Until they can prove they are worthy to lick my boots, they are irrelevant.

FrankFisher said...

Seen the article on Cif? Some teacher there, outraged at being expected to spy on junior terrorists, of course, but mentions in passing that naturally his colleague instantly reported homophobic remarks...

PS, plugging my new ressurected blog:

If anyone's interested, I'd written a piece on the Credit Crunch SCAM and the media's compliant support for this SCAM but the Guardian felt unable to publish it today.

So, I've de-mothballed my old site, just for the occasion.


Roger Thornhill said...

And those leftie types (including the faux but self-proclaimed "left libertarians" - oxymorons) took exception to my blog name: Neue Arbeit Macht Frei.

Every day that passes, I am vindicated.

Daniel Gruby said...

Nobody's mentioned George Orwell yet, so I did.

If anyone has any spare bile to spew or spleen to vent, come over to the blog I run with the sexy Alexis. Guaranteed to make you feel ill, worse than Peter Mandelson, and that's saying quite a bit.

Even Frank "If Anyone's Interested" Fisher is welcome.

The Grime Reaper said...


Send the bastards to me ......

P.S. nicked your walk post.

Gordon said...

Fuck! I thought (for some stupid reason) that Sky News was meant to be less biased than Pravda. They're currently doing a feature where they show London students talking about how bad the "economic crisis" is. Why don't I see any students saying "my dad is doing fine, let's vote these bastards out"?

If I can get the time off work I shall be travelling south and marching on Nov 5th (and if not, I think I've persuaded my sister to take my place)

haddock said...

so daniel gruby, you don't like 'em ?
nor do I

Tuscan Tony said...

OH, off topic, but do the names James Guthrie and/or Greg Walsh mean anything to you (recording engineers)

Old Holborn said...

Was never much of a Floyd man myself TT.

Try Connie Plank

Tuscan Tony said...

At one time or another those gentlemen were both employees of Tuscan Senior. On the phone to the old gentleman this morning he was under the impression they might have done some work with you in a previous life. That is to say, with the person who I think you are!

Anonymous said...

make sure your sitting down:


Bex said...


See now I encourge kid's to be free thinking little bugger's. why, why I ask you! for the love of Merlin this is just fuckin stupid!
you might as well arrest kid's for haveing an imagenastion (fuckit! I can't spell, another by product of our system's educastion system, fuck!) we are loseing evey freedom we faught so hard for! pretty soon the country will be fucked big time and then it'll be left up to the next gen to do something about it!

V said...

The only hope there is for the future is that this policy, if it is launched, will be as efficient as every other government initiative!
It may well create a whole new generation of libertarians - which isn't a bad thing really!
Now, what we need now is a youtube how to video on how to kill an MP with excess paperwork and an organic hanky- and let the kids find it!

Chalcedon said...

Oh well, then. Remind me not to upset youngest daughter as she is still at school. I would hate for any repetition of my comments on our Dear Leader and his shower of shit cronies in government.

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