Sunday, 19 October 2008

1984 was not an instruction manual

Are you prepared to spend the price of a couple of pints for your freedom ?

On November 5th 1605 Guido Fawkes, 'the only man to enter Parliament with honest intent' sought to end the repressive rule of a King from Scotland who brought repression to the Country. The rule of the Stuarts ended on the battlefield of Naseby, with Absolutism subordinate to the rule of Law and Parliament.

The United Kingdom has now become riven with Cameras, unaccountable Local Authorities losing millions in Iceland. Who is speaking up for the people of this Country, as we are plundered as taxpayers to prop up the Banks, not the MP's thats for sure.

We want to send a message to Parliament, we want 646 copies of '1984', one to be sent to each member of Parliament- make your pledge at

to send a copy to arrive on November 5th. You can even nominate who you would like to receive it. Jacui Smith will be receiving my "gift" as I wander around outside Parliament, dressed as Guy Fawkes himself.

The Libertarian Party with the support of other organisations will ensure that each member of the Cabinet will get a copy, with an appropriate message.

Think - If you cannot be bothered to Act, then stop whining and continue to be 'taxed unto your meat and drink'

Do something. This is designed to gently remind the 646 bastards who are currently ruining the lives of millions that they rule by our consent and it is not perpetual. Remind them with a book

Governents should be afraid of their people. People should never be afraid of their governments.

See you all on the 5th. If you can't make it in person, send a gift of one little book to whichever of the evil 646 you choose.


Panopticon Britain said...

Mine's on order. I'm sticking an LPUK business card in as a bookmark. Make sure the old cunt knows we exist.

Dave H. said...

Not to everyone's taste, but you can download the text (and onto a PDA etc.) for nothing. My copy is only 574Kb.

I suppose emailing it as an attachment to an MP wouldn't have the same impact, though it's not as if they ever take our views into account anyway.

Lilith said...

I have pledged one for Red Dawn (or nearest idiot MP)

electro-kevin said...

I think animal farm is more appropriate !

(Snouts in the trough)

But yes. Count me in. I've already written to my MP about overweening statism and recieved a reply from him in which he expresses his concerns (Lib Dem.)

That was before I told him I was fed up paying his bloody pension. So I'm not sure my credibility is all that it was.

(Word verification 'sleas')

bofl said...

emailing it to mps could be a good idea.....

if they all got millions of emails perhaps they would tske note?

email it to friends to read.perhaps they are still asleep........

i haven't used this but i suggest you all give it a try....

O/H why not stick another post on gfawkes site about it?

He gets more hits than us-i can't understand why though?

Old Holborn said...

I'm handing my copy to Jacqui Smith. In person. On the November 5th. In Parliament. Dressed as Guy Fawkes.

Green card the fuckers

Anonymous said...

Be sure to do it sober. It'll all unwind if you're tipsy.

Anonymous said...

If you think sending a few books is going to make a difference, you're as deluded as those in power.

Anonymous said...

Anonymong: Well, what is it you're planning to do then? Sit and moan?

Get up and do something. Anything. Now.

Chalcedon said...

The bastards don't listen because they are not our representatives. Their jobs don't rely on their constituents unless they are in a marginal and even then it's a vote for whatever party rather than the individual. Unfortunately. They are all a bunch of self serving bastards. I would rather have a military coup. At least you know where you are in a military dictatorship, rather than seeing freedoms eroded tiny bit by bit. The former is simply more honest in its aims. The bit I would like is the cabinet being put up against a wall.

no longer anonymous said...

Wasn't Guy Fawkes in favour of Catholic absolutism i.e. his beef with King James was that he was anti-Catholic rather than anti-freedom?

Anonymous said...

>Anonymong: Well, what is it you're planning to do then? Sit and moan?
That's all Old Holborn's blog seems to be for :)

Anonymous said...

lol, a libertarian with a racist poll. have you been paid to give libertarians a bad name?

Old Holborn said...


Dolly's boys have turned up!

Now I know I'm doing something right!

Guthrum said...

Wasn't Guy Fawkes in favour of Catholic absolutism i.e. his beef with King James was that he was anti-Catholic rather than anti-freedom?

He persecuted anybody going- Catholics, Non Conformists, 'witches'
the English - my family lost their estates in Leicestershire in 1617 (not that I bear a grudge) to give to his 'lover' the Duke of Buckingham.

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