Monday, 13 October 2008

Buy another hot tub, debt ridden chavs

Here's Unite joint general secretary Derek Simpson a few moments ago:

"The measures announced today must be bound to undertakings by the banks of no job losses, no repossessions and an end to the bonus culture."

Yes that's right, no repossessions. You can see Simpson's logic here. After all if a Labour Government now owns or controls four High Street banks (RBS, HBOS, Bradford & Bingley and Northern Rock), then the banks' policies should take on a socialist hue.

Yet how would this work in practice? It is almost an invitation to anyone with a mortgage with any of these banks to default - and let the taxpayer pick up the tab.

Simpson's comments might be easy to dismiss in a crisis, but for Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, they will become increasingly politically difficult to ignore.

Important note: Unite contributed £1.5million to Labour in the three months to June. That's £4 out of every £10 which the party raised in the second quarter.
H/T to Christopher Hope
Oh FFS. Until the feckless 42" Plasma-ed, 4x4 driving, PS3 gaming, big bore exhausted, Disneyland wiv Nannah this year FUCKTARDS feel any pain for bingeing on unearned money, they are doomed to repeat it.
I give up. Every fucking penny I earn will now be taken by the Politburo to keep the tattooed stella belching underclasses in the style to which Labour has encouraged them to become accustomed. Just in time for fucking Christmas.


Panopticon Britain said...

More bonus culture bullshit, too. Do these socialist twunts really believe some some bankers helping themselves to a measly couple hundred thousand pounds caused all this?

Politics of envy. "I don't have an xbox! I'm in poverty! I'm fucking destitute!"

Gimps. Utter gimps.
Fun fact: The word verification reads nyyjrr, which is exactly the sound I made on reading Simpson's verbal Diarrhea

Andy said...

Jeez, just when you think these socialist cunts can't get any worse, they fucking disillusion us and do just that. This country is now only good for the chav scum clients of the state. Those of us with any self-respect are just the gravy train for those bastards.

Its too late for me to emigrate but I'll make damn sure my kids do.

And if anyone's up to help, I'd happily hang draw and quarter Brown and all his cabinet .. no joke

Tuscan Tony said...

Time to go somewhere foreign.

geewiz said...

Damn, the greenies are marching on parliment. OH I think I might just join you on your stroll.

IanPJ said...

You should also note that Derek Simpson of Unite is having his own troubles.

Firstly he is up for re-election as his age limit is up for review.

Secondly, he is having trouble with the partner union in unite the TG&W, who are seeking legal action.

I would therefore say that Simpson's statement today was being more to do with saving his own neck rather than the welfare of his members.

electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Holborn said...

TT, unfortunately, offspring need a very good education first. Work in progress

Panopticon: We get the government we deserve. Which is why Tuscan Tony and his bunch hve politicians with tits and the Mafia

Andy: We really don't hang enough politicians. There are only 646 of them. What are they going to do?

Ian, the body may be weak, but the mind is willing. There WILL be concessions to those paying the piper. Regardless of OUR interest, or indeed, OUR money.

Geewiz: Join me. It costs nothing and may just convince a WPC that she is on the wrong side.

Comment Deleted: Thank fuck for that. If you want to masturbate pigs, there are other websites than can help.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Had The Beast in court a few times trying to seize his lair during hard times.
Total cunts.
I won

Anonymous said...

Well round here its middle England thats fretting, that BTL that won't sell, plus no Tuscan holiday this year and what will the neighbours think when we cancel Jemima's pony club membership!

Elby the Beserk said...

Surely, as Brown now determines everything that happens, we could close down Parliament, get rid of all the hangers on, strip the Civil Service down to just clerks, and leave it all to Big Boy Gordo?

Save a heap of money, and we'd still be in the shit, just the same.

Cunt would still blame someone else though, for it all going wrong

no longer anonymous said...

OH, are you sure it's the chavs who have been the ones borrowing all the money? I would have thought the banks would have been chucking money at the middle classes, wrongly believing that they have the ability to pay it all back. Where I live it's only the middle classes who drive 4x4 (would banks really loan chavs 60K+ or however much they cost?), although I wouldn't rule out a few chavs owning plasma screens.

Then again I don't have access to lending statistics so you might be right.

Markbaldy said...

It doesn't pay to be prudent, responsible for ones own actions, save for a rainy day, work for your retirement, pay off your mortgage or anything else that was deemed common sense at one time.
Spend the fucking lot before Gordon gives it to idle wankers on council estates, the banks who give it to more useless pricks and inflation makes what you have left bloody worthless !
Thanks Gordon Brown for screwing up my future and this once great country... cunt !

woman on a raft said...

That may be a problem, but it isn't the biggest one. The biggest problem is the client state - the hundreds of thousands of pleasant people doing non-jobs on the public pay roll and their pension obligations. They are nice people, they try very hard to serve the public and even think of themselves as doing so, but they are inessential.

Example: my friend Kay. She provides marketing services to the tourism business but the industry itself only contributes a tiny fraction of the cost of her via a little advertizing. Her wages, and what will be a public sector pension, are paid for out of two pots of public money. Half is via a central government quango which used to be the English Tourist Board, the other half is through the local authority i.e. the council tax. So, only a fraction of her wage is paid out of real, value-added, earned money from the few council taxpayers who are making money and not just recycling it. The rest is either a slight-of-wage packet whereby they all give back their wages to the council, who collect it back in and pay it out again whilst paying yet another unnecessary taxation officer to do it, or general taxation which is also the same taxpayers' money but through a different cycle.

Kay is a nice person. Kay works hard. Kay manages to do something which is worth doing - lots of people use her service for free and even say how much they appreciate it in the visitor book. Kay has borrowings against her wages for her non-job and considers she is not a benefits claimant. She, and millions of others should, logically, borrow beyond their means as they are likely to win provided they a) stay in a job and b) the values of property continue to rise.

Yet her wage is no more real than, say, Mrs Chav's benefits, because the funding of her salary and demand for her work are not coming out of the revenue of tourism providers. The public pay Mrs Chav to stay at home, the public pay Kay to give out leaflets. Of the two, there is slightly more justification (but not much) for paying Mrs Chav if she has childcare duties.

Every time a local authority tries to cut services such as Kay's - say, an art centre - it is stormed by conservative minded people all arguing that their pet projects and jobs are special cases. It becomes impossible to cut back on inessential Diversity Officers because it is impossible to choose between two inessential public jobs - they are as bad as each other. Instead of winding up with neither, we end up with both.

This goes deep in to families. Who wants to tell Uncle Jim that his job as council dog-catcher could arguably be done better by the RSPCA, who ought to be made to do something useful for their charity status? Does anybody want to tell old Aunty Mae that she can’t have care coming in five times a day and visits from nurses and physios, because she ought to be in a home – funded by selling her house – if she’s in that state? Fancy telling your mother that the libraries budget is being cut by half and that in future all popular novels, except maybe for large print versions, will be through charity shops? It is the middle classes who to this day spit when Dr Beeching is mentioned, even though he only did the accountancy of pointing out that not enough people were using routes to make them viable. It is still very much the middle-classes in teaching or associated trades who form the councils, and they cheerfully vote themselves tidy part-time payment and a free laptop to help themselves do it.

The repeated kicking of chavdom is good for a column, but it is just the other side of the coin which kicks the middle-classes with as much - and maybe more - justification. It is the middle classes who have pushed since the WWII for the expansion of the state, and having got what they wanted, now find they've traded their freedom for it. Strangely enough, they don't even seem to mind until somebody tries to build another runway over their Essex cottage, and then suddenly it's 'oh, no, the chavs can't expect to fly out of Stanstead'.

As V so clearly put it, if we want to know who is responsible, we have only to look in the mirror.

Markbaldy said...

reply to "woman on a raft"...
re your last comment "we only have to look in the mirror"...
Well I can look in the mirror and say I have never voted for these New Labour bastards... and I don't know anyone who actually DID vote for them.
I think in 2005, some serious vote rigging occurred... or was it because people felt wealthy under Blair 'cos their houses had tripled in value and they thought the gravy train of free money would carry on forever ?
Paying for it now aren't you... twats !

Roger Thornhill said...

I never voted for New Labour and have consistently been a Minarchist.

The best way is to cut taxes which forces a cut in spending overall. Then the ferrets will be in the sack and it shall focus the mind on who shall survive and how. Maybe we cut the cost of each department in half instead of a dichotomy, who knows. Fact is we are spending too much and too many people are on the State teat.

Allowing people who earn their income from the State to have a vote is one problem introduced 100 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Woman on a raft, bang on the money.

Will you marry me? (presuming that you are a girly!)

Anonymous said...

No longer anonymous. No it isn't just the chavs. i know plenty of people who took out a second mortgage to live the good life. in their defence they were working people who contributed to society. Unfortunately there were a lot of other people who didn't. The parasites are not exclusively council housing dwellers. I had the misfortune to live next door to a chav family that had a big 4x4. They were in receipt if incapacity benfit but it didn't stop Pa chave crawling underneath cars to fix them etc. They lived in a house owned by another chav on a buy to let scheme. Now the chav landlord can't afford the mortgage but will the chav tenants be evicted? Will they fuck. Not when nationalised banks hold the mortgage. Brown and Labour have inflicted these worthless parasites on all of us because no one has the balls to say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Woman on a raft - spot on. I guess your buddy Kay may have a non-job but if we cut taxes by half you could be assured that she'd be given the boot while her 3 managers got kept on.

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