Thursday, 30 October 2008

£750,000 for one year

Isn't she lovely? Baroness Ashton (Lab), Mandelsnakes replacement as EU commissioner, will receive £750,000 in benefits, after just one year after clamping her lips around the foreskin of the EU. £200K a year salary, £250K in "transitional payments". Just one year of meeting Russian Mafia on expensive boats will also entitle her to a pension of £8K a year, plus relocation, blah, blah, blah.


IanPJ said...

Will she still receive any payments from the UK, or has she had to give up her place and benefits in the H o Lords?

Anonymous said...

Greasy cunt. Couldn't the money be better spent? Can't she live on 21K like the rest of us?

j.woss obe said...

£200k a year? Is that all?
I'd fuck her, though, and her grandaughter.

Webdesign said...

£750,000 for one year! Just interesting dude. Do you know how it possible. Hope you explain much better in this issue. Thanks!

security camera said...

Amazing! £750,000! How can it possible? Would you mind to explain?

Phill Braken said...

I totally astonished to reads the news of EU commissioner, will receive £750,000 in benefits just in short time. I think her some amount of benefit should distribute in poverty country. That is all for the time being.

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