Thursday, 16 October 2008

FSA warned about Iceland in March 2008

I love it when bloggers go off and find stuff.

Hat tip to Lilleth

"Credit insurance for debts at Iceland's biggest bank, Landsbanki, is priced at 610 points while that for Kaupthing is priced at a hair-raising 856. Given that these two have taken billions in UK retail deposits, it may be a sobering thought for savers to consider where they are putting their cash. These banks are now seen as the most unsafe in the developed world."
Go and read
I have posted this to my council. Along with a fresh dog turd.


Anonymous said...

So let me see, the Fucking Pieces of Shit i.e. my local authority, who have spunked £12.5m playing high stakes poker with fucking Noggin the Nog's should have known about this 6 months ago ?

Old Holborn said...


Send them a letter.

Copy the template from here:

Anonymous said...

Already did - have heard nothing ! maybe I didn't make the brick big enough ?

tb said...

September 18 2008. Ice news.

"A large number of savings account holders in the UK transferred their funds to Icelandic banks on Monday, reports

Icesave, a savings account offered by Landsbanki, and Kaupthing Edge, a similar high interest product offered by Kaupthing Singer Friedlander, saw a surge in business after UK customers lost faith in their own banks, according to Kaupthing.

“Savers in the UK became somewhat nervous of their banks and moved their money over to us,” said Gudni Adalsteinsson, managing director of Kaupthing’s Treasury Department."

Fucking illiterate morons..

Any idea how recent our State ants were doing the the same?

Old Holborn said...

"Any idea how recent our State ants were doing the the same"

I intend to find out.

Nancy's stout said...

You are losing your touch, should have let the turd fester for a day or two, then posted it.

BristolDave said...

Bristol City Council still seem to think they're doing OK though....cunts

Old Holborn said...


Kill him

I command you

electro-kevin said...

You're doing a great job, OH.

Thank you.

(Don't let this become a single issue blog though)

Guthrum said...

LA's are reported as complaining the LGA/Government are spinning the £1Bn lost source BBC

Lilith said...


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