Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Who will save us?

Old Holborn is not the Author of this post. Get over to Leg Irons place and read more of his excellent rants.

There is no masked man in a cape. No Batman, no Green Lantern, no V and no Watchmen. They are fiction. Entertainment for the masses. They represent the false hope that our governments ply us with: it'll all be okay, if the government go too far some masked man in a cape will appear and single-handedly bring them down.
Those kind of stories are popular at the moment because people feel powerless. They hope for the return of some Robin Hood, they pray for Arthur to rise again, for Bran's head to be found and restored.
That will never happen. If people want change, people have to do it for themselves. As at the end of V's story, it was not, in the end, the masked man in a cape who dealt the final blow. It was people. Thousands of people. And all they did was change their minds.
As it was you - and me - who let this chaos arise, so it is up to you - and me - to put it back into the box and seal the lid for ever. Superman is not coming.
I do not advocate violent uprising. The creatures in charge are ready for that. They have prepared a force of fingermen and Righteous. They have given themselves the power to detain without charge, to hold inquests in secret, to presume guilt and to declare guilt in the absence of evidence. They have taken away our right to own any form of weaponry and can declare us a terrorist if we so much as hold information on weaponry. They can stop and search us in the street for no real reason at all. They can declare curfews as and when they please. Any uprising can be quelled in a matter of moments. It will not work.
I know many people out there are still happy with that. I know that the sense of order and security, of regular income, be it wages or dole, and of having a roof and all the trappings of modern life instils a sense of comfort and safety. You don't want to risk losing it all. Of course you don't. Speaking as someone who has experienced such loss, I don't want to lose what I have either. And yet we are losing it. Bit by bit, it is being taken from us. Slice by slice, our rights to decide for ourselves are stripped away. It's slow, it's gentle and for the most part, we feel no great pain. Each new slice is so thin, so easy to miss, so insubstantial that we don’t notice its passing. When you take the time to look back, you can see how deep the slicer has already gone.

There are over four hundred reasons that a council official can use to enter your home, and you have no right to stop him. I'm not talking about the police here. I'm talking about the council. And I'm not talking about entering the homes of suspected bombers or insurgents. I'm talking about your home and mine. If they suspect you of any form of rule breaking they can enter your home and check. I know you're thinking to yourself 'So what? I haven't broken any rules. If I have nothing to hide, what do I have to fear?'
Are you sure? There are so many laws now, and the government and councils are making up new ones by the hour. It is now possible for them to break into your home, arrest and charge you before you are even aware of the new law that allows them to do it.
Consider the government’s latest proposals: they intend to give every family £700 to buy a computer while simultaneously putting restrictions in place that will control what you can and cannot read on the screen. This will, they say, alleviate poverty. If you believe that, then I will state with confidence that you have never experienced poverty or anything near it. Poor people are concerned with food, warmth and shelter. No more than that. Computers just don’t figure in their priorities at all. Computers do not feed or clothe you. They won’t keep you warm or dry. So then, why does our Government think that giving out computers will alleviate poverty?

It won’t and they know it. Consider the way these policies are going. Computers for children here, in Africa, all over the world. For children who are in poverty. Nothing for their parents who are also in poverty. Just the children. It makes you feel good, I’m sure, because who but the most heartless could deny a child this wonderful new toy?

Those parents will want to sell the computer to buy clothes and food. Those, they will reason, are more likely to keep their child alive than a box with a screen on it. Yes, the child will be bitterly disappointed but they will be alive. Yet you will respond as you have been conditioned to respond. You will respond as the media direct. Can’t you just see the headlines now?

‘Parents steal Government-donated computer from own child. Parents sell child’s computer and deny him/her the chance of education.’ And so on.

Those parents will be deemed Guilty and many of you will accept that. You will rail against the injustice: the poverty-stricken child has been robbed by his own parents. You will not consider, for a moment, that a child in poverty – just like the parents – needs food and clothes rather more than a computer. You will be outraged and you will demand that something be done. And something will be done. Another slice of freedom will be taken away.

We can rail and shout at the politicians all we want, but the truth is that we did it. They didn’t steal our freedoms. We handed them over, slice by slice. Oh, they manipulated us into doing it, but we allowed that manipulation to happen.

When guns were banned on the basis of a few isolated shootings, we said nothing. I’m not throwing blame around here. Since I had no gun and no wish to own one, I said nothing either. Now, shootings happen at a rate of a few a week and that was entirely predictable. The criminals didn't hand theirs in and they know for certain that the rest of us don't have one. So the cry goes out ‘Something must be done’. Knives are banned and yet there are more stabbings than ever. Once more the cry goes out ‘Something must be done’.

And something is always done, isn’t it? Councils are given ever greater powers in the name of combating terrorists, stopping gun and knife crime and making sure everything is put into recycling bins. And yet gun and knife crime continues to rise. So the councils get more powers. And we see children involved in this, as victim and perpetrator, and cry ‘Something must be done’. And something is done. Officials become more powerful. We lose more freedom and we accept it in the name of safety. The shootings and the stabbings and the cries for something to be done continue in a circle and will continue until everything has been done. Until there are no freedoms. Until everything you do, eat, say or think is controlled and monitored in the name of security. Then it will be too late for you to do anything for yourself.

We cannot have absolute security unless we have no freedom at all. We cannot have absolute freedom unless we have no security at all. Neither situation is good. Security and freedom are like night and day. Each denies the other. And yet the extinction of either would lead to our destruction. We need both, in balance.

Our government are striving for absolute security. Some of you will think ‘Great’, some will be horrified. They are not, however, striving for your security or mine. We are less safe in our own homes than we have ever been. Government officials can enter as they please. If you tackle an intruder, he will sue and you will lose. The government are looking after themselves, and nobody else. We cannot have freedom in any measure because that would mean we might defy them. We might answer back. We might even vote for someone else. Security means control. Absolute security means absolute control.

We are controlled primarily through children and guilt. It’s easy, so easy to tear down someone who objects to anything that claims to ‘help the children’. Nobody dares to stand beside anyone who would oppose measures which appear to protect children from attack, even where those measures are mainly used to silence opposition and demonise the innocent. If a hundred innocent people have their lives ruined, who would dare object if it meant one child abuser was caught?

The computers I mentioned above are the latest setup for the children/guilt/reaction game our government is playing. It is inevitable that the money will not be entirely spent on computers. It has been set up to be inevitable by the simple expedient of offering twice the current cost of a computer. Some parents will use all the money to buy food and clothes for the child, to pay for heating in the winter, to offset the charges levied by the education system. Some will take the £700 and buy a computer in Tesco for £300, and keep the rest to ensure their child eats.

The press will turn this into ‘demon parents steal from children’ and then what will you say? Will you think ‘well, the parents need to feed the child more than they need to give them access to the Web’?

Or will you be out there, screaming ‘Something must be done’?

Because if you do, then something most certainly will be done. And you can rest assured that our politicians have already prepared the measures they will implement when you ask for them. Have you never, ever wondered why, when you ask for something to be done, it is done within hours?

The laws are already written. All they need is your request. Ask them to take your freedoms away and they will oblige with a smile.Just try asking for one of those freedoms back and see where it gets you.

If you still think
Big Brother loves you then please, go about your business and ignore all I have said. If you're waiting for me, or someone else, to don a cape and dash to the rescue, then you will be disappointed. This mess can only be fixed by the people who made it. The first step is to look into a mirror and recognise the culprit. All you need to do is change your mind.If you can take that step, if you can be honest with yourself, you have started the process of breaking your conditioning. It won't be easy and it certainly won't be painless, but it will be worth it in the end. There is one crumb of comfort in all this, one hope to cling to while you wonder how it all came about and whether we, just by sitting back and allowing it to happen, can be held in any way responsible.

You're not the only one


Billy Wallace said...

My sentiments too OH.

I've not got the answer, all I,ve done till now is distance myself from it all,
living in a scotish forrest next to nowhere

sad really.........

Lilith said...

My blood ran cold when I heard Tony Blair announce, sometime after 9/11, perhaps when he was trying to persuade us to go to War, that

"the greatest freedom of all is security"

I have been warning my mates about this for ages. Some read the Guardian. They get cross with me and call me a Nazi. I say no, this is how the Nazis came to power..

These days I just keep it to myself. Part of me can't wait to see their shock when they realise it is too late. But I would far rather be wrong....

Old Holborn said...

Billy, I intend to live in a Scottish Forest miles from anyone.

I hate people

Anonymous said...

Theres a new law going through parliment at the moment... banning people from living in Scotish forests miles from anyone. There will be no escape even in death. Your body will belong to the state, it will do as it wishes with your corpse - you will become spare parts for the NHS and whats left will be sold to Eukanuba.
Personally I will poison myself with cyanide when my time is nigh in the hope that the snotgobbler will recieve my good eye - at least there may be a small chance i could then watch the cunt choke to death.

electro-kevin said...

I'd rather a sinister but ordered East German dictatorship than a barbaric and chaotic African one.

It seems that we are getting the worst of both.

I wanted neither. I just wanted to stay as we were and remember in the '70s watching in dismay as the Sex Pistols effed and jeffed at Bill Grundy and feeling deep unease that the old establishment was under dire threat. Old people were being deliberately confronted by the youth - in no uncertain terms they were being told that old ways were no longer wanted.

As for the walk. You do realise that you will be identified within three hours. MI5 are goooooood.

CCTV, foot surveilance teams (possibly SAS), a scan of Ebay to see who's been buying masks... easy peasy. The terrorist theme of the film could be used to trump up a prima facie case for detention, arrest possibly arranged at home rather than in the public eye. Then for those of us with jobs the dirty tricks ... bringing the company into disrepute etc.

I prefer the idea of mass disobedience - refusal to pay BBC licence, council tax (THIS is why they now have extensive power of entry)

You may say "Well after you, Kevin." but I'm thinking that I won't have to go first. There will be millions before me realising that they have nothing to lose and I'll follow them when the prisons are full.

This - among many reasons - is why I think a recession will be good for Britain.

Andy said...

Spot on. As Jefferson said over 200 years ago "Those who sacrifice freedom in the name of liberty end with neither". We're there right now..

Old Holborn said...

Kevin, my walk is unremarkable.

It is simply a walk, on November 5th, dressed as Guy Fawkes.

How far have we come that you think I will be identified by MI5 within 3 hours for taking a walk on November 5th, dressed as Guy Fawkes.

I KNOW East Germans who laugh at our lack of civil liberties.

I no longer care what they think. I have reached the point of no return.

I'm happy to be first in line. I have enough money and I work for me. My clients are fine. I can "vanish" for a year and pick it straight back up again. So it only seems fair that I use the advantage I have and become a dull, throbbing pain in the arse to the State that detests me. Because it is certainly mutual.

I don't care if I am the only person walking on November 5th. I don't care if people throw rocks or I am whisked away by MI5. I simply don't care anymore. When I have lost my freedoms, I really don't have anything to lose, do I?

Anonymous said...

'I do not advocate violent uprising'.

Quite right too; as you pointed out it would be doomed to failure. However in the same way that we've been manipulated into the current situation I'm quite sure that when the time is right there'll be similar manipulation towards unrest on the streets. The whole 'multiculturism' and 'diversity' dogma we've been subjected to is really just divide and rule by another name. Whatever the Fabian socialists in charge of Neo Labour might say or do they are not stupid. All this is planned, though not just by them. There's a massive amount of appeasement of Islam at the moment but I have my suspicions that this is just setting muslims up for a fall. They know all about Islam and are just using it to disrupt and change society. When the seemingly inevitable World War 3 breaks out in the Middle East the likely subsequent chaos on the streets of this country will be widespread. As the much maligned David Icke has said, which Leg Iron also expressed, this is part of a method called 'problem, reaction, solution'. The solution is always less freedom, more control and if possible on a global scale.

Leg Iron, if you haven't already read anything by David Icke you should. Strip out the more controversial elements, such as his reptilian theories, if you wish, and you're left with a staggering level of manipulation, mind control and conspiracy with one aim. A system of global governance in the hands of an elite few. A New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) as George Bush (and Gordon Brown, the Pope and many others might say). Everything that's happening now is planned. Including the phoney 'credit crunch', energy and food shortages, mass immigration, global warming, the Big Brother state, the 'conflict' in South Ossetia and the 'turmoil' in Neo Labour (it's an old trick, they've played many times before; they can't get you to vote for a particular party on their policies but they can get you to vote for them to keep the other lot out).

My own small contribution is that I plan to collate as much information on this subject as I can and use it to try and bring together as many strands of the political underground as possible. This includes libertarians, many nationalists, disaffected supporters of LibLabCon and the millions who've given up on politics altogether. After all, what's the opposite of a centrally controlled one world government devoid of nation states and cultures? Once events are seen through the prism of this drive towards a New World Order then so many of the differing (divide and rule) strands of political thought can find common ground. In case you're wondering what is in store for us then take a look at China. The elites have decided that the best system of governance is a blend of corporate capitalism with a socialised society. International socialism and global capitalism. There'll be no middle class. Passports with chips are just the start. The microchips to be inserted into our bodies are already designed and are being trialled right now. It's not necessarily us they are planning to microchip, it's our children. The 'free computers' scam is just one small part of the battle for control of the minds and bodies of the world's children.

This is already far too long a comment for which I apologise. We do need a revolution, but we need to work out who we are revolting against. If you're under the illusion that this is all down to Neo Labour you are sadly mistaken. The conspiracy is far wider and deeper than you can imagine. As J. Edgar Hoover once said:

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.
It is monstrous and it does take some time to come to terms with the enormity of what we face. They've declared war on us already and we need to find creative and non violent ways of resistance. More importantly we need to find common cause with others we may not necessarily be in full agreement with, at the moment. It will only take an enlightened and committed few to make a difference. Don't worry too much about being identified. As blog authors and commenters they most likely know all about you already.

Revolution Harry.

PS Sorry, I forgot to swear, lol.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn, that's the spirit.

Revolution Harry.

Thud said...

What the fuck has it got to do with me if somebody wants to sell a computer?

Old Holborn said...


Fuck off or i'll put your blog in the shitbin

Bobsheadrevisited said...

Another cracker from Leg-Iron and well worth flagging up. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Mr Holborn:

You rant that you "Hate People" so often, I'm beginning to believe that you were once a member of the Anti Nowhere League. Is This Song down to you Former time I wonder?b - and if so, do you still tour these days?

Wyrdtimes said...

Home rule for England.
It's the only way.

Thud said...

is that a promise?

nothing to lose said...


Having been out of work recently I too know what it's like to have nothing and surprisingly, once you accept it, it can be quite a revelation.

When you have nothing, there's nothing more to take.

When the number of people in that situation reaches a certain point any dictator is fucked, as Nuscum and the EU will be.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

The Beasst may just join you, like you I dont give a fuck about being "targeted"
Kev, M15 are not "goooood" they are wank
As to certain units, they are likely to be busy elsewhere and also the least likely to supress the people of this country,free spirits who fucking hate politicians(apart from ladty t)

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Ai Yah
My spelling skills are fucking wank at certain times of the day

Anonymous said...

I am from the US I am sitting in front of my computer in shock. Our freedom in the US is going to be gone soon. The leftists in the Democratic party with the help of George Soros drove our RE and financial markets down so low it is severe, a very well thought out plan. I know George Soros tried to drive the pound down years ago but did not succeed werll now he has. So the redis. of wealth will start the the very rich will be fine but the middle class will die and the poor will get all of our $$$. In my heart I know Obama will win, be has succeeded in getting huge amounts of $$ from the middle east and areas were we are currently fighting in in Iraq and Afganistan so he can out advertise McCain. If you say a lie long enough people will believe it. And this is very true. Not many people know Obamas true background and something will come out on Monday that will make your hair stand up and you beter listen and look into it because it is the real truth about what Obama has done and is capable of doing. Please pray to god he doesn't win because if we our military are cut the way Obama has claimed he will do your country will be at risk also, Remember this. Don't you think it is strange Russian is starting to expand there boarders also at the same time? I have always been a fighter but the man that can save us McCain is not a fighter this is why I have come to this point. I look at my tatoo on my right arm USMC and the pain is just too much to be able to accept.

God Bless us all and God help us.

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