Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bit Choppy Out

Apologies for lack of blogging. Currently sitting in a small harbourside pub, drinking rum and shrub having just got back from a spot of mackeral fishing.

Niesamowita burza


Shirking from Somewhere said...

Excellent, anywhere near Lyme Regis? Bored this end with old folks who need their PC servicing (again).

Old Holborn said...

Unfortunately not.

Further down the coast, drinking Doom Bar bitter, roasting chestnuts on the fire and will soon be dining on pollack braised in cider.

Wht are the poor people up to this evening I wonder?

Snowolf said...

Doom Bar! Pah! Sharp's is old hat, get a pint of Skinner's Cornish Knocker down you, me 'ansome.

Anonymous said...

My guess would be Newlyn.

Bit too riff-raff IMHO.

Have a nice evening OH.

Old Holborn said...


Pilchard City?

Over my dead body

Guthrum said...

Thought you had been lifted by the fingermen !

Billy Wallace said...

Thought Ml5 had come to see you asking for a blood sample.

They sub for the NHS when short of work.

Billy Wallace said...

Love fishing, not been out for a couple of years now,

Spent thirty plus years on the Hampshire coast and went out two or three times a month,
would always get my ears bent by the skippers, "come and have a listen to this old engine and tell me what you think"

Arkangel said...

Like Billy Wallace...haven't been out for a long while. I loved it..the smell of diesel, fish guts, stale tobacco from the skipper's cabin..or was it women? And above all, the absolute pleasure in watching your mates hurl their guts up..I can enjoy this as I'm never seasick....schadenfreude is my middle name

idle said...

I spent an hour on the phone to my old mate the founder and creator of Doom Bar this morning.

After watching the trawler in the chop, at the end of the clip, a choice of four came up, one of which was a perky pair of baps in a topless gymnastic display. Was this intended? If so, ta.

wordveri (kosher): brasileq

Anonymous said...

The service these days is starting to slip, a complaint has been duly made to the blogging regularity ombudsman. Pull your socks up me'laddo!

Seriously though, sounds lovely.

Anita said...

In the days, when the high offices of state are the exclusive reserve of sexual perverts, I had imagined that Mackerel Fishing was a euphemism for procuring, using the services of a pimp.

Old Holborn said...

Still in the pub. It's getting frantic.

So far, have been accosted twice by Cornish Pixies (read fat ugly dreadlocked munters from Droitwich with degrees in aromatherapy and tattoos on their arses), licked by a 12 year old Boxer dog, offered a 13 year old Maserati for £900 and invited to a wedding. Using free internet access from bored barman on his laptop (from Newcastle)

This is my land and I belong here.

Anonymous said...

Those pixies sound lovely - if only they had PhD's.

electro-kevin said...

As you know I live on the Devon coast but only go out when stocks are low in my freezer. I still have twenty mackerell and some whiting from my last trip in the summer.

They jump on your line round here. A crappy old rod and reel with some feathers is all that is needed.

Anonymous said...

Next yime you go for a cruise spend a bit more money, ok.

Billy Wallace said...

You must still be busy O.H.?

collecting little tin mining people to put on the pay roll?

you could use them for a school history trip on the 5th.

Nancy's stout said...

You lucky bugger, sea fishing and then the pub. Good on yer.

Emmet said...

It all seems so relaxing visiting the west country,the countryside can be breathtaking and the people seem very nice ... while their taking your money.

What they really think in Cornwall...

One of thousands of stinking, sweating tourists that haul their fat arses down to Cornwall every summer and pollute our beaches with their foul stench, beer cans, used condoms and mcdonalds wrappers.
Easily identifiable by their crisp red skin, "damn seagulls" hat, and Fat Willy's jumper.
fuck off home you nasty emmets.

These tourists clearly add nothing to the economy in cornwall, they just visit and destroy.
The Cornish of course are perfect and do nothing to damage their environment.Oh fuck .. was forgeting about St Austell and those lovely piles of shit so fondly known as "The Cornish alps".

I lived there for a couple of years building wind farms. I have never met such a bunch of odd cunts in my life.If there was a trophy for having the biggest chip on your shoulder the Cornish would be world champions. Most of them really dont deserve to live in such a beautiful part of the country.
Now being someone who would spend every breathing minute shore fishing, you would think this would be my utopia, but to be honest i was glad to get back to civilisation. Of course if you like pastys and inbreeding dont let me put you off a visit but personally I`d rather spend my money on drugs and prostitutes.

Old Holborn said...

Emmet, I wonder if you would be so kind as to Email me at

I have an interesting and profitable proposition for you

Old Holborn said...


One of my fellow anglers was the village idiot and he had brought his apprentice/son with him. 10 years old and the gobbiest piece of future Asbo I have ever seen.

After ten minutes of a decent swell, he was screaming like a baby, tears rolling down his crumpled face, fingernails embedded in the varnish. After twenty minutes, he was still screaming and blubbing but was by then, completely green.

The skipper and eye smirked slyly as we gutted the fish next to him.

Scrobs said...

"The skipper and eye smirked slyly as we gutted the fish next to him."

Best thing you cold have done OH!

I'm still trying to arrange my week to meet you - I'm struggling but hopefully should be there (unless money appears, then I'm afraid I have to be elsewhere...)

You know it makes sense...

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