Thursday, 23 October 2008

Bumper Grain Harvest

Obo is reporting a bumper grain harvest this year

Fucking farmers. I hate them


electro-kevin said...

Off topic.

leg-iron said...

Hey, farmers are essential. Who do you think uses all the tractors the Gorgon produces?

With no farmers, tractor production would decline and we'd be forced to drive the damn things ourselves.

That would put the mockers on speed camera revenue though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fuck em, put the lot of em up agaist a wall,we need more lawyers accuntants and estate agents, ooh aaring bastards.

Guthrum said...

Off subject 1984 campaign has reached 531 MP's please publicise for one last push to round up the last 115

farmer palmer said...

Ger orrrf my laaand

Henry Crun said...

Re 1984 campaign.

Looked for Orwell's tomes "1984" and "Animal Farm" at my local library. No longer in stock, they told me.

Leg-iron said...

Henry - Really?

I'll check the library here. If they don't have those books I'll buy them a copy of each. They accept donated books as long as they're in new condition.

Or maybe that Alex Salmond chap could donate the one I'm sending him after he's read it.

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